The Best Las Vegas Clubs on Tuesday

Tuesday nights. What to do on a Tuesday night. Monday night football has just passed yet your sitting there thinking, how do I make tonight a special night. Who goes out on Tuesdays? You do, you freaking legend. It’s hard to think of a wilder story opener then ‘It was Tuesday night in Las Vegas and…” Go make some memories. But where? Omnia that’s where.

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If you are looking for the most over-the-top nightclub experience, then Omnia Nightclub is your answer. With one of the most spectacular designs in Las Vegas, Omnia brings Tuesday nights to a new level. You can expect to find rockstar headliner DJs in the main room and your favorite open-format DJs performing in the Heart of Omnia room. The decor is wonderful at this venue and it should not be missed. Make sure to sign up for free for free Guest list at Omnia. Yes, it’s all free.

What Clubs Are Open On Tuesday Night In Las Vegas?

On Tuesdays nights one nightclub runs the show. It is Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace which will have EDM in the main room and open format music in the Heart Room.

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How To Attend Tuesday Clubs In Las Vegas?

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