Best Hip Hop Clubs in Vancouver

Today we’re heading back up north to discover some of the hottest Hip Hop and R&B clubs in Vancouver, Cananda. Known for its cold winter weather and beautiful scenery, Vancouver is the perfect spot to accommodate clubs that are guaranteed to make you dance your butt off. Whether just visiting Vancouver or a long time resident, we hope this list inspires you to go out there and explore what Vancouver has to offer. So let’s

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Fortune Sound Club

Fortune Sound Club is located in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Nuanced by the grit and grime of its historic locale, Fortune Sound Club seamlessly blends high and low by bringing up-from-the-street ambience into a clean and modern setting. The club boasts an excellent sound system along with tables with bottle service for the enjoyment of patrons willing to spend their money on such things. Partygoers consistently write about their fun experiences online which notes that Hip Hop music is the genre most played at this particular venue.

What was once the notorious Ming’s Chinese Restaurant is now a renovated space focusing on creative design, art that can’t be messed with, and eco-friendly features; all of which are brought to life by the most official Funktion One sound system. This venue is a must see for oneself. Click Upcoming Events at Fortune Sound Club to see who’s performing!

Venue Nightclub

Venue perfectly sits upon the line between a big concert hall and dark fun nightclub. The club regularly hosts both crowds in the same evening. Everyone from Major Lazer to Hank Williams III to David Guetta to TV on the Radio have played sold out shows. On the weekends, club nights are packed.

Guests can be found partying in the VIP areas and ripping up the dance floor. A two-level, 500 person space, Venue possesses one of the Vancouver’s best soundsystem and light shows, excellent bottle service, accommodating staff and an endless list of guest artists and DJs. To see who’s performing at Venue, click Upcoming Events at Venue to catch your favorite Hip Hop artist.


Located in the center of Vancouver’s Entertainment District on Granville Street, Republic has created a name for itself by playing with a fun twist on the late-night scene. The venue is known for having a wildly moody and spirited atmosphere, custom lighting, and world class audio that is taken advantage of by renowned artists.

The two-floor nightlife venue also flaunts a separate, enclosed bar named The Annex which overlooks Granville Street in a dynamic style. Combined with unparalleled service and VIP treatment (bottle service and tables), Republic is Vancouver’s premier nightlife destination. Make sure to click Upcoming Events at Republic to check out what’s going down this weekend!


Celebrities is an icon on the West Coast and has been since the 1980s. The venue has grown with the community, and continues to attract some of the biggest artists from around the world.

Just like the fashion industry, trends come and go. Clubs who were once the most popular spot on the block shut down as patrons get bored or find newer exciting clubs. Celebrities seems unscathed from this destiny as so many clubs out there are bound to face. The club has been around for over 3 decades, which is by club standards, an insanely long time. Perhaps that can tell you something about this place that I cannot.

After a major renovation, the club added 2 luxury VIP sections accompanied with bottle service, the latest Funktion-One sound system, and over-the-top party special effects. Their legendary venue has hosted some of the biggest names in music entertainment. Although not particularly known for their Hip Hop nights, the club does host huge Hip Hop artists. To avoid any confusion and see which artist is performing, simply click Upcoming Events at Celebrities to see who’s performing to not miss your favorite DJ.

Best EDM clubs in Vancouver, Canada

Today we’re taking a trip up north. Way up north. All the way to our lovely neighboring Canadian nation. As promised, we are going to look at some of the hottest EDM spots in the great city of Vancouver. Grab some warm clothes and lets get going!

Looking for the hottest clubs in Vancouver? See upcoming events sign up for guest list, and book table service directly on the free Discotech Mobile App. Or reach out to our help line directly at 4157356716 – we can help you pick a spot for your next night out in Vancouver.

Harbour Event Centre

Harbour Event Centre was dubbed Vancouver’s first ever “SUPER CLUB” as this massive room boasts the best in sound production from D&B, over 100 state of the art visual LED panels and lighting, as well as special effects with CO2 cannons and confetti. The exceptional details throughout the venue will provide a unique nightlife experience. Nervo, Tritonal, Tujamo, Ummet Ozcan, Borgeous, Showtek and DJ Carnage are all gearing up to perform at this venue in the coming weeks. Make sure to check out Harbour Event Centre’s upcoming events so you don’t miss your favorite DJ.

From the moment you enter the room, you will feel the energy of the dance floor to the VIP ambiance that every customer will encounter. With a world-class lineup of talent slated to come through the doors, come and experience what Vancouver’s nightlife has been missing on a weekly basis for the past decade.


Celebrities is a nightlife icon in Vancouver, a premier dance club on the West Coast, and has been around since the 1980s. It has grown along with the community as a mainstay for entertainment and seems it will always continue to push boundaries. In early 2013 Celebrities received the major renovation that its supporters and visiting artists deserve.

2 luxury VIP sections equipped with top tier bottle service, the latest Funktion-One sound system, over-the-top visuals and light shows all added, in the spirit of making the most of every experience. The storied venue has hosted everyone from David Guetta to Tiesto and Avicii to Boy George, and will continue bringing forth an array of diverse, trendsetting entertainment from all over the world. Celebrities have some insane DJs performing soon! Make sure to check out upcoming events to see who’s up next!


Levels strives to be the pacesetter in propelling Vancouver dance music scene forward and leading Vancouver to the forefront of global clubbing culture. Levels is a relatively small location, but don’t let that fool you.

Many say Vancouver desperately lacks a nightlife scene. Levels looks to curb that. This up and coming venue also aims to provide a great party atmosphere while not breaking the bank of the customer. There are three levels at this venue, each dedicated for dancing, drinks, and selfies. Yes there is a selfie bar.

So does Levels have what it takes to curb these ridiculous rumors concerning Vancouvers struggling nightlife scene? There’s only one way to find out. Go see for yourself.


M.I.A. offers an inclusive space for alternative & avant strains of electronic dance music – whether rooted in r&b, hip hop, house or techno – all of which presented in a well-heeled setting. Guests tunnel into the space from 350 Water Street to be greeted by a lush room boasting a mix of futuristic yet timeworn details; M.I.A. carries notes of dark, burnt wood and rich tones of purple and red while abstract L.E.D. installations across the ceiling create pulse-like light patterns connecting all corners of the room.

The intimate dance floor and compact DJ booth are ringed by plush communal seating as well as private seating for bottle service, while winding past the main bar will bring guests to a separate sake bar. Committed to keeping the best clarity and quality in sound, the club uses Funktion One as its preferred sound system. Be sure to check upcoming events at M.I.A.


Undeniably the hottest spot in Vancouver, Friday and Saturday nights at TwelveWest are wild. Reserve a VIP table or relax in one of three main VIP sections as we introduce you to the city’s greatest nightlife entertainment and hospitality experience. Two nightclub powerhouses Twelve West and Funktion-One come together to bring you North America’s first EVO-6E sound system.

Twelve West has been recognized internationally by the Top Bar Design Awards. Rated among the top nightclubs in the country, Twelve West continues to prevail an unrivaled hospitality experience similar to none. The 7,500 square foot multi-use entertainment venue is ideal for film production, corporate events, and private functions. Be sure to check out upcoming events for special offers and promotions!