Best Hip Hop Clubs in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of the most populated cities in the world (even ahead of New York City), and is known for its strong emphasis on nightlife. Friday nights in South Korea are often referred to as 불금 (pronounced bool-geum), meaning fiery Friday, where everyone comes out to the streets to drink and dance the night away to destress after a long day of work until the sun rises. The nightlife in Korea is unrivaled and the club is the perfect place to end your night out.

So if you find yourself in Seoul, which clubs should you hit up to enjoy your “fiery Friday”? Here’s a small list of some of the best, most well-known hip hop clubs in Seoul.

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Club Octagon (Gangnam)

Located in Gangnam, Octagon is one of the most popular clubs in Seoul and a club list of Seoul would not be complete without including this prominent nightclub. It was ranked as the 5th best club in the world by DJ Mag in 2017 and was the highest ranking club in Asia. It consists of two “zones”–EDM and hiphop–that are separated by floors. The larger first floor is for EDM and the smaller second floor is for hip hop enthusiasts. Although this is convenient, the downside is that the cover charge is on the pricier side of around $26 and can get extremely crowded especially on weekends. However, the experience and the great atmosphere is definitely worth the price.

Club NB2 (Hongdae)

Enjoy Hongdae’s busy nightlife at one of the most popular clubs in the area, NB2 (short for Noise Basement). Owned and operated by YG, one of the largest entertainment companies in Korea, NB2 is open every day until 6 am. Blasting hip hop music until the early hours of the morning, this is the perfect place to have a good time and party all night long until the sun rises.

Cakeshop (Itaewon)

The winner of “Best Club in Seoul” for the 10 Magazine Best in Seoul 2018 Competition, Cakeshop is a hotspot for famous international artists to stop by when they’re in town. A lot of well-known artists such as Nosaj Thing, Etienne de Crecy, and Shlomo have played sets here and Cakeshop features a variety of music so make sure to check the performers for the night. It is very popular with the younger crowd and has live sets every weekend featuring top national and international talent. Cakeshop also has quite a different vibe from most of the other clubs around Seoul, boasting a relatively smaller venue with low ceilings.

Club Made (Itaewon)

Club Made is Itaewon’s premier club for EDM and hip hop lovers. Much like Octagon, the interior of the club is also divided into two zones–EDM and hip hop. This lets club-goers enjoy the best of both worlds depending on musical preference. This club is also open until 6AM.

Madholic (Hongdae)

A local favorite, Madholic has a very youthful vibe and is one of the best known clubs in the Hongdae party district. The club boasts a lot of fun in a tight space and it is known for its quality hip hop and R&B music. With an impressive lineup of DJs every weekend the venue can get extremely crowded, so beware.

Sinkhole (Hongdae)

One of the most well-known “clubs” in Hongdae, Sinkhole is a bar/club that attracts lots of young hip hop enthusiasts. There is no entrance fee thus it can get extremely crowded and it is a relatively small venue. It is known for playing some of the trendiest and hottest Korean and international hip hop songs that everyone can dance the night away to.

Intro (Gangnam)

Intro is a relatively new up and coming hip hop club located in Gangnam. It gets very crowded on the weekends as well but the club is very well spaced out and offer a better clubbing environment than many others. Unlike the many other clubs in Seoul, Intro is geared towards those who want to go for a great music experience. They bring in famous hip hop artists to perform weekly and there are no barriers or stages between the artists and club goers, allowing them to interact with one another and feel like you are partying with the artists.

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