8 Fremont St (Downtown Vegas)

Days Open

Monday – Sunday: 8AM – 11PM (Until November 2023)

How do I reserve bottle service at Stadium Swim?

Reserving bottle service at Stadium Swim Las Vegas is easier than you think! You can find events and book a daybed, couch, or cabana on the Stadium Swim event calendar or through our free mobile app. You can also secure table service by giving us a call at +1 (415) 735-6716. Also, right now you can use the promo code DISCO save a little money on tickets & tables.

How much does bottle service cost at Stadium Swim in 2023?

Bottle service prices can vary greatly depending on what day you’re going, which section of the venue you choose, and a few other factors. On the low end of the spectrum, daybed minimums are going to start around $200 to $400, while reserving the owner’s suite will run you between $1,500 and $5,000+. Keep in mind early AM/Afternoon slots are more expensive than event slots. There are plenty of options for every budget, so your best bet is to check the calendar for specific events and accurate pricing at Stadium Swim. It’s important to note that prices will be higher on the weekends.

How does table service work at Stadium Swim?

Like most day clubs in Vegas, the minimum spend can be used on both food and drinks. The big difference with Stadium swim is it’s open for much longer hours than a regular club. Morning table requests are good for up to 8 hours at the venue, and evening slots are good for 6 hours. Full-day options are available.

What is bottle service?

When it comes to enjoying a pool party in Las Vegas, table service is undoubtedly the ultimate way to make the most of your day, provided you have the means. Opting for table service at Circa Stadium Swim grants you the privilege of reserving a private daybed, cabana, or lounge, along with the added bonus of indulging in one or more bottles of alcohol to kickstart the festivities. Although the table reservation itself is technically “free,” each section comes with a designated minimum spend requirement. Failing to meet this minimum through purchases of alcohol and food will result in additional charges being incurred.

What is included with my Stadium Swim bottle service reservation?

    • Guaranteed admission/cover charge for the maximum number of guests specified during booking.
    • Your choice of a private daybed, couch, or cabana.
    • VIP status and attentive service.
    • Complimentary mixers when you purchase a bottle.

Stadium Swim bottle service deals

The promo code DISCO will allow you to save 10% on all tickets.

What is the best table at Stadium Swim?

The Owner’s Suite is the best table in the venue. It holds up to 25 guests, has al large indoor area with couches, a large courtyard, multiple TV screens, private bathroom, and a dedicated VIP server. This is a personal favorite of celebrities and Vegas high-rollers.

Stadium Swim VIP host / promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Stadium Swim? We can help. Book your table to Stadium Swim here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me.

Stadium Swim Cabana/Daybed Floor Plan