Best Hip Hop Clubs in London

It may come as a surprise that London, known to some as the land of royalty, red telephone booths, and posh old ladies, happens to be one of the hip hop capitals of the world. Multiple sub-genres have come out of the British hip-hop scene, such as British Grime (if you haven’t ever heard grime, give it a go, check out artists like Stormzy and Skepta), British Trip Hop, and Brithop. With its own distinct hip hop culture and sound, the London hip hop scene is like no other, and it must be experienced first hand. Below is a list of the best clubs in London to do so.

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Toy Room

Toy Room blurs the line between the innocence of iconic children’s toys and the sexual deviance of adult fantasy. With a max capacity of 415 guests, the venue provides an intimate and exclusive atmosphere for all who have the pleasure of entering. Provocative neon signs line the walls and door ways in the Toy Room, and a kind of counterculture seems to be the dominant vibe. The club plays strictly Hip Hop and R&B, so you can sustain your groove all night long. Click here for bottle service reservations at Toy Room.

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Funny name, serious party. Egg London is open until 6 am, so instead of waking up in the wee morning hours hungover, you will still be enjoying the party. Egg is a trailblazer among clubs by offering “memberships” that guarantee discounted and fast track entry among several other benefits.

Even better than that is their “student membership,” a GENIUS option for collegiates who want to stay ahead of the curve and in the know when it comes to nightclubs among their peers. So while America’s college students are pounding Natty Lights at a dive bar, London’s are waltzing into upscale nightclubs with their +2 in stilettos and silk.

Three dance floors and a spread out outdoor terrace make the layout. As for the music, house and techno are the main flavors. Come on Fridays for the new DJ names ready to make their big break. Saturdays are more seasoned- bringing in international DJs and all their glorious consistency. You can book bottle service at Egg here.

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XOYO is one of London’s very best clubs, regularly drawing international DJs to spin tracks from its booth. It’s open six days a week offering everything from techno to funk, but for some stonking hip hop, Thursday is the night to head on down. The amusingly named Your Mum’s House began its life in Dalston venue The Nest but has since moved across to the Shoreditch club, bringing its raucous hip hop vibes with it. Expect party-starting anthems alongside some R’n’B, bass music and more. Easily make bottle service reservations at XOYO here.

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Shaka Zulu

Located in Camden, Shaka Zulu features a south African theme and is one of the top nightspots in town! Offering a unique South African décor, the venue plays the best mix of R&B and hip hop every night of the week. Shaka Zulu was designed to please both the eyes and the taste buds of every guest. This venue belongs to the top nightclubs of London, and they reward their guests with amazing foods and drinks with an excellent music selection! So cheers to the top of the best hip hop clubs in London!


If you have been to Montezuma, you know the tradition of how every night starts and it includes a champagne show brought to guests by the most outstanding waitresses with their very own live drummers. How cool is that? And let’s not forget to mention that the music in this venue is like no other and it is all focused on hip hop and R&B. And since it is purely a hip hop and R&B nightclub, expect to see the hottest DJ’s of London such as Doug Marshal and Joshua Roberts, that are both highly demanded young talents that have played alongside with the world’s best DJs. Are you ready to party? Easily make VIP table and bottle service requests at Montezuma here.

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Club 49

Club 49 is the best choice if you’re looking for the best music in town and a range of 50 cocktails! And not only that, but the décor inside its so exclusive that makes all its guests feel like VIPs! Why we have listed it as one of the best hip hop clubs in London? Well because hip hop and R&B are the focus here! If you are a hip hop lover, Club 49 is the right place for you! Looking to make the night special? Submit VIP table and bottle requests for Club 49 here.

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If you are in London and looking forward to experience the best of London’s nightlife, Libertine is the answer. Near the legendary Oxford street, Libertine Mayfair club is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It may seem hard for some people to get on Libertine guest list, but the nightclub’s brilliant ambiance will make all your efforts worth it. Here with Discotech, we can promise you a best night out in London.

Libertine is notorious not only among local Londoners but also with the foreigner partyphile, no doubt this venue has reached an international level. VIP private rooms, miscellaneous collection of music styles like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Techno, RnB, Hip Hop, House and Progressive are often played not only by the local DJs. Don’t be surprised because on certain occasions, international Djs will play the best party tunes and will easily bring the best party mood. Get ready for a good time and make your VIP bottle service reservations at Libertine here.

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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in London UK

London, England has had a rich history of nightlife and revelry for centuries, from gaming halls, opium dens, and gentlemen’s clubs, there was always fun to be had in the city after dark. Nowadays, the clubs of London are open to everyone, not just men, and if there’s one place on earth where you can find your perfect clubbing haven, it has to be this city! With a whole host of rocking nightclubs in the city and a wealth of top DJs tempting your ear drums, you would be hard-pressed to try and leave London without visiting some of the best nightclubs in the city.

London is home to some of the greatest clubs in the West, and they are constantly evolving in terms of offering a unique clubbing experience to their guests. Prepare your feet for dancing, book your tables, dress up, wait for the rhythm to build up, and prep yourself up for the wave of energy – these nightclubs in London are something you must experience at least for once in your life. Whether you wish to party with the A-listed clubs or enjoy some classic party or event at some plush location, the top nightclubs in London offer exactly what you want as per your clubbing needs. Right from intimate clubbing spaces to the host of full-range techno parties, globally acclaimed clubbing destinations, and so much more – London never fails to offer world-class clubbing experience to its guests. Let us have a look at the top 10 nightclubs in London, United Kingdom where you can unwind yourself for an eventful experience:

1. Cirque le Soir:

Tucked away behind an unassuming black door on Ganton Street in London’s vibrant Carnaby Street area, Cirque Le Soir is London’s best kept secret with its member-only entry and high-end reputation. And while the entrance may be subtle, inside the circus-themed nightclub is anything but. Cirque Le Soir is regarded as one of London’s, if not the world’s, most fashionable, and arguably most luxurious, nightclubs. The over-the-top risqué and decadent circus themed venue treats its guests to all types of arresting attractions to behold from every angle with dwarves, magicians, clowns, sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, burlesque angle grinders, snake charmers, contortionists and stilt walkers all around the club. The club assures offering jaw-dropping, unending entertainment from live exotic dancers, aerial, circus, and burlesque acts, fire eaters, and so more. The décor of the club might be unconventional with its ode to circuses, yet it has so much to offer when it comes to top-notch comfort and elegant styling. The venue also is famed for its international DJs, top mixologists, and being the popular haunt of celebrities like Rihanna.

It is a destination where anything appears much more fun and is highly recommended for those looking out for some amazing nightlife experience in London.

2. Toy Room:

If you wish to feel the ambiance of some contemporary, stylish boutique club in London, the Toy Room is a perfect clubbing destination. Located in the heart of Mayfair, the Toy Room nightclub in London is a high-end, members-only club that has an Italian-styled lounge venue with leather wall paneling and embedded brass studs all over the club area as well as 20 VIP tables for seating. Offering an overall capacity of 350 people, the Toy Room is inevitably an intimate club promising to become one of Mayfair’s hottest clubbing destinations. Mark your presence in the Toy Room nightclub in London and ensure yourself the best party experiences in the city. The Toy Room offers a stylish lounge area hosting a wide array of music tracks including R&B, Hip Hop, DJ nights, top mashups and so more. Inspired by the architecture from the freemasons who once dominated Argyll Street, the guests at the Toy Room nightclub can enter the club through the hall of mirrors through a candlelit crypt. With its very own mascot Frank, a 4 foot teddy bear, Toy Room is carving out a niche for itself. If you are looking forward to organizing or attending an opulent event, then the Toy Room nightclub is a perfect setting.

3. Mahiki Mayfair:

Mahiki Mayfair is a club and lounge hybrid located at the corner of Dover Street in the Mayfair area of London that is known as one of London’s most popular clubs in the city. The Polynesian-themed venue features impressive Tiki décor and showcases tropical flowers which adorn every corner of the club making you feel as though you are in a tropical island paradise. It also has a lounge that is filled with bamboo furniture, seashell lamps, and tropical plants. Guests are able to drink a wide variety of fresh fruit cocktails which are served in fun Tiki mugs, coconut shells and treasure chests courtesy of their great menu of creative and tasty drinks.  If you are a cocktail lover looking for something different, you must visit this club. You can experience the most unique night out when clubbing around in Mahiki Mayfair in Piccadilly.

Being the brainchild of leading names like Nick House, David Phelps, and Piers Adam, Mahiki Mayfair has garnered the respect of becoming one of the most famous night spots in the world featuring an array of awards behind its impressive status. With an open-door policy and no VIP rooms, Mahiki Mayfair takes pride in itself towards offering a fun clubbing atmosphere along with intricate designing that forms every corner of the club. Given its high-end clubbing environment, Mahiki Mayfair has risen to become one of the most sought-after clubbing destinations in the city. Offering a relaxed vibe along with its Polynesian theme, the club is a popular hangout amongst the tourists and local clubbers alike and even has a very exclusive clientele that includes celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Drake among others. Mahiki Mayfair in London is a true clubbing haven in every aspect.

4. Fabric:

Welcome to London’s most premier venue that is known for hosting a series of weekly lineups that feature the biggest names in the electronic music world. The Fabric nightclub in London is a subterranean labyrinth. Three rooms, various floors, a network of staircases and no phone signal whatsoever make for a rather disorientating experience, but that’s all part of the appeal. The purposeful layout of the club with three specialized and distinctive rooms to cater to the different needs of its guests, along with world-class sound systems creates a revolutionary experience unlike any other. Emerging from its depths after hours of losing yourself in the music almost feels like stepping back into another reality.

Being close to both the Barbican and Farringdon stations in the city, the high-end Saturday nights at the club reflect some outstanding DJ talent along with internationally renowned live acts and music events. The playlists that you would come across the Fabric nightclub in London offer up the most cutting-edge electro, house, techno, and disco beats. Fabriclive is the unique Friday night sound-clash offering an amazing assortment of rocking tempos right from hip hop to electro, bass, indie, and more. The party doesn’t die down as the weekend’s end approaches, even Sunday nights in the Fabric nightclub in London are super fun due to the display of the unstoppable, notorious music crew that makes you groove to your feet naturally.

5. Café de Paris:

Located in the London’s Theatre and Entertainment district, Café de Paris is an opulent and magnificent nightclub to behold. With its glittering history, Café de Paris aims at offering a wide range of powerful and mesmerizing performances which can leave the guests enthralled. Since the time of its grand opening, Café de Paris nightclub in London has attracted notable guests belonging to the high class of society including elite political names, dazzling celebrities, famous pop stars, and many more popular faces. The venue boasts the presence of excellent cabaret performances every weekend.

The club is also known for its unique Friday nights where it features an outstanding immersive show referred to as “The Service” aimed at celebrating the glorious nine decades of history of the clubbing venue. On Saturday, guests can witness the mesmerizing cabaret showcase which offers a  variety of performances, shows, comedy, and circus as they partake in exotic drinks and exquisite three-course dining. Café de Paris nightclub in London is known for offering its guests the perfect clubbing space to host any kind of party or private event in the city.

6. Ministry of Sound:

Located at Elephant & Castle in South London, the Ministry of Sound nightclub is the focal point for the city clubbers since it was launched in 1991. Having a glorious history of intense clubbing experiences, the Ministry of Sound is known for its famous dance floor where guests can dance along to the backdrop of high-class house music on weekends. The Ministry of Sound has also been awarded as the “World’s Best Club” before. With cutting-edge DJ experiences and the nightlife ambiance of rocking clubbing all night long, the Ministry of Sound creates a must-have experience for those visiting London.

Laid out across 4 stages of dancefloors and different bars, there is a lot to explore when you are at the Ministry of Sound. Recent renovations of the clubbing venue added a new courtyard, a unique VIP suite with an attractive viewing gallery, 2 new balconies, and much more to the overall décor of the venue, enhancing its aesthetics to an even more incredible degree. The venue is also known for offering the best DJs in the city along with pounding beats for your pleasure all night long, so be sure to check it out when you are in town.

7. The Box:

Equally as impressive as its promiscuous counterpart in New York, The Box nightclub in London is famous for its array of options when it comes to clubbing experiences. The venue is a large, impressive nightclub with 2 separate stages with yards of flowing gold and red velvet detailing while beautiful candle lights all over the place cast an intimate glow over the space. Guests can enjoy a cabaret show that starts at midnight from Wednesday to Saturday.

The impressive cabaret show features dazzling performances from mesmerizing fire stunts to provocative strip shows, burlesque and so much more. Dark, mysterious, and provocative, The Box nightclub in London creates a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere in the city. The DJs at the club play the latest tracks in hip hop, house, and rock while creating impressive mashups that will infect you with dance fever and have you hitting the dance floor to get your groove on. As the ultimate fantasy backdrop, The Box often draws in famous celebrities in the UK and internationally who want to nourish their clubbing side at this venue.

8. Tape:

Tape London Club opened in Hanover Square at the location of the former Jalouse Club and has been a revolutionary addition to London’s nightlife scene ever since. The venue is more than just a nightclub. It features an impressive recording studio, an intimate lounge and an exquisite restaurant. The new venue is the “home” of London’s music industry, presenting a unique, fresh and exciting new concept, never seen in the Capital before. Tape also offers the most exclusive elegant party experience which often attracts an elite crowd thanks to the exciting setlists and mixes of internationally renowned DJs. Walking through the venue is much like walking into the mouth of a trombone as the walls are covered in a gilded copper. The homage to music does not stop there, a big chandelier hangs over the stairwell, resembling the horn of a gramophone player.

The venue also features a stunning neon-lit bar and a DJ booth with industrial raised podiums surrounding it where go-go dancers can perform. Guests can enjoy the music that the DJs put on through a sound system courtesy of D&B Technik or go to the member’s lounge, Little Tape where they can play on instruments like the baby grand piano and several guitars. Most impressively, there is also priceless musical memorabilia like Kurt Cobain’s jacket, a hand-written poem from Elvis Presley and one of Chuck Berry’s guitars within the recording room. Tape is a fun playground for some of the key players in the music industry. Expect to rub your shoulders and groove around with the high-end A-list crowd of the city at this venue. Friday nights at the Tape nightclub in London are all about featuring some of the most renowned DJs of the city, while the Saturday nights are aimed at delivering an eclectic playlist along with an unannounced extra VIP guest. Offering a unique concept, the Tape nightclub helps you in keeping up to date with the amazing nightlife scene in the city.

9. Bonbonniere:

This is a top-class decadent nightclub for private members located at the heart of the exclusive social scene of Mayfair. The nightclub is a pretty extravagant affair when it comes to enjoying the dazzling nightlife in London. As far as the interiors of the club are concerned, the Bonbonniere is heavily influenced by the famous Faberge Egg. The overall space of the club is opulent and comes with a decked out sweet shop that dishes out delicious sugary treats for guests into the night hours.

Self-proclaimed to be one of the most luxurious and exquisite clubs, it offers possibly the best and most high end cocktails in the city. The venue is a leading pit-stop for the famous celebrities and A-listers visiting the city including the likes of Paris Hilton, Jordan Dunn, Nicole Scherzinger, and Will.I.Am. It is also a popular night hotspot amongst the locals as well as tourists who love clubbing around all night long. The Bonbonniere nightclub is synonymous with the top-class nightlife in the capital when you wish to experience the luxurious clubbing ambiance of London.

10. Maddox:

Since its launch in 2007, the Maddox nightclub in London has been offering the city an impressive clubbing environment for the local as well as the tourist club-lovers. Located in the heart of Mayfair in Central London, Maddox comes under the list of one of the best nightclubs in London. It is a restaurant and nightclub hybrid designed for a very sophisticated and selective crowd and contains one of the most exclusive members’ clubs in the West End. With the perfect combination of restaurant, nightclub, and terrace all in the same place, Maddox has the complete package.

The refined restaurant is located on a mezzanine and serves a fantastic and delicate Italian cuisine. Its exceptional terrace is a more tranquil and placid area where guests can have delicious and tasty cocktails in a more chill out ambience. In the complete center of the venue lies the impressive dance floor which is surrounded by cozy leather couches for seating and has a glass DJ booth on one side where internationally recognized DJs can be found turning up the hottest tracks in music. Every weekend, you will come across some of the most elite and VIP clientele known for popping the best champagne bottles and exotic drinks all night long. Moreover, you can also get lucky by bumping into celebrities like Paris Hilton,, and others. It is a must go venue for those who truly appreciate the finer things in life. Maddox has been and will always be one of London’s hotspot!

London Nightlife FAQ

What is the biggest nightclub in London?

Studio 338 is London’s largest nightclub – a venue with a capacity of 3,000 promising something of the alfresco debauchery of Ibiza with an outdoor terrace incongruously sited next to the Blackwall Tunnel.

Studio 338 is in Greenwich, south-east London, and has hot air pumped into the outside space to heat it up in the chilly British winter. It arrives when dance music has never been more popular while the number of superclubs in the capital has never been lower.

What clubs do celebrities go to in London?

The best clubs for sighting celebrities in London include Cirqe le Soir, Mahiki Mayfair, Libertine, DSTRKT, and Cafe de Paris.

What are the hottest clubs in London?
The best clubs in London include: Cirque le Soir, Toy Room, Mahiki Mayfair, Fabric, Cafe de Paris, Ministry of Sound, The Box, Tape, Bonbonniere, Maddox

Where is the main nightlife in London?

Shoreditch is one place that has become more and more popular every year and won’t burn your pocket like other costly places.

If you are looking for upmarket areas, you could pick South Kensington or West End bars.

Areas like Clapham have more young crowd and that isn’t a bad place to be for a lively evening.

Leicester Square, Piccadilly circus and covent gardens have some busiest bars mostly due to tourists. But these places are located in central London and well connected with Buses and tube making these a very accessible destinations.

Soho is also a fun place to be and live music is something that you could find around almost all central London destinations, specially if you are there during summers.

What are the best EDM clubs in London?

The best clubs that play electro / dance music in London are XOYO, Printworks, Phonox, EGG London, Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Corsica Studios.

What are the best hip hop clubs in London?

The best hip hop clubs that play RnB / hip hop/ rap music in London are: Toy Room, XOYO, Shaka Zulu, Montezuma, Libertine, and Club 49.

What are the best after hours spots in London?

Most clubs are open pretty late (3-4 AM). There are some that are open even later, such as Egg London (6 AM Fridays, 7 AM Saturdays)

What are the best day drinking spots / dayparties in London?

The best rooftop bars in London for day drinking include:

Frank’s Cafe (Peckham)
Bar Elba (Waterloo)
Culpeper Roof Garden (Whitechapel)
Bussey Rooftop Bar (Peckham)
Jin Bo Law (Aldgate)
Dalston Roof Park (Dalston)
Netil360 (Hackney)
Aqua (Soho)
Aviary (Moorgate)
Boundary Rooftop (Shoreditch)
What are the best gay clubs/bars in London?

The best LGBTQ friendly bars and clubs in London include:

G-A-Y Bar (Soho)
The Yard (Soho)
She Soho (Soho)
Friendly Society (Soho)
Retro Bar (Strand)
Ku Bar & Club (Leicester Square)
New Bloomsbury Set (Bloomsbury)
Central Station (King’s Cross)
BJ’s White Swan (Limehouse)

What time is last call in London?

Average last call is between 11 PM to 1 AM, depending on the bar/pub. Clubs are usually open later. Alcohol can be served as long as the club is open. There are some bars that are open 24 hours – Aspers Casino, Empire Casino, Palm Beach Lounge, VQ, Balans Soho Society, Duck and Waffle Bar, Hippodrome Casino, Bar Italia, and Egg London.

What time do pubs / clubs shut in London?

The majority of pubs close at 11pm, though recent statute reforms allow premises to apply for 24 hour licensing. Some pubs have stuck to 11pm closing but chain pubs, bars (close between 12:30 and 1:30am weekdays, 1-3am weekends) and clubs (most close at 4am, some open until 7 or 8am) generally stay open later.

What are the best music festivals in or around London?

The best recurring annual music festivals in London include:

Brixton Disco Festival
Junction 2
Mighty Hoopla
Field Day
Cross the Tracks
BST Hyde Park
Naked City Festival
Milestones Festival
Creamfields (Liverpool)

Is weed legal in London?

Recreational cannabis remains illegal to possess, grow, distribute, sell or grow in the UK. Being caught with cannabis comes with a maximum of five years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both. Medical forms of marijuana are available over the counter or by prescription in the UK – but it is heavily monitored and regulated.

Can you drink in public in London?

In some areas – as mentioned, there are alcohol prohibitions in place – these restrict having open drinks in these areas. it is typically only an offense to continue to drink or possess alcohol once a police officer or PCSO has requested you to stop/move/surrender alcohol. this is mostly used to move people deemed to be anti-social and especially used against “street-drinkers.”

Is London safe at night?

London, like other popular European cities is very safe. Violent crime is rare and there is very low probability that, as a tourist, you will experience anything more than petty crime.