Top 10 Nightclubs in Orlando, Florida

When most people think of Florida nightlife, one of their first thoughts is probably along the lines of, “Miami, of course.” However we are here to tell you that the nightclubs in Orlando have some equally amazing and awesome nightlife opportunities to check out! We know this is great news for you to hear, which is why we went a step further to help you out. We have made it so that you don’t have to go through the strenuous process of researching these venues because we have already done it for you. Listed in alphabetical order, here are our top 10 favorite spots to hit when we go to Orlando!

1. The Attic

The Attic Photo Orlando

The Attic is a high-paced EDM club that sits in Downtown Orlando. With brick laden walls and a top of the line lighting system, club goers will feel the rustic, fun atmosphere that the club gives off while making memories with all of their friends. Make sure to head upstairs once you arrive, as this is a club that sits on the second story of the building it resides in. Giving people a great time since 2010, The Attic is definitely a spot you won’t want to miss in Orlando! Check out their VIP and General Admission listings.

2. The Beacham

The Beachem Photo

The Beacham is an iconic, live music venue that has been around for decades. The size of the dance floor is smaller than most other live venues, giving the guests a very intimate experience when watching their favorite bands perform. The Police and The Backstreet Boys have played here in the past, and since then this venue has been pleasing audiences with live music and long-lasting memories. Milky Chance and Alec Benjamin are two performers that are scheduled to perform this year, so make sure to check out the ticket listings and secure yourself a spot to the show before you head over to The Beacham! 

3. Celine 

Celine Photo Orlando

Celine is another nightclub in Orlando that is incredibly fun, and it is located in right the middle of Downtown. The venue provides four different areas for guests to party in, including an indoor upper level drinking area that overlooks the main dance floor and an outdoor rooftop lounge that gives guests the gorgeous views of downtown. There are some nights dedicated to live music while others are reserved for DJs that come and give guests the time of their life. If you are interested in going to one of the coolest nightclubs in Orlando, check out their ticket listings here to reserve a spot.

4. Eden the Lounge 

Eden the Lounge Photo Orlando

As its name suggests, this bar and restaurant has transformed itself into a plant covered wonderland similar to that of the Garden of Eden, which can satisfy all of your food and beverage desires. With the cocktail bar and the surrounding areas covered in greenery, guests are sure to feel like they are transported into a different part of the world, one that is nowhere near the hustle and bustle of Orlando city streets. If you are interested in booking a table at Eden the Lounge, check out this listing here.

5. Eve

Eve Photo Orlando

With its classy decorations and shimmery chandeliers, Eve brings guests into a world of high end nightlife that is sure to please. This venue contains a huge dance floor, three bars, three VIP lounges, and a Chandelier Room equipped with glittering lights and impeccably cut glass decorations. If you feel like living a night of class and pomp, check out their availability for partying at here. 

6. Gilt 

Gilt Photo Orlando

Gilt is a nightclub that has been around since the early 1970s. After changing its name from Roxy to Gilt in 2014, the club renovated its interior and amped up their nightlife game in order to provide guests with the ultimate club experience. Once inside, you will find 10 bars, 2 dancefloors, and 2 levels to choose from. Famous stars like Steve Aoki and Nicki Minaj have walked its floors so if you intend on going to the Gilt, be sure to look out for any and all famous individuals!

7. Icebar

Icebar Photo Orlando

Warm weather is on the horizon (especially in Florida), so for all of you cold weather lovers out there we have some amazing news for you: Orlando is home to a bar made entirely out of ice! That’s right, once you enter the Icebar you will be inside a Winter Wonderland that has hand made decorations for you to admire. You will be given a thermal coat and a pair of gloves to keep you comfortable while you are listening to party music inside and admiring the amazing ice-laden architecture. If this is one of the few nightclubs in Orlando that you would be totally down to try out, you should check out their dates here and buy yourself a ticket.

8. Room 22

Room 22 Photo

Room 22 is unique because it provides guests with live entertainment in the form of burlesque and other professional dancers. It’s ambiance takes you back to the 1920s, when flapper girls and other Gatsby themes were much more rampant. If you are looking to go to a club with amazing live performances as a form of entertainment, check out Room 22’s schedule of events here to reserve a ticket.

9. The Vanguard 

The Vanguard Photo

The Vanguard is another live music venue that is partially owned by the famous EDM music company, Insomniac. It’s small size and its relationship to the rave enterprise provides guests with an insanely fun, intimate atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at a mini rave. This means that live music attendees will be just a few feet away from the performers like Cash Cash and Noizu who are scheduled to perform this year. So check out the ticket listings here if you are trying to see some of your favorite artists perform up close and personal in front of you! 

10. Vyce Lounge 

Vyce Lounge Photo

The Vyce Lounge presents guests with a sophisticated, fun atmosphere to party in while vacationing in Orlando. Floor to ceiling mirrors are a unique feature of this venue, and create an illusion to make everyone who walks inside feel like they are in a never ending room of lights and partiers. The Vyce also has an extremely wide variety of cocktails and a hearty selection of food that will please everyone who walks in.

There you have it folks! The top 10 nightclubs in Orlando, Florida are all waiting for you to take a look inside and party with them. You definitely won’t be disappointed in the clubs you decide to explore, so make sure to check and see if any of these venues are putting on events during your Orlando, Florida vacation!