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Last call at California bars could be 4 a.m. under proposed law

Closing time might get a little later at your favorite drinking spot thanks to a state senator who has proposed legislation to allow cities to decide how late alcohol can be served.

The Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night Act, which was proposed Tuesday, would allow municipalities to set their own last-call times. Currently, last call is at 2 a.m. across the state. Under the bill by state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), urban centers with active bar scenes could move last call back as late as 4 a.m., while less nightlife-heavy areas could keep things the way they are.

Wiener said on his Facebook page that it was time to fix the “one-size-fits-all” limit.

“Nightlife matters a lot, culturally and economically, and it’s time to allow local communities more flexibility,” he wrote.

The last person to attempt to give cities flexibility in setting last call times was Wiener’s predecessor in the Legislature, former Sen. Mark Leno, in 2013 . The bill failed to get enough votes to move out of committee.