Academy is located at 6021 Hollywood Blvd

Nights Open

10 PM – 4 AM on Fridays & Saturdays

How does reserving a VIP table at Academy LA work?

Reserving a VIP table (aka bottle service) at Academy Nightclub involves committing to a minimum spend, also known as a “min”. Customers must hit this minimum spend amount before the end of the night by purchasing bottles of alcohol and other drinks off the menu. Even if you do not end up ordering enough to hit your minimum, you will still be charged for your agreed upon minimum spend. Think of it as the lower limit to what you will be spending that night. Please keep in mind that the minimum spend does not include a $75 venue fee that Academy charges for all reservations. Furthermore, tax and gratuity will be about an additional 28% on top. The minimum spend amounts required to book VIP tables at Academy will fluctuate depending on how premium the table real estate you are reserving is, as well as how busy the night will be. The more famous and popular the DJ, the more expensive the table minimums are.  

What is included with my VIP Table reservation at Academy?

  By agreeing to your minimum spend, you receive:

  • Expedited entry for your party – shorter wait time via a dedicated VIP Table line. 
  • Admission – Your table reservation includes a certain number of VIP admissions, so your guests do not need to purchase tickets or pay cover to get into the club. 
  • Table real estate – You will have a dedicated table and seats at the club for the entire duration of the event. You will also have a dedicated server who will take your orders and help you make mixed drinks at your table. 
  • Free drink chasers such as soda, juices, or seltzer water.  Some mixers such as red bull/energy drinks, and bottled water are not complementary. 
  • The minimum spend will be applied towards your purchases at the table. 

Academy Nicky Romero

What should I do if I have more guests than the number of complimentary VIP admissions included with my table at Academy?

You can contact us and we can usually increase the number of VIP admissions included with the table by slightly increasing the minimum spend. Another solution would be to have your extra guests purchase pre-sale tickets or sign up for our discounted/free guest list. (We call this the hybrid approach, where some people in the party go in via the VIP table line, and some go in via general admission or guest list.) Once they enter the club, they can join you at your table and you can kick off the night together from there! 

How much is table service at Academy?

Bottle service minimums typically ranges from $550-$3,000 depending on the night and talent. You can view table pricing directly on our free mobile app, or see table pricing and book Academy bottle service directly here

Are there any Academy Bottle Service deals?

Keep an eye out for certain events have a 2 bottle deal for just $900.

Where is the VIP table line located at Academy?

The VIP table line is located to the right of the main entrance when you are facing it. It will be one of the first lines that you encounter when arriving at the venue, so it will be hard to miss. If you ask an employee outside (normally wearing a suit) where the VIP table line is, they will also be able to point it out for you. 

How much do bottles and other drinks at Academy LA cost? 

Please refer to the bottle menu below for more information on pricing.  Cocktails from the bar normally cost around $15 each. 

Academy Bottle Presentation

How do I get a special bottle presentation at Academy LA?

All bottle orders at Academy will come out with LED sparklers and bottle girls. To get a special presentation with more flare, and the “bottle train”, you must order at least 2 bottles, and at least one of them needs to be champagne. In general, the more bottles of champagne that you buy, and the more expensive the bottle, the more exceptional and showy the presentation will be.  

For larger minimum spends of at least $2,000, we can often arrange a special shout out / message display on the LED big screen for your party.  

Corporate events, large parties, and buyouts at Academy LA

If you have a very large party size, we are able to work directly with you to reserve a custom section with the real estate that you are looking for. Academy Nightclub is also available for full venue rentals/buyouts on non club days.  We have worked with group sizes from 30 people to 500 plus, so feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you!  

Academy VIP Host / Promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Academy? We can help. Book your table here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

Upcoming Events at Academy

Academy Table Floor Plan

What are the different VIP table options at Academy LA?

Please refer to the Floor Plan / Seating Map to see corresponding table numbers.

Academy LA Stage Table

Academy Stage Table

Stage Table (Tables #61, 65) – 15 guests

The two stage tables at Academy LA are the most prime real estate in the club. Located to the left and right of the DJ stage, they are the center of attention at the venue.  Close enough to take a selfie with the DJ, and with a view of the entire club while they look in your direction, it is rightfully the most expensive table in the house. To get to this table, you will need to have a special wristband which is handed out to your party when you check in.  

On most regular nights, the stage table will cost around $3000 minimum spend and include VIP admission for up to 15 guests. For nights with bigger name DJs, the minimum for these tables will normally be at least $5,000.  Since there are only 2 of these table types, the bidding process can sometimes also become competitive.

Backstage Table (Tables #62-64) – 12 Guests

The three backstage tables are elevated and located right behind the DJ stage.  These tables are also super close to the DJ (good for grabbing that selfie if you are into that), and have a clear view of the dance floor and rest of the club. Similar to the stage table, to access the backstage, you and your guests will need to have a special wristband, which is handed out upon check in for your table. 

Backstage tables at Academy typically go for $2,500 minimum spend on most normal nights and include VIP admission for up to 12 guests. For bigger name DJ nights, these tables will normally go for $4,000 and up. 

Acadeny Dance Floor Table

Academy Dance Floor Table

Prime Main Room Table (Tables #12,13, 22, 23, 43-45, 54, 55) – 12 guests

The prime main room tables are the dance floor tables and elevated dance floor tables (2nd row) located closer to the DJ. You are paying a slightly higher minimum compared to the other main room tables in order to have a slightly better location, and also to have 2 extra VIP guest admissions. 

These tables typically go for a $2,000 minimum spend on most normal nights, and include 12 VIP admissions. For bigger name artists, you can expect a $3,000 minimum spend and higher.  

Academy Elevated Dance Floor Table

Academy Elevated Dance Floor Table

Main Room Table (Tables #11, 21, 41-42, 51-53) – 10 guests

The main room tables are located on the dance floor and elevated dance floor, and are in the back half of the venue, further away from the DJ. They are still very good in the sense that they are close to the dance floor and all of them have a good, unobstructed view of the DJ. 

Main room tables at Academy LA normally are $1,100 or $1,600 minimum spend and include VIP admission for up to 10 guests. For big name artists, they can start at $2,000 and up. 

Academy Balcony Table

Academy Balcony Table

Balcony Table (Tables # 601-603, 501-502) – 5 guests

On busy nights where the main room is sold out, Academy will also open their balcony section which overlooks the main floor. Tables 601-603 overlook the dance floor and have a direct view of the DJ stage. Tables 501-502 are a bit away and do not have a great view. 

When open, the balcony tables typically go for a $550 minimum spend (1 bottle) and include VIP admission for 5 guests. On really big name DJ nights, you can expect balcony tables to go for $1,100 minimum spend and up.  

What is the best table at Academy LA?

  • The best table at Academy is the Stage Table. These are located right next to the DJ and there are only two of them, so they are always in high demand.  

What are the best value tables at Academy LA?

  • The best value tables (best bang for the buck) are the main room tables. 

What is the cheapest table at Academy LA?

  • Depending on the night, the cheapest table will either be the main room table, or the balcony table. When the balcony tables are available, they will be the cheapest.