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Most Exclusive Upscale Nightclubs in Los Angeles

How to Become a Nightlife Promoter with Discotech

Are you the go-to friend for Friday night entertainment? If you had an extra hour in the day, would you spend it clubbing? Would you like to make some extra money on the side? If you find yourself answering these questions with a “yes”, then it just so happens that we have the perfect gig for you: VIP club promoting. Yes, turns out that you can make – and not just spend – money during happy hour after all.

Think of the responsibilities of a VIP club promoter as that of a nightlife matchmaker, pairing enthusiastic party-goers with the venue of their dreams. Now envision yourself as a modern-day fairy godmother: taking Cindyerella and her squad to the ball  bar is the goal, and your social-media savvy networking skills is the spell of choice.

Sounds easy enough, right? But how do you get started, how do you save the Cindys of the world one VIP table booking at a time?  Well, of course you could always go the traditional route: frantically sending out your resume to every club in the vicinity in hopes of securing a job promoting VIP tables for them. Or, you could try out the quicker, easier method which guarantees you success: signing up to be a Discotech affiliate.

By simply signing up as a partner with Discotech, the OpenTable for nightlife, you unlock the opportunity to promote tables from over 1,400 nightlife venues around the globe, making as high as a 10% commission on every table booked through this platform. With real-time access to Discotech’s easy-to-navigate affiliate portal, you can filter through the VIP inventory based on specific features and pricing in order to expertly make and recommend reservations that best fulfill each customer’s needs.

Why place your bets on a single club, or restrict yourself to one city when you can expand your horizons with a never-ending buffet of premier nightclubs to choose from (you could even promote the top clubs in Los Angeles)?

Whether you’re a travel agent with years of experience under your belt, or a hotel concierge whose phone is regularly flooded with guests asking you for nightlife recommendations, or even just an Uber driver living in party-central like Vegas or Miami, promoting VIP tables can prove to be a simple and straightforward way to make enough money to drop that third part-time job you hate. Or function as a side-hustle that cuts some of the bitterness you feel for your main-hustle. Either way, with your expertise, passion, and insight, we can completely elevate the nightlife experience for millions of party-enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Other than the extra dough, Discotech also rewards its top-performing affiliates with a plethora of sweet perks like scoring free tickets to the most highly anticipated concerts, festivals and club openings in town. Oh, and access to VIP tables to the venue of your choice without spending a dime.

So, without further ado, kickstart a career in nightlife promotion and marketing with a quick look at this handy tutorial to ensure you never get denied entry to your favorite club again.

It’s time to unleash your potential as everyone’s favorite nightlife genie right here.

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Best EDM in Clubs in Salt Lake City

Out trying to find the hottest club in Salt Lake City? We luckily this article has found you. Salt Lake City is a beautiful and vibrant place bustling with activity. Locating the top club can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the city. Even if you’re local, knowing hot and upcoming clubs might be difficult to keep track of. If looking for what’s popular right now, then this article will immensely help you plan you’re next night out.

Looking for the hottest bars & clubs in Salt Lake City? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Salt Lake City.


SKY is a multi functioning 3-floor space worked for large scale events, weddings, private parties, concerts and most importantly nightclub events. The 15.000 sq ft club is complete with the pristine sound, 300′′video screen, glass retractable roof, 20 VIP suites availible for table reservation, 14 garage doors and performance lighting different than anything else found in SLC.

Sky is one of the top entertainment facility in Salt Lake City and arugably in the United States. Click Upcoming Events at Sky to see who’s performing next!

Area 51

Area 51 does plenty to keep Salt Lake City’s youth entertained and moving, as those fans of partying to techno, house and trance music will find this to be one of Salt Lake’s best venues for combining those interests.

If you’re looking for nice little quiet conversation this is not your place. The music is loud music while live DJs, crowded dance floors, and themed evenings create noise beyond belief. Whether you’re looking for ladies’ night or 80’s night, Area 51 hosts their own website letting you know the theme of the night in question, ensuring yourself a fun and satisfied night.


Soundwell, placed in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, is the latest and most intimate music venue to come up. The venue is thriving in the Salt Lake City concert scene.

If you find yourself and Soundwell and think, “hey, wait this feels familiar…” its probably because it it is. Soundwell today was once known as the popular club Elevate. The fully remodeled venue swung their doors in April 2018, offering top-notch talent and top sound in a close friendly atmosphere. Click Upcoming Events at Soundwell to see what’s happening this weekend!

Urban Lounge

Since our the founding in 2001, Urban Lounge has offered Salt Lake City a vast array of live performances from artists that you won’t find anywhere else in the state. Their cozy and spacious bar setting allows for music-lovers to experience internationally-renowned artists underground stars alike in a wonderful and intimate atmosphere. They have hosted bands/artists such as Big Wild, Gryffin, Big KRIT, RAC, GZA, Juicy J, Miike Snow, and many many more.

Luckily for Salt Lake City residents, Urban Lounge has remained committed to growing the music community in Salt Lake by continuing to bring huge artists to the town. An establishment that’s been around this long and that’s hosted such a wide array of artists deserves special recognition.

Ibiza SLC Ultra Lounge

Ibizia SLC Ultra Lounge is known for many things. A fantastic staff, great music and a worth while experience. Patrons exclaim that they are treated like a VIP every-time they go to this location.

There is fantastic lighting, sound and they have a spacious patio for fresh air. Many love this new club. One should know it feels very upscale and has a powerful EDM feel to it. Again I think it may be worth mentioning for a second time that the lighting at this venue is spectacular! And for those tired of being yanked around by rude security, Ibizia SLC Ultra Lounge somehow someway has garned the reputation as having a security team that’s extremely accommodating and courteous. Might have to go just to experience what thats like…

Best EDM Clubs in Orlando

Orlando is home to some of the most famous tourist spots east of the Mississippi River. So, it comes as no surprise that the city’s nightlife is also a hot spot for high energy electronic dance music. If you’re looking to have a good time, jump and down, and fist bump in Orlando, We certainly got you covered. 

The Groove

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If you’ve grown tired from traversing throughout Universal Studios and need something to get your energy levels back up, The Groove can be found at the heart of Universal CityWalk and is the way to go. The three-floor level dance club surely doesn’t lack in floor space letting you and your freinds party the night away — or until they decide to close. When you add in the numerous state of the art video screens complementing the venues overall aesthetics to the equation, it makes the perfect recipe for a memorable night.

However, one of the best features this nightclub has to offer is its uniquely placed balcony terrace overlooking Universal CityWalk and the Theme Parks. The terrace can best be described as a perfect spot for capturing pictures or for simply some fresh air away from all the excitement going on the dance floor.  

With an unparallel atmosphere, highly endorsed bottle service, and flashing lights and smoke cannons on the dance floor as the icing on the cake, one can only expect nothing but an absolutely great time at The Groove at Universal CityWalk

Eve Orlando

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Searching for a Las Vegas style experience in Orlando? Eve Orlando Nightclub is the place for you. With the venue inspired to recreate the thrill and vigor of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, this nightclub raises the bar in upscale venues in the heart of Downtown Orlando. The balcony terrace itself is something worth noting, as it provides a beautiful view of the city of Orlando. 

Eve night club offers an array of seating areas, allowing its club goers to bask in their eye-catching décor. From LED lights surrounding the full-service bar area, to hanging diamonds chandeliers sitting atop its dance floor, this nightclub is one to check off as a must see. 

Aero Rooftop Bar

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Looking for loud dance music under the stars? The newly renovated Aero Rooftop Bar is here at your service. Located at the 50-yard line of Downtown Orlando, two blocks west of Lake Eola, this nightlife hot spot has great vibes with a view written all over it! The Copacabana decoration in the club sets an electrifying tone from the moment you walk in. The hybrid feel of a loud dance floor incorporated with lounge like seating arrangements creates for a nice well-balance atmosphere. 

Whether it’s house music, trap, and the occasional reggae… this club will surely find a way to get you on your feet to keep the party going. 

The Attic

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The Attic is home to some of the craziest EDM parties in Orlando. The venue offers a gigantic dance floor with strobe lights from every corner imaginable, both upstairs and downstairs. The second floor itself sticks out in particular with its brick walls and wooden dance floor. Giving it an old school vibe. 

Locally known as the EDM headquarters of nightclubs in Orlando, The Attic is the place to be for all things EDM. DJs from all around the world have been seen throwing down here on more than a few occasions, as a result of the club’s growing residency roster. 

Atlantic Dance Hall

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What’s better than dancing to hits from the 80’s and 90’s mixed in with EDM drops? Dancing inside a venue within the realm of the happiest place on earth. Yes, the world-famous Disneyworld is not only home to one of the biggest family tourist attractions in the world, but also home to Atlantic Dance Hall. The ballroom atmosphere not only brings an elegant vibe throughout the night, but the indoor roof is also covered in twinkling stars that will surely brighten someone’s night. 

Atlantic Dance Hall’s balcony is also a must-see feature as it overlooks the ever-flowing waters of Crescent Lake. Perfect for picture taking or simply spending time gazing over the view with that special someone. 

The Disneyworld Resorts in general has a very limited amount of options, as far as adult nightlife goes, but Atlantic Dance Hall is that one diamond in the rough. It’s ironic theme of old school integrated with a DJ booth backed with a big screen for music videos and visuals makes for a night that you’ll truly never forget. 

Basement Club Review: Techno Club in Queens

Anyone nostalgic for the Budapest underground club scene circa 1990 will be in their element at Basement, a subterranean nightclub in industrial Queens dedicated to techno music. Drawing inspiration from Berghain in Berlin and the vibrant raves of former Eastern bloc countries, Basement is a conscious (some might say self-conscious) throwback to the pre-iPhone, pre-bottle-service era of clubbing (minus the reek of stale booze and cigarettes).

Basement Queens
The newest addition to the sprawling Knockdown Center in the Maspeth section of Queens, the club, which opened in May, lives up to its name: The dungeonlike interior is a warren of nooks and narrow alleyways. The sense of disorientation is reinforced by flickering lights and fog machines. Restrooms are well-lit, unisex and spacious enough for more than one person. Smokers gather outside at incongruous picnic tables. The focus of the club is the dance floor, which is the size of a large living room with concrete pillars, old factory doors and arched brick windows.

The Crowd
On a recent Friday, the club hosted a queer B.D.S.M. party called Bound: Blackout. Fetish gear was mandatory, and partygoers were instructed not to wear street clothing or “culturally appropriative costumes.” Pudgy, middle-aged men were led around the dance floor on leashes by gothic dominatrixes in their 20s. Many patrons were topless and some bottomless. No photos were allowed (masking tape was placed over phone cameras) so patrons would feel comfortable in whatever clothing they wore, or didn’t. Other nights draw a disparate crowd that might include straight bros in their 20s, queer club kids and die-hard techno fans.

The Playlist
The Funktion-One sound system provides an all-encompassing and clean sound. The caliber of D.J.s is very high and includes European avant-gardists with large followings who might play E.B.M. (electric body music), industrial techno and Italo house.

Getting In to Basement
Covers range from $15 to $25. Cedric, the doorman, was friendly and welcoming, even as the night wore on and the line got longer. Partygoers are subjected to pat downs with a metal detector wand. Basement Tickets are also available on the Discotech app.

A single bar serves strong drinks in cans or plastic cups. A Grey Goose and tonic is $13; beers like Modelo Especial are $6 and All Day IPA is $7. A food truck that serves Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies ($15) is often parked outside for exiting patrons.

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Bootsy Bellows Grand Reopening West Hollywood

The H.Wood Group’s throwback-style revamp gives the lounge a decidedly Palm Springs feel.

Throwback menus and vintage decors are all the rage across Los Angeles right now, and the redone Bootsy Bellows is certainly no exception. The longtime West Hollywood hotspot returns to life today, sporting a lush glassy and green interior for the all the club-goers in the Hollywood Hills.

Bootsy Bellows has been in operation, with a few updates and decor tweaks here and there, since 2012. It’s become a staple property for the busy H.Wood Group co-owners John Terzian and Brian Toll, as well as partner David Arquette. Even as the company continues to move further and further into hotels and restaurants, their original backbone remains in the nightlife space with places like Bootsy Bellows, Poppy, and the Peppermint Club.

The new Built, Inc.-designed bar and lounge comes in a rosy pink hue, with lots of plush banquette seating and light green accents, including lots of house plants inside. Chandeliers and a reflective main bar give the room a vintage Hollywood shimmer, while modern table bottle service draws in the current crowds.

Bootsy Bellows reopens tonight, keeping hours on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturdays.

Best EDM Clubs in London

When you think of London, several images come to mind. One one end, you picture royalty, class and maybe Manchester United. On the other end, you picture live music, Dr Martens walking down city streets, random musicians banging on tin drums in warehouses. THIS is the London that is magnetic to EDM fans.

Electronic music is nothing new in the UK. They’ve even been responsible for several subgenres in the scene, which is assurance that the nightlife caters to that. Many of the staple clubs in London’s dance music scene sprung up in the 1990s when electronic music was really beginning (or continuing) to boom. Whether you are a UK local, on a group backpacking trip from the States, studying abroad, or on a self-exploring trip, chances are to get the full experience you will want to hit up a club in London.


It’s a guarantee that the music will be well-picked if the club brand is also a record label. That is the case for Fabric, Farringdon’s premium nightlife choice. The music sits between techno, dubstep, house and drum and bass- think Claude Vonstroke, Skrillex and Midland. Three rooms across 25,000 square feet means no loss of space to get your groove on.

However, particularly for those who go to clubs to be fully engulfed in the sound, there is Room One. Famous for it’s floors attached to bass transducers, Room One gives new meaning to feeling the bass by literally pumping low bass frequencies through your feet to fill your entire dancing body with the music.

See upcoming events, and book tables for Fabric on the Discotech app.

Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound is a tribute to the importance of audio in nightlife, an idea that is often forgotten in the modern age of “trendy clubs.” This Southwark club is a veteran in London’s entertainment scene, opening in 1991 by an owner that set out to put music first, lights second, and atmosphere third- a refreshing break from many clubs’ priorities today.

In 2016, Ministry of Sound had Dolby Laboratories install Dolby Atmos, their 64-speaker, 22-channel sound system that gives a new name to good sound. The system fills the club’s main room, most crowded on their Saturday night “club nights” which host acts from Marshmello to Zeds Dead. Friday nights are a favorite for Trance lovers eager to hear artists like Markus Shultz.

You can download the Discotech app to see upcoming events, and book tables for Ministry of Sound.


This moody-chic Shoreditch classic, delivering musical variety London residents and vacayers enjoy, has 2 floors, resident DJs and all that good stuff. The lights and ambiance of XOYO are slightly reminiscent of a 70s club. This all goes flawlessly with their signature “XOYO Loves,” night during which they play more melodic tracks across the EDM board, but especially residing in the disco genre.

You can find XOYO’s floor plan and book bottle service on the Discotech app.

Egg London

Funny name, serious party. Egg London is open until 6 am, so instead of waking up in the wee morning hours hungover, you will still be enjoying the party. Egg is a trailblazer among clubs by offering “memberships” that guarantee discounted and fast track entry among several other benefits.

Even better than that is their “student membership,” a GENIUS option for collegiates who want to stay ahead of the curve and in the know when it comes to nightclubs among their peers. So while America’s college students are pounding Natty Lights at a dive bar, London’s are waltzing into upscale nightclubs with their +2 in stilettos and silk.

Three dance floors and a spread out outdoor terrace make the layout. As for the music, house and techno are the main flavors. Come on Fridays for the new DJ names ready to make their big break. Saturdays are more seasoned- bringing in international DJs and all their glorious consistency.

Sign up for the free Egg London guestlist or book a table for bottle service on Discotech app.

Corsica Studios

For a more low-maintenance yet mega-urban feel there is Corsica Studios. Between the relaxed dress code, reasonable drink prices, and brick walls allowing for even more dynamic sound, Corsica makes way for EDM fans who aren’t into other distractions.

The intimate southeast London club often brings in talent that isn’t fully on the mainstream radar yet. The genres go across the board- techno, house, electro, disco, and even hints of dubstep and drum and bass.

Find upcoming events and tickets at Corsica on the Discotech app.

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Introducing the $10,000 Ono Cocktail at XS Las Vegas

One of Las Vegas’s most iconic cocktails, the Ono at the Wynn’s XS Nightclub, is all about over-the-top luxury. The cocktail for two costs a staggering $10,000 and features champagne that goes for some $500 per bottle, plus custom-designed glassware. The star ingredient is a rare cognac that retails for over $2,000 per shot: Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl. Using the Black Pearl cognac as inspiration, XS devised a cocktail that would celebrate the cognac’s flavor and scarcity. The name of the drink was inspired by the Polynesian god Oro who, as legend has it, brought a black pearl to the princess of Bora Bora. XS GM Yannick Mugnier explains that the drink was designed with men and women in mind, so the Ono also comes with a set of cufflinks and a gold, diamond, and pearl necklace.

“The cocktail is not about making money,” Mugnier explains, “it’s about extravagance.” He says the cocktail has been a hit with “big winners” at the casino as well as customers looking for a special experience. So far about 25 have been sold since it was on the menu in 2009. The Ono isn’t only a drink, but a celebration within the club. Each order served generates quite a bit fanfare, with a procession of some 20 XS employees, a presentation of the bottle of Black Pearl, and sparklers. Mugnier says: “When you buy the cocktail, everybody knows you bought it.” Below, the elements of the Ono:

1. The Cognac
The inspiration ingredient for the Ono is also its star: Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl cognac. It’s a limited edition cognac — only 786 bottles were produced — and Mugnier describes it as the producer’s “most premium.” The Black Pearl is an extraordinarily smooth blend of 12 different eaux de vie — each aged between 40 and 100 years — and there are tasting notes of passion fruit, honeysuckle, ginger, and nutmeg. Mugnier says that the retail value of the bottle is $60,000 – $100,000, with a shot going for about $2,500. XS does not sell Black Pearl by the shot, and Mugnier only buys decanters two at a time. Each of the two cocktails gets half an ounce.

2. The Champagne
The champagne in the Ono is also a rare and pricey product, Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie. Cocktail buyers receive the whole bottle unopened upon ordering the cocktail, which calls for about four ounces of champagne per glass. Mugnier explains that the “Reserve Charlie” is still extremely bubbly, despite being an older vintage, and has dried fruit flavors. Mugnier estimates that a bottle would retail for about $500, and says they are difficult to come by because “every bottle is worth keeping.” When XS decided to use the product they worked with a distributor to purchase as many bottles in the US that they could find, and Mugnier says that even now the club purchases the champagne whenever they find it. Mugnier adds that champagne ties into the nightclub setting, and also gives smoothness to the recipe.

3. The Rose Nectar
Another high-end ingredient, the Sence Rose Nectar the XS adds to the Ono is a syrup made from Kazanlak roses harvested in a three-week period from central Bulgaria. The pink rose nectar adds floral flavor and scent to the drink. Mugnier explains that it’s quite a strong flavor, so the Ono only contains a quarter ounce to keep the drink balanced.

4. The Fruit
Along with the components above, the cocktail has half an ounce of fresh-squeezed orange juice and a quarter of an ounce of apricot puree. Mugnier says the orange juice recalls a Mimosa, adding both bitterness and sweetness to the drink. XS purchases its apricot puree because they find it difficult to keep the seasonal fruit at the bar. The apricot adds its distinct flavors along with an amber color to the drink.

5. The Assembly
Mugnier describes the Ono assembly process as “very ceremonial.” When a patron orders the Ono, there is a procession of some 20 servers and sparklers so “everybody knows you bought it.” A manager carries the cognac in its original box (because of the liquor’s expense, the club prefers managers to carry it). A waitress carries and presents the champagne, and the assembly begins. The guest is presented with a tray full of custom glassware including two gold-rimmed Baccarat champagne flutes for the cocktail. On the tray are additional gold-rimmed shot glasses, which have the pre-measured orange juice, rose nectar, and apricot nectar. These are mixed together, then the cognac is poured into its own custom shot glass. It’s added to the two flutes, which are then topped off with champagne.

At this time guests are also presented with two pieces of custom-designed jewelry: a set of sterling silver Mont Blanc cufflinks and an 18K gold necklace with a black pearl and a diamond. The cufflinks have stingray skin and gold layered with an XS logo. The necklace was designed by a Las Vegas jeweler and also features a gold XS logo. The stingray skin ties into the ocean theme of the Ono’s name, and the black pearl is honor of the cognac. Ordering the expensive cocktail is a full-blown experience, and Mugnier explains that it’s really best for “people who like attention.”