XS is inside the Wynn Encore at 3121 S Las Vegas Blvd

Nights Open

10:30 PM – 4/5 AM Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Now entering its 15th year of operation, XS is still the undeniable King of Clubs. The massive 40,000 square feet space is inspired by the curves of the human body and includes a dance floor, pool, and outdoor patio that even has a gambling area with blackjack and poker. The seating inside is terraced so that no matter where you are, you’ll have a great view.

XS is renowned as one of the most opulent nightclubs in Las Vegas, boasting a lavish interior adorned with gold accents, a grand chandelier, and exquisite outdoor spaces. The club’s reputation for luxury is matched by its 2023 lineup of exceptional artists, featuring renowned DJs such as Kygo, The Chainsmokers, Drake, Alesso, Dillon Francis, and more. The pulsating beats that dominate XS predominantly belong to the EDM genre, ensuring an electrifying experience whether you’re reveling in the open-air sections or catching a glimpse of the headlining DJ on the outdoor LED screen.

Throughout the year, XS hosts a multitude of extraordinary events. During summer, the highlight is XS Nightswim, an extravagant nocturnal pool party where DJs perform outdoors instead of on the traditional dance floor. As autumn arrives, XS presents Art of the Wild, a remarkable three-day affair showcasing esteemed house and techno artists from across the globe. In May, in the lead-up to Electric Daisy Carnival, XS is among the select venues hosting artists as part of the exhilarating EDC week.

On nights featuring popular DJs or special events, the venue tends to reach maximum capacity. It is crucial to secure a hand stamp, either by tipping a bouncer or by opting for bottle service, to ensure uninterrupted access. Failure to do so may result in being unable to re-enter the interior area after leaving.

Although the official dress code is “upscale casual”, you’re unlikely to find anyone not dressed up to look their best, especially on the weekends. Athletic wear is prohibited inside. The exception to the dress code is Las Vegas Nightswim events, where guests are welcome to wear swim attire in order to enjoy the pool.

Insider Tips

  • If you’re trying to keep costs down, table minimums outside are generally significantly cheaper (except on Sunday nightswim events).
  • On nights with top talent, the inside area often reaches capacity and the bouncers stop letting people back in. You’ll need to have a special stamp to get back inside – you can get this stamp via bottle service, or by tipping a bouncer . If it’s starting to get packed and you’re inside without the stamp, we’d recommend staying inside.
  • XS has some of the longest lines in Vegas, especially on Chainsmokers nights. We recommend arriving at club opening (or even earlier) if you’re trying to get in on the guest list / tickets / GA on these nights.
  • XS is one of the only clubs that does bottle service presentations as you walk into the club. They block off the stairs to showcase the guests entering the club. Of course in order to get this you’ll need to drop some mad cash!
  • XS Nightswim is one of the most fun / legendary events in Vegas. It usually happens every sunday during the summer.
  • XS has gaming tables outdoor with blackjack and sometimes even craps. However you should note that if the inside is super crowded there’s a chance you won’t be let back inside!
  • For ordering drinks, there are two bars in the main room as well as two bars outside.
  • XS bathrooms have excellent lighting for selfies.

General Information

Where is XS located?

XS is located inside the mall between the Wynn and the Encore. If you’re in one or the other, simply follow signs pointing towards the other hotel and you’ll come across it. If you’re getting dropped off, tell the cab driver Encore.

How much is cover charge at XS?

General admission at the door is around $75-100+ for guys, $30-50 for girls. Expect more on holidays and special events / big name DJs.

How long will I have to wait at XS?

Average wait times for XS at the door are around 1-3 hours on Fridays Saturdays.  Sundays and Mondays are usually much better, at around 20-45 minutes, unless it’s nightswim season. During the summer XS hosts nightswim on Sundays which can get pretty packed as well. We’d recommend you arrive by 10 PM on Friday, Saturday, and 10:30-11 on Sundays and Monday. If you’re staying at the Encore or the Wynn you can purchase line skip passes from the hotel concierge.

Does XS allow for exit and re-entry?

For most events, XS allows customers to leave the venue, get a stamp on their hand, and re-enter at a later time. There are exceptions to this rule on extremely busy nights, or when the venue is operating at maximum capacity. If you are leaving the venue and are planning on returning, be sure to ask the doormen upon exit if there is re-entry or not.

Can you gamble at XS?

Yes, XS has a large gaming pavilion in the outdoor area. The gaming pavilion holds a number of different casino games, including Blackjack, Craps, Casino War, amongst others.

When is XS open?

XS is open from 10:30 to 4 AM on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

What are the best nights to go to XS?

Fridays and Saturdays feature the best talent and will typically be very busy. Sunday nightswims are extremely fun – there’s nothing quite like partying the summer nights away at one of the most beautiful clubs in the world. Sunday nightswims have been some of the most fun and memorable nights for us.

What is the dress code at XS?

To ensure a smooth entry into XS, it is advisable to exercise caution unless you opt for bottle service. For gentlemen, the preferred attire consists of a collared shirt, jeans, and dress shoes. It is important to steer clear of sportswear such as track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, and hats. Additionally, baggy jeans or pants with holes are not permitted. However, if you choose bottle service, you may have some flexibility in adhering to the dress code. Nonetheless, it is generally wiser to err on the side of caution to avoid any inconvenience.

The dress code for ladies at XS is relatively less stringent. Typically, women opt for dresses and heels on regular nights. However, it is acceptable for women to wear a t-shirt and jeans as well.

During Sunday nightswim events, swimwear is highly encouraged. However, it is important to note that entry will not be granted if you are shirtless. Acceptable swimwear includes swim trunks, bikinis, shirts, tank tops, flip flops, and sandals. Basketball shorts are not considered suitable swimwear. Sneakers are permitted as appropriate footwear for nightswim events. While standard club attire is allowed for nightswim, it is highly recommended to take the plunge and enjoy the water for a much more exhilarating experience.

How much do drinks cost at XS?

Mixed drinks / cocktails start at $15 (your average drink will be $20), beers at $8, shots at $8. Bottles start at $595. If you’re getting bottle service, you can read more about how bottle service costs in Vegas work here.

Who are the resident DJs at XS?

XS’s 2023 season features Diplo, Rufus Du Sol, Marshmello, RL Grime, The Chainsmokers. View all XS Nightclub events here.

What time does the headlining DJ come on at XS?

The main DJ usually comes on between 12:30 AM and 1:30 AM.

What kind of music do they play at XS?

XS plays primarily electronic dance music.

If you’re not a fan of EDM, check out our list of Vegas hip hop clubs.)

Are there any promo codes for XS?

Use promo code DISCO for $5 off all tickets at XS.

Where can I find a list of upcoming events / DJs at XS?

You can download the Discotech app to see upcoming events, get on guest lists, book tables, and buy tickets for XS.

Does XS nightclub offer a free guest list?

Yes! XS nightclub offers a free guest list in Las Vegas. Joining our guest list is simple and free. You can easily sign up using our website. If you’re scrambling online looking up “free nightclubs near me” and the best “free clubs in Vegas,” we’ve got you covered. You can check our list of every nightclub and dayclub that offers a free guest list in Vegas and information on how to sign up.

In which hotel is XS located?

XS is located in the Encore Hotel – 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard, NV 89183.