Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Dress Codes In Vegas To Guarantee You Don’t Get Stopped At The Door

Nothing kills a mood faster than getting turned away at front gates by a stone faced bouncer who doesn’t like your style. Every nightclub in Las Vegas enforces a dress code that you must follow if you want to make it into the venue, and if you are on a free Vegas guest list, you are even more likely to get told that you can’t come in. Vegas dress codes can range anywhere from casual to ultra-fancy, but the one thing that they have in common is that they are not afraid to tell you to leave if you don’t follow them. Girls may have a bit more leeway as long as they look like they put in some effort (you can see the Vegas dress code for women here), but guys WILL get stopped at the entrance. To help you navigate the official and unofficial do’s and don’ts of what you can wear to a Vegas nightclub, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide with everything you need to ensure your night goes off without a hitch.

What am I not allowed to wear to a Vegas nightclub?

  • Baggy Clothes – any kind (jeans, shirts, etc.)
  • Hats – bouncers are quick to spot a hat, so you better take it off fast (fedoras and other higher class hats are sometimes allowed)
  • Tennis Shoes – leave the sports gear at home
  • Anything “Sporty” – (jerseys, tank tops, etc)
  • Shorts – pants are a must
  • Capris – this isn’t your kid’s baseball game
  • Cut offs – sorry ladies
  • Beanies – yes this is still a hat

While there is always the chance you can get away with wearing one of the listed items, you should avoid them if you don’t want to take on the risk. The rules aren’t perfect, so don’t be surprised if you see people wearing some of the clothing items above (they may get special privileges for knowing someone who works in Vegas nightlife). It’s always best to make the check in process as simple as you can by not taking the chance. Guests who have purchased bottle service are more likely to be allowed to wear certain items that would get people on the guest list kicked out.

Is a button up shirt necessary?

The button up is a classic in men’s fashion. It’s a staple piece that is well within the rules of all Vegas nightclub dress codes. If you want to take the straight forward approach, we highly recommend a clean, button-up collared shirt. With that said, a button up is not necessary to get into a club in Vegas. There are a wide range of form fitting clothing for men that will allow you to gain entry into the venue without hassle.

What shoes should I wear to a Las Vegas club?

Officially, Vegas clubs require any form of leather shoes or dress shoes; however, this is not an area they are quite as strict on. You can potentially get away with wearing tennis shoes that are all black (that aren’t beat up), or other types of shoes as long as the rest of your outfit looks great. If you have an ironed collared shirt and high quality pants, the bouncer is a lot less likely to look down. You definitely should avoid any shoes with large logos or bright colors.

Do I need dress pants?

The simple answer is no. Dress pants are a go to option for many patrons, but they are not required to make it into any nightclubs in Las Vegas. The only requirement is that you must wear pants of some form. As long as the pants you are wearing look nice, the bouncer shouldn’t have any issues with them.

Can I wear a T-Shirt?

T-shirts can often go either way. While they are officially not allowed, t-shirts have become increasingly more popular in recent years with many guys in each venue wearing them. If you can make it past the door in a t-shirt then you should be in the clear for the rest of the night. It’s definitely a gray area that we would consider a bit of a risk, but if you do take this route, make sure the tee is form fitting and clean. Another alternative is to pair it with a jacket that you can take off once you’re inside.

Can I wear jeans and denim to Vegas nightclubs?

Yes! Just make sure the jeans aren’t baggy or ripped. Jeans pair nicely with a collared shirt or even a plain t-shirt and sports jacket.

What are the rules regarding hats?

Hats are another gray area. If you are wearing a standard snapback, baseball cap, or beanie, then you will absolutely be told to take a walk, but fancier hats such as fedoras, berets, and others will often be allowed.

What about bags?

Most clubs will allow women to bring in a bag like a purse, but you may run into complications at the door. If you’re a guy, your best bet is to leave any bags at home. Bags are subject to search, and you may have to put them in a locker (which will cost extra).

Are sunglasses allowed?

There is one easy rule to follow when it comes to wearing sunglasses: DON’T. It’s pretty easy to remember, but you can always reference this page if you forget.


If the dress code at Las Vegas clubs seem a bit vague, that’s because they are. It gives them the ability to lower the number of people they let in the door by using the excuse that a guest isn’t up to code. Just follow the guidelines laid out on the page and they won’t be able to give you one reason why you can’t come in. 

Now that your style is on lock, you can find the perfect Las Vegas nightclub here to make your trip a success. Or if you’d rather go to a Las Vegas pool party click here.

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