Best EDM Clubs in Dallas

Out hoping to find the hottest EDM clubs in Dallas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dallas has become one of the hottest music scenes in the country, hosting a diverese array of clubs and bars known for great music. EDM clubs have began sprouting throughout the great city, as eager fans of the genre revel in the option now offered. For those visiting or researching where to go on your next night out, we hope this article helps. With that said, lets get to it!

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It’ll DO Club

The best dance spot in DFW. Period. It’ll DO Club has been attracting locals, many of whom claim the club has unchanged, which many find perfect. Come for the dancing, stay for the people. If you’re looking for top 40 tracks with DJs talking between every single track then this is not the place. If you want to dance your feet off to the best house/deep house/ techno then this is the spot. If looking for bottle service, this place has also got you covered.

Stereo Live Dallas

Stereo Live Dallas is one of the hottest spots to catch your favorite EDM DJs! The music is known to be some of the loudest one can find, as some have described it as louder than ear splitting loud. Which is exactly what you want when partying to your favorite artists. The light and video system is pulsing, strobing, and immersive, which is on of the high the point sof the EDM experience. The combination of music and light is a spectacle. To see upcoming events at Stereo Live Dallas, click here!

Lizard Lounge

Many express their love for this venue. Lizard Lounge has two stages (main and smaller stage for breaks) and tend to play non-mainstream DJs come through and that’s perfectly fine with because you’re close to the stage but never too crowded. Some of the best raves/parties have gone down right here. The patio is also awesome with a lot of seats and its easy to mingle with people if desired. The bartenders move quickly, which makes it easy to get water or beer (Thank God). Click upcoming events at Lizard Lounge to see who’s next!

The Bomb Factory

The Bomb Factory is the place know for making unforgettable experiences! The balcony seating is spectacular…some claim buying balcony tickets was one of the best decisions of their lives! The upstairs bar area is very clean, usually uncrowded, and shockingly enough, there are practically never any lines for the restroom. I know what you’re thinking, and yes a line-free bathroom is perhaps the most important thing adressed in this paragraph.

Taboo Lounge

Taboo Lounge is a hidden gem. Not wildly popular but perhaps one of the most fun EDM spots in Dalals. The place has great music and a unrivaled energy and feel to it. Do not be intimidated when approaching, as the venue is incredibly welcoming and impossible to miss with the giant pink letter signaling to those looking to party where to go. This place is known to be artsy with an amazing ambience.

Legacy VNYL

One cannot begin to express how much they love their experiences at Legacy VNYL! There is an umistakble and immediate “wow” factor with the mysterious and sexy vibe, upscale details such as the wild lighting and a beautiful balcony. The bartenders are known to be friendly and effeicient, making your night that much easier and enjoyable!

The bar is huge and shaped like an L so it’s able includes lots of party goers. The DJs tend to play a mix of hip hop and EDM tracks that are really fun. Yet perhaps the most wonderful aspect of VNYL, is drinks are priced reasonably and are strong! With all that it becomes hard to imagine going anywhere else.


Trees is a great venue, serving up fun times day in and day out. The place feels reminiscent of clubs in LA like The Troubadour or The Roxy, which are some of the all time great venues. Many have expressed the love for the fact that you get great view of the stage from pretty much anywhere.

Drink prices are reasonably priced and the bartenders are knonw to be super friendly. If I were you I wouldn’t hesitate to see a show here the next time I come in town. Also fair warning, this is not a huge EDM club, but they have had very famous EDM artist preform here so we recommend seeing who’s performing next. If your a fan of hip hop or rock, this place should have you covered, but again, check to see if your favorite DJ/artist is performing next.