Best EDM Clubs in Orlando

Orlando is home to some of the most famous tourist spots east of the Mississippi River. So, it comes as no surprise that the city’s nightlife is also a hot spot for high energy electronic dance music. If you’re looking to have a good time, jump and down, and fist bump in Orlando, We certainly got you covered. 

The Groove

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If you’ve grown tired from traversing throughout Universal Studios and need something to get your energy levels back up, The Groove can be found at the heart of Universal CityWalk and is the way to go. The three-floor level dance club surely doesn’t lack in floor space letting you and your freinds party the night away — or until they decide to close. When you add in the numerous state of the art video screens complementing the venues overall aesthetics to the equation, it makes the perfect recipe for a memorable night.

However, one of the best features this nightclub has to offer is its uniquely placed balcony terrace overlooking Universal CityWalk and the Theme Parks. The terrace can best be described as a perfect spot for capturing pictures or for simply some fresh air away from all the excitement going on the dance floor.  

With an unparallel atmosphere, highly endorsed bottle service, and flashing lights and smoke cannons on the dance floor as the icing on the cake, one can only expect nothing but an absolutely great time at The Groove at Universal CityWalk

Eve Orlando

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Searching for a Las Vegas style experience in Orlando? Eve Orlando Nightclub is the place for you. With the venue inspired to recreate the thrill and vigor of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, this nightclub raises the bar in upscale venues in the heart of Downtown Orlando. The balcony terrace itself is something worth noting, as it provides a beautiful view of the city of Orlando. 

Eve night club offers an array of seating areas, allowing its club goers to bask in their eye-catching décor. From LED lights surrounding the full-service bar area, to hanging diamonds chandeliers sitting atop its dance floor, this nightclub is one to check off as a must see. 

Aero Rooftop Bar

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Looking for loud dance music under the stars? The newly renovated Aero Rooftop Bar is here at your service. Located at the 50-yard line of Downtown Orlando, two blocks west of Lake Eola, this nightlife hot spot has great vibes with a view written all over it! The Copacabana decoration in the club sets an electrifying tone from the moment you walk in. The hybrid feel of a loud dance floor incorporated with lounge like seating arrangements creates for a nice well-balance atmosphere. 

Whether it’s house music, trap, and the occasional reggae… this club will surely find a way to get you on your feet to keep the party going. 

The Attic

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The Attic is home to some of the craziest EDM parties in Orlando. The venue offers a gigantic dance floor with strobe lights from every corner imaginable, both upstairs and downstairs. The second floor itself sticks out in particular with its brick walls and wooden dance floor. Giving it an old school vibe. 

Locally known as the EDM headquarters of nightclubs in Orlando, The Attic is the place to be for all things EDM. DJs from all around the world have been seen throwing down here on more than a few occasions, as a result of the club’s growing residency roster. 

Atlantic Dance Hall

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What’s better than dancing to hits from the 80’s and 90’s mixed in with EDM drops? Dancing inside a venue within the realm of the happiest place on earth. Yes, the world-famous Disneyworld is not only home to one of the biggest family tourist attractions in the world, but also home to Atlantic Dance Hall. The ballroom atmosphere not only brings an elegant vibe throughout the night, but the indoor roof is also covered in twinkling stars that will surely brighten someone’s night. 

Atlantic Dance Hall’s balcony is also a must-see feature as it overlooks the ever-flowing waters of Crescent Lake. Perfect for picture taking or simply spending time gazing over the view with that special someone. 

The Disneyworld Resorts in general has a very limited amount of options, as far as adult nightlife goes, but Atlantic Dance Hall is that one diamond in the rough. It’s ironic theme of old school integrated with a DJ booth backed with a big screen for music videos and visuals makes for a night that you’ll truly never forget.