XS is inside the Wynn Encore at 3121 S Las Vegas Blvd

Nights Open

10 PM – 4/5 AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

XS Las Vegas lives up to its name, in excess. If you’re ready to indulge, browse the artist calendar, view pricing and book XS Las Vegas.

How does bottle service at XS work?

Like many other clubs in Las Vegas, reserving a VIP table, also known as bottle service, at XS involves committing to a minimum spend requirement. This entails purchasing bottles of alcohol, other beverages, and possibly food from the menu in order to meet the specified minimum spend amount. It’s important to note that the minimum spend does not include taxes and gratuity, which are calculated and added at the end of the night. The exact minimum spend amount will vary based on factors such as the size and location of the table you wish to reserve, as well as the anticipated level of activity for the night. Generally, holidays and events featuring renowned DJs tend to have higher minimum spend requirements. For instance, indoor tables typically have higher minimum spend amounts compared to outdoor tables, except for the Sunday Nightswim events, where the main festivities take place in the outdoor pool area.

What’s included with my XS bottle service reservation?

By agreeing to your minimum spend, you receive:

  • VIP entry – shorter wait time compared to general admission or guest list
  • Admission – Your table reservation includes a certain number of admissions, so your guests do not need to purchase tickets or pay for cover to get into the club.
  • Table real estate – You will have a dedicated table and seats at the club for the entire night.
  • Drink mixers – Soda, juices, or seltzer water. Some mixers such as red bull and bottled water are not complementary.
  • Alcohol – The minimum spend will be applied towards the purchase of bottles of alcohol (liquor or champagne) which you will order with your server when you are at the table.

When should I get bottle service at XS?

If your group has the budget to accommodate it, we highly recommend opting for bottle service instead of general admission or guest list at XS. Choosing bottle service provides a premium experience compared to regular entry methods. Moreover, having your own dedicated area within the club offers comfort and convenience, especially for ladies wearing high heels who can appreciate the benefits of a designated space.

For groups consisting entirely or mostly of men, we strongly advise considering bottle service as the primary option. Entry through the guest list becomes nearly impossible, leaving the only alternative as purchasing individual tickets for each person. The cumulative cost of individual tickets and purchasing drinks separately at the bar often equals or exceeds the cost of bottle service. Furthermore, having a table facilitates interaction with other guests, especially for groups interested in mingling with women at XS. Whether it’s a bachelor party, a Dadchelor party (celebrating impending fatherhood), or a divorce party, reserving VIP bottle service enhances the occasion and streamlines socializing at the club.

How much is table service at XS in 2023?

Table service minimums vary. The rule of thumb at XS is that you’ll need to get 1 bottle per 3 people, after hitting a minimum. For example, if you have 3 people in your party you’ll still need to hit a 1k minimum. If you have 10 people, you’ll need to get about 3 bottles (each bottle ends up being around 700 after tax and tip) which = 2100.

Opting for outdoor tables at XS presents a more affordable option, although it means being farther from the center of action. However, on busy nights, securing a table becomes worthwhile as it provides a designated home base and grants you the extra stamp for convenient entry and exit. Considering that individual cocktails and drinks range from $15 to $20 each, and factoring in a ticket cost of $50 to $60, opting for bottle service with a sufficiently large group to split the expenses may not amount to a significant increase in expenditure. Table prices vary depending on the night, and we occasionally offer bottle specials. Please feel free to reach out to us below, and we’ll be delighted to assist you further!

Contact us below and we’ll get you a custom quote for your party shortly! View table pricing directly on our free mobile app, or book XS bottle service directly on our webapp.

How big are the bottles of liquor at XS? 

Most bottles of vodka, such as Grey Goose, Belvedere, Absolut etc., are 1 Liter in size. If you are wondering, that is about 22.5 full shots of alcohol.  Magnum bottles are 1.75 liters in size.

How much do bottles at XS cost? 

  • On normal nights, you can expect to pay between $625-$725 for the more popular brands of vodka (they are 1 Liter in size). Absolut Elyx starts at $625, Grey Goose and Belvedere are $695 per bottle. A magnum of Goose or Belvedere will be $1,295 each. On holiday weekends, bottles are about $100 more each.  
  • Bottles of tequila are around $675 per bottle for many of the popular brands such as patron, herradura, El Tesoro, and Villa one. 
  • Bottles of bourbon and whiskey are around $675 per bottle, and include popular brands such as Jack Daniels, Jameson, Maker’s Mark, Proper No. 12, and Woodford Reserve. 
  • Scotch options such as Chivas Regal 12 yr, Johnnie Walker Black, and Macallan 12 yr are $695 per bottle.  
  • Bottles of gin are around $675 for Hendrick’s, and $695 for Bombay Sapphire. 

Fun fact, the most expensive bottle at XS is the Ace of Spades Rose 30 Liters, which is $300,000.  

If you would like to see a full bottle menu, please reach out to us and we would be happy to send you one directly! 

What do I need to know about getting an outdoor table at XS?

An important call out for outdoor VIP tables at XS is that they are not guaranteed access to the indoor main room. On busy nights when the indoor room is near capacity (particularly in the Summer, on Holiday Weekends, or for big name DJs such as Drake), the security will strictly control which guests can enter the main room. Generally, VIP table guests with indoor tables will receive stamps that will allow them to move freely from the indoor and outdoor areas. However, outdoor table guests will not have this stamp, and therefore it will be hard for them to go indoors. On non busy dates, this will not be an issue. 

How do I get a special bottle presentation at XS?

Special presentations with sparklers, and performers (bottle angels), typically require at least a $2,000 order from your waitress and needs to include the purchase of at least 1 bottle of champagne.  

For larger minimum spends of at least $5,000 or more (depending on the night and the DJ playing), we can arrange a special entry for your party that can include a shout out on the LED screen and/or special bottle angels/performers.  

Corporate events, large parties, and buyouts at XS

If you have a very large party size (more than 20 people), we are able to work directly with you to reserve a custom section with the real estate type that you are looking for. XS is also available for full venue rentals/buyouts on non club days.  Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you!

Bachelorette parties at XS

Hosting a bachelorette party and want to go to XS?  Please contact us directly and we may be able to work out a special package and deal for your special occasion! 

XS Bottle service deals

Deals change every day meaning every night has something to offer! Click upcoming events at XS to see what’s going happening this weekend!

Looking for a VIP Host or Promoter for XS?

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XS Table Floor Plan

What are the different VIP table options at XS?

Please refer to the Floor Plan / Seating Chart to see corresponding table numbers.

owner's table at XS

Owner’s table at XS

Owner’s Tables (Tables #670 and 570, 630 and 530)

  • Located in the center of the dance floor section, the owner’s tables are centrally positioned with a direct center view of the DJ stage. The owner’s tables in the upper dance floor section (#670 and 570) are also extra large in size, and can seat and host larger parties more comfortably than other tables in the dance floor section (up to 20 guests). As the name implies, these tables are considered the most prime real estate in the entire club.
  • Depending on the DJ talent, the owner’s table at XS will typically cost between $8,000 to $12,000 minimum spend on non-holiday weekends, and will accommodate up to 20 guests.
dance floor table at XS

Dance Floor Table at XS

Lower Dance Floor Tables (Tables #500-520, 600-620)

  • The tables located closest to the dance floor and directly in front of the DJ booth, these highly coveted tables put you directly in the heart of the action. All the tables on the lower dance floor section are the same size, and can normally fit up to about 12 guests comfortably. These tables share a ledge with the upper dance floor tables that guests can sit on or dance on. It is very easy to make new friends at XS when you invite them to join you at your dance floor table.
  • Depending on the DJ talent, lower dance floor tables at XS typically cost between $5,000 to $8,000 minimum spend on non-holiday nights, and will accommodate up to 15 guests.
xs upper dance floor table

XS Upper Dance Floor Table

Upper Dance Floor Tables (Tables #540-560, 640-660)

  • The upper dance floor tables are elevated tables located right behind the lower dance floor tables. Because of their elevation, they all have a great view of the DJ stage and the dance floor. In terms of size, they are slightly larger than the lower dance floor tables as well, which allows you to host larger party sizes more comfortably.  One thing to note is that tables 640 and 540 are physically larger than tables 650 and 550, but are located further away from the center, so the view of the DJ stage is not as direct. If you want prime VIP real estate that is a bit more comfortable and spacious, then the upper dance floor table is the best pick for you.   
  • Depending on availability, upper dance floor tables at XS will typically cost between $4,000 to $8,000 minimum spend and will accommodate up to 15 guests. 
xs dj stage table

XS DJ Stage Table

DJ Stage Tables (Tables #681-688)

  • The DJ stage tables are a section of 8 tables located closest to the DJ stage.  Two tables are located to the left and to the right of the DJ, and 4 tables are located directly behind the DJ stage. This real estate is also priced at a premium, but offers the ultimate proximity to the DJ talent. For people looking to take selfies up close to the DJ, this would probably be your best pick. 
  • Depending on how busy the night is, DJ booth tables at XS typically cost between $2,500 to $5,000 minimum spend for a table that accommodates 10 guests, and $1,500 to $3,000 minimum spend for a table that accommodates 6 guests.  

xs large tier 3 table

Large 3rd Tier Tables (Tables #380, 390, 480, 490)

  • Also known as the “Big Brown” tables, these extremely spacious couches are located in the 3rd row of the club. While these tables usually come with 12 VIP admissions, they can usually fit 15-20 guests in the area.  In addition to offering a lot of real estate, they are also very centrally located in the club, offering a good view of the DJ stage. There is also a lot of foot traffic around this table – so if you are looking to meet people and bring them to your table, it is well situated. 
  • Depending on the night, Large 3rd tier tables at XS typically cost between $3,000 to $6,000 minimum spend and include 12 VIP guest admissions.  
xs 3rd tier table

XS 3rd Tier Table

3rd Tier Tables (Tables #300, 320, 360, 370, 400, 420, 460, 470)

  • Located in the 3rd row of the indoor area, these tables typically fit up to 10 guests. They are pretty much identical to the back wall tables, but are located 1 row closer to the DJ and dance floor.  For parties that are not looking to break the bank on a dance floor table, but want to splurge a bit more than the back wall tables, this is the option for you.  
  • Based on the DJ talent and demand, 3rd tier tables at XS will normally cost between $2,500 and $4,000 minimum spend and include 10 VIP guest admissions. 
xs back wall table

XS Back Wall Table

Back Wall Tables (Tables #100-170, 200-260)

  • These circular couches located on the back wall of XS include admission for up to 8 guests, and generally can not host more than that number comfortably in the vicinity. Some of these tables are relatively better than others in the same category due to having a central location, or a non-obstructed view. The back wall tables are the second lowest cost tables in the indoor part of XS.  
  • Depending on the DJ playing or customer demand, back wall tables at XS normally cost between $1500-$2500 minimum spend and will include 8 VIP guest admissions.  
xs 4 top table

XS 4 Top Table

4 Top Tables (Tables #301-350, 401-450)

  • The 4 top tables at XS are very small, and are the cheapest indoor table options. They can usually sit between 2 to 4 people at one time, and do not face the DJ stage.  If you have been to XS before, you may recall some of these tables as the ones located close to the stripper poles.  If you have a small party, are balling on a budget, and want to be indoors, this may be the right choice for you.  
  • Based on the featured DJ and how busy the night is, 4 Top tables at XS typically range between $1000-$1500 minimum spend and include VIP admission for up to 6 guests.  

Immediate Patio Tables (Tables #700-706, 800-806)

  • These patio tables are located right outside the main room and are very close in proximity to the DJ stage. One big positive about these tables is that they still count as “indoor” tables for security purposes. The  immediate patio tables are located within the security checkpoint, so you do not need to go through a security line to go inside the main room of XS. Additionally, your guests will also receive an “indoor stamp” which gives you priority for going back indoors if you do venture to the outdoor section of XS.  This is a big reason to get the immediate patio tables compared to other outdoor tables.  
  • Prices will fluctuate based on demand, but immediate patio tables at XS will cost between $1000-$2000 minimum spend and will grant between 6 to 8 VIP guest admissions depending on the minimum.  
xs lower cabanas

XS Lower Cabanas

Lower Cabanas (Tables #5-12)

  • The cabanas at XS are located on the main level of the outdoor area, and they are extremely spacious and elegant. While they typically come with 10 guest admissions, they can easily fit up to 20 guests in the area. While the cabanas are very stylish and comfortable, the downside is that they are located at the back end of the outdoor area, and are relatively far from the DJ stage and action on regular nights. The exception to this is for XS night swims on Sundays, where these tables are considered prime real estate.  For regular nights, you can expect the lower cabanas to be a bit more private and quiet.  
  • Depending on the DJ playing, lower cabanas at XS will usually cost between $2000-$3000 minimum spend, and come with 10 VIP guest admissions.  
xs upper cabana

XS Upper Cabanas

Upper Cabanas (Tables #20-28, 29-36)

  • The upper cabanas are similar to the lower cabanas, but they are located on the 2nd level of the outdoor section. To access them, you have to take stairs to go up one level.  They are private, spacious, and have a great view of the outdoor area. Similar to the lower cabanas, the downside is that they are a bit removed from the action. On XS night swim events, these can be pretty good value plays.  
  • Upper cabanas at XS will cost between a $1500 to $2500 minimum spend and will include 10 VIP guest admissions.  
xs premium poolside daybeds

XS Premium Poolside Daybeds

Premium Poolside Daybeds (Tables #726-728, 821-823, 50-52, 60-62)

  • The premium poolside daybeds are the closest to the action on the outdoor patio of XS. People typically congregate and form an outdoor dance floor area near these tables. These large couch areas seat a solid number of guests, and are very spacious (they are roped off from the general public). For XS night swims on Sunday, these tables are prime real estate.  
  • Premium poolside daybeds at XS typically cost between $2000-$3000 minimum spend depending on the artist featured that night.  These tables come with 10-12 VIP guest admissions. For XS Night swim, these tables will typically range between $3000-$7000 minimum depending on the DJ talent.  
xs island tables

XS Island Tables

Island Tables (Tables #733, 734)

  • There are only two island tables at XS, and they are located in the middle of the outdoor area in between the two pools. They face the DJ stage and are located close to the gaming gazebo where guests are able to gamble. I would highlight that these tables are considered the most prime tables during XS nightswim due to its central location and access to the pools. 
  • Island tables will range anywhere between a $5,000-$10,000 minimum spend for XS Night swims, where it is considered ultra prime real estate.  The island tables usually come with 15 VIP guest admissions.   
xs 2nd row daybeds

XS 2nd Row Daybeds

2nd Row Daybeds (Tables #807-831, 710-725)

  • The 2nd row daybeds are essentially couches that are located on the outer rim of XS’ outdoor patio. While 3-4 people can sit on the couch at a time, the couches have a lot of open space around them for standing room. There is a large supply of tables in this section, so the minimums for these tables are relatively low compared to other VIP options.  
  • The 2nd row daybeds at XS typically cost between a $1000 to $2500 minimum spend and include up to 8 VIP guest admissions.  
xs lawn tables

XS Lawn Tables

Lawn Tables (Tables #925-935)

  • The lawn tables are the cheapest VIP table option at XS.  Located far from the action in the back corner of the outdoor area, it is far from foot traffic as well as the DJ stage and action.  We generally recommend spending a little more money to upgrade to a 2nd row daybed. 
  • The lawn tables typically start at a $1000-$1500 minimum spend for up to 6 VIP guests.

What is the cheapest table available at XS?

The cheapest table at XS is the lawn tables (925-935). The table is located outside in the back corner of the venue. Generally we recommend spending a bit more money to upgrade to a 2nd row daybed.

What is the best table at XS?

The stage table (behind the DJ) is the best table in the house, but it is also the most expensive. Dance floor / main room tables are also prime real estate. Table location typically depends on how much you wish to spend as well as the time your group is able to arrive by.

XS Bottle Menu

Submit a request via our web app and we can send you the bottle menu for XS in 2023.