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Are You Ready For The Grand Opening Of Tao Beach?

Anyone who knows anything about the Las Vegas club scene is buzzing with excitement as Tao Beach gets ready for their grand opening on March 18th. Tao Beach is set to be one of the largest dayclubs in Las Vegas (which is an extremely impressive feat especially by Las Vegas standards) and has undergone some massive changes to become what it today.

Tao Beach Dayclub is the brainchild of the brilliant creators of the Marquee and Tao Nightclub. They have reportedly said that the renovation has left the venue unrecognizable to anyone who had visited before the transformation. Everything from the decor, sound system, DJ booths, bars, and more has been revamped to reach the next level of the clubbing experience, and in our option, all of the effort they have put into its creation has been well rewarded.

While other nightclubs were hit hard by Covid, Tao actually used it to their advantage. Before Covid had hit in 2020, Tao had closed down their top floor to get started on the renovations. While Covid did slow down the project’s construction, that only gave them more time to perfect every detail of a plan that had long been in the works. Thanks to their patience and dedication, Tao Beach has now been fully converted into the most anticipated pool party of the year!

It took more than $50 million to construct what could only be called a monument to what a great party should be, and by the looks of it, that was money well spent. Every painstaking detail has been carefully designed to enhance the experience for the guests. They wanted to make getting in and having a great time as simple as possible, so the construction team had to face some gigantic challenges along the way to make that happen. Jason Strausst, the co-CEO of the Tao Group, said it was a “herculean effort” to construct the escalator that went through the roof of the Venetian directly from the restaurant and nightclub. 

Tao Beach first opened in 2007 with a venue that was just 18,000 sq ft. The small size had always posed a problem and prevented it from being a major player in the dayclub sphere, but since the renovation, the club has expanded to 44,000 sq ft and can now hold over 3,000 people. This is a game changer, and the club has already built up a movement of people who are anxiously counting the days until its grand opening.

Located right on the strip, this personalized tropical paradise really captures the Balinese influence through its exotic and lush design, while the beautiful views allow you to fully take in the wonders of the city. Tickets and cabana/daybed reservations for the grand opening of Tao Beach are going extremely fast, but luckily, there are still some available.

To secure your spot at the most exclusive pool party in Las Vegas, you can use the free Discotech app or you can click here to see upcoming Tao beach 2022 events and purchase your tickets or reserve a cabana/daybed today!

Tao Beach Grand Reopening Set for Summer 2022

Tao Beach Dayclub at The Venetian will more than double its size and will be able to accommodate more than 3,000 visitors when it opens in the spring.

The newly renovated 5-acre rooftop pool also has a new DJ booth “giving visitors the opportunity to dance poolside to the sounds of some of today’s biggest main-stage acts,” according to the company’s release. It did not disclose how much it invested in the renovations.

The transformation of Tao Beach has been underway for two years, designed by New York-based architecture and design firm Rockwell Group.

tao beach las vegas remodel

Rockwell designed the dayclub with multi-sensory experiences and detailed design elements. The venue has orange and warm wood tones with a variety of art installations, including two 15-foot-tall sculptures by artist Daniel Popper. Popper created a pair of sculptural hands at the entry and a tree goddess that welcomes guests to the main bar.

Tao Beach will feature an artist calendar anchored by Swedish DJ Alesso, who is embarking on a multi-year residency, and DJ and producer Fisher, who is entering the second year of his residency with Tao Group Hospitality. The season will be filled with additional top artists and live performers, including Grammy-nominated producer and Black Book Records founder Chris Lake.

Chainsmokers at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas DJ Booth




Discotech可以帮助您打造一次印象深刻的难忘的郊游,我们可以为您提供所有的信息和更多的帮助来满足您选择最好的派对从提供饮食到您派对时的一切需要。首先查看下面介绍的排名前十的拉斯维加斯泳池派对和日光浴俱乐部的视频和名单。然后下载免费的FREE Discotech App,, 它能保证您只要轻轻按几下手机就能让您知道谁在旋转/表演,在哪里,价格是什么,预订就餐位,购票或者注册免费宾客名单。

永利安可的安可海滩俱乐部/ Encore Beach Club at Wynn Encore (EDM):

Crowded Pool Party called Encore Beach Club  in Las Vegas

忘了迪士尼乐园吧,安可海滩俱乐部(Encore Beach Club)为许多拉斯维加斯泳池聚会的人们所知道的“地球上最快乐的地方”,在这里度过一天之后很难不同意他们的观点。安可令人印象深刻的布局拥有50,000平方英尺占地,配有休息室,沙发,躺椅,小屋(cabana),别墅(bungalow),睡莲叶,三个游泳池和先进的音响系统,香槟雨,游戏屋。

不仅是泳池时刻保持清洁这里的音乐也很棒,舞池方便进入,同时提供食物(总是加分的好处)。安可的驻场DJ包括世界知名的天才The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Kygo, Alesso , Diplo等等,最好的地方在于夏天的安可到了夜晚就变成了海滩俱乐部,所以穿上您的泳衣,跳入泳池,在星空下和您最喜欢的DJ狂欢吧。

克伦威尔的翟尔海滩俱乐部 (嘻哈音乐/ Drai’s Beach Club at Cromwell (Hip Hop):

A Busy Pool Party at Drais Beach Club at the Cromwell Las Vegas

在克伦威尔(Cromwell)的11层,翟尔海滩俱乐部 (Drai’s Beach Club)耸立在拉斯维加斯最繁忙的道路交汇处。白天这里是热闹的泳池派对,夜幕降临的时候这里演变成高档的电音十足的夜总会,它的泳池特点是没有屋顶遮盖,坐在这里尽享Red Rock Mountains , Bellagio fountains 的美景一览无遗,俱乐部的中心游泳池周围环绕棕榈树,二楼的小屋(Cabanas)配有高清电视粉红窗帘装饰。但是旁边有这么一群靓丽佳人随着现场DJ的表演在舞动,有谁还会坐下来看电视呢

在俱乐部的另一面,夜总会有一个两层楼的室内空间面对泳池,黑色闪亮的半圆形隔间和马蹄形DJ 站被数不清的邮票大小的镜子装饰的柱子的环绕之中. Drai’s 经常播放嘻哈音乐排名前40的单曲,但也取决于DJ. 夜总会定期会有一些最著名的嘻哈歌手过来表演包括 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, 50 cent, Gucci Mane, Migos, Lil Wayne , Trey Songz, TY Dolla $ign 等等。 偶尔他们会请来Quintino或者 Sidney Samson这些 电子音乐的 DJ, 在这样的时候您可以享受嘻哈和电子音乐的混合音响。


大都会日光俱乐部/ Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan (EDM):

View of the Massive Pool Party Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan

拥有大型俱乐部大楼的大都会位于维加斯中心,可以说是美国国家舞蹈革命的关键一员,分为—大都会日光俱乐部,一个在夏季充满阳光的露天豪华泳池和大都会夜总会,这里又进一步分为The Boom Box Room, 图书馆和主厅,毫无疑问大都会是全美最令人印象深刻的场所之一.

如果您不相信的话就听听关于他们的音响和灯光系统 :Funktion One音响系统带有32,000个等待中的低音炮和歌手Steve Liberman设计的最先进的视听舞台装置。大都会只为您提供最好的服务,夜总会本身拥有三层别墅阁楼(Bungalow loft)  内有小屋,起居区以及带无边泳池和派对甲板的大型拉斯维加斯泳池小屋,汇聚了Alan Walker, Robin Schulz, Deorro , Gorgon City, Cedric Gervais和 Oliver Helders 等艺术家,在这里您就期待着疯狂吧。            

米高梅大酒店/Wet republic at MGM Grand (EDM):

DJ Tiesto Performing at Wet Republic Pool Party in Las Vegas

为派对常客和名人而装饰一新的派对游乐场,米高梅酒店的Wet Republic 混合了所有维加斯夜生活的最佳元素与一流的酒店住宿泳池相融合打造出的泳池派对的超级体验。在池畔休息室享用鸡尾酒放松身心,在专属VIP简易别墅清凉一下,别在主泳池甲板的派对上晒晒日光浴,整个无与伦比的热场为来客们提供各式各样的体验。

米高梅大酒店的54,000 平方英尺的游泳池最近进行了357.4万元18,400平方英尺的改建和翻新。就在去年,泳池首次开放了扩大的DJ站,升级的LED显示屏,加长的吧台和新家具。最新的翻新工程增加了六个新的海滨小屋,配有电视, 喷雾风扇和三个私人跳水泳池,新卫生间和淋浴设施以及增大的遮阳区,这里的设备和他们的演出目录同样令人印象深刻,驻场的DJ和艺术家包括Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Zedd, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Tyga, Afrojack 等等等等。

诺马德酒店JEMAA泳池(开放式)/JEMAA at Nomad Pool:

Cabanas and Lounge Chairs at JEMAA Las Vegas

在周末的时候您能找到诺马德酒店的泳池JEMAA, 这里有诱人的充满活力的白天体验,以鸡尾酒出名,优秀的餐桌服务以及一流的DJ和艺术家组成的星光闪烁的阵容,提供主题音乐表演,包括周日的热带家庭氛围。

整场的亮点是漂亮而宽敞的泳池,周围是沙发床,小屋和简易别墅,客人可以在两个吧台还有一个遮蔽区可以在阴凉下享用美食的完美之处。这里整个夏天有出色的DJ 阵容,在这片花园般的绿洲中,从拉斯维加斯大道的繁华中解脱出来的梦幻般的感觉,受摩洛哥马若雷勒花园的启示,这里提供便餐,精心制作的鸡尾酒(它们屡获殊荣,非常美味)以及令人印象深刻的葡萄酒选择。不要忘记询问的JEMAA鸡尾酒喷泉。

曼德勒海湾的日光海滩俱乐部/ Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay(Hip Hop):

Busy Pool Party with DJ at Daylight Beach Club Las Vegas

可能日光海滩俱乐部不是年代最久的那个(2013 年夏季在曼德勒海湾赌场度假村首次亮相),但它早已成为拉斯维加斯最热门的那些日间聚会场所之一,DBC设有70个坐卧沙发,25个海滨小屋,6个屏幕和5, 000 平方英尺的泳池。这里场地非常宽敞可以供您随意走动而不用担心出现在其它俱乐部很拥挤的情况。

DBC 最初主要是玩电子音乐的(EDM), 但随着去年管理层的更换它也已经迅速转变为嘻哈前40 vibe了。DBC的常驻音乐家包括T-Pain, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Saweetie, Morgan Page 和Duke Dumont.它在拉斯维加斯的夏季泳池季节开放,通常在3月下旬/4月初开始,一直持续的劳动节为止。

专家提示: 我们有为女生提供的免费宾客名单(Free Guestlist for Girls)甚至包括酒票的比例派对( Ratio Parties).

威尼斯人的Tao海滩/ Tao Beach at Venetian(Hip Hop/Top 40):

Cabanas and Pool View at Intimate TAO Beach at Venetian Las Vegas

作为最早的泳池派对之一,陶海滩(Tao Beach)十多年来一直是休闲俱乐部的日常活动。 陶海滩(Tao Beach)将于2020赛季关闭,将进行数百万美元的翻新工程-陶海滩(Tao Beach)有望在2021年恢复到比以往任何时候都更大和更好的水平,同时艺术家阵容也将得到巨大提升。 敬请关注!

Bare Pool at The Mirage (Hip Hop/ Top 40)

View of the Pool at Bare Pool Inside Mirage Las Vegas

位于幻影(Mirage)的Bare Pool近似于一个隐蔽的藏身之处,要想找到它,必须沿着蜿蜒小径穿越热带丛林绿洲。抵达后,客人会发现一个私密的泳池区,女士们可以上身裸露地溜达。Bare 提供了更加放松,凉爽的氛围但是没有了有些俱乐部那种墙对墙,大家拥挤在一起的感觉。您会发现在这个14,000 平方英尺的空间有不是一个而是两个豪华的浸池,一个提供全套服务的酒吧,六个等离子大屏幕,池畔躺椅,躺椅和小屋。和维加斯许多泳池趴一样,期望会看到找到数不清的俏丽佳人。

您可能已经猜到,与其它日光浴俱乐部和泳池相比,的氛围更加凉爽和悠闲。如果您想寻找失去理智的狂怒者,跳过Bare吧。如果您正在寻找一个可以放松和朋友们一起凉爽一下同时有好听的背景音乐的地方,Bare Pool是您的最佳选择。

永利 XS Nightswim at Wynn (EDM):


XS Nightswim的周日无疑是这一地区的冠军。干燥的80度的夜晚,拥挤在漂亮的充满活力的人群中,还有世界上最受欢迎的DJ们。Nightswim 是一次成功的拉斯维加斯之旅必不可少的独特体验。XS 不举办日间聚会,因此您唯一可以在俱乐部之王入水的机会只有礼拜日。

XS Nightswim 是整个拉斯维加斯最好的派对,在这个华丽的场所最多可容纳5000人,在DJ们和The Chainsmokers, David Guetta , Diplo, Alesso , Kygo Drake 这些音乐家的音乐声中狂舞享乐吧。如果您周日在维加斯,请相信我们,您必须参加这里的聚会—您一定不虚此行!

自2003年在Hard Rock酒店开业以来,日间夜店现象已将拉斯维加斯变成了24小时聚会的天堂。

在美国所有主要城市中,只有凤凰城和亚利桑那州会与拉斯维加斯匹敌。 从黎明到黄昏的平均时间平均为85%,这意味着这里总是阴雨天气。 由于天气异常恶劣,所有大型酒店都争相打造更好,更精致的沐浴和聚会空间。 凯撒(Caesars)最近改建了众神花园(Garden of Gods)。

但是,由于这是拉斯维加斯,所以无论游泳池多么凉爽,仅仅在水中嬉戏都是不够的。 在过去的十年中,随着日间俱乐部的推出,拉斯维加斯的不间断派对氛围已提升了一个档次。 要获得真正的零钱VIP体验,请预订小屋。



日光浴俱乐部和泳池趴通常在10:30-11:00左右开放,但是如果您想避免排队(特别是在阵亡将士纪念日这么繁忙的周末),我们建议您早些到达,大约10-10:30,几乎所有的泳池派对(Encore Club 和Wet Republic的一些特定活动除外)都有免费的偶数比率宾客名单。







What is the dress code like at Las拉斯维加斯的日光浴俱乐部和泳池趴的着装要求?我应该穿什么参加Pool Parties?







维加斯的所有泳池派对都有免费的女生客人名单(guestlist),而且大多数都有免费的偶数比例客人名单。如果参加派对的女生人数相同或更多,则免费参加,即使在重要的假日周末也是如此。请使用我们的免费手机app注册 guestlist。

我应该如何预订在拉斯维加斯日光浴俱乐部和泳池派对的bottle service?

您可以使用我们的免费手机mobile app来预订table service, 或者web app, 如果您使用您的desktop。

在拉斯维加斯的Bottle Service需要多少钱?

每桌的最低消费可能非常昂贵,但是每个泳池派对都不相同。 找到答案的最佳方法就是使用我们的mobile app




我们建议您购买假日周末和著名DJ们(Alesso, Kaskade, Chainsmokers, Tiesto,Calvin Harris等等)的门票。购票排队的人通常会比guestlist 的人更少更快捷!






没有Vegas泳池派对允许您使用BYOB。 他们就是这样赚钱的-向醉酒的聚会者卖酒!


在一周中,会有很多游泳池开放供您休息和晒黑,但通常没有DJ主持的“泳池派对”。 拉斯维加斯泳池派对通常在周五,周六和周日开放。


拉斯维加斯泳池派对通常在三月份开始。 官方开始日期因季节和天气而异-非官方开放时间通常为3月中旬,而大型开放时间则为3月底。






根据DJ和场地的不同,一般入场费为20-60 +。 您可以提前购买机票,通常可以使您结账更快。 也有通常在特定时间之前供偶数配偶聚会使用的来宾列表。

Chainsmokers at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas DJ Booth

Top 10 Best Pool Parties & Dayclubs in Las Vegas in 2021

As summer approaches, it can be quite the challenge to find that epic party that’ll give you memories to last a lifetime. In all your wisdom and party expertise, you find yourself selecting Vegas as your next party destination (good call). You’ve done most of the work, crushing that low carb diet for months, hitting the gym and now you’re finally ready to show off the washboard abs and rage in the sun. Time to find that epic Las Vegas Pool party.

There’s just one problem – this is your first Vegas trip and you’re not sure which pool party to go to. Maybe it’s not your first Vegas trip but you might be asking which DJs are at which Las Vegas pool parties? Which pool parties play hip hop? Which pool parties feature EDM music? What are the hottest dayclubs and pool parties in Vegas? Which pool parties have a free guestlist?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the info and more to help you choose the best party to cater to whatever your needs may be. First, check out the top 10 pool parties & dayclubs in Las Vegas video and article below. Then, download the FREE Discotech App, which allows you to see who’s spinning / performing and where, table pricing, booking tables, buying tickets, and signing up for FREE guest list with a few taps on your phone. 

Encore Beach Club at Wynn Encore (EDM)

Crowded Pool Party called Encore Beach Club  in Las Vegas

Forget Disneyland, Encore Beach Club is known to many Vegas pool partygoers as “the happiest place on earth”. And after spending a day at EBC it would be hard to disagree with them: Encore’s impressive layout boasts a 50,000 square foot space complete with lounges, couches, daybeds, cabanas, bungalows, lily pads, 3 pools, a state of the art sound system, champagne showers, and even a gaming pavilion.

Not only is the pool always clean and the EDM music great, but the dance floor is also easily accessible and food is served straight to your cabana (always a bonus). Encore Beach Club’s resident DJs include world renowned talents such as The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Kygo, Alesso, Diplo, and more.  Best of all, during the summer Encore turns into EBC at Night; so put on your swimsuit, jump in the pool and party with your favorite DJ under the stars! 

Drai’s Beach Club at Cromwell (Hip Hop)

A Busy Pool Party at Drais Beach Club at the Cromwell Las Vegas

All the way up on the 11th floor of The Cromwell, Drai’s Beach Club towers over what is arguably the busiest intersection in Vegas. During the daytime, it’s a beach pool party on steroids; as night falls, it evolves into an upscale, high-voltage nightclub. The dayclub features an unblocked rooftop which provides an unrivaled view of the Red Rock Mountains far off in the distance and the Bellagio fountains, located right across the street. The club is outfitted with a central pool surrounded by palm trees while pink curtains shroud the second-floor cabanas adorned with HD TVs – but with all the beautiful people dancing along to a live DJ, it’s doubtful anyone will be watching much television.

On the flipside, the nightclub is a two-story indoor space that faces the dayclub pool and is decked with shiny black semi-circular booths and a horseshoe DJ station, all surrounded by columns decorated with tons of postage stamp-sized mirrors. Drai’s will most often be playing top 40 / hip-hop but it will depend on the DJ. The nightclub regularly features some of the biggest name hip-hop artists in the world including 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Migos, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, TY Dolla $ign, and more.  On occasion they’ll bring in EDM DJs such as Quintino or Sidney Samson; on those days you’ll get a mix of hip-hop and EDM. We highly recommend checking out the upcoming schedule before planning your trip!

Pro-tip: Hotel guests at the Cromwell get free access to the dayclub!

Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan (EDM)

View of the Massive Pool Party Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan

A sprawling club complex located in the heart of Vegas, Marquee is arguably one of the key figures of the Stateside dance music revolution. Split into Marquee Dayclub – a luxurious, sun-filled poolside space open during summer – and Marquee Nightclub, which is further split into The Boom Box Room, Library and Main Room, Marquee is undoubtedly one of the most impressive venues in the whole of the US.

If you’re still skeptical, just wait until you hear about Marquee’s sound and light systems: a Funktion One sound system with 32,000-waitt subwoofers and a state-of-the-art audio-visual stage set-up designed by singer Steve Liberman. Marquee provides nothing but the best to accommodate the high flyers that have been known to frequent the venue. The dayclub itself features three-story Bungalow Lofts complete with cabanas, living quarters, and grand Las Vegas pool cabanas with infinity pools and a party deck on top. Featuring artists such as Alan Walker, Robin Schulz, Deorro, Gorgon City, Cedric Gervais, and Oliver Helders, you can expect that this place gets WILD. 

Wet Republic at MGM Grand (EDM)

DJ Tiesto Performing at Wet Republic Pool Party in Las Vegas

A playground for partygoers and celebrities alike, Wet Republic at MGM Grand combines the best elements of Vegas nightlife with superior poolside accommodations to create the ultimate pool party experience. The unrivaled hot spot provides a variety of experiences for its guests, whether it’s relaxing over cocktails in the poolside lounge, chilling in exclusive VIP bungalows, or basking under the sun amidst the party scene on the main pool deck.

MGM Grand’s 54,500 square-foot pool recently underwent a $3.574 million remodel to renovate 18,400 square feet of the space. Just last year, the pool debuted an expanded DJ booth, upgraded LED display, extended bar and new furniture. The latest renovations add six new VIP bungalows equipped with furnishings like TVs, misting fans and three private plunge pools. New restrooms and shower facilities as well as an extended shade area have also been added. The venue boasts a setlist as impressive as its facilities: resident DJs and artists include Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Zedd, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Tyga, Afrojack and many more. 

Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay (Hip Hop)

Busy Pool Party with DJ at Daylight Beach Club Las Vegas

While Daylight Beach Club may not be the oldest club in the game (it made its debut summer 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino) it’s certainly gone on to become one of the hottest dayparty spots in Las Vegas. DBC features 70 daybeds, 25 cabanas, 6 LED screens, and a 5,000 square-foot pool. The venue is spacious and provides tons of room to explore, a breath of fresh air from the shoulder-to-shoulder clubbing you’ll find at other spots.

Daylight initially began playing primarily EDM, but with last year’s change in management its vibe has quickly shifted to a Hip-Hop / top 40 vibe. Some of the resident musicians at Daylight include T-Pain, Rick Ross, Saweetie, Jeezy, Morgan Page, and Duke Dumont.  It’s open during Vegas’s summer pool season, which usually begins late March/early April and runs up until Labor Day. 

Pro tip: We have a free guestlist for girls and even ratio parties that includes drink tickets!

Ayu Dayclub at Resorts World

Ayu Dayclub is an outdoor paradise that takes direct inspiration from nature as they attempted (and we’d say succeeded) to establish harmony and balance throughout the venue, and the stunning islands of Southeast Asia also served as an influence on the overall design and themes. As our guests wander through the beach club, a series of Instagram-worthy moments should take place as the beauty around you compliments the raging party going on. On both levels of this 41,000 square foot facility, there are plenty of chaise couches, various day beds, and countless cabanas for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music. The design incorporates natural features such as stone, bamboo, water, wood, and gravel to create a soothing feeling that is unmatched at any other dayclub. So what’s holding you back from watching some of the most talented artists of our time performing live while you sip an ice cold cocktail? Sign up for the free guestlist, purchase tickets, or reserve bottle service today!

Bare Pool at The Mirage (Hip Hop/ Top 40)

View of the Pool at Bare Pool Inside Mirage Las Vegas

Located in the Mirage, Bare Pool acts almost like a secret hideaway; to find it, one must trek down a winding pathway through a jungle oasis. Upon arrival, guests will find an intimate pool area where women are allowed to wander topless. Bare offers a more relaxing, chill atmosphere without the wall-to-wall, packed-in feeling of some of the other clubs listed. You’ll find 14,000 square-feet of not one but two luxury dipping pools, a full-service bar, six plasma screens, poolside daybeds, chaise lounge chairs and cabanas. As with many Vegas pool clubs, expect to find a seemingly-endless number of beautiful people, seeing and looking to be seen. 

As you might have guessed, the atmosphere at Bare Pool is a lot more chill and laid-back than that of other dayclubs and pools. If you’re looking for an out-of-control rager, you’ll want to skip Bare. If you’re looking for a place to kick back and chill with friends with some great background music, Bare Pool is the place to be!

TAO Beach at Venetian (Hip Hop / Top 40)

Cabanas and Pool View at Intimate TAO Beach at Venetian Las Vegas

After it’s recent mega renovation, Tao Beach has evolved into the ultimate dayclub experience. This 47,000 sq ft electric pool party has been fully equipped with the newest in everything sound and lighting, giving you a brilliant show that you’ll be able to feel in your bones. Sitting atop the famous TAO Asian Bistro and Nightclub, visitors are transported into an exotic Balinese escape filled with so much beauty and hedonism you’ll lose track of time. On a weekly basis the seasonal pool club features music from internationally acclaimed DJs and even has celebrity appearances like Jay Z, Heidi Klum, Jamie Foxx, and many more.

As you enter, you’ll find yourself in an open-air club with two 14-foot fire columns, dynamic music from resident and international guest DJs, and strategically-placed daybeds and cabanas that are excellent for resting and hanging out with friends while still being right in the middle of the action. Trust us when we say you don’t want to leave Vegas before checking this party out.

Bonus: XS Nightswim at the Wynn (EDM)

Are you a fan of nightclubs? How about pool parties? A few nightclubs in Las Vegas have combined the two to create the nightswim –  the pool party at night.

The Sunday nightswim at XS is the undisputed king. Featuring dry 80 degree nights, beautiful people, and the biggest DJs in the world, nightswims are a unique experience that are essential to any Vegas trip. XS does not host a day party so your only opportunity to get in the water at the King of Clubs is the Sunday XS nightswim. 

XS nightswim on Sundays is THE best party in Vegas, hosting up to 5,000 people in a gorgeous venue. Party to the beats of DJs and artists such as The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Diplo, Alesso, Kygo, and Drake. If you’re in Vegas Sunday night, you need to be at this party.

Since the opening of Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2003, the day-clubbing phenomenon has turned Las Vegas into a 24-hour party paradise.

Of all America’s major cities, only Phoenix and Arizona matches Las Vegas for sunshine. On average, 85% of the hours from dawn until dusk are showered in golden rays meaning it’s always pool weather here. Since the weather is phenomenal, the big hotels all compete to build better and more elaborate spaces for bathing and partying. Caesars’ recently revamped Garden of the Gods complex.

But, since this is Las Vegas, merely splashing around in water is not enough, no matter how cool the pool. In the past 10 years, the non-stop party vibe of Las Vegas has been cranked up a notch with the introduction of the day club. For the real money-no-object VIP experience, book a cabana.

Las Vegas Dayclub & Pool Party FAQ

What time do Las Vegas Pool Parties typically open?

Dayclubs and pool parties typically open around 10:30-11 AM. If you want to avoid lines, we recommend arriving by 10-10:30. During busy weekends like Memorial Day Weekend, it might be smart to arrive even earlier. Almost all pool parties (with the exception of certain events at Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic) will have a free even ratio guest list.

What time do Las Vegas pool parties typically close?

Pool parties typically close around 6 PM. It may depend on how the party is going, but things typically wind down by 6:30 or 7 at the latest. Remember at most of these venues they need to clean up and set up so they may reopen at night

What time does the headlining DJ usually come in in Las Vegas dayclubs?

The headlining DJ usually comes on anytime between 1-2 PM.

How long do DJs play in Las Vegas?

The headlining DJ usually plays a 1.5 – 2 hour set but can go longer depending on how the DJ feels.

What is the dress code like at Las Vegas dayclubs and pool parties? What should I wear to Las Vegas pool parties?

Pool attire. Swimwear, flip flops, hats, etc are all ok. Jerseys and wifebeaters (undershirts) are not allowed. Hats are okay.

Can I smoke cigarettes in Las Vegas pool parties?

Yes, you can smoke cigarettes in most Las Vegas pool parties.

Can I smoke weed at Las Vegas pool parties?

Even though weed was just legalized in Nevada, most casinos still ban marijuana from the premises. If you are caught with weed or weed paraphernalia at most clubs, they will deny you entry / kick you out. We wouldn’t recommend risking it. Many of the pool parties do a VERY thorough search.

How can I get into Las Vegas dayclubs & pool parties for free?

All Las Vegas pool parties have a free girl’s guestlist, and most have a free even ratio guestlist – Entry is free if you have the same number of girls (or more) in your party, even on big holiday weekends. You can sign up for the guestlist using our free mobile app.

How can I book bottle service for Las Vegas pool parties & dayclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Las Vegas pool parties?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every pool party is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.

Where can I store my stuff at the pool parties?

Most of the dayclubs will have lockers for rent. They usually have free towels available as well.

Should I buy tickets to Las Vegas dayclubs/pool parties? 

We recommend buying tickets during holiday weekends and for big name DJs (Alesso, Kaskade, Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Calvin Harris etc). The ticket line is usually faster and shorter than the guestlist line.

Which Vegas pool parties play Hip Hop?

Check out our guide to the best hip hop pool parties in Las Vegas.

Which Vegas pool parties play Electronic music (EDM)?

Check out our guide to the best EDM pool parties in Las Vegas.

Can you bring your own alcohol to Vegas pools?

No vegas pool parties allow you to BYOB. That’s how they make most of their money – selling alcohol to drunk partygoers!

Are there pool parties during the week in Vegas?

Many pools will be open during the week for you to lounge and get your tan on, but there are generally no “pool parties” with DJs headlining. Vegas pool parties are usually open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

What month do pool parties start in Vegas?

Vegas pool parties typically start up in March. Official start dates vary by season and weather – unofficial openings are usually mid march, with grand openings towards the end of March.

Are pool parties open in Vegas in October?

Pool parties are usually open to mid October but it really depends on the weather.

Are there pool parties in Vegas in November?

Pool parties are closed in November.

How much are pool parties in Vegas?

General admission ranges from 20-60+ depending on the DJ and venue. You can buy tickets in advance that usually let you get in a faster line. There are also guest lists that are usually free for even ratio parties before a certain time.

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Tao Nightclub Las Vegas Promo Code



Encore Beach Club | Wynn Encore

这个四周被棕榈树包围着的高档泳池被誉为‘ 全世界最快乐的地方’,一点也不为过!占地50000平方英尺,大牌DJ David Guetta, Diplo, Kaskade, Zedd和DJ Snake都曾在这里驻场。每周四晚,这里会举办名为 “Thursday Nightswim at EBC” 的周四夜晚泳池趴,如果周四想在炎热的赌城享受一场香槟雨的话,千万不要错过啦!

EBC 订台 |EBC 宾客名单|EBC 门票 |EBC 时间表

Wet Republic|MGM Grand

这里集合了赌城夜生活的所有精粹!整个dayclub的中心就是60000平方英尺的泳池,经过全面改造后,Wet Republic坐拥六个新建的VIP海滨小屋,三个骤陷泳池。曾经驻场的DJ包括Tiesto,The Chainsmokers,Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris等等。DJ Booth就是在这里带着升级版的LED display出道的。炎炎夏日,拿起酒杯坐在Jacuzzi中好好的享受一番吧!

Wet Republic 订台 |Wet Republic  宾客名单|Wet Republic 门票 |Wet Republic 时间表

Marquee Dayclub |The Cosmopolitan

Marquee被誉为是赌城大道上最火热的之一,分为Marquee Dayclub 和Marquee Nightclub。 前者是迷人的阳光泳池,让你置身于热带天堂;后者是有着豪华室内设计三个夜店房间,分别是The Boom Box Room,Library以及Main Room。想要在这里狂欢,别忘了用promo code DISCO,每张入场劵可节省五刀。

Marquee Dayclub 订台 |Marquee Dayclub 宾客名单|Marquee Dayclub 门票 |Marquee Dayclub 时间表

Drai‘s Beach Club | Cromwell

位于The Cromwell的第十一层,Drai’s Beach Club无疑是整个拉斯维加斯最热闹繁忙的交汇点。白天的沙滩泳池趴让你坐拥一览无遗的The Red Rock Mountain山景,太阳下山的时候,这里一瞬间变成嗨翻夜店。酒店住客能享受免费入场的豪华待遇。如果你喜欢hip hop音乐的话,一定不要错过啦!

Drai’s Beach Club 订台 |Drai’s Beach Club 宾客名单|Drai’s Beach Club 门票 |Drai’s Beach Club 时间表

Daylight Beach Club | Mandalay Bay

2013年开幕的Daylight Beach Club 早已成为拉斯维加斯的火热的泳池趴之一。70个坐卧沙发,25个海滨小屋,6个LED屏幕外加5000平方英尺的泳池。早年专注与EDM音乐,在2016年,这里开始着重播放Hip Hop/top 40 vibe。Discotech有免费guestlist,甚至ratio parties (包酒水ticket)开放给各位美女们。您也可以用promo code DISCO,每张入场卷可节省两刀。

Daylight 订台 |Daylight 宾客名单|Daylight 门票 |Daylight 时间表

Tao Beach |威尼斯人

这是一个极具亚洲特色的夜店。在最炎热的盛夏,拿起鸡尾酒在18000英尺泳池以及四周环绕的绿洲地带,和朋友小酌一番。池畔做为Tao Nightclub的延伸,每周四,周五,周六,会开放VIP bottle service。这里经常播放混搭Top 40/hip hop音乐。酒水价钱也非常相宜。用promo code DISCO,每张入场劵可节省五刀。

Tao Beach 订台 |Tao Beach 宾客名单|Tao Beach 门票 |Tao Beach 时间表

Rehab| The Hard Rock

Rehab坐落在the Hard Rock Hotel的中心地带,它的名字来自于Travel Channel评定的世界十佳泳池The Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club的周日泳池趴。加勒比风情浓郁的泳池,以及奢华的池畔小屋,绝对让你的心遗留在那久久不回。DJ Elijah Wood,DJ Pauly D等都曾在这里表演。如果你热爱Hip Hop音乐,Rehab将会是你的首选。

Rehab 订台 |Rehab 宾客名单|Rehab 门票 |Rehab 时间表

Bare Pool | The Mirage

想在赌城的一片吵喧中寻得一个隐匿处?Bare Pool坐落在The Mirage度假村中。在这里,你能在14000英尺的豪华跳水池畔好好地放松,在森林布置下听听音乐,和朋友享受一个独具特色的下午。

Bare 订台 |Bare 宾客名单|Bare 门票 |Bare 时间表

Liquid Pool |Aria

这里是是仅限21岁以上成人入场的户外玩乐天堂。占地16000平方英尺的僻静泳池坐拥8座豪华池畔小屋,各配备超薄电视以及迷你冰箱,空气中都仿佛弥漫着冷饮以及音乐。如果你享受够了烈日的激情,想在泳池体验片刻的清凉,就千万不要错过Liquid Lounge。大家一起为一个惬意的赌城下午干杯吧!

Liquid 订台 |Liquid 宾客名单|Liquid 门票 |Liquid 时间表

Las Vegas

5 Hottest Bachelorette Spots in Las Vegas

Having trouble planning your bachelorette / hen party? Well if you’re thinking Sin City, bright lights, and booze-fueled benders, then you’ve come to the perfect corner of the web. Las Vegas, the city practically designed for soon-to-be-brides and their posse of bridesmaid girlfriends, is the best place to make all of your wild party dreams come true. However, brimming with endless possibilities for hedonistic indulgence, planning the perfect night in Sin City can be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, you have Discotech to help you recreate The Hangover –bachelorette edition, for a night that you and your girlfriends will be talking about for decades. Here is a list of 5 of our favorite activities and party packages for your final night of freedom. You only get married once (ideally), so there is absolutely no excuse not to pop some over-priced champagne and have a high quality night filled with pleasure, plastic tiaras, and penis-shaped party favors.

1. Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub

Image result for marquee dayclub grand cabana
(Source: Discotech)

Marquee has it all, for those of you who do not want to hop around town. Start of your festivities at their day club for an epic pool party, before heading to their nightclub. Marquee really takes care of you, as the packages they offer are truly one-of-a-kind. For example, with their Rent the Runway package, you’ll get a Grand Cabana at the day club, an hour of open bar, a dress from Rent the Runway (you don’t even have to pack a dress!), and VIP entry to the nightclub. A little tip from us is to buy the higher tier of the package to skip the line completely. On top of that, additional packages include ERA by Ciara for in-room makeup and Gimme Some Sugar for cupcakes on your VIP table to spruce up the celebrations. Sign up for the free Marquee guestlist or book a table at Marquee LV for your bachelorette party today!

2. Canyon Ranch Spa

Image result for canyon ranch spa vegas

(Source: Canyon Ranch)
In case you and your girlfriends need to rejuvenate after your late-night bender we suggest you check out the Canyon Ranch Spa, shared by the Venetian and Palazzo hotels. This place is the Disneyland of spas, offering an impressive 134,000-square-feet of fitness classes, a rock-climbing wall, Aquavana thermal suite, spa packages, healthy spa cuisine, and of course— a VIP bridal suite where you and your girlfriends can get pampered with mimosas (remember, the fastest way to cure a hangover is to pour yourself a cocktail). We suggest you grab lunch at the Canyon Ranch Grill and lounge in the salt grotto after exploring the rest of the spa. After a day at the Canyon Ranch Spa, we can guarantee you will feel like a million bucks.

3. TAO Nightclub and Beach

Image result for tao nightclub las vegas bachelorette
(Source: Getty Images)

Tao has the bachelorette thing down — they even offer an enthusiastic bachelorette coordinator who hosts you and your posse from dinner at TAO Asian Bistro to TAO Nightclub (or Beach during the summer).  They’ll arrange limo transportation, hair & makeup, and bring you a cake at your table so you can really fulfill your deepest bachelorette diva dreams. This place is swarming with celebrities, and is the location Kim Kardashian chose for her bachelorette party. Get ready to ball out, because the best table locations start at $2,500 and comes with a bottle of champagne. If you don’t want to dish out for a table reservation, sign up for free guest list through Discotech to get entry into the nightclub, TAO Beach in the summer, and LAVO Party Brunch in the winter.

4. Hakkasan 

Image result for hakkasan las vegas
(source: Hakkasan Group)

Hakkasan is probably the most monstrously LIT club on Vegas nightlife block. This five story gargantuan venue has a shocking 7,000+ capacity, complete with technicolor lighting and massive video/LED screens, which cost an estimated $200 million to build. On top of that, this colossal nightclub boasts various restaurants, lounges, and different dance floor zones to accommodate all of your bachelorette party needs. A downside to Hakkasan is the ridiculous amount of stairs, which may be annoying if you and your girlfriends are strutting around in high heels. But their Custom Concierge Service is stocked with all types of all-inclusive bachelorette catered party packages, from VIP table service, Lounge Specials, Daylife Pool Parties, VIP transportation, as well as access to Vegas’s best male review shows. Get on the free Hakkasan guestlist on Discotech!

5. Stripper 101

Image result for stripper 101 las vegas
(source: Rush49)

In case you need to burn off those raspberry Cosmopolitans, we recommend you stop by Stripper 101, which is exactly what it sounds like: professional pole dancing lessons taught to you by real strippers! A huge favorite among bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, Stripper 101 has been featured on E! News, Cosmopolitan, and the Daily Ten. This fun and crazy workout, dubbed the “Night school for girls” will have you feeling toned and club-ready in no time.

Whatever you and your girlfriends choose to do, remember to drink plenty of water and stay safe. Also we suggest packing your most comfortable pair of heels (or extra flip flops) because there will be a LOT of walking happening. Last but not least, remember to have fun and bask in the glory of Las Vegas as well as the present moment of celebrating YOU.

Tao Nightclub & Tao Beach Memorial Day 2017 Promo Code

Use promo code DISCO at to get $5 off each ticket for Tao Nightclub and Tao Beach over Memorial Day 2017:

There’s a chance we won’t have guestlist for these events – if you’re set on going we recommend buying tickets in advance! We won’t know for sure until the week before.

You can book table service or sign up for guestlist for Marquee directly on our free mobile app, or on our webapp.