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[Case Study] Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Planning Vegas for Large Groups – Case Summary

  • Total months of planning: 6
  • Total attendees: 20
  • Total number of suites: 1
  • Total number of beds / couches in suite: 14
  • Total number of in-suite bartenders: 3
  • Total number of group events over weekend: 5
  • Total number of bottles ordered in VIP sections: 72
  • Total budget: USD $40,000 ($2,000 per person; included lodging, food/drinks, and entertainment)

Among the thousands of Las Vegas bachelor parties that Discotech has helped plan over the years, a handful stand out head-and-shoulders above the rest. One of these epic stag do’s took place in August 2018; it was a larger-than-life affair bringing together 20 amped-up gentlemen from the East Coast (NYC), West Coast (LA / SF), Dirty South (DC), overseas (Seoul, Korea!) and even a few Vegas locals for an unforgettable 3.5 days of revelry to honor the man of the hour: a perfect gentleman by the name of Woody.

bachelor party at Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas, NV

Planning a Bachelor Party for a Large Group on a Budget

Why is planning a bachelor party for a large group so difficult?

  • Dinner reservations – limited number of places that can seat large groups, people have different cuisine preferences
  • Hotel rooms / suites – need to decide on location, negotiate a discount deal, and make sure that it can accommodate the group within their set budget
  • Activities – people have different preferences, not all activities can accommodate large groups
  • Nightclubs / pool parties – getting 4-5 people into a Vegas club can be a huge headache already; getting 15-20 – and all guys! – would be a nightmare, if not flat-out impossible, without a host.
  • Promoters – Many shady characters in Vegas nightlife seek to take advantage of naive visitors by obscuring the truth about how much VIP tables really cost and what amenities are included with the VIP experience; this dishonesty leads to customers getting hustled, their expectations not met, and their money spent inefficiently.

Discotech is your subject matter expert when it comes to planning large group trips to Vegas, and of course for bachelor parties of any size. Here’s how we helped Woody’s big group of twenty pull off the no-holds-barred bachelor party of a lifetime.

Case Overview

Discotech was able to create an unforgettable guest experience for our bachelor Woody, his Best Man and lead planner JB, and their large bachelor party entourage in support, due to our following core principles:

  • Responsiveness: Immediate, informative, and thorough communication with the Woody and JB at initial contact and frequently early on in the planning process
  • Transparency: Constant, accurate information disclosure in real-time, both in the months leading up to the weekend and in real time over the course of the weekend
  • Presence: Highly experienced host staff on-call and on-site during the bachelor weekend to ensure all events coordinated on schedule and on budget
  • Knowledge: With over two decades of experience held by Discotech and its Vegas local host partners, we know every in and out of Vegas nightlife and entertainment. This experience allows us to provide helpful input on any and every proposed idea, as well as build out best-fit itineraries for groups with little or no experience in Vegas party planning, based on what’s worked for our previous clients.
    Execution: Flawless, mistake-free execution according to the agreed-upon and finalized plan and pricing – as well as rapid solutions to any unexpected itinerary and/or budget changes – has allowed Discotech to showcase that we are experts in our field and our service is unrivaled.
Martin Garrix at Omnia Nightclub, Las Vegas, Nevada (August 2018)

With Las Vegas nightlife services being such a competitive landscape, we needed to provide Woody, JB, and the boys a top-of-the-line itinerary full of Instagram-worthy moments to reward their faith in choosing us. The bachelor and his crew needed assistance with three basic tasks:

  1. Booking one of the premier luxury hotel suites on the Las Vegas Strip;
  2. Booking a Vegas nightclub VIP experience for Friday night;
  3. Booking a Vegas dayclub VIP experience for Saturday afternoon.

More importantly, they needed this task executed quickly and comprehensively, from a proven company with considerable experience and access to a variety of options to ensure best-fit final choices and no unexpected snags or hiccups for any of the guys in the group .

Once we got the green light from the ringleader JB that funds were collected from all participants and the per-event budgets set, we immediately set out to define – then blow through – the expectations for all of the attendees in their group. We knew that many of the attendees were experienced nightlife partygoers but somewhat new to the Discotech platform and services, and thus could become high-value repeat customers not only on future Vegas trips but on future party nights in their home cities. So, we made it a point to send intro emails to each of the 20 participants to let them know they were in good hands and also to elicit suggestions on how to make the weekend better. (A few of the guys came up with good ideas from past trips; others volunteered some hilarious – and some borderline raunchy – Vegas stories not quite fit for print here.)

Day 1 Bachelor Party Agenda Details (Friday)

Morning: Woody, JB, and a few others arrived earlier than the rest of the pack on red-eye flights from New York City; as a result, they were able to secure an early check-in to the group’s palatial resort digs for the weekend. With the advice of Discotech, they had booked the Forum Tower Duplex Suite at Caesars’ Palace – an older yet still well-kept cavernous two-story royal headquarters offering a convenient central Strip location and, more importantly, at a comparatively affordable market price for a large group luxury suite option with ample bed and couch space for 20 gents to crash together.

view of Las Vegas Strip from Caesars' Palace Forum Tower Duplex Suite - Las V

Afternoon:  With the group’s bachelor weekend WhatsApp chat set up and already on fire with inside jokes and memories from past party time, the rest of the bachelor’s crew began arriving into town and coordinating shared rides from the airport to Caesars’ to save some money.  All group members were instructed to drop their bags off at the suite and immediately report to Caesars’ Garden of the Gods – one of the best non-dayclub pools on the Vegas Strip – for the “welcome meeting” and drinks poolside with Woody.

Evening: With the bachelor being a huge sports buff, the group decided to forgo a run-of-the-mill fancy steakhouse and instead have a casual feast / boozefest / game watch at Tilted Kilt Las Vegas, the best sports bar – and one of the best bars, period – on the Las Vegas Strip.

Late night: No sir, this wasn’t a “walk the strip and barhop” group or “calm before the storm” kind of night. A clubhead for nearly two decades since his high school days in Seoul, Woody knew from the start he wanted an epic night full of flashing lights, pulsating music, and lifelong memories at one of the best clubs in the world. The clear call was Omnia LV, which had global EDM DJ phenom Martin Garrix performing that night. Discotech and its local host partners were able to arrange for Woody’s bachelor crew the best prime dance floor table in the house hands-down, with phenomenal views of both the stage and Omnia’s world-famous dynamic giant spaceship light show installation descending from the ceiling in sync with the music.

Day 2 Bachelor Party Agenda Details (Saturday)

Daytime: POOL PARTY!! And not just any pool party, but Encore Beach Club – arguably the best of the top pool parties on the Strip (and in the world!) and one of Woody’s “Happiest Places on Earth.” We were able to arrange VIP table service at one of EBC’s poolside Lily Pads – a large orbital daybed in the water with a large umbrella offering shade. Not only that, through our long-standing door connections there we were able to get the guys the following upgrades at no additional charge to the group:

  • Prime section / table location with unobstructed views of stage
  • Central Lily Pad in middle of main pool and right next to packed dance floor with heavy foot traffic
  • VIP Bottle procession, presentation, and signage spelling out bachelor’s name
  • Complimentary spray champagne for bachelor
  • Two complimentary bottles of house vodka + mixers
  • Additional private security / bouncer staff for table

Afternoon / Early Evening: EBC hit its party peak from 2:30pm to around 4pm, but Woody’s group of extraordinary party animals stayed all the way until 6:30pm to shut the club down (and give away their excess alcohol bottles).  Afterward, the group stumbled back to Caesars’ to enjoy some free time and recover a bit; a group dinner was to be skipped and the arranged meet-up time was for 10pm. Individuals and small groups broke off and engaged in one or more of these common Vegas activities:

  • Grabbed a casual bite
  • Walked the Strip for sightseeing
  • Bought liquor and snacks for the night’s festivities
  • Went shopping
  • Napped / relaxed at pool
  • Scheduled in-room massage
  • Got in a quick workout at Caesars’ gym
  • Called wife / girlfriend / kids
  • Tried their luck at the blackjack, craps, and roulette tables

Late Evening: Everyone was awake from their naps, showered, and ready to go no later than 10:30pm. The first floor of the suite was the rendezvous point for the crew, and pregame drinks were ready in that room for everyone to hit the ground running.

Woody’s vision for Saturday night was not to hit the club once more, but to bring the club to him. With the large group size offering the unique opportunity and budget to do so and Discotech advising and contributing its local connections to organizing the logistics, the bachelor group was able to throw a “homies house party” inside of a spacious baller Vegas suite complete with a DJ, laser lights, live themed entertainment (stilt-walkers & fire-breathers), body-painted professional bartenders, copious food & drink, ice luges, drinking games, & fun friends old and new mingling.

The chosen theme for the bash in the two-story Forum Tower was “Heaven and Hell” and the results were nothing short of spectacular:

scenes from Caesars Palace private Forum Tower suite party - Las Vegas, Nevada
Angel and devil stilt walker entertainers and laser light show in Caesars suite party - Las Vegas, Nevada

Late Night / Early Morning: The suite party raged well past three in the morning, but as mentioned there were some SERIOUS party animals in this group. Some of the guys that weren’t too tired or too drunk to compete for the “Last Man Standing” Award did in fact make it to the out to the strip clubs in Las Vegas, a standard item on most bachelor party agendas. The selected destinations to put the final nightcap on this legendary Vegas bachelor party were Discotech’s top two choices: Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club and Spearmint Rhino. (No pictures or stories from those events, of course.)

Bachelor Party Aftermath

Come Sunday morning, the post-party carnage in the Caesars’ suite was NOT pretty:

aftermath of suite party in Las Vegas

What WAS pretty though, was the stat sheet:

  • Damage caused to Forum Towers Suite (in USD): $0
  • Number of deaths or serious injuries: 0
  • Number of arrests / detentions: 1 (story for another time)
  • Number of flights home missed: 0

So… we consider that a YUUUGGE scoreboard win, and a successful Vegas bachelor party weekend on all counts!!! With many of the guys being highly experienced party veterans of Las Vegas and other cities, the standards and the hype were pretty sky-high going into the weekend. Still, Woody’s crew was able to live up to those lofty expectations and accomplish all of the group plans within its set budget, thanks in part to Discotech’s input and support. In the process, each of the fellas gained a positive lasting impression for Discotech, and we gained 20 new “power user” clients, a host of new friends, and a handful of tall tales to be told to future generations.

And our bachelor Woody? He was ecstatic his boys had a blast, he lived happily ever after, and he left Sin City on Sunday afternoon the same way he came in:

As a TOTAL saint.

bachelor posing at Caesars palace suite - Las Vegas, Nevada

Planning a large group bachelor party to Las Vegas? Reach out to us directly at +1 (415) 735-6716 or You can also reach us on Whatsapp at +1-323-405-8824.

Are you planning a bachelor or bachelorette party trip to Vegas soon? Discotech is your ultimate solution for lining up your lodging and entertainment plans. We’ve already built our reputation helping THOUSANDS of satisfied clients around the world with their standard Vegas weekend party needs.

  • We’ve been featured on BBC Travel and we are also highly reviewed on Yelp! and in both the App Store and Google Play.
  • 6+ years experience in the Vegas nightlife game, we’ve also successfully serviced dozens of corporate entities and large groups of 50 or more clients.
  • What we know from our experience is this: like Sin City itself, large group planning is NOT for the lazy nor for the faint of heart.

Failure to plan ahead – even if it’s just days or hours ahead – is one of the biggest mistakes that we see countless groups make on a weekly basis, and it inevitably results in financial and logistical headaches – and embarrassing moments at the velvet ropes of entry – that could easily have been avoided. Even if you’ve partied in Vegas many times in the past in smaller groups, and you’ve got numerous friends in high and low places who are willing to offer sound and not-so-sound recommendations – for large groups ou NEED to have a true professional to guide you.  Discotech can take all your custom inputs (group size, music preferences, nightclub/pool party, budget, location, food preferences, etc) and crank out your group’s perfect weekend itinerary to turn you and your planning committee into Sin City superheroes.

The ULTIMATE Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide

Top 10 Bachelor Party Cities in US

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best cities for you bachelor party. Unlike the other lists we’ve written about, this one will be a ranking and we will be start at #1 because why not. I’ve never been a big fan of scrolling all the way down to the bottom either. But what makes a great bachelor city? Is it the people? The food? The options? The clubs? Today we’re hoping to answer all these questions and more. So grab your favorite suit, extra cash and all the alcohol you can carry, and strap in. Here we go!

So how do you take advantage of the Top Bachelor Party Cities? Discotech has made finding your next wild night out easy and simple. Now you can see upcoming events, sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our helpline directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out!

#1. Las Vegas

If you don’t think Las Vegas is the best bachelor party location possible, you either have never been to Las Vegas or have been there with a bunch of losers who don’t know how to have fun. Las Vegas offers anything and everything you could want or need in a bachelor party.

There are plenty of nice hotels in Vegas, but you generally want to be in one on the strip. Just don’t completely cut your budget on hotels. It’s much harder thank you think to convince a girl to come back with you to a place like Planet Hollywood or Paris. Locations off the strip just make your life a pain in the ass. Traffic along the strip sucks and the less time you waste in the back of a limo, the better.

The pool parties in Vegas are second to none. Here’s a word of advice when dealing with the pool parties and later the clubs, always pay to cut the line or sign up for Guest List. It’s totally worth spending an extra $50 a man with a VIP host to not spend an hour or more on line. If you don’t know a guy, I’m sure your friend knows a guy, or your friend’s coworker knows a guy. There are plenty of those kinda “guys” in Vegas that can help you out in this situation, but why bother. Click the online Discotech app and avoid the stress and hassle.

Once night hits, you’ll need some good food. Prime Steakhouse is my favorite of all the Vegas steakhouses because it’s specific to Vegas. Stack in the Mirage is a step down from a steakhouse, but all the waitresses make the name of the restaurant proud. In ‘N Out is reachable by taxi if you just want to stuff your face. Then you’re off to the club, where you should be getting table service at Marquee or XS (the two best clubs in Vegas). It’s really hard to find regular bars to go out to in Vegas. The best you’re going to do is something the Chanderlier Bar at the Cosmpolitan, Ghostbar at the Palms, or Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay.

Or just get drunk while you gamble because that doesn’t hurt either. We know Vegas has you covered when it comes to table gaming. It’s also the only place you’ll find a sportsbook in the United States, so you can throw down on a horse race, a championship fight, or an NFL game without having to worry about too much. Grab your clubs and fit in a morning round on your first day out there or else you won’t have the energy to do so by the end of the weekend. There’s also a good chance you end up at the Spearmint Rhino to check out some of the hottest strippers in the world.

#2. Miami

First, lets talk about location. You are going to want to stay on South Beach. Brickell is a nice area if you’re living full-time in Miami, but South Beach is where you need to be for a wild bachelor party weekend. Brickell and other areas of Miami are farther away from South Beach and you don’t want to waste your time and money going back and forth. Also, don’t overpay on the hotel. You won’t be in your room much anyway, so why spend big bucks on an elite hotel? Hotel location is important, but classiness not so much.

Now for food. When it comes to food, you want to be stuffing your hungover face with anything breakfast/lunch on the menu at Big Pink. There are plenty of renowned New York restaurants that have opened up new locations in Miami like the Dutch, Scarpetta, and BLT Steak, but if you’re not grabbing a nice steak and a big Kobe meatball at Prime 112, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You can’t forget about local favorite Joe’s Stone Crab either. If you’re drunk and looking for late night munchies, now is the time to head over to the mainland and hit up La Moon for an arepa burger.

The nightlife scene is on par with anything you’ll get in the world. A night with bottle service at LIV should be on top of your list if you like clubbing. Club Space is the place to roll to at 5 a.m if you don’t want to stop raging. Places like the Clevelander, the Delano, and Nikki Beach (specifically day party) offer plenty of fun as well.

Lastly, the weather is great but avoid Hurricane Season as it rains a lot in Miami during that time. There are also plenty of places to golf, women galore and romance at the clubs. Those are all a given when hearing the word Miami obviously. The only thing you’re missing is gambling, but you won’t care when your eyes are fixed on your computer screen on Monday morning and you’re just thinking about how awesome your weekend was. Check out the Discotech app to see upcoming events in Miami.

#3. Montreal

Montreal is not technically in the US but it’s easy enough to head north of the border if you want to hit Canada’s party town. Montreal’s basically got you covered for anything bachelor party related. Perhaps the most notable thing in Montreal is the strip clubs. You can do the regular man’s thing on Saint Catherine Street by hopping around to Club Supersexe, Chateau du Sex, or Club Super Contact. If looking for something a little higher end, head to Kamasutra for a one of a kind show. They also take things a little further if you head down towards Old Montreal on Saint Catherines and ask the right people. If gambling is another activity you wish to indugle, you can head to the Montreal Casino, which isn’t too far away. It’s just smaller than you’d want in terms of available table gaming.

Trust me, you are really going to want to be on Boulevard Saint Laurent when searching for a place to drink. A place like Tokyo satisfies all your needs with good looking girls, multiple themed rooms, and a roof area. If bottle service is more your thing, Montreal has a scene where restaurants turn into a Club/Lounge atmosphere once it starts getting late. Make sure to download or click the Discotech App to check out what’s popping in Montreal. It’s a little different than what you’re used to in America because people tend to rage out by their tables and there’s usually not one main dance floor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet a nice local girl to party with for the night.

#4. New Orleans

Ah, New Orleans. Home to the infamous Mardi Gras. But fourth place? Yes, fourth place. The obvious reason is Bourbon Street, which, beleive it or not, is a lot more fun on something like a big sporting event weekend than it is during Mardi Gras. While you will miss out on seeing your share of naked ladies if you pass on Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street becomes much easier to manage.

There are still plenty of people during a big sporting event weekend to keep the fun up. Plus Bourbon Street has its share of strip clubs to get your fix there as well.

The food is also top tier. You can get anything pig-related at Cochon and it will be fantastic. You will not be disappointed, whether it’s pork ribs, smoked ham, fried boudin balls, or cochon itself. Johnny’s Po-Boys will get you your po-box fix.

Need some gambling? Harrah’s Casino is conveniently located near the water and open 24 hours a day, which may or may not be a good thing. Head to the Old New Orleans Rum distillery to make a nice day trip if you can wake up in time. New Orleans is one of the most fun places to be. Make sure to click Discotech to check out all the upcoming events in New Orleans!

#5. Charleston

Ah, number five. There are a ton of things to do in Charleston. For one, there are a lot of great restaurants in Charleston because of the large migration to the area from New Orleans’ best chefs after Hurricane Katrina. Places like Husk and The Ordinary are well recognized as some of the best restaurants in the country with Oak Steakhouse recently making a best of U.S. steakhouse list as well.

Golf and beaches are also two of Charleston’s finest qualities. You are truly lucky if you can somehow get a round of golf on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. If you can’t, you’ll still be able to find another great looking course to swing your clubs. The beaches get plenty of life, since the weather is generally good for most of the year.

There are plenty of fun bars on Bay Street and Market Street near the water or you can hit up King Street for bars closer to the University of Charleston’s campus. Neither area will disappoint.  The fun doesn’t stop when the bars close either. Thee Southern Belle strip club has a tremendous reputation and is a great place to go after hours in Charleston because you can BYOB. Regular girls even go there to hang out.

#6. Austin

One of everyone’s favorite Southern cities, Austin has a lot to offer for a bachelor party. We’ll start with the obvious – the women. There are few cities in America that can compete with Austin in terms of great looking women. Right behind the beautiful women is the barbecue, which is arguably as good as you’ll get anywhere in the country. Franklin Barbecue was recently voted the best barbecue in the country, so it’s a must-see spot on your trip.

With food and women out of the way, let’s focus on drinking. The bars on 6th street will have you satisfied or you can head over to the Warehouse District and Fourth Street if you’re looking to not hit the same spots all weekend. Need a good hangover omelet in the morning? Magnolia Café has got you covered. If music is your thing, Texas has two major music festivals that can give you your fill and are a fun thing to center a weekend around. Throw together with the generally warm weather, the potential for a University of Texas sporting event, plenty of local golf courses and you have the formula for success. Click here to see upcoming events in Austin!

#7. Nashville

There’s a good reason Nashville has the nickname of NashVegas. It’s a loved destination for travelers in the South and Midwest because it’s easy to get to and has lots to offer. The good thing about a place like this is the people you meet are for the morst part carefree and the visiting girls are very fun. I’d also recommened you get some good barbecue at Jack’s, a one of a kind meat and three or the Nashville specialty of hot chicken.

There are two main areas to get to drinking. There’s the well-known strip of bars on Broadway and a couple streets close by in the downtown area. You can also head out to the Midtown area near Vanderbilt and find plenty of places there.

I highly suggest checking out the Nashville Pedal Tavern, which is a unique and fun way to do a bar crawl and meet random chicks to hang out with. If your into shooting guns, you can do that too. The good thing about Nashville is that it’s weather-resistant, so it doesn’t really matter what time of year you check it out. The one downside is that basically every bar is country music heavy. If you’re not a fan, you might just have to bit your tongue and bear down the whole weekend. Click upcoming events in Nashville to see what’s going down!

#8 Phoenix / Scottsdale

When looking to throw it back to your youthful college days in bachelor party fashion, heading to Arizona is the best place for this type of experience . While there are a lot of scientific establishments and other boring things awaiting the average tourist in the state of Arizona, we’d not suggest those to you. Instead, you should be taking a road trip to Phoenix / Scottsdale for some brotherly bonding at adult clubs and open-till-late entertainment centers there.

Phoenix is ideal for those who do not mind getting tan and are craving a boyish road trip that would take them to wild nightclubs and unforgettable street parties. Some cool things to do while visiting include partying, golf, and river tubing. The food scene is also fantastic, as celebrated barbecue served by local restaurants and bars keep tourists coming from all over America. Click Upcoming Events in Phoenix / Scottsdale to see see what’s happening this weekend!

#9 Denver

For those who don’t know, a Colorado bachelor party is a different kind of bachelor party entirely. No clubs, no strippers, and possibly not even any women. So what’s the appeal? Depending on your group dynamics, a rugged three-day weekend of rafting, skiing/ snowboarding, hiking, beer drinking, weed smoking, outdoor adventuring and manly-bonding can actually be more memorable than the typical club-scene.

However, if you want to squeeze in the nightlife scene, Denver is home to some excellent steak restaurants and bars. However, the natural beauty and seemingly endless things to do in the gorgeous outdoor environment is really the highlight of this location. Although not known for a wild nightlife scene, Denver does host epic events and concerts. Hit the slopes or a hiking trail in the morning and then finish the day partying at one of the many bars / venues featuring your favorite musician, is not a bad way to spend a day. Click Upcoming Events in Denver to see upcoming events and concerts!

#10 New York

Last but not least, New York City. NYC certainly does have its positives. For starters there’s every type of bar imaginable and you can drink until 4 a.m. We recommend Brother Jimmys, then rink some good brews at the Standard Beer Garden, or hit a club like SL or 1Oak. The restaurants offer any cuisine a bachelor party can want whether it be pizza , burgers, barbecue, or steak.

For all the positives, this fine city has its downfalls for bachelor parties. It’s expensive, specifically with hotel rooms. You can’t do anything in New York between September and December because hotel prices will be through the roof. It also isn’t the best for strip clubs (yes, we know those matter too). To see upcoming events in NYC, click the link or download the Discotech app.