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Top 10 Best EDM (Electronic Dance) Clubs in Miami

Best EDM Clubs in Chicago

Top 10 Best EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Clubs in NYC

Best Festivals in New York

Synonymous with festivity and artistic talent, it comes as no surprise that New York hosts a number of annual cultural festivals that are unparalleled in magic and magnitude. Read on to update your New York bucket-list with the best festivals in town:

Panorama (Randall’s Island Park) – July

Picture this: Coachella unfolding in New York City’s beloved Randall’s Island Park with a hip-hop twist. Yes, as Coachella’s edgy cousin, Panorama is everything you could’ve ever hoped for: killer sets, party goers from all around the country to celebrate with, and a helluva star-studded line-up! From the Killers to The XX, Cardi B to the Weeknd, expect the who’s who of the music scene to put in an appearance. Besides, summer in California’s so cliché, come spend it in New York instead.

Afropunk (Brooklyn) – August

The love-child of rebellious goodness and the celebration of African heritage, Afropunk functions as an artistic safe space for every freak, geek and weirdo with mystique to explore the intersections of culture and music. Lose yourself in the unfiltered joy of discovering a new environment rich with artistic splendor and teeming with unconditional acceptance as you groove to tunes from black musical legends like Jill Scott, Santigold, and Leon Bridges.

SummerStage (Multiple locations) – Summer months

Set against the backdrop of dreamy summer days, SummerStage captures the very essence of music festivals so effortlessly with its come-one-come-all open-air format. Attracting over six million lovely humans from all around the globe since its birth back in the good old ’80s, this show-stopping performing arts festival has redefined the consumption of music and the celebration of artistic expression. With hundreds of spell-binding performances by the likes of diverse artists like Parquet Courts, The Concert, and Lisa Lisa, you’ll want to visit every one of the 18 locations SummerStage has decided to bless with its presence.

Electric Zoo (Randall’s Island Park) – March

From the depths of the Big Apple’s concrete jungle we bring you Electric Zoo – one of the East Coast’s most premier dance music festivals to ever exist! Set against the iconic backdrop of Manhattan, it serves up an exquisite offering of some of the finest artists specializing in dubstep, techno and house. Let the likes of Claptone, The Black Madonna, and Bassnectar blow your mind as you fall in love with this incredible city and the wacky sets on display. And ditch the chicken dance for some king-of-the-jungle worthy moves because it’s about to get wild up in here!

Chelsea Music Festival (Canoe Studios) –  June

Calling all music fans, art-enthusiasts and foodies alike, Chelsea Music Festival offers up a delicious taste of the finer things in life that you’ve been craving at your boring desk-job. In a perfectly sophisticated and innovative amalgamation of classical music, ravishing scents and hand-crafted menus customized to match the sights and sounds of each act, attendees are sure to experience a sensory feast like never before. Keep an eye out for renowned and talented musicians like Alex Shiozaki, Amy Galluzzo, and Michael Dahlberg. Think of Chelsea Music Festival as the artistic equivalent of an expensive spa-day, the kind that has you grinning goofily in delight for days.

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (Brooklyn) – July

Whether you’re seeking a summer to remember or one to forget, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival certainly has your back. Branded NYC’s biggest Hip-Hop event of the year, fans await this music festival with bated breath. Stretching beyond musical performances to include interactive exhibitions, block parties and panel discussions, this festival really dedicates itself to raising awareness of the community it has its roots in. Fall head-over-heels for fantabulous artists like Skyzoo, Mister Cee, and Torae while basking in the beauty of New York’s age-old love affair with Hip-Hop.

Governors Ball ( Randall’s Island Park) – June

Ever imagined yourself as a princess at a ball? Well why settle for princess when you can transform into a rave queen this summer at Randall’s Island Park attending the Governors Ball Music Festival, dancing with the breathtaking New York skyline as your backdrop? Watch Randall’s Island come to life with an array of show-stopping performances by fan favorites like Galantis, Wolf Alice and Flume, while you make memories to treasure for a lifetime. With some of New York’s best food trucks and interactive art installations to indulge in as well, I bet you’ll have a ball at Gov-Ball! 

Summer Jam ( East Rutherford, New Jersey) – June

Sponsored by New York’s favorite radio station Hot 97FM, Summer Jam brings together Hip-Hop fans from all across the tri-state area for an explosive night of pure unadulterated fun. With a history of absolutely iconic headliners like Nicki Minaj, Migos, and Lil Wayne, you can count on Summer Jam to set itself apart as a truly elite music festival. If quality music is what your heart desires, you know where to head this June.

Pinknic (Randall’s Island Park) –  July

Much like the Mean Girls, Pinknic attendees uphold their pink-and-white dress code with great pride. If live performances, pool parties, and gourmet food hailing from the Big Apple’s favorite restaurants strike your fancy, you’re sure to want to sell your soul to the Pinknic gods. Soak your toes in the ‘fairytale pool’ as you sway to the tunes of Moon Boots, Naations, and Mark Ronson. With an array of wines to choose from, head over to watch the stunning firework display with your new favorite drink in hand as you make a mental note to book tickets for next year as soon as you get home.

So for a much-needed musical (and dopamine) fix, plan your trip to New York right here, right now!

aerial view of South Beach, MIami

Miami EDM Clubs – 迈阿密十大最佳EDM俱乐部

您是否遇到了严重的“无车祸”和“无迈阿密音乐周”! 撤离并错过了这次大流行隔离所带来的所有“ UNTZ UNTZ”? 不用担心,我们会在这里为您提供帮助,并为您准备好在您最喜欢的夜总会重新开放不久的那一天的辉煌日子。 查看我们的指南,了解迈阿密最热门的电子音乐夜总会场所,并于2021年更新。


迈阿密正确地赢得了电子舞蹈音乐迷必去的圣地的声誉。 它的年度Ultra Music Festival是EDM的皇冠珠宝节之一,参加者超过20万人,对千禧一代而言,就像伍德斯托克对婴儿潮一代而言:音乐注入的体验试金石定义了整个一代。 此外,该市与拉丁美洲的空中,社会和经济距离(在过去的5年中,EDM的受欢迎度在此迅速增长)对迈阿密高档娱乐场所的业主产生了强烈影响,以迎合这些来访的富裕人士和商务人士的口味。 旅行者。

想要在魔幻城市中一个(或多个)最经常使用的EDM夜总会里玩一场史诗般的低沉弯管机? 我们在南海滩的雷暴天气中像雨伞一样遮住了你。 迈阿密是一个具有国际影响力和全球交汇点的城市,将世界上最好的文化融合在一起,迈阿密是美国一些顶级电子夜总会的所在地。 这是您在城里必须花时间参观的最好的那些。

1. Space – Downtown/Brickell

dance floor & DJ booth at Space Nightclub, Miami

这场迈阿密市中心的通宵狂欢节是地球上最著名的电子音乐圣地之一,您的父母可能会参加这里,直到您有自己的孩子时才会告诉您有关它的故事。迈阿密太空Space Miami最初于90年代中期在南海滩South Beach发射,但场面如此秀美(以一种很好的方式),以至于其所有者很快将其搬到了市区,实际上使整个城市焕发了活力-小时娱乐。如今,太空迈阿密可能已经老化了那么一点,但它仍然是当今主流电子音乐世代的事实母体。 III点,Link Miami Rebels和其他举世闻名的电子音乐推广团体每个周末都登上航天器,以将外星人级的电力吸入到这个海绵状的场地中。打开从11PM直到???? (尽管合法,早上6点是早),Club Space带来了世界一流的室内和技术DJ来表演幻想马拉松。单。周末。奖励:他们的VIP瓶装服务真是太棒了,我们在全球所有夜生活中都见过一些最专业的场地管理和服务人员。他们说,直到您看到该场地著名的露台上的太阳升起,您才是真正的EDM杆头……所以您准备好体验这个非凡的体验吗?一切都在母舰上!

2. LIV – Mid-Beach

MMG夜生活的LIV无疑是该市最好的夜生活场所,并且无疑是世界上最好的夜生活场所之一,绝对是任何严重的夜生活爱好者一生中都必须至少参观一次的地方。虽然某些夜晚(例如周日)的确有顶尖人才跳动嘻哈音乐,甚至一些说唱界的超级巨星都为现场表演舞台欢呼雀跃,但LIV的大多数星期五和某些星期六都是为电子家庭音乐预留的。一流的声誉肯定会吸引世界一流的EDM人才,包括史蒂夫·奥基Steve Aoki,塞德里克·杰尔维Cedric Gervais等人,甚至还包括像蒂斯托Tiesto这样的偶像,如果他在镇上转悠。 LIV装潢豪华,占地18,000平方英尺,配有最先进的音响系统和照明设备,可保证所有访客无论音乐类型如何,都能记住一个晚上。此外,该场馆于2018年完成了数百万美元的翻新工程,并进行了多种美学改进和技术进步,以增强客户的体验。

3. Story – South Beach

dance floor at Story Nightclub Miami

LIV的姊妹店Story在大多数夜晚都起着嘻哈音乐,但每个月几次,它都配备了一些顶尖的和新兴的EDM人才。 一个很好的经验法则是:当Story的大姐姐财产LIV玩嘻哈音乐时,小妹妹(大约有自己的大小)与电子音乐一起出现,反之亦然。 内尔沃Nervo,克鲁维拉Krewella甚至是巨星卡尔文·哈里斯Calvin Harris都是在这个令人垂涎的场地舞台上亮相的标志性名字。 作为当地人和游客长期以来的最爱,Story提供高端的体验和优质的瓶装服务,以及空中舞者和出色的音响系统,为您度过一个美好的夜晚奠定了完美的基调。 如果您在城镇中并且正在寻找有名气的特殊活动,请务必检查一下该场所。 但是,只要确保在出发前仔细检查我们应用中的歌手或DJ,才能100%确保您钟爱的EDM音色已经就绪。

4. E11even – Downtown/Brickell

E11even Nightclub Miami dance floor

E11even是一种独一无二的24/7表演和夜生活场所,以诱人的,动人的表演和令人惊叹的现场艺人表演。白天,E11even是一个多层酒吧和休息室,为您提供高品质的食物和浓烈的鸡尾酒。在周末的晚上,异国情调的表演,壮观的戏剧以及嘻哈音乐和EDM音乐的大牌音乐演出者-大约占流派的一半,所以请在计划旅行前检查一下时间表! –经历多个阶段,将肩并肩的人群鞭打成狂。您可能已经听说过,但是E11even是夜总会/条纹俱乐部的混合体,这是一个新颖的概念,必须充分认识并欣赏它的卓​​越之处。 EDM爱好者-他们确实预订怪物表演,尤其是在“超级音乐节周”这样的大型周末-全世界一般的夜生活爱好者都会喜欢这个地方。您不想在下一个迈阿密假期错过E11even,而且Discotech除了预售票以及VIP体验外,还提供某些晚上的免费宾客名单。

5. Wynwood Factory – Wynwood

DJ booth at Wynwood Factory, Miami

这座崭新的Wynwood Factory在2018年巴塞尔艺术展期间大放异彩,由四个不同的活动空间和夜总会概念,用于音乐会,美食和艺术节的露天创意空间以及一个20,000平方英尺的露台组成俯瞰着Wynwood艺术区,迈阿密市区和闪闪发光的迈阿密海滩。这个庞大的电子音乐中心由迈阿密太空公司Space Miami和现已不复存在的Heart Nightclub创始人路易斯·普伊格Louis Puig经营,其礼貌和包容的服务人员受到当地人的喜爱。不过,更重要的是,“工厂”已成为Wynwood艺术,音乐和娱乐界背后的推动力,该界席卷了整个世界。其经常性的EDM活动如Relic和Ethics吸引了国际知名的DJ,但当大型活动周末(如游艇周,游泳周和前述的巴塞尔艺术博览会)在外地人涌入魔幻城市的街道时,它的确赢得了全世界的赞誉。寻找那刻骨铭心的迈阿密魔术。

6. Treehouse – Mid-Beach

DJ &dance floor at Treehouse Miami

迈阿密忠实的EDM主管大军实现了他们的童年幻想:在他们的后院就座多室树屋。 Treehouse Miami在2018年被DJ MAG提名为全球TOP 100俱乐部,并被Miami New Times提名为最佳舞蹈俱乐部,其颇具讽刺意味的天高绰号,因为它是全球地下深层建筑和技术运动的震中。 “ Come as you Are”场地没有着装要求,是一个黑暗,潮湿,不起眼的绞肉机,带有舞池的汗水箱……换句话说,非常适合所有Deep House,Tech-house,工业 房子,和黑暗的技术爱好者可以享受。 会以为南海滩最低调的地方会让您在树梢之上,电子音乐爱好者中高居榜首吗?

7. Basement – Mid-Beach

Dance floor of Basement NIghtclub Miami

Basement确实是迈阿密最鲜为人知的秘密之一。 我的意思是…在脉动的舞池中,您还可以在哪里喝酒,聚会,碗和溜冰鞋(或滑冰鞋)作为呼吸,从摇摆不定的电子音乐到前40种无线电节奏? 这个地方是如此火烧,以至于Drake曾经在Ultra / Miami音乐周期间租下了整个地方与他的名人迷Rihanna一起溜冰。 这是一个相当私密的空间,没有太多的空间,因此事情可能变得非常狭窄。 我们建议您和您的船员警察VIP餐桌服务,并尽早(午夜之前)到达那里,以免排队太长。 这个成年人的游乐场被迈阿密新时报称为迈阿密最独特的俱乐部之一。

8. Mynt Lounge – Mid-Beach

mynt lounge miami

宝贝,您真薄荷,…您已经准备好前往迈阿密的夜生活场景,感觉自己有多新鲜。因此,将您最好的杂物和摩西运动带到新近装修的Mynt Lounge,这是South Beach最时尚的聚会场所之一。拥有“城市中最严格的门禁政策我-对不起,绅士们,与其他SoBe夜总会不同,您真的需要穿上衣服才能在这里留下深刻的印象-Mynt凭借其应有的知名度正迅速成为迈阿密的那些景点之一。无需出名但是,您可以轻松进入:您只需在Mynt的姊妹餐厅/休息室杂货店Myn-tu隔壁grab一口,或者预定VIP瓶服务-可以说是最昂贵的高价干部团队了。一流的迈阿密海滩夜总会-过着电影明星般的生活方式,贵族中的贵宾桌是一笔不错的投资,因为Mynt的装饰和座位布置非常豪华,加上一根粗的天鹅绒绳子和一套魁梧的蹦床纯粹来自神话般的幻想,挂在衣架上以及希望被窃听的东西(当然是双关语)。当然,家庭音乐是选择的配乐,可以在闪烁的灯光和迷人的气球中将人群鞭打成狂热,就像悬挂在Myn的灯具一样t的天花板很高。

9. The Ground – Downtown/Brickell

对于迈阿密娱乐区拥有的所有精彩场所,它可能缺少的一件事-当然是那些充满拉丁风情的Calle Ocho以外的地方-那些高质量的现场音乐场所。这就是为什么The Ground进入我们的十大榜单的原因:这个位于太空的可爱小兄弟俱乐部-位于相同的场所并由同一管理人员运营-是这些非凡的现场音乐热点之一。不过,请提前警告:The Ground的独特氛围完全是South Beach每晚进行的可预测的夜生活快​​球的曲折球。砖砌拱门和昏暗的气氛照明为这个小房间带来了亲密的鸡尾酒吧感觉,这在迈阿密极为罕见。对于这么小的场地,声音系统的重量超过了它的重量,这使得这里的电子音乐音乐会以及通过门旋转的嘻哈,金属和拉丁音乐会成为对耳朵的真爱。那些除了听到自己喜欢的新锐艺术家之外还想砍地毯的人也不会失望,因为人才预订者是Space背后的同胞,并且在将艺术家声音与场地声学相匹配方面是真正的专业人员让人群摇摆不定。如果您最喜欢的EDM艺术家恰巧在这里玩,请放下您正在做的事情,并在我们的应用程序中为您获得便宜的门票,以获得您不会后悔的体验。

10. Hyde Lounge – South Beach

EDM concert at belasco theater, Los Angeles, CA

如果您想在南海滩最好的泳池派对场所之一庆祝,那就去海洋大道Ocean Drive上超级豪华的SLS Hotel的“海德休息室Hyde Lounge。 在白天,这个场所-在上午和下午称为“海德海滩Hyde Beach-是迈阿密最接近全面的拉斯维加斯式大型泳池派对的场所。 不过,到了晚上,迈阿密最疯狂的聚会人群会在城市周围选择更狂野的夜总会场景,因此海德的场景酷似酷酷,时髦,凉快的欧式电子音乐注入式超休息室。 在豪华的复古风格室内区域和宽敞的泳池甲板之间,整个场地都拥有8,000多平方英尺的空间,供聚会者随时随地享受聚会的气氛。 如果您白天太辛苦或在阳光下晒太阳,我们建议您尝试一下Hyde Lounge,并且您想要一个轻松但不困倦的夜晚氛围,如果您想在夜晚放松,则可以选择使用EDM。 酒精突然抓住了你。

有关在迈阿密的所有夜总会的瓶装服务,来宾清单和预售票务的更多信息,请下载我们免费的Discotech mobile app! 或者,如果您使用的是台式机,请尝试使用我们的webapp !

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迈阿密南海滩的最佳俱乐部是Hyde Beach/Hyde Lounge, Treehouse, Basement, Rockwell,Cameo,Wall LoungeMokai


迈阿密最好的EDM俱乐部是Liv,Story,Space,Trade,E11even,Wall Lounge和Basement。


迈阿密最好的嘻哈俱乐部是Rockwell,Cameo,Mokai,Mr Jones和Liv / Story(在某些晚上,请检查即将发生的事件)。






男生可以穿漂亮的牛仔裤和合身的普通T恤或漂亮的纽扣衬衫。 如果愿意,女孩可以穿牛仔裤或舒适却时尚的衣服。 当然,男孩和女孩在打扮方面永远不会出错-在夜总会里,根本没有过分打扮的事情。


大多数SoBe俱乐部的女孩都认同相同的概念:短,紧身,多乳沟,并配以高高的平台或细高跟鞋。 动物图案和水钻发现在南海滩很常见。 在迈阿密外出的女孩子穿裙子和高跟鞋,没有牛仔裤,没有凉鞋,没有平底鞋。 裙子越小,高跟鞋越高,您看起来越好和性感。


您可以使用我们的免费mobile app预订餐桌服务。 或者,如果您使用的是台式机,则可以使用我们的webapp


最低赌桌可能会变得非常昂贵,但每个场所都不尽相同。 找出答案的最佳方法是使用我们的app


在大多数俱乐部,平均每晚的保底费为20至40美元。 在假期的周末或有大才干的活动中,期望付出更多。 通常,您可以在才华横溢的夜晚提前购买门票,这通常比在门口支付普通门票便宜。


迈阿密最好的名人热点是Rockwell,E11even,King of Diamonds和Liv。


南佛罗里达州的大多数夜总会只向法定饮酒年龄开放。 但是,如果您年满18岁但还未满21岁,您仍然可以在迈阿密参加一些活动。 查看Discotech App,了解即将在Club Space和1-800-LUCKY举办的18多个活动。 也有超过18岁的节日,例如Ultra Miami。


迈阿密俱乐部通常要到凌晨5点才关门。 如果您之后仍想参加聚会,我们建议您使用Club Space(Techno til上午9点),e11even(半脱衣舞俱乐部半夜总会,开放时间为24/7)和King of Diamonds(全脱衣舞俱乐部,至6AM开放 )。


如果您是女孩,则可以免费与发起人一起进入,或者您可以提早到达那里,并希望保镖喜欢您的“外表”。 对于像Liv和Story这样的俱乐部,您可以提前购买门票。 您也可以出现并支付一般入场费。 当然,总有瓶服务选项。

NYC EDM Clubs – 纽约市十大最佳EDM俱乐部

Los angeles skyline at sunset

LA EDM Nightclubs – 洛杉矶十大最佳EDM(电子舞)俱乐部

自隔离开始以来,Coachella和EDC是否有严重退学? 错过了所有的“ UNTZ UNTZ”动作,并希望您在那里和最喜欢的EDM艺术家一路过关斩将吗? 不用担心,我们已经为您覆盖。 我们在这里为您准备在不久的将来那光彩夺目的一天,届时您最喜欢的夜总会将重新营业。 洛杉矶是全球最佳的目的地和汇聚点,将世界上最好的文化融合在一起,同时也是世界音乐产业之都之一,洛杉矶拥有美国一些顶级电子夜总会。 请查看下面的指南,了解天使之城中最热门的电子音乐夜总会场所,并于2020年更新。

1. Academy – Hollywood

Academy Nightclub dance floor

Create的故居,Academy的霓虹色调,时尚的休息区和光滑的表面使其成为世界上最现代,最典雅的仓库风格夜总会之一。 它是好莱坞Insomniac的故乡,该公司为您带来了美国一些最大的EDM音乐节:Escape,Beyond Wonderland,当然还有拉斯维加斯最大的EDM音乐节Electric Daisy Carnival / EDC。 占地20,000平方英尺的场地可容纳2,000多名聚会参与者,A级DJ的反复出现以及巨大的LED天花板(是的,您没听错)使Academy成为了不容错过的场地,它始终是最好的场地 调音并展现最佳震动。 主舞台后面还有一个亚洲主题的户外露台区,当地面太热时,客人可以喘口气。 预订桌子并在学院登记成为嘉宾! 我们经常为某些节目提供学院促销代码。

2. Exchange LA – Downtown LA

Dance floor / stage @ Exchange LA Nightclub

Exchange LA曾是洛杉矶证券交易所的所在地,并于2010年重新开业,并已成为全球顶级EDM俱乐部之一。 同样也有充分的理由:Exchange LA拥有一个可容纳1500人的多层场所,分布在四层楼的六个酒吧,并且据说是全市一家夜总会中洗手间最多的地方,Exchange LA还举办了一些超级巨星DJ,例如 Armin van Buuren,Dash Berlin和Don Diablo。 GA线会在一个好的夜晚在建筑物的两边延伸很长,因此我们通常建议您进入宾客名单并提早到达,或者提前获得门票。我们经常在这里提供Exchange促销代码! 在此处预订桌子并在Exchange上免费注册来宾清单。

3. Sound Nightclub – Hollywood

Sound Nightclub dance floor - Los Angeles / Hollywood

Sound Nightclub展示了各种EDM风格,从深层室内音乐到电子音乐再到工业到先进的室内音乐。 Sound设在一个私密,光线昏暗且装饰精美的空间中,并邀请室内音乐促销公司定期举行聚会。 例如,周二晚上的特色是每周一次的太空游艇活动,声音融合了不拘一格的低音,而周五和周六晚上则为Sound带来了更深沉的技术。 Discotech通常在11:00 PM之前有声音事件的来宾列表。 声音会一直开放到周末的凌晨3点或凌晨4点,以及直到星期二的凌晨2点-您可以直接在我们的webapp应用程序或mobile app程序上注册免费的嘉宾列表并预订桌子。

4. Avalon – Hollywood

Avalon Nightclub DJ & dance floor

阿瓦隆 Avalon在2003年进行的重大改造使俱乐部从音乐剧院变成了镇上最好的舞蹈场所之一。 常规的18 + / 19 +晚比该地区的大多数其他俱乐部吸引年轻的人群,而且几乎每天晚上,线条在西班牙殖民地的外墙深处形成。 一间长长的酒吧在房间的任一侧都提供饮料,以保持聚会的气氛。 拥有不断增加的粉丝群,DJ名册到本周将变得越来越好,因此无论谁旋转,您都一定会喜欢上一夜。 如果您在镇上,请务必检查出该地点,尤其是在斥资一百万美元对其进行翻新之后。 使用促销代码DISCO可以节省在AvalonHollywood.com上购买的所有门票的10%。 预订桌子并在我们的移动应用程序或网络应用程序上注册Avalon的折扣访客列表

5. Raspoutine – West Hollywood

Raspoutine Nightclub dance floor - Los Angeles, CA

Rasoutine品牌于1965年在巴黎首次成立,此后将地点扩展到罗马,马拉喀什,摩纳哥和洛杉矶。 每个地点都融合了相同的黑暗,神秘,俄罗斯客厅主题:从1970年代的丽塔·海沃斯Rita Hayworths到2020年代的阿丽亚娜·格兰德斯Ariana Grandes,数十年来好莱坞的A-lists吸引了每个场所的豪华魅力。 与欧洲地区不同,在Raspoutine的洛杉矶地区您不会找到任何食物:这是一家纯欧洲人的夜总会,是鸡尾酒,伏特加和法式香槟的饮酒胜地。 占地1600平方英尺的错层房间散发着鲜红色的墙壁和地板,宴会,重音桌子,豪华的墙壁,以及散落在各处的大型俄罗斯套娃。 实际上,Raspoutine完全融入了俄罗斯精神,以为托尔斯泰小说中的双重间谍人物随时可能突然出现,以在酒吧点出伏特加的庆祝照。

6. Nameless – Santa Monica

Nameless Nightclub dance floor. -Santa Monica, CA

到目前为止,关于这个地方的报道还很少。 无名是圣莫尼卡的一个相对较新的技术酒吧/酒廊,正在迅速普及。 为什么? 首先,洛杉矶很少有地方能真正满足人们寻找地下声音的需求:洛杉矶一些最好的深层房屋和地下场景DJ几乎没有大张旗鼓地旋转。 其次,在405以西几乎没有室内音乐场所,没有像Nameless那样优雅或宽敞的场所(尽管公平地说,它仍然比好莱坞的任何室内场所都小得多)。 Nameless设有专用于舞池的地板,可在大多数夜晚提供瓶装服务和廉价的门票。 但是,它最好的好处是,它与圣莫尼卡的许多其他受欢迎的酒吧都位于同一条大街上,这使得它成为开始,继续或结束西边倒屋夜的好地方。 结果,Nameless的人群通常偏向年轻,吸引了大学和最近的研究生。

7. Palladium – Hollywood

dance floor and stage of Palladium nightclub

好莱坞钯金剧院(Hollywood Palladium)是全美最具标志性的音乐厅之一,是一个大型音乐会场馆,既接待EDM艺术家,也邀请了来自其他音乐流派的艺术家。 它以装饰艺术风格的现代流线型建筑建造,包括11200平方英尺(1040平方米)的舞池,带有宽敞的夹层楼,二楼可容纳多达4,000人。 该剧院于2016年被列入《美国国家历史古迹名录》,您的热爱音乐会的父母(甚至祖父母)可能会不时向您介绍在那儿观看演出的故事。 钯金确实在其VIP阳台上为电子音乐表演提供瓶装服务,并且您可以在我们的mobile app中为您最喜欢的歌手的即将到来的表演保留主要视图桌子。

8. Shrine – Downtown LA

shrine los angeles nightclub facing dj crowd

Shrine Auditorium是位于洛杉矶市中心USC旁边的音乐厅-如果您是音乐会舞台上一位崭露头角的大学生,那么您可能会来这里参加一两场表演。 他们拥有从EDM DJ到嘻哈Hip Hop艺术家的各种流派的顶级表演。 这是一个巨大的场地,挤满了很多人,举行了一场派对。 这里没有瓶装服务,但是周围分布着四间酒吧-两间在主楼层,另外两间在楼上阳台部分。 这里的照明产品是最先进的,绝对是一个值得一看的景点。 在Discotech网站上查看The Shrine即将举行的活动和DJ的列表。

9. The Buffalo Club – Santa Monica

十年前或十年或更久以前,风靡一时的时尚,美食舒适的美食热潮,伦敦私人俱乐部的时尚风尚和无所不包的调酒学…………这里有Buffalo Club。 布法罗俱乐部Buffalo Club在它的时代开始之前,如今已成为当今时代的完美之选,但仍然处于竞争激烈的地位,但仍处于不可捉摸的状态。 洛杉矶的许多电影,电视,音乐和科技公司已经搬入了如今已高档化的圣塔莫尼卡区,从而推动了业务的增长,从而允许餐厅/酒廊将其主要餐厅的餐饮形式扩展为深夜家庭音乐的超酒廊。 周末。 尽管如此,Buffalo Club始终保持着其禁酒时代的私密魅力,同时增加了现代设施,如豪华座椅和VIP酒瓶服务,将年轻,嬉皮的一代引入其永恒的洛杉矶魅力。

10. Belasco – Downtown LA

EDM concert at belasco theater, Los Angeles, CA

Belasco位于洛杉矶市中心的心脏地带,是一个壮观的多房间活动和娱乐中心。 由于最近进行了1200万美元的翻新,Belasco剧院得以保留了其最初的戏剧性建筑和细节,管理层也投入了很多时间与各种类型的中,高端音乐人才一起演出。 该场馆拥有南加州最大的D&B Audiotechnik音响系统以及最先进的照明系统,将其在大型电子音乐聚会上的独具创意的生产潜力提升了十倍。 因此,由于它是18岁及以上的票务友好场所,一些著名的EDM流派活动制作公司(如Bassrush,Desert Hearts,Minimal Effort)会在他们落脚时在这里举办巡回演出 到天使之城。

Honorable Mention: Avalon Bardot (Hollywood) – afterhours

阿瓦隆·巴铎Avalon Bardot是位于阿瓦隆好莱坞Avalon Hollywood之上的继我们之后的景点。 晚会在凌晨2点开始。 预订桌子并在我们的mobile app或web app上注册Avalon的折扣访客列表。

有关洛杉矶任何和所有夜总会的瓶装服务,宾客列表和预售票务的更多信息,请下载我们免费的Discotech mobile app! 或者,如果您使用的是台式机,请尝试使用我们的webapp

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LA Nightclubs FAQ


洛杉矶的夜总会通常在晚上10:00至10:30之间营业。 如果您想避免排队,我们建议您在晚上10:00之前到达。


洛杉矶大多数夜总会将于2:00 AM关闭。 EDM场馆通常会在凌晨2点之前开放,但最后一次打电话给酒精饮料的时间总是凌晨2点。


对于男士,我们建议您安全使用-穿领衬衫,漂亮的牛仔裤和正装皮鞋。 如果您要使用瓶装服务,则可以穿休闲装(西装外套+ T恤等)。 女孩的着装要求不太严格,但每个夜总会都不一样。 对于优雅的夜总会,大多数女孩会穿着高跟鞋和礼服。


洛杉矶的一些俱乐部有免费的客人名单,有些则有打折的名单。 请记住,许多洛杉矶夜总会更为独家,需要瓶装服务才能进入。


Avenue, Warwick, 1OAK, Nightingale, Highlight Room, Elevate, Bootsy Bellows, Doheny Room.


Avalon, Exchange, Sound, Academy.

denver skyline dusk

Best EDM clubs in Denver, Colorado

Today we’re off to Denver and no, we’re not going to discuess the fact that Denver is the city known for creating the cheeseburger or the fact that Denver brews more beer then any other city in the US, which is totally awesome. No, today we dive headfirst into the growing EDM scene that has begun to spring about all over the great city of Denver. Strap in. Here we go.

Looking for the hottest EDM clubs in Denver, Colorado? See upcoming events sign up for guest list, and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Denver.


A venue for artists, by artists, Temple Nightclub offers a nightlife experience that is unrivaled in the Mile High region. From awe-inspiring, fully immersive state of the art lighting and visuals, to a thundering custom sound system, paired with world-class talent, bottle service and theatrical production, this place is like no other. The party usually kicks off around 9PM, so make sure to check upcoming events at Temple Nightclub so not to miss your favorite DJ’s.

Upon entering through the motion activated light corridor, you teleport into a higher dimension of nightlife. The 3 story main room cathedral elicits a sense of excitement and grandeur. A nightclub atmosphere of unparalleled cohesiveness, all theatrical lighting and production elements were conceptualized and designed for the entire room to act as a single organism pulsating to the rhythm of a single heartbeat. 

In the sub level lies the main dancefloor where guests will find a custom DJ booth, thundering Funktion One sound system and 50,000 addressable, floor-to-ceiling LED bulbs. Surrounding the dance floor are four VIP booths and a two tiered stadium seating platform comprising 8 VIP sections which offer a high-energy experience for guests who wish to be in the center of the action. At the forefront of the dance floor is the main stage, which has been designed specifically to showcase Temple’s world-renowned artists, DJs, and performers. The main room is complete with 8 mezzanine tables that hover above the main dance floor, offering unparalleled and immersive views of the action in a private setting. 

The sound system at Temple Denver has been designed to provide the ultimate listening experience. Through decades of constant refinement and testing, Funktion One has achieved a level of fidelity across the frequency spectrum that was previously unheard of at night club sound pressure levels. The low frequencies provided by the newest Funktion One F221 woofers and BR132A subwoofers are configured in a non-conventional manner. The BR132 is perhaps one of the only true, high output subwoofers in the world.

Temple Denver is 1 of only 3 venues in the United States to have this innovative technology and has achieved what many nightclubs have attempted, but failed to accomplish; the feat of producing the ultimate sound experience of a pulsating system that is not overbearing to conversations or harming to the audible senses.

The Church

You might be wondering, is this real? Yes it is. Will God judge me for raging in a former house of worship? I can’t answer that, but what I can tell you is raging is an understatement. This place throws down. Imagine a festival. Now imagine putting a three-story church on top of that festival. There you go. Welcome to The Church.

The venue features stained-glass windows, high-beamed gothic architecture and hundreds of candles spread throughout the Church suggest a pious vibe in the past house of worship, but the congregation is as mixed as they come. Built-in 1865, the roomy, multi-level Lincoln Street mainstay draws globally based DJs, local residents, retro lovers, even the under-21 set: Sections of the bar are open to those 18 and up. A rooftop patio affords one of the city’s best views. Confessional booths, although maybe more needed then ever, have been replaced with bottle service tables, available to anyone looking to party hard. To see what’s happening at The Church this weekend, make sure to check out upcoming events at the Church.

Club Vinyl

Club Vinyl is a beast of a space that occupies four distinct floors in an old industrial setting. From the basement to the rooftop (open and comfortable every day, despite Colorado’s weather), there’s a different vibe going on on each floor. The basement’s dark with glowing bottle service tables lining the sides of the room coupled with a distinct underground feeling. The main floor above it is similar but with much more production; a Funktion One sound system, a space to chill in the back of the room, and two designated bottle service booths.

There is lots of seating outside, including fire pits, heaters for when it’s cool out, and misters for when it’s warm. You can also rent out hookahs on the rooftop. The inside features even more bottle service tables and a second Funktion One sound system. Off of the main floor is a patio for smoking. The second floor splits into two halves—one half is called the Glass Lounge, which is primarily used as a private events space, and the other half has bottle service booths, pool tables and a dancefloor where you can usually find circles of people breakdancing to Top 40 music.

The rooftop is partially enclosed on one half, partially exposed to the elements on the other half. Up and coming EDM DJs are always found throwing down new underground music not yet ruined by popularity. This venue is an EDM junkie’s dream, so make sure to check out upcoming events at Club Vinyl to catch your favorite DJs!

Bar Standard

Once the home of Serengeti and Shelter, Bar Standard is an Art Deco-themed, modern-day speakeasy. While the name and look may have changed, the club, housed in the former Jonas Bros. Furs building, still brings in some of the area’s best DJs — who spin house and dance music — as well as more high-profile national DJs. In addition, Bar Standard occasionally brings in live acts like the Cool Kids to perform on stage. The main area of the upscale club fills up quickly on the weekends, but there are two patios, both of which offer gorgeous views of Denver’s skyline, to escape the masses. Make sure to check out upcoming events at Bar Standard to see what’s going down!

This is definietly one of the coolest spots in Denver. Few clubs that I know of offer both a rooftop bar as well as an inside dance hall. This is definitely a place worth checking out.

The Black Box

Last but not least, Black Box. This venue is a refuge from the everyday, a home for experimentation and heart felt emotion. Their mission is simple, to move people through sound. They host a wide range of genres, allowing patrons from all walks to experience the power of music on a proper sound system. The dual room venue is fully equipped with the powerful, state-of-the-art Basscouch Sound consisting of a Tannoy, Funktion-One, and Othorn combination. A haven for artists, audiophiles, and partygoers alike, The Black Box is headquarters for Colorado’s underground music community.

The club itself is intimate with dark lights, and lots of lazers. Needless to say this is a totally different experience from big venues where you catch what some might call “radio DJs”. Instead, The Black Box aims to give EDM goers a more intmitate experience with music thats up and coming.

Honorable Mention: Red Rocks Amphitheater

Now, I know exactly what you are probably thinking right now. This is not a club, so why is it on the top EDM clubs in Denver? The Red Rock Amphitheater is not a club. However, this venue deserves a shoutout as it has recently been attracting some of the biggest names in EDM and I felt it was only fair to let my EDM bretheran know where to find that next epic party.

Big Wild & Whethan, Above and Beyond, Rezz, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Snails b2b Kill the Noise, Illenium, Troyboi and deadMau5 are among the many who are coming or have come to Red Rocks to preform. And there will be others. Althought not a club, Red Rocks Amphitheater has brought some of the biggest names in electronic dance music to Denver, and so I felt it necessary to throw in the mix.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre for those who don’t know is a beautfiul open-air amphitheatre built into a rock structure near Morrison, Colorado and is located 10 miles west of Denver.

Best EDM Clubs in Boston

For the most part, luxury night clubs play a mix of hip hop music with EDM (electronic dance music). EDM clubs in Boston tend to draw a crowd of younger people that love to get crazy on the dance floor. To make the most of the Boston EDM scene, it is important to know the hot spots and the DJ’s that are playing. Use the Discotech app or website to see who’s playing, book table service, and buy tickets to all of the clubs below.

Boston has EDM clubs all over the city with the best ones being in the downtown and Boston Commons area.


Royale is a mega club in Boston. The venue is a nightclub on some nights and has concerts on others. The huge staircase and beautiful balcony create a grande interior fit for some of the world’s top EDM talent. Royale sees the likes of DJ’s such as Galantis and Tiesto on a regular basis. Check out upcoming events and book/buy bottle service, guestlist, and tickets for Royale on the Discotech app.


The Discotech app will also let you track events at Venu, another popular EDM club in the area that celebrities and high-profile DJs frequent, if that’s the vibe you’re into for the night. Venu is one of the most exclusive clubs in Boston and is a popular place for celebrities to host afterparties. Venu is a relatively small club but the crowd is one you won’t find anywhere else in Boston.


If you are looking for another Boston Club with huge talent in Boston, definitely check out Memoire. This club is one of Boston’s newest and features a talent lineup reminiscent of the extravagant clubs in Vegas. Names such as Steve Aoki and R3hab play here weekly. You can use the Discotech app to book bottle service and track upcoming events at Memoire.

The Grand

Another one of Boston’s mega clubs, The Grand features top DJs on a regular basis. The crowd is hip and fun every single night but make sure to arrive early because venue will fill up! Tickets available on the Discotech app.


Bijou is Boston’s spot for international club-goers. Featuring nightly sets from well-known International DJ’s, the venue has grown extremely popular. With an extremely posh interior, outside of the Boston norm, Bijou boasts a luxury lounge-like interior. If you want to buy tickets, book bottle service, or even see the list of upcoming events at Bijou, use the Discotech app!


Located in Foxwoods, about 1.5-2 hours away from Boston, Shrine brings the energy of a Vegas club to woods of Connecticut. With a 21,000 square ft., cutting-edge space, Shrine has a quality lineup of top EDM DJ’s. Use the Discotech app to book bottle service and see upcoming events at Shrine!

If you want to keep updated on upcoming events in Boston, be sure to download the Discotech app, which provides you with an easy way to find all events in your area. This guide to nightlife in Boston is also a good starting point if you’re not sure what direction you want to take. If you’d like to learn more about our services or need assistance with anything, whether you’re new to the area or a local, feel free to hit our help line.