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Headed to Sin City on a budget? These affordable hotels on the Las Vegas Strip offer  the most bang for your buck, not to mention prime location and plenty of upside.

The Las Vegas that most out-of-town visitors know is the one of sheer opulence, fast money, gluttonous excess, glitzy sensory overload, and high-stakes swings in fortune.  Of course, the locals and insiders are happy to indulge all those “Sin City” stereotypes, because that’s the version that many tourists pay handsomely to witness – hey, there’s no business like show business!

And Las Vegans (hilarious, but yes that’s what they’re called) play the fiddle in tune because “a fool and his money are soon parted” as the old saying goes. Hey, there’s a reason why there’s no state income tax in Las Vegas: millions of visitors a year foot those locals’ tax bills via hotel taxes, entertainment taxes, sales taxes, and all other taxes on general debauchery (and stupidity).

That being said, having a blast in Las Vegas on a budget is actually much easier than you think. With the right hotel choice, you can save A TON money for all the fun stuff: shows, attractions, Las Vegas bottle service, and of course…. reasonably priced (aka “Ballin on a Budget”) nightlife.  But, first things first: if you’ve already told yourself that you’re one of those party animals that only needs a room to shower and nap pretty much, then you should to move early to lock down a good room rate at one of the best cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Take it from us experts: there are indeed a handful of budget-conscious resorts that offer all the amenities you need in the central location you want – right smack dab on The Strip – and at a ridiculously reasonable price point.

Here,  in order of our highly experienced customer service staff’s preferences, is our Discotech Top 5 list of best cheap – ahem, “affordable” – hotels on the Las Vegas Strip:

1) The Linq Hotel & Casino – Center Strip

Linq hotel las vegas strip

Closest clubs: Omnia (@ Caesars Palace across the street)

The youngest sibling in the Caesars family – and perhaps the one with the most attitude – this center-Strip casino renovated, rebranded, and relaunched in 2014 with an emphasis on targeting fresh-faced Millennials.  As a result, the rooms are very modern, contemporary, and clean and the casino floor still has a bit of that “new car” smell and look.  The Linq offers rooms for a crowd with two queen beds and an extra lofted bunk, which is good if you’re hoping to make new friends or one of your crew decides to join the Vegas jaunt last-minute. On-sit luxurious spa treatments and hangover IV services are great perks; there are also in-room fitness carts stocked with yoga mats and foam rollers available to guests free of charge. 

But what sets this hotel head and shoulders above the rest: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  It’s right smack in the center of action, walking distance or a $6-8 Uber / Lyft from practically every Vegas Strip resort where you’d want to party and meet friends (or strangers).   And if you’re too partied out to wander far from your bed?  No problem, you can step right outside the hotel and enjoy numerous award-winning restaurants and bars at the Linq Promenade, or even get some fresh air and sun onto your face by flying high above the strip on either the High Roller Ferris wheel or the FLY LINQ zipline.

2) Flamingo – Center Strip

flamingo hotel las vegas strip

Closest clubs: Go! Pool (@ Flamingo);  Tao Beach / Tao  (@ Venetian next door)

First opened in 1946, the 3,626-room Flamingo Las Vegas is one of the most memorable hotels on the Strip – just ask your big siblings, your older cousins, your parents, and even your grandparents.  And here’s a Vegas trade secret for you: after being a dump for years, this iconic resort underwent a heavy facelift in 2018 and 2019 – both on the casino floor and more importantly on the rooms on every floor – that has now turned it into one of the best spots on The Strip for the amount of money you’ll spend.   In addition to having all the Vegas basics –  multiple high-end and casual dining options, a huge (and lively!) casino, and raucous watering holes –  it’s right next to the aforementioned LINQ Promenade in the Center Strip.  

More than one Discotech employee can attest that Flamingo has THE. MOST COMFORTABLE. BEDS. of any 3-star property (and many 4-stars, too) on the Vegas Strip.  Add in a bustling yet inexpensive Vegas pool party (popular with locals on weekdays!), a full-service spa and massage parlor, and the mega-popular Wildlife Habitat –  complete with exotic birds, turtles, and fish – and come Monday you’ll be tickled pink, standing on one leg, and raving to your friends at home about your weekend spent in affordable Vegas heaven.

3) Paris – Center Strip

paris hotel las vegas

Closest clubs: Beer ParkChateau (inside resort on first floor)

Paris Las Vegas offers one of the Sin City’s trademark skyline features: the Eiffel Tower that is one of the planet’s most well-known and well executed replicas.   The casino floor is no slouch either – Baroque-inspired decor, indoor ceilings painted as blue skies, and luxurious entertainment offerings such as large flat-screen TVs and marble bathrooms give visitors a sense of airy luxury. The massive, sprawling resort is meant to evoke a weekend in Paris; there are numerous upscale restaurants that have garnered positive reviews, including sushi, Italian, and of course French options (Mon Ami Gabi overlooking the Bellagio fountains is a Discotech staff favorite).  

However, the hotel has recently shifted its focus to cater to early twentysomethings with a range of new moderately priced dining and evening entertainment options, including its long-running Chateau nightclub (on the rooftop deck under the Eiffel Tower) that offers hookah and hands-down the best VIP bottle service deals of any club in Vegas.

4) Luxor – South Strip

luxor hotel las vegas

Closest clubs: Moorea / Daylight / Light / Eclipse (@ Mandalay Bay next door)

Luxor’s glistening black pyramid, spotlight that shines into the heavens, and sphinx guarding its entrance is one of Sin City’s most iconic – and most frequently postcarded – scenes.   If you choose to stay at this resort, you’re stepping into a piece of Vegas history and the rooms certainly reflect that: the creature comforts here currently don’t stack up to that of other more recently built resorts. That being said, the Pharaoh’s Keep still gets the job done, with capably comfortable rooms, a sprawling casino floor with plenty of entertainment, wonderful fast-casual dining options…  and of course, the must-see Blue Man Group show.

There’s also a spa, sexy pools (the best gay day party in Vegas is here on summer Sundays), and even a chapel if you and your bae fancy getting married. Plus, it’s a short walk over to Mandalay Place (via a skybridge) which means you get double the fun in terms of restaurants, bars, shops and games.

5) Bally’s – Center Strip

ballys hotel entrance

Closest clubs: Drai’s Beach Club / Drai’s Nightclub / Drai’s After Hours  (@ Cromwell across the street)

OK, let’s address the elephant in the room first: the rooms at Bally’s – one of the oldest properties on the strip – are dingy, reek of cigarette smoke, and badly in need of renovation.  Moreover, Bally’s casino floor is relatively tiny and nondescript, its resort pool and bar “scenes” are no scene to write home about, and the nighttime shows and other casino floor entertainment are second-rate offerings.

Now, the pros: 1) Ultra-cheap rooms with hot showers and comfy beds; 2) 80% of the Vegas Strip in walking distance from your hotel room; 3) a legendary sportsbook that is one of the sports gambling meccas of Vegas; and 4) arguably the best collection of casual and mid-level dining options – Giordano’s, Wahlburgers, Dirt Dogs, and and Blue Ribbon, to name a few – of any strip-center resort.  It’s almost like they know that the way to your heart is through your stomach….  Oh, now they’ve got your attention don’t they?

Las Vegas is definitely a place where things can escalate quickly in terms of expenses, especially with a few bad beats or unlucky turns of the wheels or reels. Nevertheless, it is still a magical landscape where fun can be had on the cheap if you know the lay of the land; your friends and budget nightlife guides here at Discotech are an essential part of that equation. Saving money on accomidation will allow you to spend more on the things that actually matter (like partying at one of Las Vegas’ famous Hip Hop clubs) What are you waiting for? Download our app now – featured on BBC Travel and highly reviewed on Yelp! – in the App Store or Google Play.

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