Mezzanine is located at 444 Jessie St

Nights Open

9PM – 2AM Fri & Sat, occasional weekday events

How much is table service at Mezzanine?

Table minimums at Mezzanine vary widely depending on how many people in your party and the DJ / talent. One thing to note about Mezzanine – you have to buy tickets on top of getting bottles. Typically bottle service comes with a set number of comped admissions. But at Mezzanine they require you to buy tickets as well – so you’ll have to factor that into the cost calculation.

    Pricing is subject to increase depending on talent.

    Please note that Mezzanine does not have bottle service for every night. You will have to contact the venue to determine if they are offering bottle service on the night you’re interested in.

    Which is the best table at Mezzanine?

    Tables at Mezzanine are upstairs in the VIP area. You get a pretty good view of the stage from up there but it’s not that close to the action.

    Mezzanine Table Floor Plan

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