• Days Open: Thursday
  • Guest List Rules: Free admission for girls and discounted admission for guys ($20) before 11:00 PM
  • Sign Up Before: 8:30 PM the night of the event
  • Music Type: Latin
  • Opening Time: 9:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 2:00 AM
  • Location: 738 W Couch Pl

  • Days Open: Friday & Saturday
  • Guest List Rules: Free entry for girls and $20 entry for guys before 11:00 PM
  • Sign Up Before: 8:30 PM the night of the event
  • Music Type: Top 40 & EDM
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 2:00 PM/3:00 PM
  • Location: 151 West Kinzie St.

  • Days Open: Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday (guest list only open on the weekends)
  • Guest List Rules: Girls on the guest list get free admission before 11:00 PM, guys on the guest list get discounted admission ($20-$40) before 11:00 PM
  • Sign Up Before: 8:30 PM the night of
  • Music Type: EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40
  • Club Hours: 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM/5:00 AM
  • Location: 222 W Ontario St

  • Days Open: Wednesday – Sunday
  • Guest List Rules: Free before 12:30 AM – strict dress code enforced
  • Sign Up Before: 10:00 PM the night of
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, EDM, and Top 40
  • Club Hours: 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM
  • Location: 873 N Orleans St


  • Days Open: Guest list only available on Saturday
  • Guest List Rules: Free entry for both guys and girls
  • Sign Up Before: 8:30 PM the night of the event
  • Music Type: Live Music
  • Opening Time: 10:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 3:00 AM
  • Location: 157 W Ontario St Floor 2

Tree House

  • Days Open: Friday & Saturday
  • Guest List Rules: Free entry for guys and girls
  • Sign Up Before: 8:30 PM the night of
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, Rock
  • Club Hours: 
  • Location: 149 West Kinzie St.

Chicago Guest List FAQs

Which clubs offer a guest list in Chicago?

The only clubs that have an open guest list in Chicago are Esco, Tree House, Tunnel, Electric Hotel, and Fame. So if you’re online looking for “free clubs tonight near me,” you should start with one of those clubs.

What is a guest list?

While guest lists may not be as common in Chicago as other places such as Las Vegas, there are still many clubs in Chicago that do offer a guest list that allows for free or discounted entry into the venue. The way a Chicago guest list works is that you sign up online before an event, and in return you get access to the club either for free or at a discounted rate. You can find a list of clubs on this page that have an open Chicago guestlist, or you can use the Discotech app to browse events and sign up there.

How does the free guest list work in Chicago?

If you’re trying to figure out how guest lists and free events in Chicago work, we’ve got you. The first step is to find an upcoming event that you are interested in attending (which you can do on the Discotech app). From there, click to sign up for the guest list. All you have to do is fill out a bit of information, and just like that, you’re in. You can then show your guest list confirmation at the door of the club to get free entry. Remember that clubs reserve the right to close the guest list at any point in the night, so we suggest arriving as early as possible.

Does guest list mean free entry?

Not always, but sometimes. Most Chicago club guest list will allow girls to get into the venue for free, while guys will only get a discount. If you are on a Chicago guestlist, then you will need to be sure to arrive on time and follow the dress code. You can also find more information about the guest list rules at each venue by looking at the info section under each club listed above.

How to get into Chicago clubs for free?

Finding free clubs in Chicago is easier than you think. On this page, you’ll find a list of every nightclub in Chicago that offers a free guest list. Under each venue you can click “Sign Up For The Free Guest List” which will take you to a list of upcoming events that offer free or discounted entry. Choose a date, put in a bit of information, and before you know it, you’re on a top Chicago guest list free!

Does being on a Chicago guestlist guarantee entry?

No, there is always a slight risk that a club may close the guest list line before you make it in the door. The best way to avoid this issue is to either arrive early, purchase tickets, or reserve a table with bottle service.

Does the guest list come with a table in Chicago?

No. Being on a free Chicago guest list does not come with a table or designated lounge area. To reserve “real estate” at any Chicago club, you will have to purchase bottle service. Bottle service, also known as table service, allows you to reserve a VIP table by agreeing to a minimum spend. The table is essentially free, but you will need to hit the spend limit by purchasing bottles, energy drinks, and other items or else you will still be charged the difference at the end of the night.

When are guest lists available?

Many Chicago clubs offer a free guest list for all of their events, while others only have it open for the weekend. If you’re looking for “free entry clubs near me,” the best way to check what days a guest list is available is to search for events on the Discotech app.

How to get on a Chicago club guest list?

Joining a Chicago nightclubs guest list takes less than a few minutes and could save you a lot of extra cash that would be better put towards bottles and drinks. The best way to join a free guest list Chicago is to either find a venue on this page and click to join the guest list, or you can use the free Discotech app to find events, join guest lists, purchase tickets, and reserve bottle service.

What if you don’t show up to a guest list in Chicago?

So you’ve signed up for a Chicago guest list, but now you can’t make it? There’s nothing to worry about, it happens all the time. There are no repercussions, and you will still be able to sign up for other events in the future.

How many people can sign up for the guestlist Chicago?

The Discotech guest list allows you to sign yourself +5 others up at the same time. If there are more people than that in your party, you will need to split up the group and add certain members separately.