Best EDM clubs in Washington D.C.

Dance culture has long been a part of nightlife, and the last 15 or so years have marked a resurgence of EDM and dance culture among the masses. Club owners in the nation’s capital caught on to this wave and created some of the best venues to be immersed in Electronic Dance Music. Below are the best EDM clubs for a night out in the nation’s capital.

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Echostage has been graced by some of the biggest names in the game – think the likes of Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, and Avicii (Rest in Peace) – and for good reason. The 30,000 square foot venue boasts advanced LED visual displays, unobstructed views from any seat in the house, and an insane German imported D&B Audiotechnik V series sound system that is sure to rock your world. In other words, Echostage was built for the best. Two 60-foot bars lining either side of the dance floor mean that you’ll never go thirsty at this venue, and 30 bottle service mezzanines allow you and your closest friends to enjoy the show from up high.

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U Street Music Hall

You know you get no BS when a venue is DJ owned and operated. U Street Music Hall is such a place, serving as a basement dance club and live music venue. Here you won’t be distracted by the extravagant gold-plated decor you will find at clubs like Heist – this place is all about the music. Aside from having one of the city’s best sound systems, U Street Music Hall has a 1,200 square foot cork-cushioned dance floor, which will ensure that you and 500 fellow music lovers will be dancing strong all night long. With a smaller max capacity than other venues like Echostage, club goers experience a much more intimate atmosphere at U Street Music Hall.

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9:30 Club

The 9:30 Club, known simply as the 9:30, is always packed… or at least it feels that way. The stage is set on rails that allow it to move forward and back so that the atmosphere always feels like that of a sold out show. This is the place to see artists up-close and personal, a rare occasion for names like Flume and Marshmello. While EDM is not the only music genre played at the 9:30, there is certainly no shortage. The 9:30 has a long track record of hosting the best concerts in DC, even being named #1 nightclub by Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Pollstar more times than any other club in the US. For your drinking needs, the club has four full bars and even has a coffee bar stocked with your favorite caffeinated products.

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Humorously self-dubbed the “quietest club in D.C.,” Soundcheck boasts one of the strongest sound systems in D.C.. The entire venue is lined with four inches of soundproofing foam, which eliminates feedback from the 80,000 watts of sound that are pumped through Soundcheck’s $200,000 system. Soundcheck is one of the newer clubs in D.C. that is helping cater to the ever growing dance culture in the city. Here you will find anything from House and Techno to Trance and Drum ‘n Bass. If you’re looking for a place where music and dance are held in the same high regard, look no further than Soundcheck.

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If you’re looking for a more upscale night, head on over to Ultrabar. There are more bars at Ultrabar than stories… and there are five stories. Although Ultrabar as a whole is huge, each floor carries its own vibe with four separate DJ line-ups. If you’re looking for a place to satisfy all of your friends’ musical tastes, you are sure to please at Ultrabar. Of course, EDM will be heard on most any given night.

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Sax is the place to be for those looking for more than the typical nightclub. Imagine an extravagant French lounge with Moulin Rouge-esque dancers on a 20-foot enclosed stage paired with pumping house music. It’s as wild as it sounds.

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Flash is not your ordinary EDM club, in fact, their website explicitly says to look elsewhere for EDM as a genre (referring to more popular forms that you might find in the top 40). At Flash, house music reigns king – and you’ll find everything from Deep House to Techno. The smaller space is designed to create an intimate atmosphere, making it one of the best ways to experience performances by national and international DJ talents. Flash has two levels, the Club Level and the Flash Bar. On the Club Level, music is carried through the room by a custom Funktion One sound system, which is paired with a top of the line lighting rig to enhance the experience. The Flash Bar features its own dance floor, separate DJ area, as well as its own bar that specializes in hand-crafted cocktails. With an incredible atmosphere and top-notch sound, Flash finishes out our list of the best EDM clubs in Washington D.C..

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Washington DC Nightclubs FAQ

What time do DC Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 9-10 PM.

What time do DC Nightclubs typically close?

Most close at 2 AM.

What is the dress code like at DC Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice jeans and a form fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button down shirt. Girls can wear jeans or a comfortable but stylish dress if they prefer. Of course guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

How can I book bottle service for DC Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at DC Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.

What are the hottest clubs in Washington DC?

The hottest clubs in DC are Opera Ultra Lounge, Echostage, Rosebar, Decades, and St Yves.

What part of Washington DC has the best nightlife?

Dupont Circle, U Street, H Street, and Capital Hill have the best nightlife – clubs & bars in Washington DC.

What time is last call in Washington DC?

Liquor can be served by a licensed business from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Monday – Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday and 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. on Sundays. The day before a federal holiday, alcohol may be served from 8 a.m. – 3 a.m. On January 1 (New Year’s Eve), liquor may be served from 8 a.m. – 4 a.m.

What are the best EDM clubs in Washington DC?

The best EDM clubs in Washington DC include Echostage, Flash, U Street Music Hall, and Sax.

What are the best hip hop clubs in Washington DC?

The best hip hop clubs in Washington DC include: Abigail, Heist, Opera Ultra Lounge, St Yves, The Park at 14th, Elevate, and Rosebar.