Elevate Lounge is in Downtown LA at 811 Wilshire Blvd

Nights Open

10 PM – 2 AM on Fri, and Sat

Where can I buy tickets to Elevate Lounge?

Tickets are not available on most nights. Special events and holidays such a Halloween and NYE may have ticket available, so feel free to check to see if you can purchase them here.

How do I get into Elevate Lounge if tickets aren’t available?

Being that tickets are not for sale a large portion of the time, we highly recommend bottle service to make the most out of your nightlife experience. With bottle service, you get to reserve a private table for you and your guests while receiving the full VIP treatment by agreeing to a minimum spend. You can reserve your table through our website or check out our free mobile app.

Elevate Lounge discount code

We do not currently have a discount code for Elevate.

When is Elevate Lounge open?

Elevate Lounge is open from 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

So what is Discotech?

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