Nightingale Plaza is in WeHo at 643 North La Cienega Blvd.

Nights Open

10 PM – 2 AM Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Get a taste of Hollywood’s elite nightlife

Nightingale is an innovative and dynamic nightclub unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The nightclub is broken into three distinct environments so that you are sure to find something extraordinary no matter what vibe you are trying to catch. Book a table today to find out why Nightingale is considered one of Hollywood’s most premier nightclubs.

To reserve your table today, you can give us a call at 415-735-6716, book online through our website, or check out our free mobile app.

How does bottle service at Nightingale work?

Whether bottle service is the only way you go clubbing or you’ve never even heard of it before, here is everything you need to know. It’s quite simple. Bottle service means that you pay a minimum price in advance so that you can secure a table and one or more bottles of alcohol before you have even arrived at the club. It’s like buying a fast pass at Disney Land so you can skip the line. It guarantees you admission as well as provides a space to cool down when you’re not tearing up the dance floor.

How much is table service at Nightingale?

Whether you and your friends just scrounged some cash or you’re ready to spend a small fortune to create an unforgettable experience that no one could ever recreate, Nightingale has options to fit any price point. Bottle service minimums typically range from $1,000-$4,000 depending on the night, table location, and talent.

What is included with my Nightingale bottle service reservation?

There are many amazing reasons why people choose bottle service to make their night special. The first perk is that it guarantees entree into the club and allows you to skip the line and walk in directly to your table, and once you’re inside, you can order bottles directly from your table. It also gives you your own personal space so that you have room to talk with your friends and invite new people over.

What is the cheapest table available at Nightingale?

If you’re looking for the cheapest table that still provides all the luxuries that you could ever want, then the Nightingale lounge table is the best fit for you. Saturday is going to be your cheapest option at a $1,000 minimum spend for up to 5 guests, while Fridays will be the second cheapest at a $1,000 minimum spend for up to only 4 guests.

Nightingale bottle service deals

We don’t currently offer any deals, but we strive to always exceed your expectations.

What is the best table at Nightingale?

Are you ready for a night so unbelievable that you couldn’t forget it no matter how much alcohol you consumed? If you said yes, then the Nightingale dance floor table is the only option you should be thinking of! With room for up to 15 guests and a $5,000 minimum spend, the dance floor table is absolutely the best table Nightingale has to offer.

Can I order individual drinks instead of bottles to hit my minimum spend?

Unfortunately, in most cases you will be required to purchase one or more bottles with the table as part of your reservation.

What do I do if I have more guests than the number of complimentary admissions allowed with the table?

If you have more guests than the number of admissions that come with the table, don’t panic. Feel free to reach out to us so we can create a custom plan for you, and most likely we’ll be able to figure out a solution to fit your party.

Nightingale VIP host / promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Nightingale? We can help. Book your table at Nightingale here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

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