Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Clubs in Los Angeles

Best Lounges in Downtown LA

This is arguably one of the hardest lists we’ve ever had the pleasure of throwing together. With tons of beautiful lounges/scattered around the Downtown district of LA with their presence, compiling a compete list of our favorites would have been impossible. So today we we’re writing about some of our favorite and most frequented lounges you will see between Thursday and Sunday night in DTLA.

This list is in no ranking order and I will be the first to admit that it’s missing some hot spots. But these lounges have proven that they not only attract great crowds but also provide an exciting and welcoming atmosphere that is quickly missed upon your leaving. With that being said, let’s look at some of our favorite lounges in DTLA that have caught our eye. Here we go!

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Everson Royce Bar

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Everson Royce Bar is one of the coolest bars in DLTA right now. Kicking this list off, this bar/lounge is a perfect place to relax or get together with friends. The atmosphere Everson Royce Bar has cultivated feels undeniably welcoming. The crowd is usually upscale, as many dress to impress, but this place is truly all about lounging and having a good time.

Broken Shaker LA

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The Broken Shaker LA is an exeperience you are certain to never to forget. This rooftop bar/lounge is the place to take in the DTLA skyline. With hard to beat views and an environment rarely experienced, the Broker Shaker is a great place to have a nice date or pregame with friends before hitting the town.

Perch LA

Perch LA is one of the hottest spots in LA right now. The venue is layed out in the style of a French-inspired rooftop bistro, located at the top the Pershing Square Building in DTLA. Perch’s founders created its spaces with beautiful views of Downtown Los Angeles for guests to sense the feeling of floating along the skyline.

The Edison

The Edison is a punk-themed lounge/bar found inside the Higgins Building basement in Los Angeles, California. The Edison opened in 2007 and is located in the Higgins Building basement and was once Los Angeles’ first ever power plant.

Elevate Lounge

Elevate Lounge located across from Takami Restaurant found on the 21st floor of a downtown high-rise, Elevate Lounge has 6000 square feet of dance and lounge space in one big open area.

Sliding glass doors open to the outdoor lounge area with a south-west view over downtown LA from Wilshire. The dance floor is small compared to the amount of space. A lot of the seating is reserved for bottle service, which is typical found in LA clubs. But be warned, the line for the club forms downstairs in front of the building and can grow quickly so make sure to arrive early or check out upcoming events at Elevate Lounge.

71 Above

Experience the view of every rooftop in LA with a more comfortable environment in 71 Above, which also offers a bistro-style low dining tables or cozy sofas highlighting cocktail service and small plates. Groups of two to eight are welcome on a first come first serve with no reservations required. Definitely a spot worth checking out.

洛杉矶夜店攻略 - 嘻哈篇



随着电音的冒起,顶级的嘻哈夜店已经越来越少。不过1 OAK 这个夜店品牌却屹立不倒,在洛杉矶、拉斯维加斯和纽约三大城市都有分店。时尚的设计和一流的服务是1 OAK 最大的卖点。就算不是经常有顶级的DJ坐镇,这里也是城中嘻哈爱好者的必然之选。加上这里不时会出现荷里活的A级明星,喜欢嘻哈和荷里活电影的您,快到这嘻哈夜店之王看看吧!Discotech现正提供1 OAK LA每星期五的免费Guestlist,有兴趣的朋友可以按以下的链接登记!

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The Argyle

The Argyle主要分为酒吧和夜店两个部分。楼下的酒吧没有震耳欲聋的音乐,也灯光也比较通明,与楼上的夜店区形成强烈对比。The Argyle的老板在访问中提及夜店的设计主要想让客人可以随时到楼下的酒吧交谈,不用每次都对着对方的耳朵大喊。因此酒吧餐单上的鸡尾酒都是经过精心挑选和设计的,确保客人在休息的时候都能得到最好的补充。

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Bootsy Bellows

曾是Trousdale Lounge的Bootsy Bellows由演员David Arquette一手创立,而店名是根据其母亲名字改的。2015的装潢将这里变成一家金碧辉煌的高级夜店,无论是服务和环境都是城中数一数二的。因为老板是名人,光顾这夜店的大多是富豪或明星。如果想看看荷里活明星的风采,记得来这边逛逛哦。不过男士的话,就可能需要订台才可以进去了。

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Elevate Lounge

Elevate Lounge是城内比较特别的一家夜店。它位于市中心某高楼大夏的21楼,跟其他开在地面的夜店有着鲜明的对比。它窗外的景色俯瞰着市中心各式各样的高楼大夏,在霓虹灯下更能特显出洛杉矶的天际线,光是这个景象已经值回票价。场地方面,摩登的设计配上已白色为主的家具和墙壁,让Elevate能轻松融入市中心这个商业区。有兴趣的,这里10点半前都是免费入场的,而且是城里订台价钱较为低的夜店。

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Hyde Sunset Lounge

晚上10点前的Hyde Sunset是一家高级餐厅。分针转到12的一刻,这里马上变成荷里活最豪华的夜店之一。由于地方比较小,而且价钱昂贵,所以光顾这里的大多是名人或富豪。每个星期一是嘻哈之夜,DJ会轮流播放经典和现代的嘻哈歌曲。到了周末,更会有著名DJ的演出,是嘻哈爱好者的天堂。想到Hyde走一趟的,要注意这里并不售卖夜店门票,想进去就要订台和卖酒哦。

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Warwick基本上是一家放满高级家具的旧货仓。暗淡的灯光配上红砖和火炉,却发出一种特别的吸引力,无损其高级夜店的身份。这里可是城里最难进的夜店之一,大部分派对都不设门票。想进去就得订台,或在门口碰碰運氣,但是保安通常只让美女进去。订台是常客们的必然选择,不过酒吧的饮料都由高级酒保调制,素质有所保证。Warwick有时候会请来有名的嘻哈DJ,谨记留意Discotech APP以获得最新信息。

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