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May 21+22+23

EDC 2023 Bottle Service FAQ

How much is table service at EDC Las Vegas?

Bottle service minimums at Electric Daisy Carnival 2023 range between $5,000 (cheapest table) – $150,000 (Front of the House, best possible table) depending on the location and number of people in your party. On average, you can expect to pay around $6,000 to $10,000 for a main stage table.

Prices are per day

Tax, tip & service fees come out to 40% 

All tables must be pre-paid via EDC table official link

How can I book EDC Las Vegas 2023?

If you’re looking to experience EDC in a special way, you can view table pricing and book directly here, after booking, a Discotech team member will reach out to answer any questions and to complete the booking. All bookings & payments are done directly with EDC/Insomniac.

View pricing and book Friday EDC bottle service 

View pricing and book Saturday EDC bottle service

View pricing and book Sunday EDC bottle service 

Where are the tables located at EDC Las Vegas?

There are tables at Kinetic Field (Main Stage), Circuit Grounds, and Neon Garden. The large table platforms are called the Marquee SkyDeck, Circuit Deck, and Neon Deck, respectively. Most SkyDecks can be accessed from that stages VIP area. Kinetic Field is the only exception here, it’s parallel to the Kinetic Field’s VIP area. Each SkyDeck is in a unique position relative to the stage.

EDC bottle service table options:

Bottle service prices are subject to change, and you can view the complete bottle service options here.

Table Location Table Minimum
Tier 3 – Small Row 3 (6 Guests) $5,000 – $6,000
Tier 3 – Row 1 (10 Guests) $6,000 – $8,000
Tier 3 – Prime Row 1 (10 Guests) $8,000 – $9,000
Tier 2 – Row 2 (10 Guests) $8,000 – $10,000
Tier 2 – Row 1 (12 Guests) $10,000 – $12,000
Tier 2 – Prime Row 1 (12 Guests) $12,000 – $15,000
Tier 3 – Large Row 2 (15 Guests) $15,000
Tier 1 – Row 2 (15 Guests) $15,000 – $20,000
Tier 1 – Row 1 (15 Guests) $17,000 – $25,000
Tier 1 – Prime Row 1 (15 Guests) $25,000 – $30,000

Is my table good for all 3 days of EDC Las Vegas?

No, reserving bottle service will only be good for 1 day of the event. You will need to request all 3 days if you plan on purchasing bottle service for the entirety of the festival.

What is the best way to get to and from the festival?

Taking an Uber, cab or driving from the strip to EDC can take anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes depending on traffic and what time of the night you depart. The fun and fast way is by helicopter, a quick 15 minute luxurious flight and you’re inside the festival grounds. For one helicopter passenger, one way, it’s $550. A round trip flight for a solo rider will run you $850. You can book the whole helicopter, good for seven riders, for $3,500, or $5,500 for round trip. Contact us for any helicopter booking requests.

Do I have to buy tickets in addition to the table?

No, a table includes dedicated entry and expedited admission for a certain number of guests. Each table comes with a certain number of tickets – details available here. 

What else comes with a table at EDC?

A table comes with dedicated check in and expedited entry, a welcome glass of champagne at check-in, private shuttle transportation from check in tent to your table, air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a private VIP viewing area. The price of the table is equal to your credit in alcohol and food consumption. For example, if it’s a $6k table, you will have $6k in credit to spend towards food and beverage.

Can I choose a specific table location?

You will be sat in your selected tier and row at EDC (which all depends on which package you purchase). Exact seating may be selected, depending on how much demand there is. Ask us when you submit your table booking and we will do our best to accommodate. Generally, the earlier you book the table the better location within the row you will get.

Are there any other fees I should know about?

Table minimums don’t include tax, tip, or fees on top. These generally add up to a combined 35-40% on top. We will provide full transparency of cost breakdown for you to review before you make the purchase.

Am I allowed to bring people from the crowd to my table?

The tables at EDC are reserved for bottle service patrons and their initial groups only. You will not be able to invite people from GA to your table, unless you pay the extra fee for additional wristbands.

Can I go to other parts of the festival grounds?

Yes you are free to roam around the festival grounds with full access to the VIP areas at every stage. When you return, just flash them your VIP wristband.

Can I get a bottle service package if some members of my group are under 21?

No, only those 21 or older are permitted to enter bottle service areas; and you must be 21 or older to enter the venue with a VIP Enhanced Experience Pass.

How do I pay for the table?

Once you submit a table request on our Discotech mobile app or webapp, a member of our reservations team will reach out and provide all instructions and details to ensure you are guided every step of the way. Tables are prepaid in full, in advance.

Can I cancel my table if I’m not longer going?

EDC tables are fully prepaid in advance and are usually non-refundable. If, for some catastrophic reason, you can no longer make the event, we can reach out to our partners at EDC and see what we can do for you.

Can I split a table with another group?

Unfortunately we do not facilitate table sharing with individuals or groups that you do not know. There is usually not enough demand for this, and it is difficult to coordinate. However, if you are in a scenario where you want a table but can’t shell out the money to pay for one in full, contact us when booking and we will see if any other groups are feeling the same way.

What is the dress code if I am getting a table?

The dress code at EDC is very lax – you can basically wear anything you want. If you’re getting bottle service, the attire is even more lax. Remember that EDC is in the Vegas desert so it’s very hot. Stay cool and hydrated and keep your attire in line with that.

Is EDC Las Vegas bottle service worth it?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Here’s a review from a past customer:

“Bottle service is on the SkyDeck. At Kinetic Field the SkyDeck is usually to the right (if you’re looking at the stage) and behind the main viewing area, so it doesn’t obstruct the view for anyone in the main viewing area. It’s elevated – a lot – so you have a great view from the SkyDeck.

But it’s also not just $6,000. That’s for ONE night. Yes it includes wristbands, but the wristbands for 10 people (15 if you get the baller tables up front, and those start at $20K a night if I recall) are only good for that night. So if you want to go all 3 nights you have to buy 3 nights of tables or another VIP/GA wristband. If you already bought a table you can add people at $1,000/night, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a bigger table, just another wristband for that night.

The upside of the $5k is the minimum spend – like at most clubs. So you basically start off with a $5k credit each night and can order whatever you want. A bottle of Grey, a few cases of water, red bull, etc., It all gets charged to your tab up to $5K (after $5k you have to start paying for stuff). But that’s $5K before 5% venue fee, 22% admin fee, 8.25% sales tax (these were last years numbers) so it comes out to about $7k not $5k – that’s per night you want to get bottle service.

Bottom line – it’s convenient, luxurious, comes with clean bathrooms and great views, but you have to pay to play.”

In summary: 

Your unique preferences and spending capacity will determine whether EDC Las Vegas bottle service is worthwhile. Bottle service often entails making a table reservation and paying a surcharge for alcoholic beverages and mixers.

Bottle service can be worthwhile for you if you value having a specific area to dance and unwind with your party and don’t mind spending more money for the comfort and pleasure of having your own bottles and mixers.

But, bottle service might not be required if you don’t mind mixing with the crowd and would rather spend your money on other festival necessities like tickets, food, and merchandise.

In the end, it’s up to you to balance the benefits and drawbacks of bottle service and decide if it alights with your priorities and budget. EDC Las Vegas is the largest EDM festival in the world, with a budget of 45-60M per year, if you have the money and the right crew, EDC bottle service can be a lot of fun.

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