Hi Ibiza – Ibiza’s Newest Superclub Opens This Summer

There’s always a certain level of excitement that builds when the month of May rolls around. Sure, festival season is about to kick in and the sun’s trying its very best to poke out of the miserable British skyline but there’s one place that never loses its charm, never loses the hype and never goes sparingly on the build up.

That place is Ibiza and no matter how you feel about the dance music mecca, it’s always been the true home of hedonism, good music and a lot of fucking dancing.

Last year was a weird one though as the most iconic club on the island and one of the most revered venues on the planet, Space, shut it doors after 27 years, throwing Ibiza into a temporary state of uncertainty. However, last night that same club opened its doors once again under a new guise, with a new identity and a new legacy to build. Hï Ibiza is here.

With Ushuaïa at the helm and a complete revamp of the interior and exterior, the world’s greatest super club just got way more super and we braved the madness of the opening party to bring you the full lowdown.

The line-up for Hï’s first foray into Ibiza life spared no expense and it gave a good overview of the residents who are going to be in control over the coming few months. Black Coffee, Luciano, Joris Voorn and Kölsch all turned in some pretty special sessions and kickstarted their 2017 campaigns with serious fervour.

If you were there, you know, if you weren’t, then here are the tracks that helped Hï deliver on almost every level.

Ibiza, we hope you’re ready.

Space Ibiza to Reopen, Will Keep “Space” Moniker

Space Ibiza will keep its legendary name and open sooner than expected, according to a recent televised interview with Abel Matutes. His company, the Matutes Group, had taken control back of the club after its original owner Pepe Rosello retired earlier in the year. “It will surely open this year as Space. It’s an accredited brand” Matutes told interviewers, though he also advised that he and the other heads of Matutes group were also looking into tacking an additional name onto it that closer associates it with other franchises it owns.

Matutes reaffirmed that though the club will remain in its same spot without too many changes, it will be converted into a more luxurious club setting – one that caters toward a more exclusive segment of tourism. Though Space will physically remain the same, Matutes’ plans indicate its original essence will be replaced by one that more closely resembles the hierarchical club structures seen in cities such as Las Vegas or Miami. Word remains as to the kind of talent that will be booked in the new Space.

Interestingly, the Spanish business magnate also made sure to point out that technically, Space Ibiza has always been Matutes Group property. He reminded viewers that it was indeed his group that built the club, then later passed leadership onto Rosello. At the time, Matutes felt Rosello’s resume made him an ideal candidate for advancing the interests of the company in the area. Rosello’s rental contract ended, but its termination never necessarily spelled the end of the club itself.