How to Become a Nightlife Promoter with Discotech

Are you the go-to friend for Friday night entertainment? If you had an extra hour in the day, would you spend it clubbing? Would you like to make some extra money on the side? If you find yourself answering these questions with a “yes”, then it just so happens that we have the perfect gig for you: VIP club promoting. Yes, turns out that you can make – and not just spend – money during happy hour after all.

Think of the responsibilities of a VIP club promoter as that of a nightlife matchmaker, pairing enthusiastic party-goers with the venue of their dreams. Now envision yourself as a modern-day fairy godmother: taking Cindyerella and her squad to the ball  bar is the goal, and your social-media savvy networking skills is the spell of choice.

Sounds easy enough, right? But how do you get started, how do you save the Cindys of the world one VIP table booking at a time?  Well, of course you could always go the traditional route: frantically sending out your resume to every club in the vicinity in hopes of securing a job promoting VIP tables for them. Or, you could try out the quicker, easier method which guarantees you success: signing up to be a Discotech affiliate.

By simply signing up as a partner with Discotech, the OpenTable for nightlife, you unlock the opportunity to promote tables from over 1,400 nightlife venues around the globe, making as high as a 10% commission on every table booked through this platform. With real-time access to Discotech’s easy-to-navigate affiliate portal, you can filter through the VIP inventory based on specific features and pricing in order to expertly make and recommend reservations that best fulfill each customer’s needs.

Why place your bets on a single club, or restrict yourself to one city when you can expand your horizons with a never-ending buffet of premier nightclubs to choose from (you could even promote the top clubs in Los Angeles)?

Whether you’re a travel agent with years of experience under your belt, or a hotel concierge whose phone is regularly flooded with guests asking you for nightlife recommendations, or even just an Uber driver living in party-central like Vegas or Miami, promoting VIP tables can prove to be a simple and straightforward way to make enough money to drop that third part-time job you hate. Or function as a side-hustle that cuts some of the bitterness you feel for your main-hustle. Either way, with your expertise, passion, and insight, we can completely elevate the nightlife experience for millions of party-enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Other than the extra dough, Discotech also rewards its top-performing affiliates with a plethora of sweet perks like scoring free tickets to the most highly anticipated concerts, festivals and club openings in town. Oh, and access to VIP tables to the venue of your choice without spending a dime.

So, without further ado, kickstart a career in nightlife promotion and marketing with a quick look at this handy tutorial to ensure you never get denied entry to your favorite club again.

It’s time to unleash your potential as everyone’s favorite nightlife genie right here.