Best Hip Hop Clubs in London

It may come as a surprise that London, known to some as the land of royalty, red telephone booths, and posh old ladies, happens to be one of the hip hop capitals of the world. Multiple sub-genres have come out of the British hip-hop scene, such as British Grime (if you haven’t ever heard grime, give it a go, check out artists like Stormzy and Skepta), British Trip Hop, and Brithop. With its own distinct hip hop culture and sound, the London hip hop scene is like no other, and it must be experienced first hand. Below is a list of the best clubs in London to do so.

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Toy Room

Toy Room blurs the line between the innocence of iconic children’s toys and the sexual deviance of adult fantasy. With a max capacity of 415 guests, the venue provides an intimate and exclusive atmosphere for all who have the pleasure of entering. Provocative neon signs line the walls and door ways in the Toy Room, and a kind of counterculture seems to be the dominant vibe. The club plays strictly Hip Hop and R&B, so you can sustain your groove all night long. Click here for bottle service reservations at Toy Room.

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Funny name, serious party. Egg London is open until 6 am, so instead of waking up in the wee morning hours hungover, you will still be enjoying the party. Egg is a trailblazer among clubs by offering “memberships” that guarantee discounted and fast track entry among several other benefits.

Even better than that is their “student membership,” a GENIUS option for collegiates who want to stay ahead of the curve and in the know when it comes to nightclubs among their peers. So while America’s college students are pounding Natty Lights at a dive bar, London’s are waltzing into upscale nightclubs with their +2 in stilettos and silk.

Three dance floors and a spread out outdoor terrace make the layout. As for the music, house and techno are the main flavors. Come on Fridays for the new DJ names ready to make their big break. Saturdays are more seasoned- bringing in international DJs and all their glorious consistency. You can book bottle service at Egg here.

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XOYO is one of London’s very best clubs, regularly drawing international DJs to spin tracks from its booth. It’s open six days a week offering everything from techno to funk, but for some stonking hip hop, Thursday is the night to head on down. The amusingly named Your Mum’s House began its life in Dalston venue The Nest but has since moved across to the Shoreditch club, bringing its raucous hip hop vibes with it. Expect party-starting anthems alongside some R’n’B, bass music and more. Easily make bottle service reservations at XOYO here.

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Shaka Zulu

Located in Camden, Shaka Zulu features a south African theme and is one of the top nightspots in town! Offering a unique South African décor, the venue plays the best mix of R&B and hip hop every night of the week. Shaka Zulu was designed to please both the eyes and the taste buds of every guest. This venue belongs to the top nightclubs of London, and they reward their guests with amazing foods and drinks with an excellent music selection! So cheers to the top of the best hip hop clubs in London!


If you have been to Montezuma, you know the tradition of how every night starts and it includes a champagne show brought to guests by the most outstanding waitresses with their very own live drummers. How cool is that? And let’s not forget to mention that the music in this venue is like no other and it is all focused on hip hop and R&B. And since it is purely a hip hop and R&B nightclub, expect to see the hottest DJ’s of London such as Doug Marshal and Joshua Roberts, that are both highly demanded young talents that have played alongside with the world’s best DJs. Are you ready to party? Easily make VIP table and bottle service requests at Montezuma here.

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Club 49

Club 49 is the best choice if you’re looking for the best music in town and a range of 50 cocktails! And not only that, but the décor inside its so exclusive that makes all its guests feel like VIPs! Why we have listed it as one of the best hip hop clubs in London? Well because hip hop and R&B are the focus here! If you are a hip hop lover, Club 49 is the right place for you! Looking to make the night special? Submit VIP table and bottle requests for Club 49 here.

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If you are in London and looking forward to experience the best of London’s nightlife, Libertine is the answer. Near the legendary Oxford street, Libertine Mayfair club is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It may seem hard for some people to get on Libertine guest list, but the nightclub’s brilliant ambiance will make all your efforts worth it. Here with Discotech, we can promise you a best night out in London.

Libertine is notorious not only among local Londoners but also with the foreigner partyphile, no doubt this venue has reached an international level. VIP private rooms, miscellaneous collection of music styles like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Techno, RnB, Hip Hop, House and Progressive are often played not only by the local DJs. Don’t be surprised because on certain occasions, international Djs will play the best party tunes and will easily bring the best party mood. Get ready for a good time and make your VIP bottle service reservations at Libertine here.

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