Spearmint Rhino

  • Location: 3340 S Highland Dr
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 24/7
  • Free Guest List: Yes (check under table options)
  • Free Limo Transportation: Yes
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

With 4 amazing stages, a massive 35,000 sq ft venue, and hundreds of jaw-dropping, gorgeous womens, it’s really no surprise that Spearmint Rhino was voted the best gentlemen’s club in 2015 by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Spearmint Rhino is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making it the ultimate pleasure destination where the party never stops and the booze flows like water. The alluring and charming girls really steal the show as they create what we consider to be the best near nude entertainment in all of Las Vegas. Although Spearmint Rhino is mainly recognized for their women, the delicious dining selection is not something you want to ignore either. The unique layout also makes it one of the most well designed strip clubs in the city, and the main center stage is something that you just have to see for yourself.


  • Location: 3025 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 24/7
  • Guest List: Free guest list available
  • Free Limo Transportation: Available with VIP package
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

When it comes to strip clubs, Vegas has a lot of competition. Being a top rated club is a title that not many can honestly say they hold, but we believe that Sapphire is one of those lucky few. Sapphire encapsulates every aspect of human desire into one place, and they are the only strip club in town to have a night pool party. With over 400 girls in the venue, you are guaranteed to find one that really catches your eye. The Servers, dancers, and cashiers are among the most stunning in the city as they walk around wearing nothing but the smallest bikinis that Las Vegas sells. Get ready to have your mind blow (and maybe something else) as Sapphire fulfills all your deepest desires.

Sapphire Pool

  • Location: 3025 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 24/7
  • Guest List: Free guest list available
  • Limo Transportation: Free for guest list and with purchase of VIP package
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

Everything great deserves a sequel, and that’s why Sapphire has made this list twice! We would like to personally thank the genius who decided to combine the concept of a pool party with the added kick of a strip club for their great contribution to mankind. Truly a one of a kind experience that is the perfect activity to spice up your night.

Crazy Horse 3

  • Location: 3525 W Russell Rd
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 24/7
  • Discotech Perks: Use promo code DISCO to save 5% on your tickets or package!
  • Free Limo Transportation: Available with purchase
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

Crazy Horse 3 is the physical embodiment of every man’s dreams, and with a roster of the most attractive and exotic dancers in Vegas, you’re sure to find just your type. The club has been voted the Best Gentlemen’s Club and Best Bachelor Party in Las Vegas, and just one look at their selection of girls makes it clear why. Located a few miles from The Strip, CH 3 has everything you need to have a good time including 24 massive HD screens with surround sound, 5 exclusive VIP bars, premium bottle service, daily drink specials, hookah, and free luxury transportation. With comfortable sofas scattered throughout the club, you can sit back, relax, and fully indulge your senses.

Palomino Club

  • Location: 1848 Las Vegas Blvd N
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM Friday – Saturday; 6:00 PM – 5:00 AM Sunday – Thursday
  • Guest List: Not Available
  • Serves Alcohol: Yes
  • Topless or Full Nude: Full Nude

Palomino Club is infamous for being the only all-nude club in Las Vegas that is legally allowed to sell alcohol. Why are they the only ones you ask? That’s simple. Palomino Club is one of the oldest strip clubs still operating in Las Vegas and pre-dates the laws preventing the sale of alcohol at all-nude clubs (aka the lamest laws ever). It’s no wonder this venue is a true classic, and classics never go out of style. Palomino Club is the right venue for you if you’re looking for an erotic experiences unlike any other strip club in town.

Girl Collection

  • Location: 2580 S Highland Dr
  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Club Hours: 9:00 PM – 5:00 AM
  • Cover Charge: $50
  • Free Transportation: Not Available
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

Girl Collection took Las Vegas by storm, and not just because it has become one one of the newest (and hottest) strip clubs in town, but also because it is the only strip club to be owned by the notorious boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. With a high-end clientele that frequently sees celebrity appearances, you can expect a luxurious and indulgent experience filled with drop-dead gorgeous topless girls. The club features a main stage with multiple private rooms for individuals and parties, which allows you to custom build your night to ensure the maximum amount of pleasure. The upstairs features a second bar area that can also be reserved, making it the perfect bachelor party destination.

Treasures Las Vegas

  • Location: 2801 Westwood Dr
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 8:00 PM – 7:00 AM Friday & Saturday; 8:00 PM – 5:00 AM Sunday – Thursday
  • Free Transportation: Available
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, Latina, Asian, massive tits, big booty, it doesn’t matter. If you’re into it, Treasures has it. Treasures features a large variety of beautiful women in every category to guarantee you’re never disappointed. They believe you should never settle for anything less than perfect, so if you don’t see the right girl at first, don’t worry, you will soon as they frequently rotate the talent on the main 3 stages. The entrance to this Las Vegas strip club may be the most striking of them all. The club’s Italian manor concept is reflected in the entrance, which features an immense chandelier and a winding staircase constructed of imported marble. The steakhouse is located just to the right of the lobby and serves some of the greatest steaks you’ll find at a strip club, easily competing (so they say) with high end restaurants on The Strip.

Sophia’s Las Vegas

  • Location: 3500 W Naples Dr suite 1
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 8:00 PM – 6:00 AM
  • Free Transportation: Available with purchase
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

Stylish, comfortable, and above all erotic. Sophia’s strip club is one of the newest additions to the Las Vegas’s strip club scene. Located just off The Strip, you’ll be entertained by an entourage of women wearing next to nothing as they light up the stage and capture your attention. For a more private experience, kick back in one of the exclusive VIP rooms where you can indulge in unique drinks, delicious food, and the sexiest entertainment around. This boutique strip club features 2 stages and 3 bars spread out across two levels, and to make sure you show up in style, Sophia’s even offers free limousine transportation to the club.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

  • Location: 6007 Dean Martin Dr
  • Days Open: Every Day
  • Club Hours: 24/7
  • Free Transportation: Available with purchase
  • Topless or Full Nude: Topless

Taking multiple years to complete and being spread out across 3 floors that cover more than 70,000 sq ft, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club has become a strip club palace that’s fit for a king. Located just across the I-15 from the center of The Strip, Larry Flynt’s pushes past the limits of your ordinary strip club. Despite its massive size, the club is practically overflowing with sexy women who desperately want to fulfill your every desire. This club is absolutely perfect for larger parties being that it can fit more than 1,200 people in the venue. The upstairs rooftop oasis adds a comfortable get away where you can sit back on a cabaret-styled sofa and sip on a hand crafted cocktail. 

The Hustler Stage and Beaver Stage, as well as the Sexy Bar and the Double D’ Bar, are located on the first floor. The first floor has a number of banquettes complete with VIP bottle service. You’ll also find the 20,000 square foot Hustler Hollywood store, which offers some of the most erotic clothes, lotions, and every kind of sex toy imaginable. We only have one life, why not indulge a little?

Las Vegas Strip Clubs FAQ

Las Vegas Strip Club Commandments

  • Dress Code

If you’re going to a Las Vegas strip club, please avoid jerseys, tank tops, sweatpants, open-toed shoes, athletic gear, hats, and other similar items. Remember, you’re in a room full of gorgeous women, so you should try your best to dress the part. If you’re going to get a lapdance, make sure there is nothing sharp or dangerous in your pockets, and you should also avoid large belt buckles that could get in the way or injure a dancer. Cargo shorts and jeans are allowed. Dancers can refuse requests, so if you look like the type of guy they’d actually want to get with, you shouldn’t have any issues.

  • Door Charges

Las Vegas strip clubs usually come with a $20 to $50 cover charge at the door. However, one of the best ways to get into strip clubs open in Las Vegas would be to use a strip club package which allows your group to get free admission as well as free transportation from your hotel to the club. All you have to do is select a pick up time and location, and pretty soon you’ll be spending the night surrounded by the most beautiful strippers in Las Vegas.

  • Hands-off Rule

The hands-off rule is pretty self explanatory, but in case you need a reminder: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF. The women working at strip shows in Las Vegas are trying their best to make an honest living, so don’t touch any dancer without permission. If you’re getting a lap dance, leave the grinding to the professionals. Follow these rules and you’ll avoid getting on the bouncers bad side.

  • Tipping

If you’re gonna show up, buy a beer or two, and leave without tipping, then you might as well not show up at all. You gotta tip! These gals work for tips and tips alone. You should expect to spend at least $30 an hour between a few drinks and tipping the lovely ladies on the stage if you’re going to any Las Vegas strip nightclubs. Never sit at the side of the stage without a wad of dollars you’re ready to throw. Lap dances will be an additional $20 to $30 each. Most topless bars Las Vegas have an ATM, but it’s best if you have the cash ready before you walk in the door because they often come with fees of 15% or higher.

  • Age Limit

The majority of Las Vegas adult clubs are restricted to a 21+ age group; however, certain venues such as Little Darlings (which aren’t allowed to serve alcohol due to the fact there are laws regarding full nude strip club Las Vegas) allow 18 year old guests and above to attend.

What are the most popular strip clubs in Las Vegas right now?

The best strip club Las Vegas has to offer would have to be either Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Crazy Horse 3, or Sapphire Pool.

What are the hottest strip clubs in Las Vegas right now?

There are so many amazing options for strip clubs Las Vegas, but Palomino Club, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, Treasures Las Vegas, Girl Collection, and Sapphire club Las Vegas are among the best of the best.

What times are strip clubs open in Las Vegas?

Most Vegas strip clubs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What times do strip clubs close in Las Vegas?

Most strip clubs in Vegas operate at all hours of the day. So it doesn’t matter what time it is, the best strippers Las Vegas has available will be waiting for you.

How much do Vegas strip clubs cost?

The cover charge at the door at full nude strip clubs in Las Vegas or a topless bar in Las Vegas is going to be around $20 to $50. Once inside, you should expect to pay at least $25 to $30 an hour between drinks and tipping. Getting a lap dance will be an extra charge of $20 – $30 per song, 3 songs for $100, half an hour is about $250 – $300, and an hour ranges anywhere from $400 – $500. You should always come to an agreement with the dancer before she (or he) begins.

How much are drinks in Las Vegas strip clubs?

Drink prices at the best Las Vegas strip clubs change depending on which venue you go to and can range anywhere from $10 – $25. Many of our VIP strip club packages include complimentary drink vouchers as well as free transportation to the venue from your hotel.

How to get into the strip clubs in Vegas?

Getting into a nude strip club in Las Vegas is actually easier than you think. You can either find a venue on this page and click through to reserve your seat, or you can download the free Discotech app to find venues and book tickets today.

How much are lap dances in Las Vegas?

The industry standard for getting a lap dance at a nude strip club Las Vegas is $20 per song on the main floor. This can vary and we have heard of floor dances occasionally going up to $30. Vip rooms are a different story and again vary from club to club. Most Vegas VIP rooms have drink and/or bottle minimums, although some do not. The VIP rooms are generally based on time: the more time you decide to spend with an entertainer in the VIP, the more money it will cost. Industry standard is 3 songs for $100, half an hour from $250 to $300, and an hour from $400 to $500. Make sure you confirm the price before going in, or you might get stuck with a very expensive tab.

Can you touch strippers in Vegas?

Under no circumstances should you ever touch a stripper without her direct permission. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent or whether or not you’re getting a lap dance, the dancer is the one who ultimately decides if or where you can touch her.

What kind of girls will be there?

The girls stripping in Las Vegas are a pretty diverse group and depending on the time of year is estimated to be about ten thousand strong between all the clubs. They come from all walks of life and range from professionals who have been in the game for over a decade to the cliched college student stripping their way through school. Every ethnicity is represented. Asians of all varieties, europeans, latinas, ebony, and I once worked at a club that had one Eskimo stripper. In the topless clubs all the girls are 21 and up and range in age from early 20s to mid 40’s. If they still have the look, still have the body, and still have the passion to strip, the clubs don’t discriminate. If the younger set is your thing, all the girls under 21 dance at the all nude venues. Little darlings and Palomino club are easily the best when it comes to young all nude dancers. Overall (and speaking from experience) most Las Vegas strippers are sexy fun girls who enjoy what they do, and would rather work in a party environment than work a desk job. Don’t be shy — bottle service girls in Vegas at the club to hang out and entertain you!

Are strip clubs in Vegas full nude or topless only?

Most of the strip clubs are topless only due to restricting laws regarding the serving of alcohol at full nude clubs in Vegas.

Are there male strip clubs in Vegas?

Absolutely! Guys can’t have all the fun. There are a ton of top strip clubs Las Vegas for ladies who want to take their bachelorette party to the next level such as Kings of Hustler.

What strip clubs are free to women in Las Vegas?

Sapphire gentlemen’s club and Sapphire Pool have a free guest list for ladies.

On the other hand, if you’re scrambling online looking up “free nightclubs near me” and the best “free clubs in Vegas,” we’ve got you covered. You can check our list of every nightclub and dayclub that offers a free guest list in Vegas and information on how to sign up.

Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?

Prostitution is 100 percent illegal in Clark County. Don’t solicit, suggest dinner or ask for a date. These women are dancers, not hookers.

How to find Las Vegas strip clubs near me?

If you’re online looking for “Las Vegas strip clubs open near me”, you can easily browse through the venues listed above by clicking on their location and finding the closest club.

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