The Best Las Vegas Clubs on Tuesday

Tuesday nights. What to do on a Tuesday night. Monday night football has just passed yet your sitting there thinking, how do I make tonight a special night. Who goes out on Tuesdays? You do, you freaking legend. It’s hard to think of a wilder story opener then ‘It was Tuesday night in Las Vegas and…” Go make some memories. But where? Omnia that’s where.

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If you are looking for the most over-the-top nightclub experience, then Omnia Nightclub is your answer. With one of the most spectacular designs in Las Vegas, Omnia brings Tuesday nights to a new level. You can expect to find rockstar headliner DJs in the main room and your favorite open-format DJs performing in the Heart of Omnia room. The decor is wonderful at this venue and it should not be missed. Make sure to sign up for free for free Guest list at Omnia. Yes, it’s all free.

What Clubs Are Open On Tuesday Night In Las Vegas?

On Tuesdays nights one nightclub runs the show. It is Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace which will have EDM in the main room and open format music in the Heart Room.

If you’re interested in EDM genres, we recommend checking EDM clubs in Las Vegas guide.

How To Attend Tuesday Clubs In Las Vegas?

The simplest way to attend the Tuesday clubs while in Vegas is to use our free guest lists and bottle service packages.

拉斯维加斯夜店攻略 – 星期二

在星期二开放的夜店不多,不过选择都很不错,而且以下的推介 Discotech 都提供免费的宾客名单噢!

Drai’s Nightswim | The Cromwell Hotel and Casino

娱乐大亨 Victor Drai 旗下的 Drai’s Beach Club 每个星期二都会举办一个 Nightswim 活动。在夜里开放平常只在日间营业的天台泳池,再请来顶级 DJ 打碟, 务求让宾客同时享受夜店和泳池趴的快感。除了最强的 Encore Beach Club 夜间泳池趴外, Drai’s Nightswim 可算是整个赌城数一数二的。马上下载 Discotech 免费登记贵宾名单!

*The Cromwell 的住客到访 Drai’s Nightclub 或 Beach Club 时均可免费入场。

Drai’s 订台 |Drai’s 贵宾名单|Drai’s 门票 |Drai’s 时间表

Hyde | The Bellagio

别以为 Bellagio 的喷泉是这家著名五星酒店的唯一特色。豪华的装潢配上强劲音乐,Hyde 这夜店可以让您一边跳舞、一边欣赏喷泉表演。因为 Hyde 是娱乐集团 SBE 旗下的夜店,场地素质有一定的保证。这里没有世界顶尖的 DJ,音乐也较其他的夜店 laidback 一点,特别适合经过周末的疯狂需要放松一下的。马上下载 Discotech 免费登记贵宾名单!

Hyde 订台 |Hyde 贵宾名单|Hyde 门票 |Hyde 时间表

Omnia | Caesar’s Palace

如果您周末都在 XS、Hakkasan 过,Omnia 绝对是星期二的不二之选。Omnia 周末的 Lineup 当然不用说,一定是世界顶级 DJ 。 不过星期二也绝不逊色,Zedd、Nervo、Lil Jon 等都是常客。这家超级夜店是拉斯维加斯里必定要到的地方。不想花钱买台,又不想在周末排队等进场的话,那就一定要试一下 Omnia 的星期二了! 马上下载 Discotech 免费登记贵宾名单!

Omnia 订台 |Omnia 贵宾名单|Omnia 门票 |Omnia 时间表

Best Las Vegas Clubs on Tuesdays

What is the best party in Las Vegas on Tuesdays?

So you’ve made it past Monday and Tuesday at work, it’s only right that you reward yourself with a great night’s out. And what better place to party on a Tuesday than the notorious Sin City? You might think Tuesday nights will be a major step down from Vegas weekends but there are still places where you can get turnt. Check out the best hotspots to hit on a Tuesday night in Las Vegas!


Over a year after it’s inception, Omnia is still one of the hottest clubs on the strip. A star studded DJ residency lineup including the likes of Calvin Harris, Zedd, Afrojack and Kaskade and an astonishing interior dance floor decor will surely provide a night to remember. While the main club featuring a 65-foot tall dome and a 22,000 pound chandalier mainly plays EDM, you can visit the secondary room Heart of Omnia for a just as exhilarating Hip Hop experience.

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Hyde Bellagio

Known for its go go dancers and many over the top special events, Hyde Bellagio brings a distinctive fashion flare and design for those who cares about the decor as much as the vibe. This venue has one of the best views as a Las Vegas strip nightclub with an open terrace overlooking the world-renowned Bellagio fountain.

Hyde Bellagio Bottle Service | Hyde Bellagio Guestlist | Hyde Bellagio Tickets

Drais Swim Night @ Drais Nightclub Las Vegas

Drai’s Nightswim

As far as dayclubs go, Drai’s Beach Club has the best view on the strip, and even better at night. The nightswim in the strip is awesome. “I designed this club inch by inch,” Drai tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I wanted a different scale and scope.” He’s certainly achieved that. The two-story nightclub has seven control table operators behind the DJ for unsurpassed visuals on the 270-degree wraparound video wall and the first-ever ceiling video panels, so it’s a constant stream of optical illumination. VIP tables and booths ring the dance floor and match the second-floor private balcony areas, all of which are upholstered with black imitation crocodile coverings highlighted with pink and orange. The sound system is off the charts, and the music will rattle your very bones, making the nonstop flood of sound, vibration and light a near-primal sensation.

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