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10 Best Nightclubs in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale’s location on the southern tip of Florida makes it an incredibly cool spot to visit for many reasons, but we believe the best part about the city is its wild and large array of nightlife venues! We are specifically here to help you out by explaining the vibes and general layout of each […]

5 Cities That Are Open For Travel and Nightlife In The US

With the seasons beginning to turn from winter to spring, the feel-good warm weather has been a huge reminder for all of the nightlife opportunities that lie ahead throughout the year. Sipping drinks on a beach, going to nightclubs with friends, and attending live music concerts are some of the events that have slowly been […]

What You Need To Bring To A Music Festival Abroad

If you’ve considered attending a music festival abroad but are unsure of what to bring, then you’ve come to the right place. Aside from the usual things to pack on a trip, such as clothes and toiletries, we have compiled a thorough list of items that you might not have considered yet and could help […]

Camping Festival Checklist For All First-Time Campers

If you’re anything like us, the thought of camping at a music festival makes you feel all kinds of emotions: excitement, intrigue, and a rush at the thought of going on a three day adventure with your closest friends. But again, if you’re anything like how we were at our first camping rave, you could […]

Best Nightclubs in Tampa, Florida

With its location resting right alongside the water of Tampa Bay, The city of Tampa, Florida is home to gorgeous waterfront views, an intriguing history, and some of the coolest clubs in the state! If you’re interested in finding the best nightclubs in Tampa, there are many located within the Ybor city neighborhood, a location […]

Top 10 Nightclubs in Orlando, Florida

When most people think of Florida nightlife, one of their first thoughts is probably along the lines of, “Miami, of course.” However we are here to tell you that the nightclubs in Orlando have some equally amazing and awesome nightlife opportunities to check out! We know this is great news for you to hear, which […]

Concert Tours In 2021 You Need To Watch Out For

Have you been itching to get out of the house and back into the world of music? Well we have some good news for you: a collection of major artists have rescheduled their concert dates and have decided to tour this year! Below you will find the top artists who are participating in 2021 concert […]