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Best Malaa Songs of All Time – Top 5 Tracks

Malaa is an electronic music DJ and producer, who is signed to Tchami’s label Confession. He broke onto the electronic music scene through his single “Notorious”, which was the second release on Confession. His identity is unknown as he appears in public as a balaclava-wearing man.

Malaa’s identity is unknown. It is strongly suggested that Malaa consists of a duo with DJs DJ Snake and Tchami, as they are credited often on each other’s track productions and are connected to the project via remixes. It is also speculated that Mercer is involved in Malaa, since the same management team is shared between the three artists. Through a Reddit post made on the topic, Redditors discovered a tweet on Twitter where a user wrote “cant believe im opening for dj snake + tchami’s side project next thursday”, while linking to a SoundCloud mix by Malaa. The tweet was then favourited by DJ Snake’s Twitter account, which hints his participation on the topic. French DJ Sebastien Benett is also speculated to be Malaa, due to the quick removal of a Facebook comment from Mercer’s profile which stated that Malaa was a nickname of Benett, and that the last posts by Benett on SoundCloud coincide with the first appearances of Malaa.

Malaa is currently part of the Pardon My French team, a collective of four French DJs composed of DJ Snake, Mercer, Tchami and himself. Throughout the year 2016 and early 2017, the collective went on a Pardon My French Tour in North America. Malaa has a residency at Marquee in Las Vegas.

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Without further ado, Malaa’s top 5 tracks of all time:

5. Malaa & Tchami – Deus

4. Malaa – Fade

3. Malaa – Diamonds

2. Malaa – Bling Bling

1. Malaa – Notorious

BONUS: Malaa – Addiction