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Top 11 Best Bachelorette (Hen) Party Activities In Las Vegas

Headed to Sin City for a hen (bachelorette) party soon? In addition to dayclubs and nightclubs, you’ll need to plan other afternoon and early-evening group activities for the bachelorette and her group that are fun and memorable, while still giving you the most value for your money spent.

The Las Vegas that most out-of-town visitors know is the one of sheer opulence, fast money, gluttonous excess, glitzy sensory overload, and high-stakes swings in fortune.  Of course, the locals and insiders are happy to indulge all those “Sin City” stereotypes, because that’s the version that many tourists pay handsomely to witness – hey, there’s no business like show business!

Why is planning a bachelorette party so hard?

That’s the question that you ask yourself as you let out a big sigh, open up your laptop and hop on the internets, and get to work on mapping out this epic weekend in Vegas.  As you start your search, you know you’re not totally a lost kitten – you’ve partied in Vegas many times in the past with and without the bride-to-be, and you’ve got numerous friends in high and low places who are willing to offer sound and not-so-sound recommendations – but of course you wouldn’t mind having a professional to guide you.   You know, someone totally plugged who can take all those half-formed suggestions floating around and give you accurate, actionable answers?

Disotech app screenshots

Enter Discotech – your ultimate solution for lining up the bachelorette party (or “hen do” as they say if you’re from the U.K.) dayclub and nightclub festivities. We’re 6+ years deep into this Vegas nightlife game, and we know how to play it to a “T” ladies.  We’ve helped THOUSANDS of satisfied clients with their bachelorette party needs; we’ve been featured on BBC Travel and we are also highly reviewed on Yelp! and in both the App Store and Google Play.  

Apart from any Vegas clubbing that you and the lasses plan to be doing, you’ll absolutely need to do some group activity planning to appease the ones who aren’t really into DJs and dance floors. Some of those options are cliche, but who cares: Vegas is the cliche Bachelorette Party destination, and it earned that title for a legit reason, didn’t it???  Look, we know you’re here for a good time, not a long time… so you’ll need some expert guidance to help narrow down your choices to round out your ideal hen-do agenda.

Here, in order of our highly experienced customer service staff’s preferences, is our Discotech Top 10 list of best and most entertaining bachelorette party activities that your classy group of ladies would do well to line up during your wild weekend in Las Vegas.


1) Make a Splash – Pool Parties

  • Venue (Location): Varies by price and music type (see our recommended nightclubs in las vegas)
  • Cost Per Person: Free (certain guest lists); $10-150 (discounted guest lists & presale tickets); $300 and up (VIP tables)
  • Time Length of Activity: 4-5 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 11:00AM-1:00PM (avoid long lines and waits)

Pool parties are a legendary daytime activity that epitomizes glitzy Sin City debauchery, and you just can’t get the high-quality Vegas versions of this revelry anywhere else in the world. At least one of these parties on your bachelorette weekend agenda is a must; even for girls in your group who aren’t really into the nightclubs, the eye candy, sunshine, cool plunges to beat the heat (and did we mention eye candy?) make it worth it. For any bachelorette party larger than four 4-5 ladies, it’s a no-brainer to book a cabana or daybed with bottle service in order to maximize the fun; for a smaller hen-do or one that wants variety, we suggest booking a pool party crawl. Find one of the hottest events going on that weekend using our Discotech app, and go see one of your favorite DJs or performing artists. For a Saturday day party, Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic are the best party scenes if money ain’t a thang: between the killer music lineups, high-end ambiance, and (did we mention) eye candy, these two venues are head-and-shoulders above the rest if your bride-to-be is into nothing but the best.


2) Men at Work – Male Revue Shows

Chippendale's Male Revue show, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue (Location): We highly recommend Magic Mike Live 
  • Cost Per Person: $20 and up
  • Time Length of Activity: 2-3 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 7:00PM-10:00PM (show start times for most revues are in evenings)

They call it “Sin City” for a reason, so it’s no cause for shame at all if the bachelorette party wants to include a wild ride on the naughty side. Male revue shows are the quintessential way to get the pulses racing, and Las Vegas is home to the best and most unforgettable male revue shows in the world. Yes you’ll get your fill of good-looking Adonises of all races with chiseled physiques and washboard abs, but along with that you’ll also get expertly choreographed high-energy dance routines that ooze charisma, athleticism, swagger, and sex appeal. For many of the shows, you’ll also be offered the opportunity to snap photos with the hunks of your choice as well as treat the bride-to-be to an up-close-and-personal lap dance. And along with such multi-sensory delights, a bit of light internet research beforehand can yield plenty of “bang for your buck” in the form of discounts and bundling packages that include limo rides, fancy dinners, and cocktails as value-added side dishes to your lip-smacking main course. Here’s your menu – Bon Appetit!

  • Magic Mike
  • Thunder from Down Under
  • Chippendales
  • Aussie Heat
  • Black Magic Live
  • Men of Vegas
  • Kings of Hustler
  • Men of O.G.
  • Muscle Men


3) Relax, Don’t Do It – Day Spa / Massage / Salon

Spas in Las Vegas, NV
  • Venue (Location): Varies by price and services offered
  • Cost Per Person: $50 and up
  • Time To Set Aside: 2-4 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 9:00AM-1:00PM (right when you wake up, to combat hangovers)

Every bachelorette party will need some downtime to rest and recover from the festivities of the night before… or the night to come. Spas, massages, and salons are the go-to group daytime activity if your the bachelorette is craving a relaxing atmosphere and a serene respite from all the chaos of the past months’ wedding planning. Most of the major resorts on the Strip offer luxurious spa packages for you and your ladies to wind down, so it’s merely a matter of finding the one that fits your style and price point. For example: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental offers unique treatments influenced by ancient Chinese medicine; Sahra Spa at Cosmopolitan specializes in skin treatments; Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian is known for its hydrothermal therapy offerings. So throw on your comfiest robe, grab a glass of champagne, clear your mind of clutter, assume your favorite position of relaxation, and let your chosen spa take care of the rest. The well-deserved pampering will leave your crew of betches fully refreshed and ready to tackle on another exciting night in Sin City.


4) Dance your Face (and Heels) Off – Nightclubs

  • Venue (Location): Varies by price and music type (click here for recommendations)
  • Cost Per Person: Free (certain guest lists); $10-100 (discounted guest lists & presale tickets); $200 and up (VIP tables)
  • Time Length of Activity: 4-5 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 9:30PM-11:00PM (avoid long lines and waits)


Seems predictable, but sorry not sorry ladies: you know you LOVE to dance, so this activity must make the Top 10 of any Vegas bachelorette party list. Whether your Saturday morning/afternoon figures to be a calm or a crazy one, it MUST necessarily be followed by (or preceded by) an epic high-energy night filled with music and mirth. A word of caution though: when it comes to nightlife in Vegas, the “good guys / gals” don’t always win: villains and shady characters run amok in the streets of Sin City, and they’ve long made large fortunes and long-term careers taking advantage of visitors through cryptic double-speak and sleight of hand, and false expectations. Have no fear, the Discotech app is your magic talisman that unlocks a multitude of crime-fighting superpowers including the ability not only to get into clubs free via guest lists, but also to line up VIP tables with ease. We strongly advise the latter option, because even a Wonder Woman in stilettos will need a break and a comfy couch to sit and rest those sore dancing feet in between her episodes of saving the world.


5) Royal Tea like Royalty – Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea at Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue (Location): Tea Lounge @ Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Center Strip)
  • Cost Per Person: $54 (includes assorted tea, sandwiches, scones, desserts)
  • Time To Set Aside: 2-3 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 11:00AM-4:00PM (avoid outdoor midday heat)

Is your crew less Supergirl and Captain Marvel and more Princess Diana and Meghan Markle? English-style high tea, then, is your sophisticated antidote to the uncouth madness of the Sin City streets… and no one does it better than the Waldorf Astoria. Three seatings occur daily in their 23rd-floor tea lounge, where you and your royal court can soak up a refined ambiance and indulge spectacular views of Las Vegas through floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition to the classic black, green, oolong and herbal selections, The Waldorf also offers a variety of modern artisan blends touting the latest new-age regenerative health benefits. The accompanying noshes – porchetta sandwiches with Brie cream and apple compote; salmon sandwiches with cucumber, capers and cream cheese on marble rye; chocolate macarons; scones with Devonshire clotted cream and housemade jams – are delectable and delivered with impeccable Instagram-worthy presentation. And of course, since this is Vegas you can always choose at any moment to turn that refined, relaxed afternoon tea up a notch with a bottle of bubbly, mimosas, or bellinis with just a snap of the finger. So notify your butler Jeeves of your intent to reserve your high tea sitting, and start practicing your “Queen Elizabeth” hand waves now.


6) Be a Reality TV Star – Upscale Lounges

Vandepump Cocktail Garden, La Vegas, NV
  • Venue (Location): Vanderpump Cocktail Garden @ Caesars’ Palace (Center Strip)
  • Cost Per Person: Free to enter (Dinner / drinks optional; reservation recommended)
  • Time Length of Activity: 2-3 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 7:00PM-10:00PM (great for pregame dinner /drinks before nightclub)

If you and your gals bond weekly over good ‘ol trashy reality TV, then you know that many of the most emotionally charged scenes seem to happen when your favorite characters are dressed to the nines and quaffing champagne and cocktails in one of their city’s hottest upscale lounges. Vegas has quite a few of these hotspots to choose from, but why not go with the one that’s the brainchild of one of reality TV’s biggest superstars? Renovated and relaunched in 2019 by British TV personality Lisa Vanderpump (“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”), Vanderpump Cocktail Gadden boasts a sprawling indoor patio layout that weirdly feels outdoor, with pink-accented booths and a full bar adorned with garden decor, lantern-adorned trellises, romantic lighting, and walls and furniture showcasing Vanderpump family pictures (including numerous of her adorable canine children). Cocktail names are witty, such as the matcha-infused Matcha Matcha Man, paying homage to the Village People tune; the spicy Checkmate Bitch, a provocative combination of Stoli Hot vodka and Chacho aguardiente (a jalapeño-infused Colombian spirit from sugar cane) named after an unforgettable Vanderpump rant from Season 3 of the show; and the Rome is Burning, a smoked black cherry Manhattan laced with black cherry chocolate bitters, served tableside in a large smoking jar. It’s a classy yet inviting Hollywood-style supper club that turns into an ultra lounge “see and be seen” scene at night – a drinking / dining / mingling destination whether you’re a superfan of the Real Housewives franchise or not, and the perfect spot to reenact your favorite dramatic scenes, real or staged, from your favorite reality TV characters.


7) Do It for the ‘Gram – Neon Boneyard

Neon boneyard, Las Vegas, NV
  • Location: Neon Museum (Off Strip, 10-minute drive north of Strip center in Downtown Las Vegas)
  • Cost Per Person: $20
  • Time To Set Aside: 2 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 7:00PM-10:00PM (more of the signs are lit up at night)

Here’s what happens when the “What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas” mantra clashes with the “Pics or It Didn’t Happen” philosophy. Founded in 1996, The Neon Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, studying, and exhibiting iconic Las Vegas signs for educational, historic, arts and cultural enrichment. The Neon Museum campus includes the outdoor exhibition space known as the Neon Boneyard Main Collection, the Neon Boneyard North Gallery, which houses additional rescued signs, and a Visitors’ Center housed inside the former La Concha Motel lobby. The Main Collection contains more than 200 unrestored signs which are, at sunset, illuminated with ground lighting as well as numerous restored signs which are switched on at all hours of the day. The Boneyard is also available for personal and commercial photo/video shoots, and it’s open seven days a week – hours vary based on the season – so the bachelorette and her crew full of amateur IG models and influencers will have no trouble landing those perfect snaps for locking down those “Likes” and “Follows” (or just never-to-be-posted fun memories).


8) Grab Life By the Pole – Pole Dancing Classes

  • Venue (Location): Stripper 101 (Center Strip)
  • Cost Per Person: $44 (includes class plus one cocktail)
  • Time To Set Aside: 2 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 4:30PM (required start time for class)

Perhaps the last thing you want to do is go to school while on your Vegas vacation… unless it’s a fun group class that’s a perfect female bonding activity for a Vegas bachelorette bash. Taught by actual Las Vegas strippers and featured on E! News and in Cosmopolitan magazine, Stripper 101 is conveniently located on the Strip and covers all the basic movements and techniques aspects for executing lap dances and stripper pole dances. The fun starts at the Showgirl Bar next to the studio, where guests enjoy warm-up cocktails in order to loosen the limbs (and inhibitions) while mixing, mingling, and posing for group photos. The 75-minute class is chock-full of expert tips on how to tease and titillate like Sin City’s most seasoned professionals, and it culminates with a high-energy choreographed routine for the bride-to-be to show off to her fiancee… and for you to show off to friends and strangers at future house parties.


9) Ride ‘Em Cowgirl – Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull Ring @ PBR RockBar, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue (Location): PBR Rockbar @ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino (Center Strip)
  • Cost Per Person: $10 for 1-2 rides (depending on demand at time of visit)
  • Time To Set Aside: 20 minutes per rider in your posse
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 9:00PM-11:30PM (after-dinner crowds are larger, giving bar more energy)

Is your bachelorette a farmer’s daughter or a good ol’ country girl? Deep in the heart of Tex… – ahem, Vegas – is a rodeo-themed gem of a drinking post that draws country-loving bachelorette parties (not to mention barrel-chested plaid-shirted cowboys looking to line dance). Located on the highly trafficked Strip side of Planet Hollywood’s famed Miracle Mile Shops, PBR Rock Bar & Grill is a Professional Bull Riders affiliated mega-venue that truly epitomizes the phrase “a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.” Rock Bar is a sprawling, modern, 16,800 square-foot backyard barbecue featuring two DJ booths, and hundreds of big screen TVs lining the bar. However, its crown jewel – or is it its shiny, oversized belt buckle? – is its massive hydraulic mechanical bull at its center, mounted and ridden in constant rotation by buxom staff and ballsy tourists. The bull is totally female-friendly – more women than men dare to try it out, and the staff often offers free rides to bachelorette parties – so step on up, squeeze tight, pull the bull rope, and lean back for the greatest ride of your life. Getting bucked off (and having the video to prove it) will never feel so good, especially if you’ve already had a few of PBR Rockbar’s signature frozen cocktails to work up that liquid cowgirl courage. Giddy up!


10) Guns A-Blazin’ – Shooting Range

Bachelorette party at 702 Range - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue (Location): The Range 702 (Off Strip)
  • Cost Per Person: $90 and up
  • Time To Set Aside: 3 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 2:00PM-5:00PM (air-conditioned indoor activity to beat the heat)

What is marriage, other than just day after day of wingin’ it and shootin’ from the hip? So, give the bride-to-be the ultimate preparation for endless years of wedded bliss: a once-in-a-lifetime experience letting off pre-emptive marital steam firing guns at the shooting range. The Range 702’s recently renovated private VIP ranges are available to reserve for large parties and come with complimentary beverage and optional upgrades such as private round-trip transportation, direct entry into your own range with a luxurious sofa, and advanced instruction and firearm tutorial from a highly skilled range officer. The Range 702 carries more than 60 types of firearms to choose from – including full automatic machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns – as well as plenty of space to take pictures and videos to capture memories you’ll be talking about with the ladies for life… or at least, up until the end of the wedding when the bride rides off into the sunset, never to return your calls or texts again. But hey, you’ll always have those crazy Vegas memories!


11) Get Lost, Take A Hike – Outdoor Hiking

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Venue (Location): Red Rock Canyon (Off Strip)
  • Cost Per Person: $5 park entry fee (parking $15 per car)
  • Time To Set Aside: 4 hours
  • Best Time of Day to Go: 4:00PM-8:00PM (avoid brutal midday heat, plus sunset skies are more colorful)

Got some gym rats and health nuts in the bachelor party demanding to break a healthy sweat at some point in the weekend? Located a few miles west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is not conveniently on the Strip, but it’s worth the travel and offers a variety of challenging hiking trails, world-class climbing, biking, and even overnight camping in select areas. We know you came to Vegas for the beautiful views though, and Red Rock Canyon is the perfect day trip for nature/photography lovers and Instagram influencers alike. If you’re lucky, you might even see some majestic wild burros or horses while you’re out on those trails getting your exercise on and sweating out the night before… or preemptively burning calories for the night to come. Oh, you meant a different kind of beautiful views? Red Rock has those too: it’s a not-so-secret outdoor workout hotspot for the impossibly fit local males (and females) who tend bars, serve cocktails, or otherwise drive the Vegas economy on the basis of their stunning good looks.


Bonus Activity: Strip Clubs

Men of Sapphire gentlemen's club
  • Venue (Location): Varies depending by price
  • Cost Per Person: $20 cover charge (lap dance / champagne room prices vary)
  • Time To Set Aside: Umm… zero hours. None of you were ever here, right?
  • Best Time of Day to Go: Anytime

This is Sin City, where day feels like night, night looks like day, and you can do WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want. For bachelorette parties looking to live this mantra and get wilder and raunchier, a late-night strip club trip in Las Vegas is a common item on the agenda. Sometimes, those best-laid plans go off the rails – you stay at the nightclub too long, the bachelorette wanders off, one of the gals ends up requiring medical attention. The great news is that there are NO rules in Vegas, so you can keep that strip club visit on the agenda and sneak over to get your fill of eye candy at any time of the day. For the best male strip club experience in Vegas, we recommend you route the girls to Crazy Horse or Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club; if your party has more of “the girls who like girls” in tow, Spearmint Rhino is the #1 choice as much in daytime as it is at night when it comes to quality of women. Either way, a strip club is a tried-and-true way to put the cherry on top of your epic Vegas hen-do (and might be the last time the bride-to-be can get away with going to an establishment of this nature).


In conclusion: Las Vegas is definitely a place where things can escalate quickly in terms of bachelorette party expenses, especially with a few bad beats or unlucky turns of the wheels or reels.  Nevertheless, Sin City is still a magical landscape where tons of fun can be had at great value for your crew’s budget big or small… if you know the lay of the land. Your friends and nightlife guides here at Discotech are an essential part of that equation – we help you browse and book free guest lists and cheap presale tickets or VIP bottle service for the hottest nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas. What are you waiting for? Download our app now – featured on BBC Travel and highly reviewed on Yelp! – in the App Store or Google Play.

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