Conga Room is located at 800 W Olympic Blvd

Nights Open

9 PM – 2 AM Fridays

The Conga Room experience

Get ready for a wild night at the world famous Conga Room nightclub. With a uniquely stylish decor, internationally recognized artists, and hand crafted drinks, its no surprise that this nightclub, which is co-owned by J.Lo, is the highlight of Downtown Los Angeles.

To reserve your table today, you can give us a call at 415-735-6716, book online through our website, or check out our free mobile app.

How does bottle service at Conga Room work?

Bottle service is a great way to instantly make a night unforgettable (no matter how much you drink). It works by agreeing to a minimum spend in advance, and in return you get to secure a table and one or more bottles of alcohol. This way you can guarantee admission for you and all of your guests as well as make sure the night goes off without a hitch.

How much is table service at Conga Room?

If you are looking to reserve a table at Conga Room, the minimum price is going to be between $375 and $1,100 depending on you choice. That minimum spend also goes towards any alcohol that you purchase while at the table.

What is included with my Conga Room bottle service reservation?

With a wait time that can reach up to an hour, you’ll be relieved to know the first benefit that comes with bottle service is getting to skip the line. You can walk right in to your table and get the party started while most people are stuck at the door. From your private table, you can order drinks, hang out with friends, and have your own personal space to chill when you’re not busy being an animal on the dance floor. Of course one or more bottles of alcohol comes with your minimum spend as well as free mixers. Overall there are many reason why bottle service is the best way to enjoy a night out!

What is the cheapest table available at Conga Room?

Just because you don’t have the budget of a Nigerian prince doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less than exceptional. Conga Room provides many affordable options such as the platform table which comes with a minimum spend of $375 and has room for up to 6 guests. Purchase bottle service at Conga Room here.

Conga Room bottle service deals

Conga Room does not currently offer any deals.

What is the best table at Conga Room?

If you’re looking for the best of the best then you have come to the right place. The pit table is the most exclusive option that Conga Room provides, and it comes with a $1,100 minimum spend with room for up to 18 people. This is an absolute must if you’re trying to set up a party that will blow your guests away.

What is the dress code at Conga Room?

CONGA ROOM DRESS CODE • Upscale, fashionable attire preferred • Coat check available for jackets, caps, purses, etc • Fitted V-necks will be accepted. You are not mandated to wear a sport coat for clarity • We will not allow branded t-shirts, such as Nike, Adidas, etc • We will not allow athletic wear, to include sandals, caps and hoodies • No baggy jeans will be accepted • We will accept ripped jeans with patches • Trendy upscale, fashionable shoes Trendy upscale casual shoes allowed, DEFINITION: Fashionable shoes that are designed for nightlife. Brand name, leather, dark colored, designer lace-ups and slip on shoes, allowed with appropriate attire No athletic wear, no white or bright tennis shoes, no trainers, no skate shoes. No dirty or ripped shoes. No work boots. No Uggs. No sandals. No Timberlands. Conga Room management assumes final discretion.

Conga Room VIP host / promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Conga Room? We can help. Book your table at Conga Room here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

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