Best LA After-Hours Spots

It’s 2am in LA. You’ve had the best night ever and you don’t want it to end just yet. But you have no idea where to go and no idea who to ask about LA after-hours spots. You and your crew wander around for 20 minutes, cave into buying a street hot dog, and then end up going home, never fully satisfied and still wanting more.

If this has happened to you, then keep reading.

While LA isn’t known for boasting the 6-7am end times like Manhattan or Barcelona, it does have a mix of clubs and after-party spots where you can continue to dance the night away with your best friends. First off, if you want to stay at one venue all night and experience it for all its grandeur, I’m leaving you with some options:

Nightclubs that go past 2am

Avalon in Hollywood is a great place to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. On Friday and Saturday nights you can expect the party to run until 3-4am as DJs load their Serato with the hottest EDM tracks. On Saturdays, the upstairs bar (Bardot) is open until 6-7am for the tireless maniacs that won’t let lack of sleep hinder the unleashing of their inner party animal. We have a discounted guest list at Avalon Bardot that is usually good all night. Book bottle service at Avalon for the first half of the night, and then rage hard during the second half. You will go home tired and completely satisfied.

Exchange in Downtown Los Angeles is another EDM club that often has Saturday night sets extending beyond the traditional 2am cutoff time. This place is the mecca of electronic dance music in Los Angeles, so you don’t want to miss out. Assemble your best friends and enjoy the amazing light shows and bass drops while jumping up and down from your mezzanine table. We have a discounted guest list at Exchange. If you’re feeling itchy to join the rest of the Exchangers down on the floor, dance your way down the stairs and jump like Hardwell told you to.

Los Globos in Silver Lake is a true after-hours gem. The club starts from 2am-6am on weekdays and are open until 8am on weekends. DJs play mainly techno/electro/house/etc. Cover is $20. If you really want to have a good time and make sure you and your friends are taken care of, make sure to get their bottle service. Once inside, there are 2 floors, upstairs and floor level, but they charge separately for admission so I recommend floor level (theres a door under the DJ booth that allows you to access the staircase to get to the upstairs). Floor level has a younger crowd while the upstairs seems to be for an older clientele. Everyone that comes here come to dance and have a good time, so as long as you come with the same vibe, you should have a blast.

Sound in Hollywood is another great after hours spot. It’s also a regular nightclub that hosts some of the best House DJ’s, but just happens to sometimes have an after hours party for special ocassions. Sound has three bars and a dedicated smoking area outside if you need to get some fresh air. We have a discounted guest list for Sound as well. They recently revamped their ceiling to have moving decorations that make for an extra trippy experience. If you want to reserve bottle service, check out upcoming events for Sound.





Now, for the dedicated readers who want the inside scoop on the real LA warehouse after-parties, this is where things get juicy.


LA warehouse party organizers pride themselves on keeping their events all about quality and not quantity. There is a certain mystique around them, and you won’t be able to find the location to these after-parties using a mere Google search. Usually word of mouth and knowing someone are the keys to obtaining the location to these venues, but don’t fret because that’s what we are here to assist with. We merely want to make sure that those who are specifically looking, will find what they seek, AKA those of you who are actually looking to join the late-night warehouse clubbing scene, but may be new to LA or just don’t know who to ask.


What can you expect at these after-hour spots?

Events lasting until 4-6am, industrial techno music, and no dress code. Everyone is equal under the music, and all judgment is set aside. Cost is usually $20-$30, but it’s worth it. Dance until your feet are sore, and witness some of the best underground house and techno music LA has to offer. These spots would fit nicely into a room at Berghain in Berlin, if you’re familiar with the German techno clubbing scene.

Where are these spots located and how do you get notified?

Most of these parties are in the Arts District of downtown LA. 

Prototype LA is one of the leading sites that give you access to the exact locations of the events. Click on the link and enter in your email address and you’re all set. You can expect to be emailed the location of the event(s) the day-of, in order to prevent the masses from attending these gigs.

There are multiple organizers, so if you just want all the juicy news on these types of parties, you can also join in on 6am group’s email listing. Send a direct message via Facebook and ask to be included in the action.

Your third source is going to be Lights Down Low. Click on the click to join their mailing list and prepared to be blown away. These guys throw some of the parties dedicated to hedonism in all its glory. “No limits, no egos, just dancing.”

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us for more information. We focus on getting you guys the best bottle service deals at all the hottest clubs, but our team is comprised of a diverse group that knows the ins and outs of the nightlife culture. Also if you’d rather hit up the pool, you can take a look at the top day clubs in LA. Maybe we will see you at one of these parties!