10 Most Essential Tips for Your First Music Festival

Bought tickets to Coachella in a moment of (possibly drunken) weakness with your friends? Never been to a music festival and have no idea what to expect? Don’t worry, we – your EDM guardian angels – are here to assuage all your fears and ensure that you go in prepared to have the time of your life.

1. Choose Comfy Kicks

Yes, I know you’ve been planning your rave look(s) for months but hear me out here: you can have a fire outfit without wearing shoes that double as mini daggers for your toes. Music festivals are usually pretty generously spread out and always jam-packed so you want to wear comfortable footwear to take on the crowds and to run from the stage to the porta-potties and back without twisting your ankle. Sneakers or sturdy sandals are the best way to go, so ladies, please leave those killer heels at home. And if you’re seriously worried about comfortable footwear blah-ing down your look, then just go out a pair of plain white Converse and jazz them up with your trusty old Sharpies. Turns out comfort and fashion can co-exist peacefully after all. 

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dehydration is a bummer anywhere, but it’s a real vibe-killer at music festivals. Without any good ole H20 in your system you’re going to start feeling dizzy and really what’s the point of driving over to Vegas to catch Electric Daisy Carnival if you have to spend most of it passed out in the medical tent? Since bottled water costs an arm and a leg at most music festivals, take advantage of the free water refill stations and come armed with your own bottle! Carry a sleek hydropack or a flask that you can easily top up because you’re going to want to keep your fluids up when Alesso hits the stage so you can tear up the dance floor with the moves you’ve been practicing in your bedroom all summer. 

3. Get There Early!

However tempting it may appear to take that random detour on your way to Lollapalooza, I suggest you hold off on the tenth pee and snack break if you want to get there on time. Arrive with some time to spare so that you can get a good feel of the venue and familiarize yourself with the place before it fills up with enthusiastic ravers. Remember, the early bird catches the worm best spot to do the worm! But if you want a chance at making any new EDM buddies – or leaving with your dignity intact – I’d advise you to save that move for dares.

4. Come Armed With A Portable Charger

Having your phone dying on you when you’re fumbling through the dark on your way back to the tents is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Think ahead and toss in a (preferably fully-charged) portable charger into your fanny pack so that along with your own, you can make sure you keep your phone’s energy up too. Since your phone’s your main medium of communication with your group – and the world beyond – try to conserve your battery as much as possible, even if you have a charger at hand. Focus on making memories, not documenting them on Snapchat and then maybe, just maybe, you have a shot at making it out without a dead phone.

5. Layer Up

The key thing to keep in mind when planning your outfit weeks and months in advance, is that layering is your friend. Yes, even if you’re headed to Coachella, in the heart of sunny California, you’d want to make sure that your clothing equips you to deal with any fluctuations in temperature that may be thrown your way. Remember that a lot of music festivals can go from being unbearably hot to teeth-chatteringly chilly in a matter of moments come sundown, so you want to stack up on those layers if you want to be able to travel light. I’d suggest working in a cute sweatshirt into your look so that you can take it off or leave it on as and when you need whilst keeping the aesthetic intact.

6. Carry Cash, Not Cards

While it may seem counterintuitive to carry cash to a music festival, I assure you that it’s a smart move because a lot of the food stalls and such may not be keen on taking credit card payments… and you really don’t want to go the night hungry now, do you? Rather than running the risk of losing your credit card out there on the chaotic mess that is the dance floor, stash some money in your beloved fanny pack. Take it a step further by distributing your cash amongst your belongings – pockets, beneath the sole of your shoes, in your phone cover, etc. – so that even if you drop a tenner from one hiding spot, you still have a couple more to count on.

7. Plan Ahead, Get Ahead

Music festivals are blockbuster events with star-studded line-ups, so it’s natural that a lot of performances will overlap or unfold parallelly. To save yourself a panic attack about picking between DJ Snake and Hardwell, get a hold of the festival schedule well in advance so you can comb through it and decide which ones you plan to attend. If you and your pals have different music tastes then have everyone circle out what they want to do so there’s no confusion later on. Obviously you can’t plan out the whole weekend – and that’s the fun of it – but the things you can account for, you should. 

8. Fix a Meeting Spot for the Squad

It’s totally cool if you want to split up from your friends and catch a couple performances alone because hey, it’s not every day that you get to see Afrojack live. But if you want to save yourself a tearful half an hour of struggling to track down your crew, make sure that you’ve decided on a meeting spot before you part ways. By setting a simple meeting time and place ahead of time, you will be able to reunite successfully no matter how many working phones you might have between the six of you.

9. Stock up on Snacks

Showing up to a music festival on a hungry stomach is a rookie mistake. Eat a full meal before you arrive so that the fatigue doesn’t kick in while the night is still young. And while we’re on the subject of food, make sure that you also pack a couple of quick snacks into your fanny pack to munch on when you’re feeling hangry out there. Be smart about what you bring – skip the fresh sandwiches for something that’s a little more dry and mess-free. Whether it be a pack of gummies, a protein bar or some beef jerky – a tasty energy-booster will tide you through those bouts of hunger when you don’t want to miss a performance lining up for some overpriced tacos.

10.  Keep an Open Mind

If music festivals came with a universal motto, it would definitely be ‘carpe diem’. You’re likely to run into all kinds of people here so it doubles as a fun opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals too. Stay flexible and keep an open mind because if you’re a music festival newbie, chances are you’ll see – and experience – a lot of new things that might take you by surprise. That being said, I know that peer pressure gets to the best of us, but make sure to draw the line if at any point you feel uncomfortable.

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Ultimate Superhero’s Guide to Clubbing in Las Vegas

“Anybody’s got the power… They don’t see it ’cause they don’t understand.  Spin around and round for hours. You and me we got the world in our hands.”   “Heroes” – Alesso featuring Tove Lo (2014)

Think back to a past visit to Las Vegas, when you and your friends found yourself standing in line in front of the entrance to a pool party or a nightclub.  Walking up to the front of the massive queue, how was your confidence that things would work out smoothly for you? Be honest: was your level Superhero, or Average Joe?

Going to a nightclub or a pool party in Las Vegas is a MUST whether it’s your first trip or your 27th trip (we’re not judging).

The party scene here is no joke – don’t expect to just walk up to the door and think they’ll let you in so easily. Oh no – this is the biggest mistake that we see thousands of tourists do every week. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that – Discotech makes that whole process so smooth you’ll wonder why you’ve never downloaded it. Let’s check out the top 3 ways to get inside to the best Las Vegas nightclubs and Las Vegas pool parties – superhero style!

zedd DJ at omnia las vegas
Sin City: the epic battleground for Good vs. Evil

Why is the Vegas Club Scene So Complicated?

Part of the allure and popularity of our cherished epic summer blockbuster movies is that the heroes –  the “good guys” – always win. In Vegas, that’s often NOT the case: villains and shady characters abound in the streets of Sin City, and they have made large fortunes and long-term careers taking advantage of visitors through cryptic double-speak, sleight of hand, and games of chance with stacked odds.  Nowhere has this been more rampant than in the city’s nightlife industry, particularly over the past few years as performing artist talent has gotten bigger and expectations higher, and the competition among clubs for entertainment dollars has gotten more and more intense.

Global Citizens of the World, fear such villains no longer.  It’s the dawn of a new day, and Discotech is here to save you.  Repeat after me: Average Joes (and Plain Janes too!) can indeed be Superheroes in Vegas for a weekend.  Yes, you heard right: ordinary people can step into their phone booth (or their hotel room), make their costume changes, and step out as well-heeled and well-prepared crusaders against the dark and nefarious forces of Sin City.

In Vegas, the superheroes go by the hidden-in-plain-sight code name of “VIP.”  The term VIP is a well-worn acronym that has historically stood for Very Important Person. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines VIP as “a person of great influence or prestige; a high  official with special privileges.” So when we talk about VIPs, you might think we’re referring to celebrities, musicians, political dignitaries, and figures of similar stature and notoriety who spent years earning their titles and respect.

No, no, no. You see, Las Vegas is a fantastic futuristic landscape where a superhero can be made overnight, simply by discovering one magic talisman –  a precious gemstone singular to the multiverse that unlocks a multitude of hidden superpowers.

That talisman is the Discotech app.  And no need to journey on a daunting hero’s quest to find it – you just download it for free in the App Store or Google Play.

Discotech mobile app screenshots

So now that you’ve got the key to greatness in your hand, just what kind of Superhero can you become?  Well, taking a riff from Marvel Comics’ smash-hit superhero franchise The Avengers, your destiny will most certainly lie in one of the following three paths:

Superhero Level 1:  Guardians of The Galaxy – Guest List

If you and your friends like to roll out to clubs in large amorphous group sizes to hit the dance floor and rub elbows with the ordinary citizens – or even if you like to roll out as a lone wolf so no one else will guilt you for failing to get in – then accessing the guest list signup feature through Discotech is the route for you.  You have the “anti-superhero” superhero traits of being carefree, spontaneous, unselfish, and (literally) able to check your ego at the door.

Many Las Vegas clubs have guest lists to entice people to arrive at their party early, in order to add more capable bodies to the epic fight against evil (in the form of an empty club that scares big spenders away).  Think of it as Tony Stark inviting the lovable but ultimately less powerful Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, and Groot to do their part in the battle against Thanos – they may not be the difference makers, but the more the merrier!

Guest list line
YOU ARE GROOT?  Oh, OK. Yeah, you’re on the list – you’re good, Groot.

Las Vegas Guest List Pros:

  • Usually provides free or discounted admission
  • Usually free for females
  • Sometimes comes with extra perks (open champagne bar, open vodka bar, etc) – usually for girls only
  • For certain clubs on certain nights there are even ratio guestlists – this means you can get in free / discounted if you have even ratio in your party

Las Vegas Guest List Cons:

  • May not be offered or opened at all for expected high-demand shows and holidays.
  • May be closed at any time, often earlier than expected if demand for a show surges late and/or the venue hits its targets for ticket and VIP table sales.
  • Lines for the guestlist option usually have lower priority and move slower.
  • Typically require earlier arrival – sometimes before the hours a club is known to be crowded – in order to be extended the benefit

You should consider using the guestlist if:

  • You are a group of all girls
  • If the DJ or performing artist playing  is not a top-tier talent – generally it’ll be less crowded and guestlist will stay open longer.
  • Your group is very good at mobilizing and arriving on time
  • You’re not sure if you want to go to a club or event, but you want to keep your options open

Guest list to all Las Vegas clubs and pool parties are available on the free Discotech app!

Chainsmokers at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas DJ Booth
When Dr. Strange saw Chainsmokers was performing, he decided to travel back in time to buy presale tickets for the crew.

Superhero Level 2:  Dr. Strange – Presale Tickets

If you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, then you know who was the most prepared character out of the all-star superhero cast: Dr. Stephen Strange.  Benedict Cumberbatch’s calm, cool, collected rendition of the risk-averse Dr. Strange makes it impossible to cheer for the smug jerk even though he was on the “good guys” team: he knew so much about what was going to happen that he consistently came off as a smug know-it-all to everyone.  That’s what it’s like when you have the foresight to purchase presale tickets. You’re a superhero that leaves nothing to chance, calculating all odds and visualizing all the potential outcomes prior to choosing stability, voice of (financial) reason, and ultimate peace of mind. Discotech boasts the largest inventory of official presale ticket links aggregated into one convenient app for you to browse and access.  It’s like seeing into the future and stopping time – Dr. Strange would certainly be on board with that!

Presale Ticket Pros

  • Presale tickets 99.9% guarantee that you will get in that night
  • Presale ticket lines more often than not move faster than guestlist lines
  • Presale tickets are always cheaper than paying the door cover price upon arrival
  • Buying a ticket gives you the the peace of mind and option of going later in the night 
  • Some venues have promo codes that let you save a few dollars per ticket

Presale Tickets Cons:

  • Presale tickets cost money, whereas the guestlist might be free or discounted below the presale ticket price
  • If you can’t make it for whatever reason, you can’t get a refund on presale tickets (you can usually sell the ticket at the club or on a secondary ticket market though)
  • Presale ticket lines more often than not move slower than VIP tables lines

You should consider buying tickets in advance if:

  • It’s a big DJ or performing artist or holiday and you don’t want to chance the guest list being cut
  • Your group is bad at mobilizing and can’t make it to the club early
  • You want to have peace of mind and not worry about rushing to get to the club early
  • Your group is all or mostly males, but you don’t want to pay for bottle service (yes it’s often cheaper to get presale tickets over a VIP table, but sometimes not by that much; if you have a large enough group of guys, bottle service can oftentimes be a very good value play)
iron man with drink
Pepper, I saved the world AGAIN. Off to the Vegas Strip to celebrate, tally ho!

Superhero Level 3: Iron Man – VIP Table / Bottle Service

[SPOILER ALERT.] In the epic war of good against evil, there are some superheroes that rise head-and-shoulders above all others: Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man.  The latter – citizen name Tony Stark, the self-proclaimed “genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist” (played phenomenally by actor Robert Downey Jr.) – took the unofficial title of team leader of the Avengers squad defending the universe against Thanos, its most nefarious threat to date.   That being said, even a man as powerful and as respected as Tony Stark could not achieve success without A) his cadre of Elite Superhero friends by his side and B) a glove full of shiny magic rocks in his team’s possession. You can think of Discotech as just that – your Infinity Stones glove that will allow you and your crew to unite and triumph over the dark forces of Vegas and become an epic legend.

So what is the life of this Elite Vegas Superhero, aka VIP table / bottle service, like?  Well first off, you get to watch the crush of ordinary citizens standing outside the nightclubs in need of saving part like the Red Sea, clearing a wide path for you and gawking as you arrive on the scene.  You are greeted with respectful deference by the gatekeepers, attended to immediately, and whisked into venues with no wait. You have white-gloved concierges to open gilded doors for you, beautiful women to escort you to your prime location booth, and handsome men to set up and guard your coveted space.  Finally, your service comes with a ridiculous heroes’ welcome: a mini-party with confetti showers, light shows, garish signage, and blinding pyrotechnics. Your ultimate triumph over darkness truly is THE good life… if you’re not on any kind of restricted budget, of course.

Bottle Service Pros:

  • VIP entry.   No cover, no wait, expedited hosted walk-in for up to the number of guests stated in your selected option.  So, no presale ticket admission or cover charge is required in addition to the amount paid for a table; it’s included in the package.
  • Real estate. A comfortable place to sit, put your things, and hang out with people you actually like without people you don’t know or care for invading your space or interrupting your conversation.
  • Assigned security staff.   They monitor your section all evening, controlling crowd flow when you are present and watching over your space and belongings while you are away from the table.  (Also, the more personable ones will take a small gratuity to scan the dance floor and pull attractive strangers into your space to meet and chat with you.)
  • Convenience.  At your table you receive a food and beverage credit to order from the club’s menu in the amount of the minimum spend – no need to keep trekking to the bar and waiting in an ungodly line.  Also you get private service staff all day to pour your drinks, keep your section clean / organized, and answer any random questions you have about the club, the industry, and the ending of any Marvel superhero movie.
  • Social lubrication (guys).  If you’re a guy, you can more easily bring girls back to your table – who doesn’t want to talk to a guy who looks/acts like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? 
  • Social lubrication (girls). If you’re a girl, you don’t have to endure painful conversations with Clark Kent to get free drinks, and you can more easily bring Superman back to your table.
  • Perks: If you are celebrating a special occasion (i.e. birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, graduation, anniversary, going-away party, or returning home from military deployment), most clubs will roll out the red carpet for their high-spending VIP table service holders. Royal treatment may include special signage,  light show presentation plus a procession of attractive staff members presenting the bottles to your table, and a complimentary champagne or round of shots.
bottle service girls sparklers
Ladies and gents: Tony Stark and T’challa are in the building!

Bottle Service Cons:

  • Price.  Bottle service can be orders of magnitude more costly than gaining entry through guest list or presale tickets, particularly for group sizes below 8.  Might not be an issue if you’re throwing down a corporate credit card or daddy’s credit card, but if you’ve got a regular 9-to-5 job it can dent your bank account pretty quickly.
  • Misinformation.  When you’re spending this much money, you’re going to have MANY people after your business, including many of those shady characters we mentioned above.  There will be a lot of information floated to you, and often that information is NOT accurate in real-time and is just an attractive ploy to win your business (with an ugly bait-and-switch or missed expectations looming on the tail end).  By booking through Discotech instead of an often inefficient middleman third-party promoter, you will usually get a better price, more reliability, and better service. Even if the price is the same, you still get the latter two benefits by using Discotech, as well as access to the true decision-makers at every club, quick responses to your questions, and the invaluable benefit of a dedicated 24/7 helpline for answers and advice on the fly.  You’ll notice as you continue to browse the Discotech app that more and more that our posted pricing is accurate and competitive; there are various reasons for this, but the ones that are the easiest to explain are that:
    • We drive traffic to clubs in bulk, so we get the most legitimate discounted rates on the market
    • We work with the top VIP directors at every venue who are three levels above hosts or promoters; these VIP directors are authorized to give out better prices
    • Like Uber or Lyft, we utilize technology to service customers faster – leading to shorter lead times and cheaper labor costs and thus no need to artificially mark up prices.
  • Jealousy.  People will look at you from the GA areas and hate you cuz they ain’t you.
  • Umm… wow, that really is it for the cons.  

You should consider bottle service if:


You don’t need to be born on another planet, a brooding billionaire loner with too much time and money, or bitten by a radioactive spider to have an amazing time in Vegas. All you need is Discotech – 5-star rated, free to download in App Store or Google Play! – to help transform your basic-ness into a superhuman experience you’ll never forget. From guest list access to copping presale tickets to VIP bottle service to bachelor and bachelorette parties, your tailored Superhero saga is at your fingertips – yay, technology! – and will quickly make you reconsider the darkness of Sin City in a whole new light.  Never again will you and your crime-fighting squad want to step foot into a Vegas dayclub or nightclub without using Discotech.

And the world was saved, and the partying citizens of the universe lived happily ever after.  Roll credits.