Best EDM Clubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, home and capital of the Netherlands, has been one of the hottest spots to travel to this year, and most likely next year. When traveling this beautiful city, we sincercly recommend exploring the culture, museums, the signs and of course, the nightlife. Today, we have a list of some of the hottest venues playing EDM bangers all night long. So when you’re finished touring, eating, and partaking in activities you shouldn’t tell your parents about, going out at night should not be skipped. With that said, let’s get to it.

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De Marktkantine

De Marktkantine has a vibrant history in music, cinema and cuisine within Amsterdam. It was ressurected in 1950 as a theatre and operated as a club in the 90’s when the dance scene developed in The Netherlands. After a while of vacancy a group of Amsterdam neighborhood entrepreneurs re-started the venue in 2014.

Tthe building itself keeps its traditional character with an elegant flair. This is in an attempt to maintain the legacy of De Marktkantine as a productive blend of music, art, food and events. The 3000 square feet building grants an array of dance areas and stages. The big show room can fit approximately 1200 people, while the more petite room allows 300 visitors for a more private setting. Make sure to check out upcoming events at De Marktkantine so as not to miss out!

De School

De School began in January of 2016 on Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat in Amsterdam. The venue, which was a technical school, now is more than a nightclub: it’s also has a performance venue, a restaurant, a café, an exhibit space and a gym. It has a 24-hour permit and is open seven days a week. The nightclub has a size of 700 and is located in the school’s recent bicycle storage area. The club’s programming centers on local DJs, who are given the opportunity to play extended sets, but international guests also regularly stop by. To see who’s performing next, click upcoming events at De School to see if your favorite artists are performing!


With an open minded and unique mindset, JACK likes to work around with expectations, art and music. This method is highlighted by its uncommon modular interior design, think science laboratory mixes with an industrial loft overgrown by nature. The roof garden will be introduced in the summer where we process music connection to a micro festival vibe. Looking to see what’s going down at JACK this weekend? Click here to see upcoming events at JACK!


Built from an 18th-century church found in de Weteringschans located close to the Leidseplein and opened in 1968, Paradiso is one of Amsterdam’s most well-established concert venues, with a great stage topped by two balconies and a huge glass church windows. Despite its roots as a concert venue, Paradiso is well-adapted for DJ gigs, with the DJ located at the centre of the dance floor and the perimeter of the venue dotted with bars. The venue is split into the 1500-capacity main hall and the 250-capacity small hall. Hit this link to see upcoming events at Paradiso this weekend!


Thuishavan is not a club, or an industrial warehouse. It’s a wild experience. Found on the Western outskirts of Amsterdam, the site is enclosed by heavy industry, massive oil tankers and scrap metal yards. Thuishaven has several stages, bars, surreal decoration pieces and curiosities. The club includes materials purchased or found at neighboring scrap yards, as the site radiates a raw and industrial atmosphere. Make sure to check out upcoming events at Thuishavan to see whos performing next!

During the wintertime set-up (October – April), all stages are set indoor, in heated tents and a newly made hangar. The summertime set-up (May – September) hosts a spectacular open air stage plus the option to move between both tent and hangar for a raveyer feel. With a resume of 120 festivals and counting, the site is ever-evolving. Every new visit illustrates new details and new surprises—making it one of Amsterdam’s most remarkable venues.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

Located in the industrial West of Amsterdam lies a dark and fabulous street, home to one of the most influential and prominent party locations of the Netherlands: The Warehouse Elementenstraat. The industrial halls already wrote music history in the early years of the ’90s, when many of the first bigger-scale house raves called ‘Multigroove’ broke through in the Dutch underground scene.

Roughly 20 years later, in 2012, the location was re-found by GZG, a collab of local Techno artists. Since then, the location has been opened many times and has come alive once again; to write the second chapter of music history. To get that inside scoop on what’s happening at Warehouse Elementenstraat!