Electric Hotel is located at 222 W Ontario St

Nights Open

11 PM – 4 AM Fri, 11 PM – 5 AM Sat

Does Electric Hotel have a guest list?

Yes, Electric Hotel has a guest list that you can sign up for on the Electric Hotel event calendar. Girls on the guest list will be able to get into the club for free, while guys will only have to pay a discounted admission fee which is between $20 and $40.

How do I get on the guest list for Electric Hotel?

You can download the Discotech app and sign up, or you can easily find upcoming events and join the Electric Hotel guest list here.

Does being on the Electric Hotel guestlist mean free entry?

Being on the guest list at Electric Hotel allows ladies to get into the club for free, but guys will still have to pay a discounted entry fee between $20-$40.

When should I arrive if I’m on the guest list for Electric Hotel?

Electric Hotel is open from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM, but we still recommend arriving before midnight if you want to avoid long lines and increase your chances of making it into the club. Remember, nightclubs reserve the right to close the guest list at any time, so the earlier you arrive the better. You will also want to follow the dress code to prevent any issues at the door.

What time do guest list sign ups close?

You will not be allowed to join the guestlist past 8:30 PM the night of the event, so be sure to sign up before that time.

What days is the guest list open?

The guest list is open for all Friday and Saturday events.

Upcoming Events At Electric Hotel That Have A Guest List: