Randall’s Island

Nights Open

August 30 – September 2

Electric Zoo sells presale tickets to the festival.

Tickets generally start at $100+ for single day GA passes. Expect to pay more for 3 day or VIP passes.

Cover at the door usually starts at $30-40 so if you definitely want to attend we would recommend buying tickets.

Ticket holders get quicker, expedited admission as well.

You can buy tickets for Electric Zoo on the Discotech web app.

What benefits do VIP Electric Zoo tickets come with?

VIP EZoo tickets come with:

  • Expedited entry
  • Access to the main stage VIP lounge (including a bar & air conditioned bathrooms)
  • Access to VIP viewing lounges at every stage

Wondering if getting Platinum VIP EZOO tickets are worth it?

Platinum VIP tickets come with an “open bar” – check out a review of the platinum VIP experience below:

To my knowledge, the only place the VIP band gives you access to is the VIP tent, which has some cocktail tables, couches/seats in it, and flush toilets. And possibly a side-stage viewing area, but I didn’t check it out. The VIP tent is kinda far from mainstage; like you can still see it, but you won’t be able to see the face of any performer.

The food being passed around is hors d’oeuvres. They’re decent in quality, but it’s not like a buffet or anything. If you hover around VIP for a while you could be able to get a small meal’s worth out of it. They do food for most of the day (I think they stop around sunset).

The open bar is technically an open bar, but IMO it is definitely not worth it because of the policies they implemented midway through the festival without notice. Or at least, it was only good on the Friday. Friday was the best day; it wasn’t crowded, there weren’t long lines, you could get 2 drinks at a time.

Here’s where Ezoo screwed up: On Saturday/Sunday the number of people in the VIP area tripled or even quadrupled; it was now PACKED AS F*CK. There were 2 bars in the VIP area, but only one of them was valid for free drinks. So there was one cash bar with like no line, and a 15-minute wait on the “open bar” line. NEW RULE you can only get one drink at a time now.

IMO, VIP bands are worth it if you want a place in the shade to chill, flush toilets, etc. But the quality of the platinum “all-you-can-drink” experience just wasn’t worth it on Sat/Sunday. And believe me, I drank “all I could” but never got drunk because the lines were so long.

How does the Will Call for Electric Zoo work?

Will Call serves as a way for our international guests and those who ordered their passes after the shipping cut­-off date to pick up their tickets conveniently when entering the festival. Follow signs for will call when you arrive on festival site. You will need your printed confirmation email, the credit card used to purchase your passes and your valid photo ID.

Will Call opens at 2pm on Friday, August 31st; and at 12pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 1st and 2nd.

I ordered my ticket internationally. How can I pick up my ticket for Electric Zoo?

All international orders must be picked up at the Will Call check-­in area, located next to the Box Office at the festival main entrance on Randall’s Island. Unless you plan to walk, bike, or arrive by car, you must print out your confirmation email and bring it with you to the ferry or shuttle bus departure point in Manhattan (check your confirmation email to make sure you’re headed to the correct place ­- either ferry or MTA). Your confirmation email will be checked, and you will be allowed to ride to the festival site on Randall’s Island. From there, you should proceed to the Will Call check-­in area. You will need the credit card used to purchase your tickets and your valid photo ID.

What if I bought my ticket with someone else’s credit card for Will Call? Do I need a photocopy of the credit card and that person’s ID?

If you used someone else’s credit card for a Will Call purchase, make sure that the person whose name is on the credit card contacts Front Gate Tickets at http://support.frontgatetickets.com or calls 888-512-SHOW and changes the name on the ticket to match your name so that you will only need identification when picking up your pass. Otherwise, a photocopy of the credit card used and the credit card owner’s identification will also be required.

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