6623 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028

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Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays : 10:00pm – 3:00am

Welcome to Ballet

Why go to an ordinary nightclub when you can get into the one that has become synonymous with celebrities and luxury. Get a taste of the elite nightlife with one of Hollywood’s most prestigious nightclubs. Book a table today to get access to the full VIP treatment.

To reserve your table today, you can give us a call at 415-735-6716, book online through our website, or check out our free mobile app.

How does bottle service at Ballet work?

By agreeing to a minimum spend at Ballet, you instantly get access to the many privileges that only come with bottle service. As part of you commitment to the minimum spend, you get:

  • Your own private table
  • One or more bottles of alcohol
  • Personal waitress to mix drinks
  • Free mixers
  • Space to keep your stuff and hang out
  • Much more

Find out why bottle service is considered to be the best way to enjoy a night on the town!

How much is table service at Ballet?

Table service ranges anywhere from $700 to $2,000 depending on where you book, which table you reserve, and the night’s entertainment. The $700 price point is exclusive to Discotech and cannot be found anywhere else.

What is included with my Ballet bottle service reservation?

Bottle service comes with many fantastic benefits that help ensure your night is a massive success. Just like a fast pass at Disneyland, bottle service allows you get to skip the line and go directly to your own private table. Say goodbye to praying that the bouncer doesn’t stop you before you even step foot in the door. It also comes with one or more bottles of alcohol that you agreed to order as part of your minimum. And with our complimentary mixers, those drinks are sure to go down easy. And to top it off, you get your own waitress to mix your drinks as well as order new ones right from your table.

    What is the cheapest table available at Ballet?

    A low budget shouldn’t mean low expectations. Ballet delivers the best experience that money can buy no matter how big your budget is. The prices change depending on the day that you reserve your table. The cheapest option for Fridays would be the Discotech special with a $700 minimum spend and space for up to 10 guests while the cheapest option on Saturdays would be the back room table with a $1,000 minimum spend with space for up to 10 guests.

    Ballet bottle service deals

    By booking through Discotech, you can reserve the VIP table for just $700. This discounted price can only be found here. We also offer a complimentary bottle of champagne with your order! So if you’re looking for a good deal, Discotech is by far your best option.

    What is the best table at Ballet?

    Looking for the best? We’ve got you covered. On Friday, the most expensive and exclusive table that Ballet has to offer is the dance floor table with a minimum spend of $1,500 and room for up to 12 guests while the best table on Saturday is the dance floor booth with a $2,000 minimum spend and room for up to 15 guests.

    Any questions we forgot to answer?

    Reach out to us at anytime and we’d be happy to help answer any questions you might have.

    Ballet VIP host / promoter

    Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Ballet? We can help. Book your table at Ballet here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

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