Best EDM Clubs in Chicago

Best EDM Clubs in Minneapolis

Minneapolis for those who don’t know is one of the great and beautiful cities in the United States. Known for its lakes, parks, and gorgeous scenery Minneapolis is a spetacular city. But beautiful scenery is not the only reason one should migrate to this wonderful place. For EDM fans, Minneapolis has become one of the hottest EDM hotspots in the nation. Venues attract the biggest names in EDM and for good reason. The sound, visuals, lighting, and more rival the top clubs in the world. With that being said, let’s get to it!

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Armory Minneapolis

The Armory was at one point the most expensive building in Minnesota. For basketball fans, they’d be pleased to know the building was used by the Minneapolis Lakers as a part-time home between 1947–1959, and as its primary home court.

As turmoil sparked due to private developers trying to tear the building down, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided it was a historical landmark and should remind untouched.

Now the venue is one of the coolest and most exciting places to find your favorite EDM artists. It’s not everyday you get to rage where the OG Lakers used to practice and play their games. Oh and the venue attracts week in and week out the biggest EDM artists one the planet.

Fillmore Minneapolis

Signature decoration, vintage performance posters and local talents will adorn the huge venue as Fillmore open their doors to the country. Known for their hospitality, incredible lighting and warm environment. The Fillmore Minneapolis welcomes party goers to enjoy a spectacular experience. For EDM fans, this intimate venue is ideal for experiencing a show

Fans are welcomed to come early and stay late and make a night out of any Fillmore experience. The Fillmore also has music hall kitchen which serves food and snacks for those looking to grab a bite to eat. They also serve inspired cocktails and craft beers available throughout the music hall.

Club Jager

A wild opposite in contrast of the downtown Minneapolis super clubs, this quaint spot found on a quieter stretch of Washington Avenue boasts some of the most exciting and diverse group of DJs you’ll find. All styles are preformed here, from Reggae and Dub to 80s classics. It’s one of the many things that make this place fantastic and also wildly attractive to EDM fans.

Saturday nights are give way to the freshest sounds, the heart-throbbing, pulse-pounding beats that will have you grooving till your feet hurt.

Skyway Theatre

Looking for the new perfect place to party? Skyway Theatre was once an old movie theater which was transformed into a music venue and event center and has become the place to let loose and go crazy at one of the wildest parties in Minneapolis. The most renowned DJs in the country have come through the doors found at this centeraly located Minneapolis club.

Many claim there is always something crazy going on at this club. Make sure you have a night like no other. Skyway Theatre is the place to go.

Rouge at The Lounge

The squad of DJs found at The Lounge, often with their own set style which is usually mixed up depending on the week , offers a different mix of form and atmosphere, ensuring a fun, interesting night of dancing and drinking. EDM fans will find themselves right at home, but make sure to see who’s preforming next

The entire club feels like a wild combination of sounds and light, which are all set to a thumping beat. The doors obviously don’t open until after the sun has set. This venue is fun and incredibly exciting and very welcoming for any fan of EDM.

The Record Room

First Avenue’s upstairs venue has secured one of the top spots as a top Minneapolis dance club, and for good reason. Whether it’s the resident DJ spinning all night or any of the different EDM events, you’re sure to find a fun, creative music loving crowd embracing the explosion of noise shattering through the speakers. It’s a place that will leave you exhausted from dancing but wanting more. For a cool and diverse mix of EDM any given night, find your way upstairs to the Record Room.

Best EDM in Clubs in Salt Lake City

Out trying to find the hottest club in Salt Lake City? We luckily this article has found you. Salt Lake City is a beautiful and vibrant place bustling with activity. Locating the top club can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the city. Even if you’re local, knowing hot and upcoming clubs might be difficult to keep track of. If looking for what’s popular right now, then this article will immensely help you plan you’re next night out.

Looking for the hottest bars & clubs in Salt Lake City? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Salt Lake City.


SKY is a multi functioning 3-floor space worked for large scale events, weddings, private parties, concerts and most importantly nightclub events. The 15.000 sq ft club is complete with the pristine sound, 300′′video screen, glass retractable roof, 20 VIP suites availible for table reservation, 14 garage doors and performance lighting different than anything else found in SLC.

Sky is one of the top entertainment facility in Salt Lake City and arugably in the United States. Click Upcoming Events at Sky to see who’s performing next!

Area 51

Area 51 does plenty to keep Salt Lake City’s youth entertained and moving, as those fans of partying to techno, house and trance music will find this to be one of Salt Lake’s best venues for combining those interests.

If you’re looking for nice little quiet conversation this is not your place. The music is loud music while live DJs, crowded dance floors, and themed evenings create noise beyond belief. Whether you’re looking for ladies’ night or 80’s night, Area 51 hosts their own website letting you know the theme of the night in question, ensuring yourself a fun and satisfied night.


Soundwell, placed in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, is the latest and most intimate music venue to come up. The venue is thriving in the Salt Lake City concert scene.

If you find yourself and Soundwell and think, “hey, wait this feels familiar…” its probably because it it is. Soundwell today was once known as the popular club Elevate. The fully remodeled venue swung their doors in April 2018, offering top-notch talent and top sound in a close friendly atmosphere. Click Upcoming Events at Soundwell to see what’s happening this weekend!

Urban Lounge

Since our the founding in 2001, Urban Lounge has offered Salt Lake City a vast array of live performances from artists that you won’t find anywhere else in the state. Their cozy and spacious bar setting allows for music-lovers to experience internationally-renowned artists underground stars alike in a wonderful and intimate atmosphere. They have hosted bands/artists such as Big Wild, Gryffin, Big KRIT, RAC, GZA, Juicy J, Miike Snow, and many many more.

Luckily for Salt Lake City residents, Urban Lounge has remained committed to growing the music community in Salt Lake by continuing to bring huge artists to the town. An establishment that’s been around this long and that’s hosted such a wide array of artists deserves special recognition.

Ibiza SLC Ultra Lounge

Ibizia SLC Ultra Lounge is known for many things. A fantastic staff, great music and a worth while experience. Patrons exclaim that they are treated like a VIP every-time they go to this location.

There is fantastic lighting, sound and they have a spacious patio for fresh air. Many love this new club. One should know it feels very upscale and has a powerful EDM feel to it. Again I think it may be worth mentioning for a second time that the lighting at this venue is spectacular! And for those tired of being yanked around by rude security, Ibizia SLC Ultra Lounge somehow someway has garned the reputation as having a security team that’s extremely accommodating and courteous. Might have to go just to experience what thats like…

Best EDM Clubs in Dallas

Out hoping to find the hottest EDM clubs in Dallas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dallas has become one of the hottest music scenes in the country, hosting a diverese array of clubs and bars known for great music. EDM clubs have began sprouting throughout the great city, as eager fans of the genre revel in the option now offered. For those visiting or researching where to go on your next night out, we hope this article helps. With that said, lets get to it!

Looking for the hottest bars & clubs in Dallas? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Dallas.

It’ll DO Club

The best dance spot in DFW. Period. It’ll DO Club has been attracting locals, many of whom claim the club has unchanged, which many find perfect. Come for the dancing, stay for the people. If you’re looking for top 40 tracks with DJs talking between every single track then this is not the place. If you want to dance your feet off to the best house/deep house/ techno then this is the spot. If looking for bottle service, this place has also got you covered.

Stereo Live Dallas

Stereo Live Dallas is one of the hottest spots to catch your favorite EDM DJs! The music is known to be some of the loudest one can find, as some have described it as louder than ear splitting loud. Which is exactly what you want when partying to your favorite artists. The light and video system is pulsing, strobing, and immersive, which is on of the high the point sof the EDM experience. The combination of music and light is a spectacle. To see upcoming events at Stereo Live Dallas, click here!

Lizard Lounge

Many express their love for this venue. Lizard Lounge has two stages (main and smaller stage for breaks) and tend to play non-mainstream DJs come through and that’s perfectly fine with because you’re close to the stage but never too crowded. Some of the best raves/parties have gone down right here. The patio is also awesome with a lot of seats and its easy to mingle with people if desired. The bartenders move quickly, which makes it easy to get water or beer (Thank God). Click upcoming events at Lizard Lounge to see who’s next!

The Bomb Factory

The Bomb Factory is the place know for making unforgettable experiences! The balcony seating is spectacular…some claim buying balcony tickets was one of the best decisions of their lives! The upstairs bar area is very clean, usually uncrowded, and shockingly enough, there are practically never any lines for the restroom. I know what you’re thinking, and yes a line-free bathroom is perhaps the most important thing adressed in this paragraph.

Taboo Lounge

Taboo Lounge is a hidden gem. Not wildly popular but perhaps one of the most fun EDM spots in Dalals. The place has great music and a unrivaled energy and feel to it. Do not be intimidated when approaching, as the venue is incredibly welcoming and impossible to miss with the giant pink letter signaling to those looking to party where to go. This place is known to be artsy with an amazing ambience.

Legacy VNYL

One cannot begin to express how much they love their experiences at Legacy VNYL! There is an umistakble and immediate “wow” factor with the mysterious and sexy vibe, upscale details such as the wild lighting and a beautiful balcony. The bartenders are known to be friendly and effeicient, making your night that much easier and enjoyable!

The bar is huge and shaped like an L so it’s able includes lots of party goers. The DJs tend to play a mix of hip hop and EDM tracks that are really fun. Yet perhaps the most wonderful aspect of VNYL, is drinks are priced reasonably and are strong! With all that it becomes hard to imagine going anywhere else.


Trees is a great venue, serving up fun times day in and day out. The place feels reminiscent of clubs in LA like The Troubadour or The Roxy, which are some of the all time great venues. Many have expressed the love for the fact that you get great view of the stage from pretty much anywhere.

Drink prices are reasonably priced and the bartenders are knonw to be super friendly. If I were you I wouldn’t hesitate to see a show here the next time I come in town. Also fair warning, this is not a huge EDM club, but they have had very famous EDM artist preform here so we recommend seeing who’s performing next. If your a fan of hip hop or rock, this place should have you covered, but again, check to see if your favorite DJ/artist is performing next.

Best EDM Clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, home and capital of the Netherlands, has been one of the hottest spots to travel to this year, and most likely next year. When traveling this beautiful city, we sincercly recommend exploring the culture, museums, the signs and of course, the nightlife. Today, we have a list of some of the hottest venues playing EDM bangers all night long. So when you’re finished touring, eating, and partaking in activities you shouldn’t tell your parents about, going out at night should not be skipped. With that said, let’s get to it.

Looking for the hottest clubs in Amsterdam? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Amsterdam!

De Marktkantine

De Marktkantine has a vibrant history in music, cinema and cuisine within Amsterdam. It was ressurected in 1950 as a theatre and operated as a club in the 90’s when the dance scene developed in The Netherlands. After a while of vacancy a group of Amsterdam neighborhood entrepreneurs re-started the venue in 2014.

Tthe building itself keeps its traditional character with an elegant flair. This is in an attempt to maintain the legacy of De Marktkantine as a productive blend of music, art, food and events. The 3000 square feet building grants an array of dance areas and stages. The big show room can fit approximately 1200 people, while the more petite room allows 300 visitors for a more private setting. Make sure to check out upcoming events at De Marktkantine so as not to miss out!

De School

De School began in January of 2016 on Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat in Amsterdam. The venue, which was a technical school, now is more than a nightclub: it’s also has a performance venue, a restaurant, a café, an exhibit space and a gym. It has a 24-hour permit and is open seven days a week. The nightclub has a size of 700 and is located in the school’s recent bicycle storage area. The club’s programming centers on local DJs, who are given the opportunity to play extended sets, but international guests also regularly stop by. To see who’s performing next, click upcoming events at De School to see if your favorite artists are performing!


With an open minded and unique mindset, JACK likes to work around with expectations, art and music. This method is highlighted by its uncommon modular interior design, think science laboratory mixes with an industrial loft overgrown by nature. The roof garden will be introduced in the summer where we process music connection to a micro festival vibe. Looking to see what’s going down at JACK this weekend? Click here to see upcoming events at JACK!


Built from an 18th-century church found in de Weteringschans located close to the Leidseplein and opened in 1968, Paradiso is one of Amsterdam’s most well-established concert venues, with a great stage topped by two balconies and a huge glass church windows. Despite its roots as a concert venue, Paradiso is well-adapted for DJ gigs, with the DJ located at the centre of the dance floor and the perimeter of the venue dotted with bars. The venue is split into the 1500-capacity main hall and the 250-capacity small hall. Hit this link to see upcoming events at Paradiso this weekend!


Thuishavan is not a club, or an industrial warehouse. It’s a wild experience. Found on the Western outskirts of Amsterdam, the site is enclosed by heavy industry, massive oil tankers and scrap metal yards. Thuishaven has several stages, bars, surreal decoration pieces and curiosities. The club includes materials purchased or found at neighboring scrap yards, as the site radiates a raw and industrial atmosphere. Make sure to check out upcoming events at Thuishavan to see whos performing next!

During the wintertime set-up (October – April), all stages are set indoor, in heated tents and a newly made hangar. The summertime set-up (May – September) hosts a spectacular open air stage plus the option to move between both tent and hangar for a raveyer feel. With a resume of 120 festivals and counting, the site is ever-evolving. Every new visit illustrates new details and new surprises—making it one of Amsterdam’s most remarkable venues.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

Located in the industrial West of Amsterdam lies a dark and fabulous street, home to one of the most influential and prominent party locations of the Netherlands: The Warehouse Elementenstraat. The industrial halls already wrote music history in the early years of the ’90s, when many of the first bigger-scale house raves called ‘Multigroove’ broke through in the Dutch underground scene.

Roughly 20 years later, in 2012, the location was re-found by GZG, a collab of local Techno artists. Since then, the location has been opened many times and has come alive once again; to write the second chapter of music history. To get that inside scoop on what’s happening at Warehouse Elementenstraat!

Club Review XS Las Vegas

Today we’re checking out one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas! Welcome to XS! This venue, besides its jaw dropping architecture and design, is one of the most celebrated and populated venues on the strip. Resident DJs include Alesso, Dillon Francis, Diplo, DJ Snake, Drake, Galantis, the Chainsmokers and many more. So what has made XS one of the best club on the Las Vegas strip? Today we answer that question. Without further waiting, lets get to it!

Looking for the hottest clubs in Las Vegas? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Las Vegas.

Entering its 5th year of action, XS is still the undeniable King of Clubs. Considered by many to be one of the “most luxuriously designed nightclubs on earth,” XS continues to win five star rankings and adoration from club-goers who enjoy the 40,000 square feet of sprawling dance floor, outdoor patio, and pool area.

The design was inspired by the curves of a human body and it owns a 10 foot rotating chandelier and rich gold, black and brown color scheme. A Vegas trip is not complete without a night at XS.

Many reviewers rave about the pool side bottle service and the extravagant night performances hosted by some of the biggest DJs and artists in the world. A fair warning, XS is not your local bar. In fact, it’s safe to say drinks will be far more expensive then your $5 margarita or $7 IPA.

With that being said, bottle service at XS might be the more reliable option, rather than just showing up and begging a security guard to let you in. Luckily for you, the Discotech app can allievate all confusion and stress. How?

3D map of XS

Discotech’s app provides users the ability to reserve tables and sign up for Guest List at their finger tips. No more sleezy promoters or empty promises. Discotech has got you covered. Click upcoming events at XS to book your table or spot in the Guest List now!

All in all, XS is a fantastic club. It can be hard to compare venues, but if XS was a player in the NBA or NFL, they would no doubt be in the running for MVP. That’s how valuable and excellent this club is. Surrounded by top tier competition and yet they continue to exceed our expecations and set themselves apart.

atlanta georgia downtown

Best EDM Clubs in Atlanta

Today, we’re off to Atlanta. Atlanta is home to the largest airport in the world and renowned Hip Hop artists such as Gucci Mane, T.I., Andre 3000, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Baby, Metro Boomin, Lil John, 21 Savage and many more. Unfortunately for die hard Hip Hop fans, this list will examine the best EDM (electronic dance music) clubs in Atlanta. Just a heads up, you good readers should know that just because there is a venue that is known for focusing on EDM, does not mean it does not have wild fun Hip Hop nights. Check out Discotech to find out right now. Now let’s get back to it – time to kick this thing off!

Looking for the hottest clubs in Atlanta? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Atlanta.

District Atlanta

As soon as you walk through the front doors of District, you immediately know you’re in for a treat. The first thing you will notice is the artsy decor and massive columns that hold up the balcony VIP viewing area.

District features three fully stocked bars, VIP booths along the dance floor and balcony, and a phenomenal light show production with multicolored balloon-looking lights falling down from the ceiling. The DJs put on quite a show – some of the talent District has signed for the 2018-2019 season include Dillon Francis, Will Clarke, and RL Grime with many more DJ’s to come. Click upcoming events at District to see who’s performing next!

Tongue and Groove

Tongue & Groove created buzz in 2008 by opening the new Tongue & Groove in Lindbergh City Center, just off Piedmont Road in Buckhead. This 8,600 square-foot Tongue & Groove venue is an updated and a larger version of the first, again with two rooms creating two distinctly different environments. The creators seemingly did everything they could to ensure that this Tongue & Groove is bigger, better and more beautiful, including the addition of bottle service to their repertoire.

Before dinner, after-dinner and late into the night, Tongue & Groove caters to an upscale crowd that enjoys fashion, music, art and nightlife. Its’ current location – just steps from MARTA and situated between major thoroughfares connecting Midtown and Buckhead –T&G remains a staple on the scene and shall for years to come. Click upcoming events at Tongue & Groove to see who’s performing next!

The Gold Room

The 7,500 square feet with two floors of lavish décor that will invigorate the senses, an astounding audio-visual atmosphere and world-class customer and bottle service. The Gold Room proudly boast a new innovative and chic character that is unlike any venue in Atlanta.

Their space is ideal for your next corporate event, bar/bat mitzvah, cocktail reception, TV/Film wrap party/screening, launch party, charity benefit, fashion show, or live entertainment. Their experienced event specialists can assist you from beginning to end with full event production and party planning. Click upcoming events at Gold Room to see what’s happening!


The Havana Club has been a hotspot in the Buckhead nightlife scene since it’s opening in 1996. The Havana Club has amassed a steady following and continued as an influence on Buckhead Ave. in Buckhead. The revamped Havana Club reopened to the public in December 2009. The new, venue comes furnished with custom-designed lighting and sound system, satellite television throughout, cedar-wood humidor stocking rare and exotic cigars, and on-site parking.

The venue has been recommended by the Buckhead Coalition for three consecutive years: 2005, 2006, and 2007. The evolution of Havana Club began in 1996 with a humble yet popular cigar bar that withstood a miraculous transformation, developing the supreme nightclub destination you frequent today. The venue fuses the appeal of an exclusive lounge and a high-energy nightclub.

Each individual room has VIP seating with bottle service, a specific music genre, sensual lighting, custom sound systems, exclusive DJ’s, & weekly themed events. The extraordinary design & ambiance of each room furthered our reputation of uniqueness amongst Atlanta’s other leading venues. Havana Club was designed with your party in mind. With 15,000 square ft of space, our venue can comfortably accommodate large corporate/private parties. With our bungalow/cabana sections, we are perfect for your intimate gatherings. Each room is available for rent individually. Click upcoming events at Havana Club to see who’s performing!


The Tabernacle opened 1910 as a Baptist Medical Center, school and church, converted to a music venue in ’96 and has hosted many notable acts. This venue is world reknowned and known for extravagent events. From stand up comedians like Dave Chappel to notable live performances by Snoop Dogg, this place is truly the swiss army knife of venues.

The club is reviewed very highly and celebrated by locals. If so lucky to see your favorite Hip Hop artist performing here, it is strongly recommended by many that you take advantage of the opportunity and head on over. To see if your favorite artist is performing here, click upcoming events at the Tabernacle to see who’s up next.

Believe Music Hall

Believe Music Hall was originally built in the 1900’s, the repurposed church has been transformed into a groundbreaking multi-purpose venue. The interior design ensures unobstructed sight lines to the cutting-edge high-end production.

Comprised of four separate event spaces arranged over three levels, the venue features two full stages, a mezzanine, and two outdoor terraces with breathtaking views of the Atlanta skyline – the 15,000 sq ft concert hall is a one of a kind destination.

Best EDM Clubs in Sacramento

Sacramento. The beautiful capital of California located 384 miles from LA has been creating some noise in the EDM nightlife scene. Home to half a million people, Sacramento nightlife hopes to grow quickly to support the cries from their citizens, demanding bigger and better venues to party at. These clubs have seemingly answered these calls. So without wasting anymore time, let’s get to it.

Looking for the hottest clubs in Sacramento? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Sacramento.

The Park Ultra Lounge

The Park Ultra Lounge is Northern California’s premier nightclub and lounge located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. The 21 and over venue brings in high quality talent on their popular Friday and Saturday nights. The lounge is perfect for those who want to get tables or would like to grab drinks and delicious appetizers at the bar while listening to some of the top performers and music. To catch your favorite tunes and performers, make sure to check out upcoming events at The Park Ultra Lounge so see your favorites!

Dada Life, Party Favor, and many more have made use of The Park Ultra Lounge to deliver some unforgettable shows to jaw dropped audiences. This venue delivers unforgettable nights, and is one of the more popular nightclubs in Sacramento. We strongly recommend checking it our for yourself.

Faces Nightclub

According to the establishment, “Faces is the place to relax and be yourself without judgment.” It’s also a nightclub that offers top of the line EDM dance tracks. Enjoy the beat while you express yourself on three separate dance rooms and refresh yourself at 15 bar stations. Faces is a gay bar where everyone is welcome.

The club claims to be the number 1 gay nightclub in Sacramento. We can’t confirm or deny this but many have said that they have had the time of their life, whether dancing the night away, chillin’ in the VIP lounge or floating in the heated outdoor pool. With 3 dance rooms, 15 bars, a VIP lounge & outdoor pool, plus themed events, this place is set to take over the nightlife scene in Sacramento.

Badlands Dance Club

Badlands is a haven for EDM, with dancing seven nights a week. You will really feel like you’ve crossed over into a strange new world once you see the high barrel ceiling, mirror ball and lighted waterfall. What complements EDM better than a spectacular light show? With four bars and a huge dance floor, you’re sure to get your groove on in the Badlands.

Badlands is Sacramento’s Premier LGBT Nightclub, Voted #1 LGBT Bar 8 Years in a Row! With a 30 Feet High Barrel Ceiling, Huge 36 Inch. Mirror Ball, 4 Bars, 4500 Sq. Feet, 400 Sq. Feet Dance Floor, Plasma TV’s Throughout, Spectacular Light Show, Video/Music Entertainment, Lush Outdoor Patio, Lighted Waterfall, 2nd Floor VIP Mezzanine & Lounge, and Outdoor Balcony that overlooks K Street, this club appears to have it all.

Pro Tip: Badlands is 21 & Up and Cash Only!

District 30

Don’t just go to District 30 because it’s conveniently located in the K Street Mall. This high class nightclub boasts multiple flatscreens and “a brand new sound system from the world wide leader in dance club sound: Eastern Acoustic Works QX System. District 30’s modern look and spacious layout make it a welcoming space to dance with your partner. Before or after your dance experience, spend some time taking in the building’s facade featuring a one-of-a-kind glowing LED “puzzle art” that is best seen in person.

District 30 is directly across the street from the historic Crest Theatre and is a quick walk from The Sheraton Grand, The Citizen Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Hotels. The Turn of the Century Building was completely restored with all the high tech accoutrement, including a brand new sound system from the world wide leader in dance club sound: Eastern Acoustic Works QX System and features multiple Flatscreens.

The club boasts there top of the line lighting and sound features, which are set to dazzle those in attendance. Few clubs give the fine details of their speaker and lighting systems, but District 30 hides nothing. This is because they have nothing to hide, and everything to show. The club strangely enough gives the details of their bathroom and lobby speakers, something you don’t see from your neighborhood club. As if a challenge, the club dares one to come experience the wild nights they have instore for their guests.

brooklyn skyline

Best EDM Clubs in Brooklyn

Today, we’re off to Brookyln, New York, now home to Kevin Durrant and Kyrie Irving. But we’re not here to talk about basketball. Unknown to many, Brooklyn has transformed into a hub made up of EDM creators and clubs. Today, we want to pay special attention to these venues who day by day become more and more popular for their uncanny abilit to bring in the top DJs from around the globe. With that being said, lets get to it.

Looking for the hottest clubs in Brooklyn? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Brooklyn.

Avant Gardner (Great Hall)

Avant Gardner is a large-scale event venue located in East Williamsburg that makes up a substantial NYC market void for EDM audio. The venues are capable of hosting immersive and experiential events for up to 6,200 attendees. It is ideal for music and concerts but is meticulously designed to host any kind of event. 

The Great Hall is a massive and soaring space. The aesthetic is a combination between industrial chic and organic tech. The venue features exposed beams and brick with waving wood slats over sound-absorbing surfaces. This space achieves the acoustics of the most renowned concert halls. With real wood flooring, modular staging and seating, it is the ideal setting for concerts, dances, exhibits, theater, trade or fashion shows, festivals and beyond. The Great Hall has a massive arsenal to deliever a top tier expeirence for attendees, with a KV2 Audio’s VHD5.0 sound system, a vast array of projectors, and fully programmable lighting fixtures immerse concert goers in the ultimate experience. 

Avant Gardner (Kings Hall)

The Kings Hall is its own friendly little venue within the grand Avant Gardner complex. Warmth and close proximity was the driving idea behind its design: hand-carved wood paneling on the walls, and real wood floor throughout. The lighting is incandescent and analog. Perhaps the coolest feature of this venue is that the entire ceiling is made of variable opacity glass panels programmable to different patterns, using natural sunlight for an unprecedented visual effect.

Of course, KV2 Audio provides sound installation and design that rivals that of the most acclaimed nightclubs. Whether it’s a DJ performance, a wedding banquet or a charity gala, it’s a space fit for a king.

Avant Gardner (Lost Circus) 

The Lost Circus exists within the circular framework of a lavishly decorated 1920’s vintage Belgian Spiegeltent. Althoguth not mirroring a typical nightclub, this veneu is fun and well worth checking out. Table seating with velvet booths and specialized visual walls line the outer edges of the wood-slatted dance floor, and a small stage gives performers the perfect vantage point to amuse an audience.

Table seating with velvet booths and mirrored walls line the outer edges of the wood-slatted dance floor, and a small stage gives performers the perfect vantage point to amuse an audience.

With an array of dance-floor lighting and speakers lining the edge of the center ring, this Winter attraction cannot be missed.

Avant Gardner (Mirage)

Brooklyn Mirage is one of the more spectacular and visually stunning venues we’ve seen to date. The open-air and gorgeous architecture makes this venue truly magnificent and rivals the biggest and best clubs we’ve seen.

The Brookyln Mirage is considered an outdoor oasis in Brooklyn, located within the Avant Gardner complex. The venue is situated in the heart of East Williamsburn and is open during the summer season each year, and comes decked out with thousands of plants, palm trees, unreal VIP tables and a KV2 Audio system. This breathtaking venue has hosted some of the biggest names in EDM, and continues to reward audiences with unfrogettable shows. This club is a must see for oneself, so be sure to check out upcoming events so not to miss out!

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova Civic Club s New York’s most friendly house and techno hangout. The 140-capacity bar sits beneath the rumbling subway overpass in Bushwick, Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhood. Depending on the night, you’re likely to hear industrial techno, live hardware sets or jacking house, usually served up by local artists. This is one of the coolest venues we’ve seen in Brooklyn, as the scene is focused on house music and not much else. For an upgraded experience, tables are available for purchase so you may comfortably enjoy underground house music.

For many, this venue might feel like home or an escape from the typical nightlife club scene playing radio hits. We couldn’t agree more. For those in search of a Monday night dance party, this is one of the only spots you’re likely to find in this part of the borough. Luckily for us, we can see who’s performing tonight by clicking upcoming events. Hope to see ya there.

Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn Steel is a 1,800-capacity music venue in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. In 2018 Brooklyn Steel was named one of the 10 best live music venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine. But thats not all. This venue has become a favorite spot for muscians from all genres.

Brooklyn Steel has begun to gain traction in the EDM community, as international DJ R3hab recently ended his north America tour at Brooklyn Steel. This venue has become a favorite by many artists making catching your favorite DJs harder and harder. Although this club isn’t striclty EDM, they somehow continue to bring in the biggest DJs from around the world. Make sure to check out upcoming events so not to miss one of your favorites preforming near you.


Polygon is one of Brooklyn’s top after-hours spots. Polygon BK wishes the joining of people from all walks of life together under one roof (and two rooftops) to enjoy in the polygon of life – art, music, food, culture. Philosophizing freedom of expression from the poly-imaginative – performers, musicians, artists, DJs, producers, and the surrounding community, Polygon BK is an eccentric venue for music and entertainment.

Located on the border of East Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn, this 5,400 sq ft space provides 360 degrees of sound and geometric design. Polygon is a place for the imagination to run free with a smooth, futuristic ambiance making any event extraordinary. One must experience these extraordinary events at Polygon as two Funktion One sound-systems dress three DJ/live music areas – one main indoor dancefloor, the Polygon room, and two outdoor all-season roof decks for summer to winter entertaining.

The eccentricities don’t stop at club nights. With a full wrap-around bar, kitchen, and two outdoor spaces that can be used year-round, Polygon serves as the premier space for club nights, live bands, corporate events, art shows, weddings, and more.


When you stroll up to Schimanski, it doesn’t look much different from its defunct predecessor, Verboten, with its façade of classy rusted metal and sandblasted brickwork. Inside, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn nightclub looked pretty much identical too, aside from the addition of a high-end Alpha Dynacord sound system.

Inside, the place feesl comfortingly familiar to Verboten initiates; the long bar is to your left, bathroom to the right. The reclaimed wood floor and exposed warehouse rafters remain—as does the venue’s sizeable sideroom, which happened to be shuttered for the night. There was also a similar immersive video projection system that wraps around the club’s walls, tables, while illuminating the space with trippy visuals. 

Onstage, DJs shuffle through expected genre variants like tech-house, Latin house, and grimy techno, keeping heart rates somewhere around 128 BPM with a steady 4×4 kick drum. You would not want to miss seeing your favorite DJ perform here, so check out upcoming events at Schmanksi.

he giant speaker stacks hanging on either side of the DJ booth and lining the floor beneath it sent feels through every part of the body—and the additional speakers spread throughout the space, including over the bar, ensured that the sound carried pretty well throughout.

99 Scott

Discreetly settled between East Williamsburg and Bushwick, 99 Scott officially opened its doors to the public very recently. 99 Scott is an event space who derives its name from its address. It seems the creators wanted to ensure attendees find their event space without any hassle or confusion. Not a terrible idea. The club itself is a wild experience. DJs make use of the loud sound system and lighting to deliver warehouse performances you are sure not to forget.

In the lead-up to their official opening and throughout their two-year construction period, the team at 99 Scott have made an intentional effort to collaborate on joint programming with the rich 99 Scott Avenue community of surrounding artists and vendors. Boasting 20-foot-high ceilings with windows to match, 99 Scott is a blank slate ready to be transformed for any event.

Honorable Mentions: House of Yes

House of Yes is a creative nightlife performance space located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that fuses dance culture, theatre, music, food, technology and community. Althought not a club, were giving House of Yes an honorable mention. Why? This venue is totally crazy and unlike anything you’ve probably seen. The place is “truly one of a kind” and althought not heavy set on big house name DJ’s, there are nights where deep house and techno floor through the speakers. No cameras allowed, so we can only imagine the debauchery that fills the dancefloor.

The current space is open to the public during events and shows and focuses on programming that allows for audience interaction and innovation in circus entertainment. .

As a theatre and performance art space, the catalogue of shows range from immersive cinema screenings by Little Cinema, variety shows, House and Disco music dance parties, live music and interdisciplinary media productions. The far-reaching goal is “to create art that’s accessible and meaningful and a really good time too”. To experience this really good time, make sure to check out upcoming events at the House of Yes.

What are the best clubs in Brooklyn?

The best clubs in Brooklyn are Schimanski, Avant Gardner, Brooklyn Mirage, House of Yes, and TBA Brooklyn.

What are the best music festivals in Brooklyn?

The best music festivals around Brooklyn include Electric Zoo at Randall Island, Governor’s Ball, Hot 97 Summer Jam, Chelsea Music Festival, and CityParks SummerStage.

What are the best day parties in Brooklyn?

The best day party in Brooklyn is definitely at the Brooklyn Mirage, which is part of Avant Gardner.

What are the best gay clubs in Brooklyn?

The best gay bars in brooklyn include: 3 Dollar Bill, Bossa Nova Civic Club, House of Yes, Ginger’s Bar, Metropolitan, Mood Ring, Xstasy Bar & Lounge, and Macri Park.

What are the best afterhours spots in Brooklyn?

The most popular after-hours include ReSolute, Blkmarket Membership and Bushwick A/V, although others exist under the radar. While all of them are dark underground affairs in gritty venues, they differ in their vibes.

Best EDM Clubs in Atlantic City

Atlantic City, the beautiful resort metropolis known for its extravagant nightlife, boardwalk, great beaches and casinos, is been one of the most popular spots for tourists on the east coast. But after a day of lounging on the beach and trying your luck at the casino, you’re now ready to go out and party. So where should you go? Today, we’re going to answer that question.

Looking for the hottest clubs in Atlantic City? See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App.

Daer Nightclub

There’s nothing more riveting and satisfying for dance and music fans across the globe than new venues to create memories that last a lifetime. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City could not be more of a perfect host and location for Daer Nightclub. This groundbreaking nightclub has been making major waves in the music industry by vamping up week after week, lineups of world-class talent and acts. Set on 17 acres with the legendary Atlantic City Boardwalk as its backdrop, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City is the city’s go-to entertainment destination.

With the addition of Daer Nightclub, Atlantic City has been exploding with new endeavors, music, dance culture, and a space for infinite crowds to come together for unforgettable nights. With an ideal location on the northern end of Atlantic City’s world-famous boardwalk, Daer Nightclub is set to transform South Jersey’s nightlife scene. Serving as Atlantic City’s fresh premier nightlife destination, Daer Nightclub features only the best of the best when it comes to every aspect in design, atmosphere, bottle service, sound, technology, production, and experience.

Within its monstrous arsenal includes an 8000-watt Funktion One sound system as well as a 30-foot state-of-the-art LED centerpiece with over 50 synchronized moving fixtures – only two of Daer Nightclub’s signature features that are bound to blow the roof off of Atlantic City in the most amazing way possible. The club’s top of the line audio-visuals are truly kicking it up a notch, as shown by their specialized cannon blasters, confetti cannons, smoke, lasers, and light shows. You’re not gonna wanna miss out, so don’t. Check upcoming events at Daer Nightclub to catch your favorite DJ!

HQ2 Nightclub

HQ2 Nightclub after closing in 2014, the dance club that was once a popular spot at Revel has reopened at the Ocean Resort Casino at 500 Boardwalk. HQ2 Nightclub hosts Vegas-like pool parties during the day on weekends, and brings in top DJ talent for their nighttime parties in their nightclub. And yes, there are tables and bottle service available for those looking to go all out.

This venue is spectacular, and feels as if it were pulled right out of a top tier Las Vegas casino. It truly is an amazing place to experience the biggest DJs in the world, as HQ2 Nightclub has consistently brings in worldclass talent to Atlantic City. You defintely do not want to miss out, so check out upcoming events at HQ2 Nightclub to catch your favorite DJ doing his/her/their thing!

Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss in Atlantic City describes itself as a “trip down the rabbit hole,” and is loosely “Alice and Wonderland” themed. With curiously (and barely) dressed go-go dancers standing on the bar, a wall of brightly colored lips and a spiraled light display in the hallway that leads to the club, that description is not too far off. Kiss Kiss is a comparatively small club, but is meticulously designed to be immersive, sexy and a little bit trippy.

This venue offers an experience quite unlike any other. For those who’ve become accustomed to the typical club/bar experience or enjoy something a little different, this place is definitely worth checking out. With lights, dancers, bottle service and mesmerizing graphics, this place is a must experience for anyone looking to mix things up or try something new. Make sure to see upcoming events at Kiss Kiss so as not to miss that next wild party!


Escape to Atlantic City’s all-new nightlife experience. Premier Nightclub provides a sophisticated nightlife adventure like no other. Uniquely designed by Josh Held, Premier creates a captivating theatrical atmosphere guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Premier has transformed AC’s nightlife into an elaborate and exhilarating experience designed just for you. To see your favorite DJ at Premier, make sure to click upcoming events to see who’s performing next! From unmatched service to alluring design and top name DJs creating Premier Moments start from the time you step through the doors.

Many have claimed there is no better place to party in Atlantic City.  Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, saying goodbye to your last night of freedom or it’s just a night out with friends, Premier offers an arsenal of options for your night out.  Elevate your night with VIP table service from their extensive bottle menu. 

The Pool After Dark

After undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation in early 2017, the party in this newly upgraded Atlantic City nightclub is now bigger and better than ever. Pulling in A-list celebrity hosts, DJs and performers straight off the Billboard Hot 100 charts like French Montana, 3LAU, Fat Joe, Paris Hilton, 50 Cent, DJ Pauly D and countless others, The Pool After Dark provides a nightlife experience of epic proportions every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, so click upcoming events to see who’s performing this weekend!

Once you manage your way inside, hit up the bar for a drink and make your way to the dance floor to immerse yourself in the sounds of today’s top 40, hip-hop & EDM beside the city’s most captivating dancers. Take in the atmosphere as the hottest stars in the industry perform live from the new, elevated stage & DJ area, enhanced with eye-catching graphic displays on massive LED walls.

But thats not all. The Pool After Dark has newly redesigned 2nd floor balcony which aims to provide the ultimate VIP experience, popping bottles at your private table while beside sexy cage dancers taking in 180-degree aerial views of electric scene below. Each VIP balcony table in the 2nd floor balcony or as the call it, The Loft, features a bird’s eye view over the nightclub, with direct sightlines to live entertainment from their massive, LED-lit stage.

Try your luck at a few hands of blackjack or take a spin at the roulette wheel without ever stepping away from the action, as The Pool After Dark now has a gaming pitconveniently located on the main floor of the nightclub. Enjoy first-class cocktail service from their bikini-clad waitresses while watching your winnings roll in all night long.

The VIP possibilities are endless if you want to be the envy of the crowd. Reserve a table, poolside daybed, cabana or new, large-party bungalow and let their bottle service babes shower your party with personalized bottle presentations all night long. If you’re feeling extra daring, ask about their private, secluded hot tubs.

The Verdict

If in Atlantic City and looking to party, you can’t go wrong with any of these locations. All the venues excel at providing wild, fun and memorable experiences. When finding a great place to enjoy your favorite DJs, it’s unlikely you will be disappointed going to any of these clubs.

Atlantic City Nightclubs FAQ

What are the hottest clubs in Atlantic City?

The best clubs in Atlantic City include: HQ2 Nightclub, Daer Nightclub, Kiss Kiss, The Pool After Dark, and Premier.

What are the best EDM clubs in Atlantic City?

The best clubs in Atlantic City that play electronic music are: Daer Nightclub, HQ2, and Premier.

What are the best hip hop clubs in Atlantic City?

The best hip hop clubs in AC include Kiss Kiss, Premier, and Pool After Dark.

What are the best pool parties in Atlantic City?

The best pool parties in Atlantic City include Pool After Dark and HQ2 Beach Club.

What time is last call in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City serves alcohol 24 hours a day.

What time do Atlantic City Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 10 PM.

What time do Atlantic City Nightclubs typically close?

Usually 4 AM on weekends, but clubs can close as early as 2 AM depending on the day of the week and the club.

Is weed legal in Atlantic City?

Marijuana is illegal in Atlantic City, and is punishable by different penalties depending on the amount of marijuana an offender possesses. 

What is the dress code like at Atlantic City Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

How can I book bottle service for Atlantic City Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Atlantic City Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.