Best Camelphat Songs of All Time – Top 5 Tracks

CamelPhat is a British DJ and production duo, consisting of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, formed in Liverpool in 2004. Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala met each other in Liverpool record shop 3 Beat Records and were both disc jockeys at nightclubs in the city. Di Scala had previously released music as a member of Rezonance Q and Ultrabeat and also as a solo artist. Dave Whelan hosted his own Jubilee club night since 2004 and the two were resident DJs at Society nightclub. They began producing music together as members of The Chosen Few, along with Les Calvert, and the trio also managed the Adhesive record label as a sublabel of All Around the World.

In 2010, they released their first recordings as CamelPhat on their own label Vice Records. As CamelPhat, the duo initially wore wrestling masks to conceal their identity because they “just wanted the people to judge the music and not us”. In 2011, Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala became owners of a Liverpool nightclub Mansion. The duo released numerous singles and EPs on various record labels and some CamelPhat songs appeared on the Ultratop charts in Belgium, such as “The Act” (Spinnin’ Deep, 2014), “Paradigm” featuring AME (Axtone, 2015), “Constellations” (Spinnin’ Deep, 2015), “Make ‘Em Dance” from Light Night EP (Suara, 2016) and “Hangin’ Out with Charlie” from Hangin’ with Charlie EP (Suara, 2017).

Camelphat has a residency at Wynn to perform at Encore Beach Club and EBC at Night during Art of the Wild.

See a full list of upcoming Camelphat’s shows here.

Without further ado, Camelphat’s top 5 tracks of all time:

5. CamelPhat & Ali Love – Dopamine Machine (Club Mix)

4. CamelPhat & Jake Bugg – Be Someone

3. CamelPhat & Jem Cooke – Rabbit Hole

2. CamelPhat & Au/Ra – Panic Room

1. CamelPhat & Cristoph – Breathe (ft. Jem Cooke)

Bonus: CamelPhat & Elderbrook – Cola