Best Las Vegas Music Festivals (EDM, Hip Hop, Rock) [VIDEO]

Home to the legendary Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas has no shortage of annual music festivals. Las Vegas might be famous for its casinos and nightclubs worldwide, but that is not the only thing Sin City has to offer. The Sin City is also known for for its different festivals and events that are held throughout the year. These are the best music festivals that take place every year in Las Vegas!

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC Las Vegas)

Days: 3
Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway
When: May
Music: Electronic – Techno, Trance, House, Progressive – all types

Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. The annual flagship event is now held in May, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

EDC is an unique multi-day festival pushing the boundaries of imagination, and setting standards in the live entertainment industry. By incorporating carnival themes and attractions, cutting-edge stage production, world-class talent, and innovative art and technology, EDC is more than an electronic music festival – it is an unparalleled multi-sensory experience unlike any other. The brand has created a passionate community of accepting fans that have turned EDC into a way of life. The foundation upon which the phenomenon was built is one of unity, love, self expression, and respect for one another. Over 400,000 visitors show up annually to the Las Vegas festival over 3 days.

EDC Las Vegas is the largest dance music festival in North America and currently takes place in Mexico, Florida, and Japan as well.

iHeartRadio Festival

Days: 2
Location: T-Mobile Arena
When: Mid September
Music: Country, Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock/Alternative – All Genres

The iHeartRadio Music Festival is a two-day music concert festival held every year in September since 2011 by iHeartRadio along the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020 is the multi-genre music festival in the USA. Its recent lineups have included Panic!At The Disco, Mariah Carey, Imagine Dragons and many more.

Anyone thinking about attending is guaranteed to see some big-name musicians, more than 30 best famous artists, so do not miss these unforgettable nights with music, dance, chill out with friends and much more!

Life is Beautiful

Days: 3
Location: Downtown Las Vegas
When: Mid September
Music: Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic – All Genres

Taking place in the year-long adult party capital of the United States, Life Is Beautiful returns to Downtown Las Vegas each year. With acclaimed artists taking residency in various resorts and playing home to one of the biggest festivals in the world, the city has become a mecca for traveling music fans. Life Is Beautiful emerged in 2012 as a festival of electronic mashups and has continued to hold its own in the crowded Vegas market space.

Intersect Las Vegas

Days: 2
Location: Las Vegas Strip
When: December
Music: Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic – All Genres

At the place where music, technology, and art converge, you’ll find Intersect, a new kind of festival coming to Las Vegas. Presented by AWS, the most broadly adopted cloud platform, and produced by Production Club, the team behind some of music’s most state-of-the-art live experiences, Intersect was born out of the massive after party for AWS’s annual re:Invent conference, held in Vegas since 2012, with over 25,000 guests last year alone. Now open to the public for the first time ever, the festival offers an inspiring two-day journey to culture and tech’s leading edge.

Las Rageous

Days: 2
Location: Downtown Las Vegas
When: October
Music: Rock & Metal

Sin City’s premiere rock and metal festival, Las Rageous brings the noise to downtown Las Vegas. Taking place at an intimate outdoor venue, this event only sells 10,000 tickets, which means you get to see your favorite metal acts up close and personal in one of world’s most entertaining cities.

Psycho Las Vegas

Days: 3
Location: Mandalay Bay
When: August
Music: Heavy Metal & Rock

Growing larger in production, budget and size each year, Psycho Las Vegas proves it’s position as a premier festival for heavy metal and rock fans. Already benefiting from its location in Sin City, Psycho Las Vegas features an expansive lineup for every sort of headbanging metal fan. Although the festival is rooted in its heavy metal and rock core, the lineup scope continues to see more diversity each year.

Exodus Las Vegas

Days: 5
Location: Las Vegas Clubs & Pool Parties
When: May through Sept
Music: Electronic

Exodus Festival is an electronic music “festival” in Las Vegas. It’s not quite a traditional festival – instead of being centralized in one location, the festival is spread out throughout the city’s casinos and clubs. Buying a ticket gives you access to a bunch of different clubs and shows.

Started in 2010, Exodus Festival has been putting on all out parties throughout Sin City. Heading into season 11 this year, the festival is hosting four long weekends of partying.

Kicking things off for Memorial Day and having their final blow out over Labor Day, Exodus features big house EDM beats at pool parties and club nights, gathering music lovers in the party capital of the world.

Day N Vegas Festival

Days: 3
Location: Las Vegas Festival Grounds
When: November
Music: Hip Hop

Day N Vegas is a hip hop music festival in Los Vegas, Nevada. Even as hip hop culture has taken over the world, festivals have been a little slow catching up. But that’s obviously changing.

Breaking onto the scene with a bang in its inaugural edition in 2019, Day N Vegas curated a deep lineup which was basically a who’s who list of hip hop’s new school.

There’s only one place appropriate for such a massive party and that’s the City of Lights. Understanding this, the festival is set to take over the Las Vegas Festival Grounds for the first three days of November.

Las Vegas Music Festival FAQ

What are the best EDM festivals in Las Vegas?

EDC is the only all electronic dance music festival in Vegas. There are others with many EDM headliners (Intersect, Life is Beautiful, iHeartRadio, etc) but if you’re looking for straight EDM, Electric Daisy Carnival is your best bet.

How far is EDC from the Las Vegas strip?

EDC takes place at the Las Vegas motorway, which is about 30 minutes away from the strip without traffic. Keep in mind that over 100k people head to EDC, so if you are travelling during peak hours, it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on traffic.

Does EDC have VIP bottle service?

Electric Daisy Carnival does feature a VIP area in the main stage and one of the secondary stages. When you purchase a bottle service package, it’s only good for one night and comes with a number of admissions (only for that one night).

Which Vegas nightclubs play Electronic Dance Music (EDM)?

Here are the top 5 Las Vegas EDM Clubs that play Electronic Dance Music.