10 Essentials to Bring to a Music Festival

Lo and behold, rave season is here! Are you ready to do your yearly round-up of all your favourite music festivals? I bet you are, and that you’ve been planning your outfits out for weeks, but have you given your packing list a second thought? Yes, travelling light is a priority but you’ve got to bring these 10 essentials to a music festival if you want to make the most of your time there. Refer to this handy little rave checklist and never worry about struggling to pack your bag at short notice again!

Quench Your Thirst with a Hydration Pack

Look, I know you don’t want to be lugging around a water bottle but staying hydrated is key to having a good rave experience; no one wants to find themselves fainting in the middle of a crowd and potentially trampled over by a bunch of high-energy ravers. Not only are hydration packs a super convenient substitute to regular bottled water, they also have a much larger capacity. And you don’t have to compromise on style either – opt for a funky hydration pack that complements your outfit and doubles as a fun accessory! So do yourself a favour and get a trusty hydration pack you can count on to keep you rejuvenated and always ready to break out your killer moves without feeling light-headed.

Power Through with a Power Bank

Yes you’re pumped to live it up, but make sure your phone’s energy matches yours. You don’t want to get stranded alone in the middle of nowhere the morning after with a dead phone, right? Sure, you could totally ask to borrow a friendly stranger’s cellphone, but you’d be lying to yourself if you said you actually knew any of your friends’ phone numbers. Save yourself a couple breakdowns by bringing along a pocket-sized power bank that’ll keep your phone-juice flowin’. Now you can take an obscene amount of photos and record your favourite performances without worrying about conserving battery power. Big win!

Kiss Away Boo-Boos with a First-Aid Kit

I’m not suggesting you carry a full-size first-aid kit with you to Coachella, but keeping a couple band-aids on hand is always a good idea. A mini first-aid kit stuffed with essentials like painkillers (stay away from Tylenol if you are going to be drinking alcohol), Nyquil, antiseptic cream and a handful of Q-tips will go a long way in terms of providing protection in an emergency situation. Throw one into your fanny pack so you can tackle random bouts of nausea and those random cuts that pop out of nowhere with sheer confidence.

Gear Up with a Mask

Even before COVID-19 entered the picture (and even once it leaves), masks were a must at music festivals. Now, I’m not talking surgical masks but just some form of fashionable cloth facial shield. You can easily DIY one out of an old t-shirt or even go for a bandana if you’re looking for something that ties into your outfit a little better. They’ll protect you from the strong hum of air pollution, and keep you from gagging on the horrible stench snaking out from the porta-potties. And the smell of puke ingrained on the super drunk guy next to you on the dancefloor. Basically, when we’re looking at 10 essentials to bring to a music festival, masks definitely make the cut.

Party Safe with Earplugs

Yes you’re here for the sick tunes but you don’t want to leave deaf now, do you? Grab some earplugs to keep pesky sound-induced headaches at bay so that you can get down when the beat drops without feeling like your head’s about to explode. Ditch the old spongey ones you wore to swimming lessons for a more expensive but effective reusable pair that’s designed to protect you from high-frequency sound. From clear, inconspicuous ones to colourful customizable ones – there’s a wide range of earplugs to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love. And if you had any qualms about looking uncool with earplugs on, remember that your favourite DJ’s probably sporting a pair on stage too.

Cozy Up with a Hoodie

Music festival outfits tend to be light and breezy to beat the heat but remember that it can get real cold real fast at night. While your booty shorts and refashioned bikini top offer the chance to rock your summer bod, it might be a good idea to pack a cosy hoodie… unless getting pneumonia is on your bucket list.

Go crazy with the choice of fabric and style; think of it as a way to wear your personality. In fact, your hoodie may even serve as the perfect way to work in something of an outfit change without having to pack a whole different outfit!

Beat the Heat with Sunscreen

Yes your strappy outfit looks bomb but I bet it’s going to leave you with some real unfortunate tan lines. Slather on that sunscreen real thick to prevent sunburns and ugly tans alike. If you’re worried about getting that pasty look, opt for a bb cream with SPF protection for your face and spray on some non-greasy lightweight sunscreen for the rest of your body. With just a couple reapplications you can dance the day away without a care!

Stay Fresh with Deodorant

Let’s be real, it can get pretty hot ‘n’ heavy out there, so don’t be surprised if your teen-hood nemesis B.O decides to put in an appearance. Save yourself the embarrassment and ravers all around you from gagging by packing a stick of deodorant for your next music festival. Trust me, a quick swipe or two goes a long way. And if you’re not a deo fan, then just grab some baby wipes at your local drugstore for the ride because let’s face it – music festivals aren’t exactly known for their showering or bathroom facilities.

Pack an Oomph with a Fanny Pack

Fanny packs- they were uncool in middle school, but they’ll be your best friend at raves! What better way to keep your valuables safe and within reach at all times than by strappin’ it onto your body? Even when you’re high, drunk or hungover, your darling fanny pack will make sure that your dollar bills aren’t strewn across the dance floor and that your phone hasn’t fallen out of your pocket unnoticed like three hours ago. Customize yours to match your ’fit.

Night Sorted with a Sleeping Bag

Most music festivals are a lengthy affair, stretching over multiple days of pure musical madness so you should be prepared to camp it out. While packing a full-fledged tent may seem impractical – and sometimes straight up unnecessary – consider carrying a lightweight sleeping bag that you can slip into to catch some z’s. I know sleep’s the last thing on your mind when your favorite artists are killing it just a few meters away from you, but believe me your body will thank you for thinking ahead when you’re exhausted and need a place to crash.

There you have it – 10 essentials to bring to a music festival, no matter where you’re headed. What’re you waiting for, now that you have your bags packed, go ahead and book your tickets already!