Best EDM Clubs in Minneapolis

Minneapolis for those who don’t know is one of the great and beautiful cities in the United States. Known for its lakes, parks, and gorgeous scenery Minneapolis is a spetacular city. But beautiful scenery is not the only reason one should migrate to this wonderful place. For EDM fans, Minneapolis has become one of the hottest EDM hotspots in the nation. Venues attract the biggest names in EDM and for good reason. The sound, visuals, lighting, and more rival the top clubs in the world. With that being said, let’s get to it!

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Armory Minneapolis

The Armory was at one point the most expensive building in Minnesota. For basketball fans, they’d be pleased to know the building was used by the Minneapolis Lakers as a part-time home between 1947–1959, and as its primary home court.

As turmoil sparked due to private developers trying to tear the building down, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided it was a historical landmark and should remind untouched.

Now the venue is one of the coolest and most exciting places to find your favorite EDM artists. It’s not everyday you get to rage where the OG Lakers used to practice and play their games. Oh and the venue attracts week in and week out the biggest EDM artists one the planet.

Fillmore Minneapolis

Signature decoration, vintage performance posters and local talents will adorn the huge venue as Fillmore open their doors to the country. Known for their hospitality, incredible lighting and warm environment. The Fillmore Minneapolis welcomes party goers to enjoy a spectacular experience. For EDM fans, this intimate venue is ideal for experiencing a show

Fans are welcomed to come early and stay late and make a night out of any Fillmore experience. The Fillmore also has music hall kitchen which serves food and snacks for those looking to grab a bite to eat. They also serve inspired cocktails and craft beers available throughout the music hall.

Club Jager

A wild opposite in contrast of the downtown Minneapolis super clubs, this quaint spot found on a quieter stretch of Washington Avenue boasts some of the most exciting and diverse group of DJs you’ll find. All styles are preformed here, from Reggae and Dub to 80s classics. It’s one of the many things that make this place fantastic and also wildly attractive to EDM fans.

Saturday nights are give way to the freshest sounds, the heart-throbbing, pulse-pounding beats that will have you grooving till your feet hurt.

Skyway Theatre

Looking for the new perfect place to party? Skyway Theatre was once an old movie theater which was transformed into a music venue and event center and has become the place to let loose and go crazy at one of the wildest parties in Minneapolis. The most renowned DJs in the country have come through the doors found at this centeraly located Minneapolis club.

Many claim there is always something crazy going on at this club. Make sure you have a night like no other. Skyway Theatre is the place to go.

Rouge at The Lounge

The squad of DJs found at The Lounge, often with their own set style which is usually mixed up depending on the week , offers a different mix of form and atmosphere, ensuring a fun, interesting night of dancing and drinking. EDM fans will find themselves right at home, but make sure to see who’s preforming next

The entire club feels like a wild combination of sounds and light, which are all set to a thumping beat. The doors obviously don’t open until after the sun has set. This venue is fun and incredibly exciting and very welcoming for any fan of EDM.

The Record Room

First Avenue’s upstairs venue has secured one of the top spots as a top Minneapolis dance club, and for good reason. Whether it’s the resident DJ spinning all night or any of the different EDM events, you’re sure to find a fun, creative music loving crowd embracing the explosion of noise shattering through the speakers. It’s a place that will leave you exhausted from dancing but wanting more. For a cool and diverse mix of EDM any given night, find your way upstairs to the Record Room.