Trying to save money on your upcoming Vegas trip? There are a couple ways to enjoy Vegas nightlife on a budget.

  1. Pregame. You can buy alcohol at CVS, or at a number of other places on the strip. You can also get drinks while gambling, although we recommend playing low stakes (penny slots, etc) if you’re trying to keep cost down. Every drink you drink in your hotel room is one that you won’t have to pay $15 for at the club. Make sure you’re not too plastered though – if you’re too drunk they won’t let you in at the door.
  2. Get on the guestlist. Almost every club in Vegas, including most of the biggest hip hop clubs, have a guestlist, except on holiday weekends / special events. Most of them are free for parties of all girls or even ratio parties before a certain time, usually around midnight. You can sign up for guestlists using our free mobile app – Some clubs even give drink tickets (usually to girls) if you’re on the guestlist – Surrender, Chateau, Daylight, Light. You can see which guest lists offer what benefits directly on our app. Keep in mind that if you don’t arrive on time you’ll have to pay the full cover charge.
  3. Buy tickets. If you don’t think you can get there in time for the guestlist, we recommend buying tickets, which you can also do on the Discotech app. Ticket lines are generally much faster than GA and guestlist lines, and the ticket prices are also usually cheaper than GA prices.
  4. If you’re a girl – bottle rat it up! The main reason guys pay for bottle service is so that they can share drinks and hit on girls. Look for groups of guys at a table and linger near by. Shouldn’t be too hard to get picked up and get a few rounds of drinks. Of course you’re going to have to talk to the guys but that’s just how the social contract works!

Saving Money on Bottle Service in Vegas

If you have enough guys (or girls willing to pitch in) in your group, bottle service in Vegas can actually make a lot of sense financially. For example, lets say you have 8 guys and want to go to a top tier club for a top tier DJ. You’re looking at $50 presale tickets or $70 GA at the door plus a tip for the bouncer if you don’t want to wait. Then once you get inside, drinks will run you ~20 per drink/shot. Between buying drinks for your friends and buying drinks for girls, you’ll easily run up a $150-200 tab very quickly.

With a bit of planning and foresight you can take that money and book a table – sure, your table isn’t going to be on the dance floor, but you’ll still be able to enjoy most of the benefits listed above at a comparative price. The key to balancing the equation is having enough guys in your group that are willing to throw down. If your group is very girl heavy, the price per guy goes up significantly and it no longer makes financial sense to get a table.

However, with large groups of guys and girls you might want to consider a hybrid approach where the guys get in on a table and the girls use guestlist / presale tickets. This way you’re able to keep the minimums lower – the girls don’t count as comps on the table but after they get in they can come join you at the table. Some things to keep in mind if you’re trying to employ this method:

  • If girls are planning on getting in on the guestlist, they oftentimes will need to be there earlier than the guys – you’ll want to make sure your girls are capable of getting ready and mobilizing early
  • With larger groups bottles are often gone in a flash – you’ll want to make sure to let your bottle girl know that you’re the only one who can order additional bottles

The biggest cost of going out in Vegas is typically the alcohol. If you can keep your alcohol costs down then you should be good to go! Use the Discotech app to buy tickets and sign up for free guest lists to all the hottest Las Vegas clubs!

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