Coachella 2021 To Be Postponed Until October 2021

The stateside return of live music events has proven to be a moving target as COVID-19 cases have periodically spiked across the country all year long. As such, all major events saw forced cancellations in 2020, and now, 2021 looks to be in jeopardy too, as Coachella is reportedly planning to push its dates…again.

According to a new report by Rolling Stone, Coachella will be postponed a third time. Sources who have spoken directly with the festival’s promoters—AEG and Goldenvoice—told Rolling Stone that they were told to abandon the April dates and prepare for October 2021. One of those sources claimed that the fest is “100% moving.” “Frankly, they were supposed to announce [the new dates] over Labor Day,” the source said. “They hadn’t. And they were supposed to announce at the end of September — they hadn’t.”

What’s more—industry insiders are also expecting other major events properties to follow suit, with festivals like Governor’s Ball and Austin City Limits also reportedly looking at weekends in October 2021. Once source explains,

“It’s going to be really challenging for the artists to decide because multiple factors always come in. What does the paycheck look like, what does the moment look like? Most, if not everyone, are watching what Coachella does. A lot of people are going to wait to see what they do before they really solidify their plans and either have to compete with artists or renegotiate.”

With 2021 cancellations and postponements already trickling in, what Coachella does may prove to have a domino effect on other major festival brands in the US next year. We’ll likely know how the cards are going to fall very soon, though the outlook on 2021 is shaky at best.