Top 10 Electronic Music Festivals in UK

When it comes to electronic music, the United Kingdom boasts a rich music scene. The genre is immensely popular in the UK and has many fans across its isles for whom they have held a large number of electrifying and thrilling music festivals all over the country. The excitement of festival season is basically equivalent to the cheer and joy felt throughout the holiday season.

With festivals that are both dance giants like Creamfields, Parklife, We Are FSTVL, and South West Four, to festivals that are more so hidden gems like Houghton and Junction 2, there are electronic music festivals in UK that will suit people with all levels of fervor and excitement for the music and dance. Here is a list of what we consider to be the top ten electronic music festivals in the UK currently.

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Creamfields in Daresbury, England

Creamfields first made its debut to the festival scene in 1998, in recent years however, the festival has taken place in the village of Daresbury. Considered by many to be the UK’s oldest and most prestigious dance event, it sure backs up those claims with a lineup year after year that features some of the biggest electronic music acts in the world. From Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta, to the likes of Tïesto, Avicii, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris, you’d be hard-pressed to name a famous DJ who hasn’t played at the Creamfields festival at some point in their career. The program features well over 200 artists every festival and is always a stunning event, creating for a memorable experience with mind-blowing stages such as Arc, Horizon, Generator, and Steel Yard.

Parklife in Manchester, England

An independent music festival that was created by the brilliant mind of Sacha Lord, Parklife Festival is one of the UK’s most popular and famous weekend music festivals. The event hosts a spectacular program of diverse and cutting-edge music inside Manchester’s Heaton Park and features a large number of popular artists thanks to the efforts of The Warehouse Project and LiveNation. The two-day festival is a non-camping festival so attendees will have to spend the night elsewhere before going to the grounds to enjoy music and stages from stars like Khalid, Charli XCX, Cardi B, and Lauv. The 2020 festival was cancelled due to covid, but there is no doubt that the weekender that is Parklife will return in 2021 with an even better roster of performers than the ones they had slated for this year.

Junction 2 Festival in London, England

Junction 2 Festival in London takes its name from its setting – quite literally underneath a motorway – but the industrial car park setting is the perfect accompaniment to Junction 2’s gritty, but alternative, sound. An A-list techno lineup heads to West London’s Boston Manor Park each summer for a day party. Friday’s lineup explores a wide range of the electronic music spectrum with a particular focus on house, techno, electro, and breakbeats, whilst Saturday retains the festival’s original style of full-throttle four-to-the-floor techno as well as spacey minimal. Slated to return in June 2021, Junction 2 has promised to have as close as a replica to the cancelled 2020 lineup as they can manage. With the 2020 lineup having artists such as Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Ben Klock and Dax J, you won’t want to miss next year’s festival.

Southport Weekender in Bognor Regis, England

Normally held in Crystal Palace Park in London, the Southport Weekender will be returning to Bognor Regis in 2021 to throw the ultimate music festival, with a weekend of parties across the town’s Butlin’s Resort, including inside its theatres, cinemas, pubs and even swimming complex. In addition to big names in the electronic music scene like DJ Swerve and SOULDYNAMIC, the Southport Weekend will also have many popular Jazz artists like Ronnie Laws and Lonnie Liston Smith.

Field Day in London, England

A relatively new festival that had its debut in 2019, Field Day solidified its position as one of the capital’s most loved music festivals due to their excellent lineup,stellar stages, and live performances. Field Day is curated by a collection of clubs and promoters from the London music scene to celebrate the full spectrum of electronic music with both live and DJ performances across one day with three outdoor stages of music, indoor stages, and running as late as 3am, which is considered to be a novelty when it comes to London music festivals.

Houghton Festival in Houghton, England

Despite only two editions under their belt, Houghton Music & Arts Festival has established itself as one of the UK’s leading electronic festivals. Curated by British electronic music veteran Craig Richards and produced by another firm favorite Gottwood, the festival has won praise on basically all counts – lineup, scheduling, sound quality, location, and atmosphere. With extended set times and a knowledgeable crowd, artists have the freedom to showcase sounds they wouldn’t normally explore, and this is where magic moments are created. 

We Out Here in Cambridgeshire, UK

A festival curated by DJ Giles Peterson and named after the UK jazz compilation Peterson’s label Brownswood Recordings released in 2018, We Out Here is a festival celebrating musical eclecticism from across the spectrum. The music that can be heard over the Cambridgeshire countryside during the festival will be a mixture of jazz, funk, soul, and hip hop, with a strong focus on electronic music. With a jam-packed program of DJs and live performances as well as incredible food, wellness activities, and art installations, We Out Here is a family-friendly festival that should be on everyone’s calendar. Where other music scenes might have capitulated to branded commercialization, the diversity of this new jazz generation, matching and continuing the legacy of their forebears, creates the genuine, communal movement that defies commodification at the We Out Here festival.

Lost Village in Lincolnshire, England

Beautifully tucked away inside a forest in Lincolnshire, Lost Village transforms the magical woodland into an enchanted electronic haven, taking festival goers on a journey through house and techno to their utopia of the freshest electronic sounds in the scene today. The intimate size of the festival further creates a space where magic seems possible and reality seems distant. Mixed into the adventure is comedy, theatre, art and of course music for three days during the summer.

We Are FSTVL in London, England

Growing bigger and bigger year after year, We Are FSTVL has festivals in multiple countries. The brand attempts to add a fun and creative aspect to its wide-ranging style of partying and revelry at the festival that always brings in droves of excited festival goers from new fans of dance music to enthusiasts. Featuring DJs and artists that specialize in techno, house, and bass, the festival is able to create some of the most stunning and amazing stages. And the party doesn’t stop at We Are FSTVL, long after the entertainment at the venue dies down, there are still afterparties for those who want to keep dancing till the sun rises.

SW4: South West Four in London, England

Since launching in 2003, South West Four has grown into one of London’s leading festivals, consistently drawing in international talent and crafting humongous line-ups that share their performances for audiences over ten large stages at the festival. Carving out space for itself in central London, South West Four can go head to head with some of the biggest dance festivals in the world. The festival has grown famous for its unexpected back-to-back sets that often take place. With more than 100 artists over two days, you’re bound to find someone who you’ll enjoy seeing perform. After all, industry heavyweights like Marshmello, Armin Van Buuren, Dizzee Rascal, and others have headlined at the event in past years.

Top 10 Jazz Festivals in the USA

The USA is the birthplace of the magical musical genre of Jazz. Known as the first truly American art form, Jazz’s rise to global domination mirrored a young USA’s rise to be a superpower. Jazz is intrinsically intertwined with America’s history and has evolved over the years just as the nation has. As Jazz began to incorporate and mix in sounds from other genres, Jazz festivals began to relax the type of artists and artistry they featured at their events. Nowadays, Jazz festivals also include acts that inspire and have been inspired by Jazz; the only criteria for music selection seems to be an inclination towards creative ingenuity. If you thought that Jazz was dead, nothing could be further from the truth, the music genre is still popular today with many long time running music festivals as well as a few more current ones that have popped up in recent years.

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PDX Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon

To celebrate Black History Month, PDX Jazz Festival was founded in 2004 to honor those who made Jazz what it is today with a series of concerts and events presented over the course of two weeks. PDX Jazz Festival takes over downtown Portland for eleven days every year in February, bringing some of jazz’s greatest stars to over a dozen venues across the city. This annual festival is dedicated to preserving America’s indigenous art form by presenting internationally recognized jazz masters alongside local musicians and includes education and outreach programs that extend into Portland’s schools and neighborhoods, as well as a generous offering of free performances.

Jazz In The Gardens Music Festival in Miami, Florida

Jazz in the Gardens has easily become the city of Miami’s premiere entertainment event. Having 15 years of history under its belt, Jazz in the Gardens celebrates diversity, culture and art. Through a stellar lineup of Jazz, R&B, Soul and World Beat, the festival showcases how various genres of music interact and influence each other. This inclusive approach to the lineup manifests itself in a uniquely uplifting atmosphere. Event goers find themselves entrenched in the rich beats and musical stylings that vibrate from the stage. The event not only brings world-renowned talent to Miami Gardens, but it gives local artists the opportunity to be seen, heard and possibly discovered. Jazz in the Gardens music festival is considered by many as the undeniable “travel destination for the spring.” Jazz in the Gardens occurs annually in March and serves as the inaugural event of the highly anticipated music festival season in Miami.

Reno Jazz Festival in Reno, Nevada

Reno Jazz Festival 2013

Almost 60 years old and organized by the University of Nevada, Reno Jazz Festival is not your normal festival experience. The event has a heavy focus on education, welcoming in students, educators, and professional musicians to the university for showcases, jam sessions, competitions and awards. The event regularly draws in crowds of nearly 10,000 students and their families each year with attendees coming in from within Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. Though this music festival might not have the same level of intensity as some of the other Jazz festivals on this list, it provides for a variety of family friendly and musical entertainment where you are undoubtedly able to learn about the rich history and culture of Jazz and celebrate it to the fullest.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, colloquially known simply as Jazz Fest, is perhaps the most famous Jazz festival in the entire world and is an annual celebration of the music and culture of New Orleans and the greater Louisiana. The Jazz Fest is used to also refer to events outside of the festival that make up this time of celebration. In the days leading up to it there are many activities for festival goers to enjoy, including many Jazz shows at unaffiliated New Orleans nightclubs. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival celebrates the unique bond between the city and the music nurtured there, and you are truly able to see how Jazz is the essence of the historic and rich city. Held from the last weekend in April into the first weekend in May, this festival is quite the tourist attraction with thousands of people coming into town to celebrate Jazz and immerse themselves in festival season. In fact, it could even be argued that outside of Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is the biggest event to take place in New Orleans in the entire year.

Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee

The Beale Street Music Festival came to life in the early 1970s when the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce developed plans for a festival, which would serve as a promotional umbrella for the numerous events Memphis hosted each May. Now this festival has transformed into a well-organized and highly budgeted month-long extravaganza for the entirety of May and has even hosted events that put the festival in the Guinness Book of World Records. In its 50 year run, the event has hosted pretty much every Blues or Jazz legend you can think of. Nowadays, the festival has broadened its scope of artists and always brings in a talented variety that festival goers always are able to appreciate.  

Jacksonville Jazz Festival in Jacksonville, Florida

The Jacksonville Jazz Festival is one of the largest free Jazz festivals in the country! Every Memorial Day Weekend since 1981, thousands of Jazz lovers from across the nation gather in Downtown Jacksonville to celebrate the music, culture and art of Jazz by the riverfront. Offering up a more traditional lineup of the biggest names in the genre, Jacksonville Jazz Festival has the feel of a street or block party, only instead of music coming out of your neighbors’ janky outdoor stereos, the sounds come from some of the most talented artists in the world doing their thing and performing their music.

Rochester International Jazz Festival in Rochester, New York

The CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival is one of the world’s leading Jazz festivals presenting legendary performers, familiar favorites, rising stars and new discoveries of talent and music from around the world. The multi-dimensional 11-day festival is held in downtown Rochester, NY, and features more than 1750 artists from around the world in over 320 shows at around 21 venues every year. Founded in 2002, the festival has grown from only being able to manage a crowd of 15,000 to now having around 210,000 festival goers attend it every year. Over its 16 years, the festival has welcomed a plethora of traditional and fusion royalty when it comes to the genre of Jazz who all know how to, of course, draw in an impressive crowd.

Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island

Established in 1954 by the Lorillards, a husband and wife pairing who were socialites in New York, Newport Jazz Festival is both older than its similarly famous sibling the Newport Folk Festival and also, reputably, the first annual American jazz festival to take place. Most of the early festivals were broadcast on Voice of America radio, and many performances were recorded and released as albums, which only goes to show the caliber of talent that was performing at the Newport Jazz Festival. These days, the event is even more impressive with artists such as Tony Allen, Herbie Hancock, and Jon Batiste as well as talented performers such as the Berklee College of Music Jazz Ensembles, Black Art Jazz Collective, and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.

Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey, California

Turning 64 this year, The Monterey Jazz Festival is a music festival in Monterey, California that was founded on October 3, 1958 by Jazz disc jockey Jimmy Lyons. The festival is renowned as one of the best Jazz events in the world. Annually held on the 20-acre, oak-studded Monterey County Fairgrounds, the event welcomes over 500 artists every year and offers a diverse lineup of talent from passionate newbies all the way up to living legends in the Jazz scene. 

Chicago Jazz Festival in Chicago, Illinois

A multi-venue music event open to all ages, the Chicago Jazz Festival brings Jazz music to Downtown Chicago’s beautiful Millennium Park, as well as the inside of the nearby Chicago Cultural Center. The oldest of Chicago’s free lakefront music festivals boasts an incredibly diverse lineup, with artists who range from well-established Jazz legends to influential modern masters and crucial new voices, mixing both local and internationally renowned talent in the genre’s continuing evolution. The festival also arranges a large selection of free neighborhood concerts leading up to the main show at Millennium Park every year in August. 

Top 10 Music Festivals in Michigan

The state of Michigan has birthed, or at the very least cultivated, some of contemporary music’s most enduring genres within the past fifty years, from punk rock to Motown/soul to techno. Though the state’s capital is Lansing, Detroit is Michigan’s most influential and largest city by far, known by locals as ‘Motor City’ due to both the successful car manufacturing industry and the hometown music label Motown Records which released many of the popular, and now classic, soul, pop, and funk records of the 60s.

Aside from the music that was birthed in Michigan, blues and Hip-Hop also have strong ties within the state, which has birthed artists like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Eminem, Diana Ross, and Madonna to name a few. Music represents a vital part of Michigan’s culture and the amount of music festivals and events they have surely prove it. Here is a list of what we consider to be the top ten music festivals in Michigan currently.

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Electric Forest in Sherwood Forest, Rothbury, MI

Electric Forest is a continuous four-day festival that stretches over one weekend. The event offers up a variety of music but is mostly centered around electronic music and jam band. Set among the flora and fauna of Rothbury’s majestic Sherwood Forest, the festival literally transforms the tranquil woodland into an electrifying, kaleidoscopic, and hedonistic haven. Since 2008, Electric Forest has offered up a meticulously curated lineup of electronica’s foremost artisans for the almost 50,000 lucky festival goers that descend upon the enchanted forest in search of an unforgettable experience year after year.

Movement Electronic Music Festival in Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI

Movement Electronic Music Festival is one of longest-running dance music events in the world and is committed to showcasing authentic electronic music while providing an experience unlike any other. The festival takes place in Hart Plaza – Detroit’s legendary riverfront destination every Memorial Day Weekend. Thousands upon thousands of ravers flock to the Hart Plaza to celebrate the history of techno in the birthplace of techno. As one of dance music’s oldest festivals, numerous generations of festival goers come together annually to celebrate techno’s origins, and its apparent impact on electronica and beyond.

Hoxeyville Music Festival in Wellston, MI

Hoxeyville is the Midwest’s premier Americana and Roots festival with a background in Americana and bluegrass music. Boasting three stages featuring national touring artists, and the best and brightest Michigan talent, they create an environment that is serene, communal, and family-friendly environment with a child-focused program of activities and games where the kids are occupied while the adults kick back to the earthy sounds. The venue is also very intimate and is outfitted to entertain a crowd of 3,000.

Common Ground Festival in Lansing, MI

Beginning in 2000, the Common Ground Festival has been a bright spot in the July calendar for Lansing, Michigan. For twenty years now, guests have been able to enjoy the weeklong festival which has hosted some of the USA’s finest talents in the shape of Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and multi-Grammy award winning artists. By mixing in legacy artists with modern icons from a wide array of genres including Contemporary, Classic Rock, Pop, Alternative, Folk, Country, Hip-Hop, and R&B music, they have been able to create an energetic and lively atmosphere with a highly enthusiastic and interactive audience.

Detroit International Jazz Festival in Hart Plaza & Campus Martius, Detroit, MI

Held in Detroit on every Labor Day since 1980, this free festival is, without doubt, a mainstay of the city’s cultural tapestry. With over sixty different performances across the multiple pop-up stages within the city, the festival is able to ensure that the heartbeat of jazz stays pumping over the course of the entire event which has seen the likes of legends like Dave Brubeck and Pat Metheny perform in the past.

Mo Pop Festival in West Riverfront Park, Detroit, MI

A large crowd watching Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas performing during the Mo Pop Festival held in West Riverside Park, July 2015

Although it has only been around since 2013, this two-day inner-city festival quickly became a fan favorite for festival goers and locals. The event caters for indie audiophiles that have a penchant for rhythm, ingenuity, and dancing with an ambiance that can be described as “boutique and niche.” Growing bigger and bigger with each year, the Mo Pop Festival has an attendance of around 20,000 guests for whom there is a wide selection of music and artistry to enjoy. Indie Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop is played all across the venue from artists who come from a variety of backgrounds, emerging newbies to established music industry giants. Guests will be able to enjoy this spectacular festival along Detroit’s famous waterfront while enjoying some of the city’s famous foods and beverages. At an event that has been compared to the likes of major alternative festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Pitchfork, you know you are in for a great time.

Hiawatha Music Festival in Tourist Park, Marquette, MI

Within the beautiful forested area of Tourist Park in the city of Marquette, the quaint Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival unfolds. This celebration of music is the ideal locale for those who love old-fashioned nature camping and outdoor activities as much as homegrown music. Hiawatha invites a mixture of both locally and nationally successful talents to perform at the event. If you love Bluegrass, Celtic, Acoustic, Blues, or Gospel music, then this is the place to be in the middle of summer.

Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI

The Wheatland Music Festival is a music and arts festival organized by the Wheatland Music Organization, a non-profit organization specializing in the preservation and presentation of traditional arts and music. Music, dance, arts and crafts, nature, and storytelling are all championed at this cultural community event. Since 1974, this festival has been a firm fixture in Michigan’s summer activities calendar. It began as a free concert on the grounds of the Rhode family farm and since then has blossomed into a gathering of festival goers within the 160-acre site.

Faster Horses Festival in Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, MI

Faster Horses Music and Camping Festival is a 3-day country music festival that runs from Friday to Sunday annually. Over the course of the weekend, over 40,000 festival goers descend upon the Michigan International Speedway, both young and old, for an epic ho-down. The festival features plenty of country music superstars, stellar campsites, and lots of boot-scootin’ boogies. The 2021 lineup looks bright with Luke Combs, Thomas Rhett, and Jason Aldean as well as other talented artists in the genre. If country music is your jam, then this is one festival you’ll sure wish to be a part of.

Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival in Ann Arbor, MI

What began as a tribute to ageing Blues icons during the late 60s and early 70s, the Ann Arbor-based festival soon expanded to encompass the genre of Jazz as well. Inviting a generous list of venerated guests like Miles Davis, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sun Ra, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and Al Green, the festival is one that diehard Blues and Jazz fans must have on their bucket lists. The festival’s program is split across the vast outdoor arenas, the large indoor concerts, and even intimate authentic Jazz clubs that will immerse festival goers into both the expressive, emotive domain that Blues and Jazz are so famous for.

Top 10 Hip-Hop Festivals in USA in 2021

Born out of the Bronx in New York during the 1970s, Hip-Hop has now become a musical genre that is known all over the world. One might say that Hip-Hop is one of the greatest things to come out of America. Reason stands that this amazing movement and its music will be celebrated throughout the country, even half a century later.

Here is the list of the ten best Hip-Hop festivals across the country where attendees can enjoy the newest and hottest music and artists in the scene.

SXSW: South By Southwest in Austin, Texas

The largest music festival of its kind worldwide, and a well-known institution for over 30 years, SXSW is much more than just a place to hear your favorite music. At this massive Texas convention, guests are able to enjoy everything from film, interactive media, individual music festivals, and conferences. SXSW is one of the world’s premier creative hubs and takes every effort to introduce up and coming artists and creators to the event’s attendees. This festival which splits its runtime over the course of two weeks, has as many as 2,000 musical acts, hundreds of guest speakers at the panels, and a large selection of films and shorts they put on for the enjoyment of guests. At SXSW you’re not likely to get through a large number of the artists and view their performances, but the ones that you are fortunate enough to witness over the 8 days it runs will probably leave you amazed. SXSW is a festival that the most ardent of festivals goers should attend at least once. You’ll be sure to be amazed by everything they put on if they do. Start preparing for the 2021 SXSW (planned for March) now.

Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, Florida

Much newer than SXSW, Rolling Loud has been in the festival industry since 2015. However, this relatively new festival quickly staked its position as the biggest Hip-Hop festival in the world while also cementing its crown as the Rap mecca. If you’re worried about traveling far for festivals, it likely will not be the case for Rolling Loud. This event is an annually held traveling festival with stops in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco which run over Friday into Sunday at each place. Rolling Loud always features a stacked roster of Hip-Hop acts which in the past included J. Cole, Future, Lil Wayne, Migos, Wiz Khalifa, and Cardi B. The 2021 lineup has already been announced and is the same as the cancelled 2020 one with Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, and Doja Cat. It is meant to take place over February 12-14. With half a year to get ready, start planning your trip to attend Rolling Loud now!

JMBLYA in Texas

Another touring festival with locations in Houston, Dallas, and Austin in Texas as well as Rogers in Arkansas, JMBLYA has been building a loyal following in its home state of Texas since it began in 2013. This high energy show of JMBLYA brings a top-notch lineup of hip-hop across the central states of the US every May in the most pumped up and intense music festival that only runs the course of one day. The JMBLYA experience is witnessing the hottest young acts from hip hop’s new golden age and a curated selection of some of the biggest names in the game, that are comparable to alumni like Chance the Rapper, Cashmere Cat, Denzel Curry, Travis Scott, Vic Mensa, Kaytranada and A$AP Ferg, with a crowd full of hardcore fans ready to let loose. Next year’s JMBLYA is one music festival that you can’t skip.

The Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Roots Picnic is an annual music festival created and hosted by Hip-Hop group, The Roots. The manager of The Roots, Shawn Gee is a co-founder as well as the executive producer of the festival. This festival has run since 2008 and is probably your favorite rapper’s most liked festival. With a gleefully celebratory air, the hometown heroes The Roots get to play music with their famously talented friends, who just happen to be some of the biggest artists in the Hip-Hop scene. With The Roots as headliners, and the backing band every year for artists like Future, Migos, Usher, Janelle Monae, and Snoop Dogg for example, attendees of the festival are able to enjoy some of the most unique and creative collaborations in Hip-Hop with some of the biggest names in the industry. The 2021 festival is set to premiere on June 5, so don’t miss your chance to see this legendary band perform the entire evening and well into the night.

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn and Hip-Hop have been intertwined since the beginning of the genre’s movement and the New York borough is inextricably linked with Hip-Hop culture. As such, New York often finds itself as the location for the genre’s biggest and baddest festivals that explore not only the music but the history and culture of Hip-Hop as well. BHF brings more to the table than just music—past installments of the weeklong series included conversations with prominent hip-hop personalities like Rakim, a film festival and a “Juice Hip-Hop” exhibition. It has also brought headliners DMX and The Lox, along with performances from DJ Rob Swift, EarthGang, Mister Cee and Oshun. The event has always strived to celebrate the culture’s artistic influence and ability to be a vehicle for social change since it began in 2005. It had been on hiatus for 2019, and then unable to go through in 2020 due to covid, but we’re sure that they’ll be back in 2021 with a killer roster of Hip-Hop artists and personalities, so be on the lookout.

FYF Fest in Los Angeles, California

The crowd during the 2017 edition of FYF Fest 2017, held at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. The festival’s production partner, Goldenvoice, cut ties with FYF Fest founder Sean Carlson just preceding accusations of sexual assault and harassment against him.

With a name that is redundant unless you call it by its shortened form FYF Fest, F*ck Yeah Fest Fest in Los Angeles has showcased some of the most progressive acts and talents across a variety of genres, the festival is a haven for artistry from 2004-2017. FYF Fest’s lineup is uncompromising and more focused on the music, delving deep into Hip-Hop and featuring amazing artists that you might not find at other multi-genre affairs over the course of its 3-day long festival. Though this festival is not as famous or big as Coachella or EDC, it is not less impressive and has had performances from stars like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, and Janet Jackson in the past. It’s unclear if FYF Fest is gone forever as there haven’t been events for 2018 and 2019 but we are eagerly hoping for its return and for it to once again assert its position as one of the best west coast Hip-Hop festivals.

Made in America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Founded by Jay-Z, and produced by Live Nation, Made in America Festival is an annual music festival featuring several stages that continuously host live music from a wide range of genres including Hip-Hop, rock, Pop, R&B, and EDM. The event used to be held simultaneously in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, but now just takes place in the latter. This event could be considered to be a more upscale and professional version of The Roots Picnic which also takes place in the same city. Celebrating music and culture that is fundamentally American in its roots, Made in America is meant to bring people together who can find joy in like-mindedness and the emotions that music creates. The festival has gotten more and more impressive each year and often has themed sections of entertainment like Rocky Stage, Liberty Stage, and Freedom Tent (which features primarily EDM) for live music. It also has become known for showcasing artists who end up blowing up in popularity quite soon afterwards. If you’re the type of person who always wants to be ahead of the curve and discover new artists and music before they become too mainstream this is the festival for you. Of course, Jay-Z’s festival also features big artists like himself and his wife Beyonce on occasion as well as famous colleagues like Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, the Weeknd, etc. Get ahead of 2021, by preparing for Made in America today!

Day N Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada

Born out of the short-lived Day N Night Festival in California, Day N Vegas burst onto the scene in 2019 with perhaps the strongest Hip-Hop lineup anywhere on the planet, with over 100 artists that included the likes of J. Cole, Future, Migos, 21 Savage, 6LACK, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator, Brockhampton and others.  It seemed pretty much every hip hop artist making waves was passing through for three days in November. Pairing that with the fact that this festival was in “The Party Never Stops” Las Vegas, it quickly found fame as one of the world’s best music festivals of 2019. There are tentative plans to still hold Day N Vegas over November 2020, but it looks like it might get cancelled. One thing is for sure, when Day N Vegas is finally able to come to life again, it will be out of this world in terms of music and entertainment.  

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens, New York

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival, in Queens, made its debut in 2016 with Kanye West, J.Cole, Kygo, and Chance the Rapper headlining and will always be remembered as the event where Kanye stopped his set early after finding out his wife Kim Kardashian had been robbed in Paris and left. Outside of that misfortune, The Meadows Music & Arts Festival did relatively well its first year with such impressive headliners as well as 42 other artists and four stages in total (Linden Blvd., Queens Blvd., Shea, and The Meadows). The following year, Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Gorillaz headlined the event. The event seems to be on a hiatus for now, but their company Founders Entertainment, which also produces the Governors Ball Music Festival, most likely has future plans to have other fun and energetic music festivals for the festival-going crowd in New York.

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, California

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, formerly known as OFWGKTA Carnival or Odd Future carnival, is a music festival and carnival curated by Tyler, The Creator which has been held annually since its creation in 2012. The carnival’s name is an anagram of “Wolf Gang” and it features a variety of carnival games, rides, food vendors, and combines it with the hype and artistry of a music festival, hosting a myriad of notable artists. Prior to 2016, the festival had only been held for one day. It is always held on a weekend. Growing bigger and bigger each year, the festival has moved from a quirky boutique to a full on, heavy hitting extravaganza. Whatever Tyler, The Creator, produces is always a spectacle and this extraordinary music festival is no different. It is unclear yet whether or not the next Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival will be in 2020 or 2021, but it is not going to disappear from the music scene anytime soon.

Top 5 Best Snow / Winter Music Festivals in the USA & Canada

Despite what California and Florida seem to suggest by their weather, most parts of the USA get really cold during the winter months of the year. And for a country that loves to party, the US has quickly followed Europe and their trend of hosting icy music festivals that bring skiing, snowboarding and other snowsports into the mix.. With 2020 approaching its end and the winter months quickly approaching, the snowsport music festival scene is coming alive, we thought there was no better time than to compile a list of the best snowsports music festivals to check out in North America.

SnowGlobe in South Lake Tahoe, California

Run by iconic MTV, the SnowGlobe festival is perhaps the most multi-purpose music festival in the world and also the most interesting winter wonderland. Set in South Lake Tahoe, with some of the continent’s best ski resorts, such as Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Northstar, near striking distance of the festival, this is one festival where the fun never stops. Onsite the lineup of party-stating electronic artists like Zedd, Disclosure, Tiesto, and Kaskade ensure the dancefloor stays hot. Offsite, guests can enjoy the slopes in between rounds of their favorite artists performing. If that’s not enough, the festival is always set over New Year’s Eve, so you can get your ski trip, festival experience, and NYE plans settled in one fell swoop.  

Snowbombing Canada in Sun Peaks British Columbia

Snowbombing Canada at Sun Peaks began at the popular ski resort in the spring of 2017, bringing some of the world’s most notable electronic and Hip-Hop acts to British Columbia. The event has two outposts, one in Austria and this one in Canada. In Europe, where snowsport music festivals are much more common, Snowbombing is regarded as one of the premier festivals of its kind, and it is no different in North America with its sister festival. Expertly curated lineups of upbeat dance music from artists like Illenium, Cypress Hill, and Odesza take the après ski vibe to a whole other level after a day on the pristine slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

World Ski & Snowboard Festival in Whistler, British Columbia

NOS performing at the outdoor concerts series at WSSF

Coming alive in 1994 with the World Technical Skiing Championships, the World Ski & Snowboard Festival has brought together ski champions from various disciplines and attracted a large number of ski media to Whistler to enjoy themselves at the biggest snowsports music festival in North America. A quarter of a million attendees with ski and snowboard aficionados amongst them are able to witness premier athletes compete and partake in some activities themselves while also getting to enjoy live concerts and DJ sets. The cold doesn’t keep away the talent either. The event regularly has a stacked lineup with artists such as Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Old Soul Rebel, Little Destroyer, Skratch Bastid, Mat the Alien, and March Fourth playing.

WinterWonderGrass in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Photo by Molly McCormick © WinterWonderGrass Festival All Rights Rerserved 2019

This is another popular snowsports music festival that has branched out to take place in multiple locations amongst which are Squaw in California, Stratton in Vermont, and of course Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Unlike the other events on this list, this festival is a multi-day bluegrass and roots music festival. Their aim is to cultivate and nurture the relationship between nature, authentic music, and communal family, which creates a vehicle for inspiration. They believe that when people come together with open hearts and open minds, bringing all of their differences and unique opinions, they truly begin to dissolve the illusion of separation from one another. Their intention is to create a platform for artists, vendors, attendees, and our planet to unite as one – connecting the community. With artists like Greensky Bluegrass, Margo Price, Billy Strings, Keller Williams and the Keels, Nikki Lane, The Travelin’ McCourys, and Molly Tuttle playing, it’s suffice to say that WinterWonderGrass achieves their goals. If winter sports and bluegrass music are right up your alley then this is the perfect music festival for you.

Snowsio in Frisco, Colorado

Snowsio was launched in February 2020 in Colorado. From the rock, electronic, and jazz fusion artists Papadosio, this three-day event came to life bringing a more intimate feel to snowsports music festivals. The event trades in big mountain skiing for the more collective activity of tubing. Attendees are also able to enjoy special après sets, multiple appearances from Papadosio, and an all-star Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin jam sesh as well as artists like Joel Cummins (of Umphrey’s McGee), Eminence Ensemble, Stan Kitchen, Brether, and Earthcry for its inaugural show. At Snowsio, festival goers are able to enjoy the casual air of friends hanging out and enjoying good music while having fun in the snow, making for the perfect winter experience.

10 Essentials to Bring to a Music Festival

Lo and behold, rave season is here! Are you ready to do your yearly round-up of all your favourite music festivals? I bet you are, and that you’ve been planning your outfits out for weeks, but have you given your packing list a second thought? Yes, travelling light is a priority but you’ve got to bring these 10 essentials to a music festival if you want to make the most of your time there. Refer to this handy little rave checklist and never worry about struggling to pack your bag at short notice again!

Quench Your Thirst with a Hydration Pack

Look, I know you don’t want to be lugging around a water bottle but staying hydrated is key to having a good rave experience; no one wants to find themselves fainting in the middle of a crowd and potentially trampled over by a bunch of high-energy ravers. Not only are hydration packs a super convenient substitute to regular bottled water, they also have a much larger capacity. And you don’t have to compromise on style either – opt for a funky hydration pack that complements your outfit and doubles as a fun accessory! So do yourself a favour and get a trusty hydration pack you can count on to keep you rejuvenated and always ready to break out your killer moves without feeling light-headed.

Power Through with a Power Bank

Yes you’re pumped to live it up, but make sure your phone’s energy matches yours. You don’t want to get stranded alone in the middle of nowhere the morning after with a dead phone, right? Sure, you could totally ask to borrow a friendly stranger’s cellphone, but you’d be lying to yourself if you said you actually knew any of your friends’ phone numbers. Save yourself a couple breakdowns by bringing along a pocket-sized power bank that’ll keep your phone-juice flowin’. Now you can take an obscene amount of photos and record your favourite performances without worrying about conserving battery power. Big win!

Kiss Away Boo-Boos with a First-Aid Kit

I’m not suggesting you carry a full-size first-aid kit with you to Coachella, but keeping a couple band-aids on hand is always a good idea. A mini first-aid kit stuffed with essentials like painkillers (stay away from Tylenol if you are going to be drinking alcohol), Nyquil, antiseptic cream and a handful of Q-tips will go a long way in terms of providing protection in an emergency situation. Throw one into your fanny pack so you can tackle random bouts of nausea and those random cuts that pop out of nowhere with sheer confidence.

Gear Up with a Mask

Even before COVID-19 entered the picture (and even once it leaves), masks were a must at music festivals. Now, I’m not talking surgical masks but just some form of fashionable cloth facial shield. You can easily DIY one out of an old t-shirt or even go for a bandana if you’re looking for something that ties into your outfit a little better. They’ll protect you from the strong hum of air pollution, and keep you from gagging on the horrible stench snaking out from the porta-potties. And the smell of puke ingrained on the super drunk guy next to you on the dancefloor. Basically, when we’re looking at 10 essentials to bring to a music festival, masks definitely make the cut.

Party Safe with Earplugs

Yes you’re here for the sick tunes but you don’t want to leave deaf now, do you? Grab some earplugs to keep pesky sound-induced headaches at bay so that you can get down when the beat drops without feeling like your head’s about to explode. Ditch the old spongey ones you wore to swimming lessons for a more expensive but effective reusable pair that’s designed to protect you from high-frequency sound. From clear, inconspicuous ones to colourful customizable ones – there’s a wide range of earplugs to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love. And if you had any qualms about looking uncool with earplugs on, remember that your favourite DJ’s probably sporting a pair on stage too.

Cozy Up with a Hoodie

Music festival outfits tend to be light and breezy to beat the heat but remember that it can get real cold real fast at night. While your booty shorts and refashioned bikini top offer the chance to rock your summer bod, it might be a good idea to pack a cosy hoodie… unless getting pneumonia is on your bucket list.

Go crazy with the choice of fabric and style; think of it as a way to wear your personality. In fact, your hoodie may even serve as the perfect way to work in something of an outfit change without having to pack a whole different outfit!

Beat the Heat with Sunscreen

Yes your strappy outfit looks bomb but I bet it’s going to leave you with some real unfortunate tan lines. Slather on that sunscreen real thick to prevent sunburns and ugly tans alike. If you’re worried about getting that pasty look, opt for a bb cream with SPF protection for your face and spray on some non-greasy lightweight sunscreen for the rest of your body. With just a couple reapplications you can dance the day away without a care!

Stay Fresh with Deodorant

Let’s be real, it can get pretty hot ‘n’ heavy out there, so don’t be surprised if your teen-hood nemesis B.O decides to put in an appearance. Save yourself the embarrassment and ravers all around you from gagging by packing a stick of deodorant for your next music festival. Trust me, a quick swipe or two goes a long way. And if you’re not a deo fan, then just grab some baby wipes at your local drugstore for the ride because let’s face it – music festivals aren’t exactly known for their showering or bathroom facilities.

Pack an Oomph with a Fanny Pack

Fanny packs- they were uncool in middle school, but they’ll be your best friend at raves! What better way to keep your valuables safe and within reach at all times than by strappin’ it onto your body? Even when you’re high, drunk or hungover, your darling fanny pack will make sure that your dollar bills aren’t strewn across the dance floor and that your phone hasn’t fallen out of your pocket unnoticed like three hours ago. Customize yours to match your ’fit.

Night Sorted with a Sleeping Bag

Most music festivals are a lengthy affair, stretching over multiple days of pure musical madness so you should be prepared to camp it out. While packing a full-fledged tent may seem impractical – and sometimes straight up unnecessary – consider carrying a lightweight sleeping bag that you can slip into to catch some z’s. I know sleep’s the last thing on your mind when your favorite artists are killing it just a few meters away from you, but believe me your body will thank you for thinking ahead when you’re exhausted and need a place to crash.

There you have it – 10 essentials to bring to a music festival, no matter where you’re headed. What’re you waiting for, now that you have your bags packed, go ahead and book your tickets already!