Time Nightclub Grand Opening in the OC this Weekend

Nightlife in Orange County is about to experience a major overhaul. A much needed one at that. In the early 2000s there weren’t many choices for those that wanted to stay out dancing and drinking past 10 p.m. You could wait in line at Dennis Rodman’s club on PCH, Josh Slocum’s, drive to Anaheim and mix it up with the over 18 crowd at the Boogie, or wait in line to stand four deep at the bar at The Yard House and dance when nobody was looking.

That all changed 13 years ago when Sutra opened at “Triangle Square.” Orange County finally had a place to party. A place to see Lil’ Jon growl into the mic or LMFAO spray champagne, to watch Ludacris promote his liquor and Paul Oakenfold whip the crowd into a dancing mob. TIME Nightclub Orange County

Sutra, once a restaurant, had to be turned into a nightclub. It was never a perfect fit, but Identity Management group was able to make it successful for over a decade. This past weekend Sutra closed its doors.

Now rebranded and completely made over, The Triangle has attracted restaurants like La Vida Cantina, Tavern+Bowl and H20 Sushi to fill the shopping center once filled with Virgin Records and NikeTown.

Identity Management group is set to open their new venture TIME Nightclub this Thursday to the beats of German DJ Icon Markus Schulz.

You enter TIME on the street level of the shopping center through doors near the current valet and are greeted by large LED walls that tower overhead and wrap around to the ceiling. The first thing you notice upon entering the main area is how cavernous and open the giant space under the dome of the former NikeTown feels. It is massive.

We wanted to bring an amazing experience to Southern California, a true nightclub, that is exciting from the second you walk through the doors,” Steven says. “The canvas of the space helped inspire our design team to create the unique layout. We are really striving to bring a new era of nightlife to Southern California and we believe we have accomplished that.”

They definitely did. The palate is bold. Floor-to-ceiling kelly green painted wood logs mark the entrance to the ladies room, ten times oversized zebra patterns line the back wall, and a rose gold tinted mirror backs the bar. The club also boasts a lounge within the Ladies room that has access to the bar. No more standing in line for drinks on “Girls Nights Out.” TIME Nightclub Orange County

Club-goers will be astonished by the magnitude of lighting displays and art pieces that breathe life into Time Nightclub. It not only boasts a state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system, but a fully immersive lighting experience, designed by Steve Lieberman from SJ Lighting, that will really add that “wow” factor of this spot. “Without giving away too much, the special effects will allow guests to feel like they are in the middle of the party from any point within the club,” Steven says.

The football stadium size LED screen (20’x30′) making up the DJ wall and the over dance floor programmable chandelier with over 5,000 programmable orbs are further evidence of the “wow” response TIME will surely induce.

Orange County was in need of a fun injection and it’s about TIME this club opened. See you this Thursday.

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Sutra Nightclub Closing this Weekend

Sutra nightclub in Costa Mesa is closing this weekend for good, after a 13-year run at the Triangle, the restaurant and entertainment complex in Costa Mesa.

But without missing a beat, or a weekend, the Newport Beach management company for Sutra, Identity Management, plans to open a new club Thursday in the Triangle complex – in the space once occupied by Niketown. That space, under the high-visibility corner spot topped by a dome bearing the complex’s name, has sat empty since 2005.

Sutra has had a long list of well-known DJs and rap artists perform at the venue over the years, including Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Nelly, Paul Oakenfold and LMFAO.

Steven Wright, marketing director for Identity Management, confirmed Friday what Sutra had posted on its Facebook over the past week. The venue is in the midst of a three-day lineup of farewell shows: Dutch DJ duo Basejackers were at Sutra on Thursday, DJ Steven Wright was to perform Friday night, and Saturday would be the last event at Sutra, with Dutch DJ Sander Van Doorn.

Wright said the new venue, called Time Nightclub, will be bigger, roomier and more flexible.

“We’re closing Sutra. We’re opening a totally new concept,” Wright said. “We wanted to move into a larger space. It’s a nightclub built as a nightclub.”

The space now occupied by Sutra was once a restaurant, which means a lot of unusable space, such as the footprint of the former kitchen (Sutra doesn’t serve food), Wright said. Time Nightclub will have more floorspace, a larger dance floor and a full stage. The venue opens Thursday with a planned show by German-American DJ Markus Schulz.

“It was almost like the perfect space for it,” Wright said of the former Niketown footprint. “(It’s) almost like a cathedral space.”

With the full stage setup and a removeable DJ booth, Time Nightclub will continue in the electronic music vein of Sutra, but also move toward live music, possibly including Top 40 acts, hip-hop and country, Wright said.

“We really have a diverse venue now (at Time Nightclub) where we can produce even country shows,” he said. “(It will be) something similar to the Observatory, but with a more VIP feel.”

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