How Does Guest List Work in Las Vegas

So What is Guest List?

For those who don’t know, Guest List is a feature that many clubs offer that allow free entry (in many cases), as long as guests are dressed in line to the venue’s dress code and arrive early. Using Guest List does NOT guarantee entry and can close at anytime the club decides. This is very important to keep in mind.

How Do You Get On a Guest List?

Discotech has made getting on any Guest List easy and simple. To find clubs near you offering a Guest List, simply check out the Discotech app and sign up.

The Guest List Pros and Cons:


  • Guest List is usually free or discounted
  • It’s usually free for girls
  • Sometimes comes with extra perks (open champagne bar, open vodka bar, etc) – usually for girls only
  • For certain clubs on certain nights there are even ratio Guest List – this means you can get in free / discounted if you have even ratio (1 girl for every 1 guy) in your party


  • Guest List can close earlier than expected if the club gets busy
  • Guest List lines usually have lower priority and move slower
  • There is usually no Guest List (or very limited girls only lists) for holidays

You should consider using the Guest List if:

  • You are a group of all girls
  • If the DJ spinning is not a top tier DJ which usually means it’ll be less crowded and Guest List will stay open for longer
  • Your group is very good at going on time
  • You want to keep your options open

See upcoming events sign up for guest list and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out.